Rewarding Travel Ch. 02

Big Tits

What now? Act or remain British and wait to be asked, clearly this was a woman used to being in control, he guessed she probably worked in heavily male dominant environment and was used to utilise her charms to get her own way. She would no doubt be more likely to pounce rather than be the prey. Yet here she was stretching over a purring piece of automotive perfection with more than she would care to reveal to her colleagues even on occasions where she no doubt would tease mercilessly, and to top it all she looked vulnerable as her shiny patent heels struggled to stay on the ground.

He stepped up and pinned her so as her legs were locked apart, she glanced back over her shoulder again and then resumed clearing the windscreen and then with her free hand she reached behind her and lifted the hemline of her taut woollen skirt exposing the creamy white flesh above her sultry stockings. The suspender belt he had imagined hugged her tight round ass, which was separated only by a flimsy piece of exquisite French lace.

It seemed inevitable now that in a matter of time he would be dining on her hot sweet pussy, he would feel the desperate need and lust build in her as he licked her steaming hot slit from top to bottom. Back in the moment he grasped her by the waist pulling her up and off the bonnet she now was bent from the waist palms spread wide feeling the heat from the purring v8 below. He wrestled with his straining jeans and released his aching pulsing cock, before him was a needy corporate slut who needed it so bad that she had pulled her soaking wet panties to the side and was now ripe for a deep fucking.

He moved toward her grasping her nylon covered legs behind the knee generating an angle that would give her the deepest hardest fucking she could care to remember. Before he had chanced to draw breath he plunged all of his rock hard cock in to her dripping wet pussy, “agggh ughh ooooo oh harder” she cried he began plunging long deep strokes until it felt like he was going to split her in two, just as she felt she was about to be filled with a strangers cum, he withdrew and began mercilessly slow fucking the entrance to her tight little cunt. “fuck me now you bastard, fuck me hard hurt me make your slut… come on fuck me you wimp …fuck me fuck me fill pussy up, make me scream….just fuck me now”

He ignored her pleas and continued to tease her, she tried to wriggle free but as he did he forced her down hard on the bonnet and began to dominate her and own her body. He began to fuck her as if she was some cheap slut he was paying to satisfy his every whim, he began to test her boundaries when he shoved one then two saliva coated fingers in her ass, she moaned hard and bucked back hard encouraging him to do more.

By this stage she was totally submissive, the blur before him of his engorged cock disappearing in and out of her sodden sex gave way to a little pain as he realised that the lace was now causing him discomfort.

He decided that she needed to nurse his pain, he stopped removed his cock and spun her around and stood before her with his manhood proudly beckoning attention, his eyes glazed with lust and authority summoned her to her knees where she instantly began to pleasure his pulsing rod, he made out slurping noises and deep rising moans above the note of her other purring engine. She swirled her tongue across its head as if she had been taught by a Parisian lady of the night, he caught sight of her hand as she furiously rubbed her soaking desperate pussy, “ooooh aggghh ooooaaahhh oaaaah yes yes yes yes oaaa ohhh” he heard and felt as her mouth took him right to the root, he prepared to splash the back of her throat with his thick seed, but she must have known as before he had the chance she withdrew her mouth stood and walked round to the side of her car leaving him desperately close and furiously hard.

He was overcome with a strange sense of embarrassment, all power lost, he frantically pulled up his clothes and made for a hasty retreat. She had won, what a bitch he thought, she had clearly gotten what she wanted and for her that was enough, she really was that power obsessed cock sucking tease he had clocked her for. “Where are you going?” she stopped him in his tracks as he made his way to his car only feet away, “you don’t think we’re done do you” she sniggered, “follow me, if you can keep up there’s lots more you going to do for me and much much more I want to do to you.” She now had all the control, the question was did he like that or did he need to find a way to show his executive whore who was ‘really’ boss, he jumped in his staid German tourer and followed her lead. She sped off driving at breakneck speed down the winding exit ramps.

Crazy bitch he thought, either that or she was anxious for some more of his meat. They exited the car park with barely a few feet of tarmac separating them, she sped toward the roundabout and then surprisingly exited left, straight on to the highway, right to Edinburgh and this way stayed within the airport grounds. Curious. Airport hotels this way, the sign read, the logos prominently displayed for several of the major chains. She drew up outside the jailbird heiresses chain and then parked close ataşehir escort bayan by. Faced with the choice of return home and self indulge over a centrefold or play along with her adult games, he exited his car.

