Pretty Little Summer Dresses Ch. 08


Several days passed during which I barely saw Dawn but this morning I got a text from her confirming that the passports had arrived. School was finishing at the end of this week, so we agreed to meet up to discuss details of the holiday. When Dawn returned from taking Shannon to school she knocked on my door and came in for a coffee and to make plans. The logistics of the holiday finally hit me; here I was about to go on holiday with my lover with a ten-year-old in tow — we would never be able to get it on! Dawn could see I was upset and tried to talk me around by saying that we would always have the nights when Shannon was asleep, but I was still annoyed. I made us both another coffee as I pondered the problem, when I had one of those “light bulb” moments! The villa has three bedrooms — perhaps we could get one of Shannon’s friends to join us and they could keep each other amused while Dawn and I made out. I ran this idea past Dawn and she agreed to contact Shannon’s best friend’s mother, Amanda, to see if Madison could come away with us.

Dawn dialled Amanda there and then and after a few minutes’ conversation Dawn broke off to speak to me.

“Amanda wants to know if there’s room for her too. She’s not happy to let Madison out of the country without her,” she said.

Working out the logistics, I thought that the two girls could share one room, Dawn and I in the master bedroom and Amanda in the third room. I agreed but stipulated that Amanda would have to pay for her own fares, but I would cover the cost of those for Madison. Dawn ended the conversation, telling Amanda that she would let her know the dates very soon.

We arranged to go the following week for six days. Within an hour we had the flights booked and a rental car set up for collection at the airport — happy days. I kissed Dawn excitedly with the thought of making love to her in my Spanish villa filling my mind. I then had another brain wave; I would take Dawn shopping for some clothes for the holiday. She was reluctant at first, telling me I was spending enough taking them on holiday; but I managed to persuade her and we were soon in my car making our way to the local shopping centre. As we strolled down the shopping mall, a small boutique shop caught my eye, primarily because of the pretty, short dresses in the window. I pulled Dawn towards it and we both checked out the window display.

“It’s one of those bloody expensive places,” said Dawn, “No prices in the window!”

“Let’s look anyway,” I said, “No harm in looking and I’m feeling in a generous mood today.”

We entered the shop and were greeted by the solitary member of staff; a young lady in her early twenties wearing a short flowery dress and a beaming smile.

We checked out the dress racks and Dawn pulled out a few to try on to which I added a couple that caught my eye. Dawn was shown to the dressing room by the assistant and I sat outside. As Dawn emerged sporting each new dress I told her which I liked and which I didn’t; any that went anywhere near the knee were instantly rejected! As Dawn returned to the cubicle to remove the sixth dress, I heard her swear.

“Can you help me please?” she called out, “The damn zip is stuck.”

The assistant had moved away to replace some of the unwanted dresses back on the racks, so I went to the cubicle to assist Dawn. Pulling the curtain shut behind me, I fiddled with the zipper until I managed to free it and pulled it all the way down. Dawn was now in her underwear, a sight I always found difficult to resist. I peeped out of the curtain and saw that the assistant was busy with another customer near the till. Putting my finger up to my lips to indicate silence I slipped Dawn’s plain white knickers down — mental note to self — lingerie shop next! — and sat her on the bench, spreading her thighs as my head made its way to her mons. I kissed her, gently at first but then with more passion and need, my tongue rasping up and down her lips as small whimpers escaped her mouth. Dawn’s eyes were closed as she savoured the feeling of my tongue attacking her lips, her moans becoming dangerously loud. When Dawn opened her eyes she looked shocked; turning, I saw the assistant standing with the curtain half pulled aside, her hand up her dress, stroking her pussy.

“Please don’t stop,” she said, “this has been one of my fantasies since I started here! Make it come true for me, please?”

Never one to disappoint, I returned my mouth to Dawn’s pussy and resumed my licking; her juices were coating my mouth and chin and I was lapping up as much as I could — God I love the taste of this woman!

