Remember chatrooms?

Remember chatrooms?Back in the late 90’s, long before social media like we have today, there were just chatrooms, yahoo groups were just starting out. I was working concrete construction and my job was pretty much dictated by weather. One day I came home a little early as rain moved in on the job site and my wife met me outside, I parked around the back of the house and no one could see our backyard, in just her bath robe and buried her tongue down my throat. Her robe wasn’t tied and I put my hand on her pussy and found it was dripping wet. “Who you been fuckin?” I asked laughingly, knowing she hadn’t actually fucked anyone. She pulled away and said, “what makes you think I fucked anyone?” with a grin. I replied, “well, you’re all soaking wet and horny, I just figured you had a visitor.”It was just after noon and the k**s wouldn’t be home for a few more hours so she and I stood there, me groping her, and talked about her day. “what have you been up to today?” I asked. “just chatting with someone I met in that chatroom I told you about the other day. A guy named Calvin. He’s only about half an hour away from here.” I was rubbing her wet slit, my middle finger running up and down between her lips as we talked. “oh yeah? he turned you on a little I see.” I told her. She reached down and unzipped my pants and began squeezing my cock which was already stiff. he cyberfucked me good. I’ve came at least a dozen times in the past couple of hours but I need dick. I pendik escort need the real thing.” she said. I unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans freeing my hard-on and instantly she drops to her knees. Precum dropping from my cock head, she swirled the tip of her tongue round and round the tip of my cock as she gently massaged my nut sack. I grab her hair and start face fucking her. I look down and see her looking up at me. I tell her, “you’re just a little slut, aren’t you? You just can’t get enough dick.” She moans as she presses her head into me, taking my cock balls deep in her mouth, licking my ball as she does. That drives me wild and I reach down to pull her up, spin her around, and take off her robe as I push her slightly over. She pushes her ass back as she leaned forward and said, “fuck me. I want to feel your balls slap my clit.” and with that, I burry my hard cock deep inside her wet, swollen cunt wit one thrust. I reach out with one hand grabbing a fist full of her long dark hair and pull hard as I take my other hand and grab her hip. I slam fuck her hard and fast. “tell me what you want to do with Calvin.” I say. She tries to talk but I’m fucking her hard and she could only mumbal and moan. I knew she was close to cuming. “I bet you want him to suck your clit as he fingers you…one finger in your pussy and another in your ass…” I say. “then you want to feel his cock inside you… fucking you like this!” as I pounded even harder. escort pendik I release her hip, my hand finds it’s way to her pussy and I touch her clit. This was it! That’s when she came, squirting all over my balls, screaming loudly, and her legs began to quiver. I held her up and continued to pound as fast as possible, almost to the point where I was lifting her with my thrusts. I could feel my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to cum, and cum hard! I exploded and kept pounding away, screaming so loud I was sure the neighbors heard me. I stood there, my cock buried deeper than ever before, my cock shaft throbbing as it erupted. It seemed as if we were like that for an eternity before we could relax. I eased my grip on her and she picked up her robe as I pulled my pants up and we both went inside. We collapsed on the couch from exhaustion and some where we feel asleep. Luckily she woke up just in time to run into our bedroom when the k**s came home. After family time and supper, the k**s headed off to bed and I watched the weather, hoping to see more rain was on the way for tomorrow. After that, she said I headed off to bed. I smiled at her as she sheepishly grinned at me. “what?” she asked. I looked into her eyes and said, “you are a fuckin slut, aren’t you?” She giggled and told me, “I’m your slut and I’m happy.” as she got in bed with me. We fucked again but not nearly as loud or hard as earlier that day. The next morning I got up hoping pendik escort bayan for rain but nothing yet. I got ready for work and kissed her good bye. “I think I’ll see if Calvin is in the chatroom in a little while.” she said and winked at me. Just the thought of that gave me an instant hard-on. I got to work and picked up where we’d left off the day before, setting form for the house slab all the while hoping for rain. Around 11 that morning, he bossman told us as soon as we finish everything and ready for concrete in the morning, we can take off but just as my luck goes, we didn’t finish until about 2 that afternoon and that’s working without a lunch break. I raced home, which was almost an hour drive, as quickly as I could. I pulled in the driveway hoping to see a strange car but only saw my wife’s car. Just as I turned the key to shut off my pickup, I saw her come out of the back door wearing her robe again but this time it was fully open. She was grinning and I asked, “did you chat with your friend today?” as she walked towards me. “I got to do more than just chat with him today.” smiling. “I was really hoping that you would come home early and find a stranger with his cock in me.” she said as she kissed me. She took my hand and rubbed her pussy with it. Her pubic hair was sticky and matted, her pussy was soaked. “I made him cum twice while he was here.” She said proudly. “I let him cum in me the first time and I let him cum on my face and tits the second time. I was really hoping you would walk in on us and join the fun. He had to leave about a half hour ago.” We went inside, her telling me the details along the way. My dick was so hard it felt like it was going to rip through my jeans.

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