He saw her retrieve her luxury luggage and duty free pink champagne from the rear of her car, rather than be presumptuous despite having had his confused frustrated meat lodged in her achingly snug pussy he decided not to assume he was likely to have breakfast with his ‘companion’.

“Welcome to the Hilton Edinburgh Airport do you have a reservation this evening?” enquired the uniformly dressed agent behind the large reassuringly expensive oak reception desk.

“No I do not, I would like the use of your finest suite for 1 night and my name is Smith” she handed him her designer credit card. Had he just learnt a clue to her identity or was she merely continuing her games by using the clichéd check in. “1 night that will be £297, would you like breakfast in the morning?” he enquired. “look its been a long day and I just want to be looking at the ceiling as quickly as possible, just give me the key card I don’t care what it costs!” she snapped.

Looking at the ceiling, nice choice of phrase he thought, screaming at the ceiling or buried in a pillow he imagined, yet here he was still being presumptuous as she had not even acknowledged his presence behind her. “Get yourself a drink at the bar and come to room 1192 in 15 minutes, ok” she gave him a wonderfully wicked wink and breezed off with her Mulberry wheelie.

He made his way to the bar and promptly ordered a drink, wow was she in control, her terms, venue, timing, even now he was following her instructions, he was hooked. Her pussy had felt real good and she used her mouth like a pro, this was how he justified hanging around for a few minutes longer. It seemed like an age but shortly before the 15 minutes was up he exited the bar having charged his drink to the room, he made for the elevator.

Alone in the lift he collected his thoughts adjusted his groin, freshened his breath with the mint he had lifted at the bar and straightened out his clothes. Eleventh floor, door opened, he followed the signs and headed toward room 1192, he rounded the corner and arrived at the double doors, he noticed right away that one of the doors was slightly ajar, enter? Knock? Leave? He decided boldness had paid off so far, so why stop now, pushing the door wide he entered the hallway of the imposingly large suite, soft music played, the dimmed lights created real intrigue, he stepped forward and there she was no longer the power dresser, now every bit the seductress.

Sitting in a high back chair she was draped in a long flowing red silk robe, all that was clear to see beneath the robe were the sheer black stockings and new even higher heels. He wanted to know what else her robe concealed, bra, braless, Basque? Who knew she did and her dominance was overwhelming “get over here, I want to watch you dine on me” she stood and walked to the full length mirror near the dressing table and spread her long shapely thighs.

He obeyed and walked toward her and then saw the look in her eyes that said taste me now. He sank to his knees and held aside her exquisite silk robe revealing a naked freshly shaved pussy framed by delicate French lace. “kiss me, eat me, put your tongue on me” well he wasn’t about to disappoint the lady, she untied the bow and removed the silk belt and placed it round his lower neck and pulled him too her burning need. His tongue and lips reached out toward her burning hot silky lips, as they met she lurched forward instantly demanding more attention. “eat me,ooohh ooaghh ooooh yes yes, lick me oh yes yes yes put your filthy tongue in me, oh oh oyes, eat me lick oh yesss that’s what I want” he obliged and buried his face in her steaming sex, he glanced up at his mistress above and gave her the look that said, let yourself go and I will take you to the highest heights.

He surveyed the sight before him it was every red blooded male’s wet dream, stockings heels, black lace encased breasts, but not the run of the mill brassiere oh no she was far more Parisian bordello than that here she stood in a tight French basque with which was connected to her sheer stockings with flimsy suspenders. God did she know what she was doing. This scape before him only made him lap more eagerly at her pulsing achingly hot needy pussy. Her cries were wanton if she wasn’t paying for the most expensive room he was convinced she would have been asked to leave for the utter filth flowing from her mouth “eat my rich horny cunt make me scream fuck me with your nasty tongue take me now ….oh that’s it make me ooooaaa yessss yess make me oh eat me”

Clearly having a stranger invade her in the most intimate and open way was too much for her brain to take in, as instead of being the well spoken corporate ball breaker she was reduced to making the sounds of a gutter whore, but was he complaining not a bit of it he just licked and lapped more fervently anxious not to miss a single drop of her honey. He could taste on his tongue a combination of the freshness of a recent shower or bath and the unmistakable escort kadıköy taste of woman, not a girl but real woman. She wanted more, she hoisted her left leg on to the adjacent dresser allowing him even greater access, he to the extent that he was allowed given she still had silk wrapped around his neck pulled back to look into her eyes, they were swimming in a world of lust, not focusing one instant and staring intensely the next. It was at this point that he realised once again she was in control, that was going to change he mused.