The assistant moved closer to get a better look, her leg nudging against my side. I moved a hand to her calf and gently began to stroke her leg, my hand gradually working its way up until I met with her hand. She removed her hand so that I could get at her pussy and I began to explore her wet sex; she moaned and pulled my hand harder up against her. Soon I had kaçak iddaa two fingers inside her pussy, pumping her in time with my licks of Dawn’s sweet pussy. I could tell that Dawn was nearing orgasm so I concentrated my attention on her clit, pressing my tongue hard on the little button that was the detonator for her climax — sure enough she exploded, her hips leaving the bench as she mashed her pussy against my mouth! As she eased down, I removed my lips from her and turned my head. Looking the assistant in the eye, I slowly moved my head towards her sex. She parted her legs further and gave a small nod of assent. My fingers continued to pump her young, tight pussy as my lips and tongue went to work on her labia and clit. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me against her hard; I responded by sucking her harder, taking her little clit between my lips and massaging it with my tongue. All of a sudden she became like a rag doll as her orgasm hit her — I had to support her legs to prevent her falling onto me as the strength was sapped from her body. She slowly recovered and straightened her dress before returning to the shop floor. Dawn looked at me and smiled.

“I must bring you out shopping more often,” she said, followed by “Can I taste her from your lips?”

I let Dawn explore my lips and tongue with hers as she sought the taste of the shop assistant.

“Problem is I can’t tell what’s me and what’s her,” she said, “but it’s very nice and bloody sexy anyway.”

When Dawn had finished trying on the dresses we purchased the four we both liked best and I took her to the Ann Summers shop; I wanted some sexy lingerie for this holiday. I let Dawn wander around picking some sets while I explored the shop myself. I picked up a pair of crotchless panties and paid for them without her seeing — she would definitely be wearing these at some time. Dawn forbade me from seeing her purchases, so I had to turn my back as she was at the counter — I was just there to pick up the bill!

Having finished shopping, we went for lunch and a glass of wine before returning home. As we neared our flats, Dawn kissed me and thanked me, telling me that she was going to try on her new undies. I asked if I could watch but she was adamant that I couldn’t see them until the holiday.

The days until the holiday couldn’t pass quickly enough for me. The day before departure, while packing my case I came across the crotchless knickers and decided I would try to get Dawn to wear them on the flight. The plane tickets were such that three of us were one side of the aisle and the other two were in a two-seater row the other side. I was determined to make use of Amanda straight away and have her sit with the girls to give me and Dawn some private time.

I knocked at Dawn’s and was let in by Shannon. Dawn was in her bedroom packing for them both and I sat on the bed chatting until Shannon got bored and left the room. As soon as I was sure she was gone I pulled the panties from my pocket and handed them to Dawn.

“A little early holiday present,” I said.

Dawn took them from me and examined them.

“I couldn’t possibly wear those,” she said, “what if someone saw?”

“Whose gonna see apart from me?” I said, “Please wear them on the flight — I’ll make sure you enjoy it if you do.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said, “Now let me get on with my packing — I don’t want you seeing any of my new undies.”

I reminded Dawn to liaise with Amanda about where we would be meeting and left, to idle away the rest of the day.

We had a night flight, so I didn’t knock for Dawn and Shannon until six in the evening. Shannon was way too excited and Dawn had to keep telling her to calm down. I found her quite amusing, but my mirth wasn’t appreciated by Dawn who was clearly struggling to gain control.

When we arrived at the airport and met up with Amanda and Madison, the two girls squealed at an almost deafening level, as they excitedly hugged. We checked in for our flight and went to get a bite to eat before boarding. Both women were wearing pretty sun dresses and my eyes were constantly drawn to a flash of skin here and there on them both as they talked animatedly about the week to come. I told Amanda of the seating arrangement on the flight and that, as I was sure that the two girls would want to sit together, it made sense for her to be with them while Dawn and I sat together.

The flight was packed so I was glad that I had reserved our seats. I let Dawn take the window seat while I was on the aisle. Across the aisle was Amanda, with Madison next to her and Shannon on the other window seat.

We were about an hour into the flight and the stewardesses had finally stopped traipsing up and down the aisle trying to sell this and that to the passengers. Dawn had dropped off to sleep beside me but there was no way Amanda could do that; the girls were just too hyped and she needed to stay awake to keep them in check. I slipped a hand onto kaçak bahis Dawn’s thigh and worked it slowly up her leg, taking the hem of her dress with me as it went. As my hand reached her crutch, it was met by warm skin; I took a close look and realised Dawn was wearing the panties as I had asked! I started to softly stroke her pussy as she slept; her lips began to get moist and she stirred.