He stood up looked her in the eye and without breaking stare he yanked and ripped her flimsy thong snapping the lace as he pulled, he leaned forward and kissed her with tongues forcing her to taste herself she writhed and moaned as his tongue invaded her mouth, he pushed her back hard against the cold mirror, she gasped almost losing her footing from the dresser. He thrust her hard against the mirror grasping the tops of her nylon encased thighs and hooking his strong hands in her suspenders, he knew she could feel his engorged cock through the denim which was evidently causing a very pleasurable friction, he dry fucked her hard for a few moments before stopping at the point where her moans were once again approaching climax.

Next his plan became crystal clear in his head of how he would force her to be totally submissive. He lifted her soaked French lace knickers from the dresser and teased them in to her mouth making sure she knew not to say no and then without warning he tied her silk robe belt around her head obscuring her eyes, at first she resisted but the firmness and boldness of his actions convinced her not to resist too much. He sensed her mind whirring, what is he going to do to me, what is his plan, when will I feel him inside me, only he knew. He stepped back from her taking in “the view”, here she was a total stranger in 4″ fuck me pumps, black sheer nylon stockings with deep lace tops, leading to a full basque, her pussy wide open framed by suspenders, he could see her lips visibly pulsing in anticipation of further invasion.

He took out his phone and snapped a few mementos silently, his silence caused her to shuffle nervously, she began to circle her hips seeking something familiar. The pink sparkly duty free screamed at him from the dresser, he reached for it and uncovered the vintage rose, his next move was sealed. He covered the distance between them and then without warning slipped the shiny foil topped bottle just inside her steaming sex, twisting and pumping the bottle achingly not giving her any real penetration, he moved to her ear and began his verbal assault on her. “how do your cum soaked panties taste, as good as my hard cock, you are my whore aren’t you …nod if you want more (her head responded) ….I bet when you woke this morning you secretly longed to be fucked like the gutter whore you are ….here you are you don’t even know my name and you are being fucked slowly by a bottle of rose…..her body language of thrusting and grinding against him told him she wanted to hear more” inch by inch he began to give her what she wanted, he began to give sharp deep thrusts of the bottle inside her rapidly widening lips.

He resumed his assault “what does my whore want now, she wants real cock doesn’t she, she wants me to soak her womb with my sticky cum” that was too much for her as her excitement of being brutalised took over she began to quiver and writhe and she must have simulated a deep euphoric cry as she spat her lace gag clean out. “oooohhh oooooghhhh yesssss harder harder fuck me deeper, ooohhh ohhho ooohhh yesss yesss agggghhh ahhhhh ooooh, make me scream you bastarrrrdddd ooooh yesss” he was displeased with her having spat clean her knickers, yet torn as once again hearing her excitement was a huge turn on and was only adding to the awesome power hold he held over her. He exhibited his power and displeasure by promptly removing the source of her pleasure, he felt the neck of the bottle and then teased his fingers into her hungry mouth, she greedily sucked his fingers like a last meal on death row, moaning and humming across them.

Although a very pleasurable sensation, he wanted more, he lifted her leg from the dresser running his strong hands up the sheer nylon, before grasping and groping her ample chest which was spilling from the deliciously tight basque. He reached her shoulders applying pressure forcing her to submit to her knees, now his helicopter view gave him a truly intoxicating view of her heaving curves, she had truly magnificent breasts, until now her legs held all his attention, but in that moment he made a pact internally that he would soon feel those firm feminine mounds wrapped round his aching meat.