“Bob,” she whispered, “stop — someone might see.”

I checked around again; no stewardesses, no-one walking the aisle and Amanda couldn’t possibly see from where she was.

“There’s no-one around honey,” I said, “This is why I wanted you to wear them — add a little excitement to the start of our holiday.”

Dawn had a quick check of the area herself, then settled back and spread her legs.

“Okay cowboy,” she said, “work your magic.”

I returned my hand to her pussy and stroked her lips, encouraging the juices to flow. After several strokes I put my fingers in my mouth to savour her taste; it was heavenly and I only wished I could replace my hand with my mouth. I returned the fingers to her pussy and started to move them more firmly, running them from the bottom of her lips up to her clit and back down again. Dawn’s breathing was becoming more ragged as I continued to finger her and I could see she was struggling to keep quiet as her orgasm was building up. I half turned in my seat and plunged two of the fingers of my other hand into her pussy as I smothered her mouth with a kiss to prevent any noise. I could feel her body shaking as the orgasm rolled through her and kept my mouth over hers until the shuddering subsided. As I removed my lips, she pulled my head back to her and filled my mouth with her tongue, kissing me passionately.

When she broke off, she said, “Thank you that was terrific — does that make me a member of the mile-high club now?”

I laughed. “No,” I said, “you have to have actual sex for that — let’s say you are now an associate member.”

“I’ll settle for that for now,” she said with a glint in her eye.

As I settled back into my seat, I looked across the aisle at Amanda, who seemed to be staring in our direction. I smiled and she smiled back; had she just realised what I had been doing?

The rest of the flight passed without incident and we were soon landing at El-Prat airport; I wonder which prat they named it after? A man from the management company was awaiting our arrival with the keys to the villa and instructions how to get there. We then went to the car hire reception where I picked up the keys to a brand-new Chevrolet Blazer; we loaded our luggage and with Dawn reading the directions, drove to my villa.

As we pulled into the drive, I did a double take. The place looked enormous, although it was difficult to see clearly in the dark. We unloaded the car and went in. The two girls raced upstairs to find their bedroom; when I carried the luggage up I had to kick them out of the master room and showed them to their slightly smaller, but still nice, guest room. I left mine and Dawn’s cases in our room and went down for the girls and Amanda’s luggage. Amanda followed me up the stairs and into her room.

“Hope this is to your liking,” I said, “Dawn and I are just across the landing and the girls are in the room next to you.”

“This is smashing,” said Amanda, bouncing on the bed to check its firmness.

The thought instantly crossed my mind of checking the springs with her but Dawn was awaiting me downstairs. As I returned downstairs, Dawn came up to me with a glass of wine.

“There’s quite a full wine rack,” she said, “Good plonk too!”

I took the glass from her, chinked glasses and took a drink. I then called up to Amanda to see if she wanted to join us. She stated that she was just getting the girls into bed and would be down shortly.

I poured a glass for Amanda and left it in plain sight. Dawn and I then took our glasses outside and sat on the terrace, enjoying the warm night air. It wasn’t long before Amanda joined us and we sat chatting and drinking for about an hour before deciding it was time to turn in. I followed Dawn and Amanda up the stairs, keeping my distance so that I could see up the hems of their dresses; Dawn’s crotchless panties exposed her to me as she took a step, Amanda had on a lacy white pair of knickers, full of promise.

I slept like a log that night; I think the travelling had taken its toll. Awoken, far too early, by squeals from the corridor — those girls are sure making their presence felt! Slipping on a pair of shorts, I went out to see what was occurring. Shannon and Madison were in their bikinis heading for the pool with Amanda in tow. Amanda assured me that she was happy to keep an eye on them while Dawn and I had a lazy start to the day.

I returned to the bedroom with anything but a lazy start on my mind as I manoeuvred under the cover from the bottom of the bed and worked my way up to the junction of Dawn’s thighs. She illegal bahis parted her legs for me and I started to lick her, enjoying the taste of her damp pussy as she started to whimper. After getting her nice and wet, I made the journey the rest of the way up her body and implanted myself into her ready snatch. I rode her nice and easy, taking my time and building up a nice rhythm. Her hands were on my arse, grabbing at my cheeks and pulling me into her on my forward thrusts. Her lips were all over me and her tongue was thrusting into my mouth in time with my thrusts down below. I rolled us over, so that she was on top and let her take control; rising and dropping onto my pole as if she were polishing it with her pussy. The feeling of her rubbing up and down with me trapped inside her was incredible and it didn’t take much longer till I was erupting; my cum spurting into her and coating the walls of her vagina.

Once we had recovered, we both showered and got dressed. We needed to make a trip to the local supermarket and checked with Amanda whether there was anything in particular she wanted. Amanda stayed and watched over the girls as Dawn and I went to get the supplies.

When we returned to the villa, Dawn offered to take over from Amanda and Amanda said she would change into her cossie. I also went upstairs to get my trunks on. Once changed, I returned to the landing and noticed that Amanda’s door was slightly ajar. I crept up to it and peeped in; I could see the reflection of Amanda in the mirror as she was applying sun tan cream to her naked body. Junior twitched in my trunks and started to develop into a very noticeable bulge. I continued to watch Amanda at work; it was incredibly sensual watching her rub the lotion into her body and I so desperately wanted to rub another type of cream into her. Eventually she had finished and I watched as she put on a modest bikini before I returned to the master bedroom to rub one off. Well, I had to get Junior back to manageable proportions before making my appearance poolside — I had two young girls to worry about.

When I eventually made my way downstairs, Dawn was preparing some brunch in the kitchen. I went to assist her and the five of us ate at the table on the terrace, enjoying the warmth of the sun. There were four sunbeds around the pool, each with their own umbrella and I allowed the four girls to take advantage of them while I stayed on the terrace, drinking a beer. After a while, I decided to carry out a full exploration of the property and went indoors. The villa was everything I’d imagined and more. Despite the fact that my aunt and uncle had owned it for years, they had kept it in a good state of repair with all mod-cons. Having finished exploring downstairs, I went up to the first floor, looking out of the window to check what was happening. Amanda was applying sun cream to Dawn and Madison was copying her, applying cream to Shannon — the two girls giggling about it. I noticed that Amanda placed her body between Madison and Dawn to block her view as she began to cream up Dawn’s thighs, her hand raising higher and higher up her legs. It looked to me as if she deliberately massaged Dawn’s pussy before crossing over to the other thigh. I groaned at what I had seen before continuing my exploration of the upper floor. This just consisted of the three bedrooms and one bathroom; the master bedroom having en-suite facilities. I quickly checked out the room the girls were using before entering the room Amanda was staying in. This was a decent sized double bedroom with ample storage space for clothes. I couldn’t help but notice Amanda’s discarded clothing lying on the bed and picked up her satiny knickers, stroking the soft material before holding them up to my nose. I picked up a light sexual aroma and had a second sniff before returning them to her pile of clothes and leaving the room.

Returning outside, with a fresh bottle in my hand, I offered the ladies a drink; they both opted for wine and I went inside to pour two glasses. When I returned, Shannon and Madison were back in the pool and Dawn was rubbing sun cream into Amanda’s back; the strap to her top was undone leaving a nice side view of a respectably sized breast. Wanting to play with myself, I started up the jacuzzi and climbed in, facing the pool area so that I could watch developments as I toyed with myself in my trunks. It wasn’t long before Dawn had spotted me and came trotting over with Amanda not far behind.

“I hadn’t even noticed this,” said Dawn as she clambered in.

“Is it okay if I join you two as well,” enquired Amanda, “we can keep an eye on the girls from here.”

“That’s fine,” I responded.

Amanda climbed in and sat the other side of Dawn from me. I had my hand on Dawn’s left thigh and was gently stroking it beneath the bubbles. As I stroked higher, I touched another hand which was on Dawn’s right thigh. I looked across at Amanda, who said, “Whoops,” before removing her hand.

“It’s okay, Mandy, I’m sure Bob won’t mind,” said Dawn.

Amanda looked at me and I nodded, saying “We need to keep an eye on the girls, though. Can’t have them catching us in flagrante delicto now, can we?”

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