She complied and sunk to her knees ready for the next stage of his controlled fantasy; he released his jeans and pushed them to the floor. Instantly she became aware of something through the restrictions of the silk covering her eyes, she leaned forward putting her hands together behind her back in an act of total submission and began to kiss his cotton prison furiously, she alternated between short kisses to long wet kisses and even licking his shaft through the buttons, bostancı escort he was in ecstasy and in hell simultaneously. “Oh let me at it….let me feel you hot and hard , ooooh agggggh slurrpppp slurp mmm I can’t wait to taste my pussy on your hard meat …” then she started biting at his cock like an animal “give it to me now ….let me taste my horny pussy”

He would certainly give her what he wanted, why would he deny himself her talented mouth, that would be crazy, but not now instead he leaned down and mouthed in her ear, “my slut wants to lick her cream, doesn’t she (nod of agreement) open wide and take it deep in your mouth” she began to swirl around the invader of her mouth, it wasn’t hard hot cock meat instead he was fucking her face slowly with her vintage champagne, still she sucked greedily at the slickly covered bottle neck, then once the bottle was clean she pulled away and resumed her assault on the cotton struggling to keep them apart. He pulled her to her feet spun her around bent her over the dresser.

Clad now in torn cum covered stockings a basque and killer heels his prize lay wanton and helpless before him, he struck her hard with the palm of his hand across her curvy rear “owww owww oagghh agggh” she sighed and again he struck her this time high on the thigh “owww owww oagghh agggh.” The cum was now boiling inside him, “what am I going to do with you now, what does my slut need??” he inquired rhetorically.

“fuck me, fuck me hard make me scream …fuck me hurt me just fuck me now” he lined up his throbbing cock at her red engorged hole and dipped the tip just inside her lips, he began to slowly fuck the entrance thrust after thrust barely parting her sodden lips “deeper you bastard….deeper harder deeper!” He tugged her hair which caused her to yelp in pleasure or pain “stop teasing me your dick feels tiny….show me what a big man you are, come on commme onnn fuck me now you…..” she raised up on her toes forcing a new angle where he could really plough her hard, the temptation was too great and he thrust deep inside her, he had never felt anything like it, he felt himself just keep pouring his meat inch after inch deeper than ever before.

Meanwhile she was in ecstasy as his considerable girth forced her wide open, he managed to pleasure and excite the whole of inside her red hot pussy, it felt like he was able to everything, could she have him forever? “more more give fill my filthy hole real good, oh harder …harrrddderrr fuck me ooh that’s it more more” the filth came spilling from her corporate lips which only moments ago had been sucking his cum off her champagne bottle. He retorted with dirty deep buried filth of his own “who’s my slut, who owns your filthy cunt, scream harder if you think your worthless pussy deserves more cock, let me hear you say what a filthy whore you are and how you want to be abused by hot hard cock all night long…..let me hear you now”

A look of concern not visible to him spread across her face as she began to truly realise how dominant he wanted to be and how submissive she was going to have to get, her mind was spinning, not her ass, he wouldn’t do that would he, for all her bravado and previous exploits her ass remained a holy grail, she enjoyed it being stimulated but was not ready for having his meat spear her in two. She began to use the strong internal muscles she worked hard to maintain and prided herself on, she was going to milk him until it hurt.

He sensed the change and tried to withdraw to retake control but she combined the sensations with a mental assault on him, which caused him to abandon his obsession and desire for control. “can you feel how much my hungry pussy wants your meat, she wants you to bathe her in salty cum, why don’t you cum deep deep inside me and leave me standing here with your cum dripping out of me” to him the thought of his seed still freshly dripping down her ripped stockings as he closed the door on a nameless encounter had a certain appeal, but so too did fucking her all night long in every conceivable position. As the words crossed her lips she truly felt in control, in this continual power shift encounter for now she remained supreme, but if he did just leave her there who was in control then her or her unknown invader?

Wicked thoughts crossed her mind, perhaps she should let him walk away and then without moving order room service. She imagined it playing out like this. A quick call to the kitchen to request a “hot dog”, a knock at the door, a further knock at the door followed by “hello room service” she would respond “cum in” . A young underpaid undersexed, athletic looking man would enter the suite round the corner and be faced with a situation far beyond his filthiest fantasies. There before him would be his Mrs Robinson but instead of titillation and flirtation his older woman was screaming fuck me with her body language. Cum dribbling down her torn stockings, breasts fighting against the tight basque, legs covered in nylon leading to hooker heels, he would surely do the decent thing?! She imagined a faceless intruder savagely ploughing her pussy so hard it felt like it was about to bleed, thrust after thrust until as she struggled to milk his strong athletic cock he removes it and unleashed gallons of sticky frustration on to her back neck and hair. Would he call his friends and colleagues and give her even more cock, god her imagination was twisted. Cock after cock fucking her ….a dream.

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