Rose and Greg Share a Weekend Part 1

Rose and Greg Share a Weekend Part 1The weekend cannot get here fast enough, it had been a week since I’ve seen Rose. It was ok what we did on the telephone. My parents are leaving Friday afternoon and won’t be back until Monday after next, 7 days of being able to spend time with Rose. Her visitor got here this morning. This being Tuesday, she says it should be gone by Saturday or Sunday. I figured out what her cherry is I talked to this married friend of mine and he said his wife has her butt cherry and says no way is he going in there. He said most women won’t do it and if my girlfriend was offering and if I was crazy enough to turn it down, tell her you had a replacement for the job. Rose only said to make sure we had Vaseline at my house. Rose said she could sleep over Friday and Saturday as well as maybe a couple of more. That is if I wanted her to and we wouldn’t be the gossip of the neighborhood. I really didn’t care this would be the first time I would sleep with a woman all night. Tomorrow is the big day, I have to keep my mind off it or I instantly get a hard on. Rose seems as excited as I am about it, she has her overnight bag all packed and would come over straight from work. She would call to make sure it’s all clear and that my slut whore was on her way. The needy bitch wanting loads of my cum asks me not to masturbate. Today I found out how cool my dad is. He said no partying, I could have a friend or two over to watch TV, but no drinking. Then he handed me a pack of rubbers only saying be careful. It’s 4:30 I’m sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. Rose should call any minute now. Finally it’s Rose telling me she will be late probably around 6 asks that I not be too upset and she would make it up to me. Says she should be punished for being tardy, that she deserves a good spanking and what did daddy think about that. I told her I would blister her ass for being a disappointing bitch, she needed to learn a lesson. The phone rang it was Rose letting me know she was on her way and should be there in 15 minutes. I instantly got a hard on. It was the longest 15 minutes, seemed more like hours before the doorbell rang. I opened the door and the first words out mouth, is that for me reaching and grasping my hard cock. She quickly unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans pulling them down kneeling in front of me taking the hard cock in her mouth. Her mouth was felt so warm as it disappeared deep in it. Pulling her head back gasp to get her breath. Looking up at me telling not to cum make her stop I came. I laughed telling her to stop now then. She sighed and said OK daddy don’t I have a spanking coming anyway? She asks if I was sure my parents were out of town? Yes they had called letting me know they were in Memphis. She suggested that we get naked clothes flew to the floor and there we were in my living buck naked. I sat down pulled her to me taking her hard nipple to my mouth sucking it and pinching the other between my fingers. She moaned and squealed at the same time. I pinched harder and bite the other. She shivered saying harder please daddy. Oh DADDY yes that’s so good. I reached to find her pussy, but sinop escort she pushed it away saying not yet. I’ll rub it if you let me daddy. I need to cum daddy please may I cum? I want to cum with you, Daddy can you wait until you take my cherry? Disappointed I said I guess. I felt her start to tremble as she moaned can I cum daddy please daddy let your slut cum it’s so close. Her words reminded me to be in control and I said no bitch you can’t cum do you hear me. Yes daddy. Rub you clit faster bitch. Daddy I need to cum please she was almost shaking out of control begging me. Oh god daddy let me cum! Her need was apparent but she would wait. Her pleading and begging did something to me putting in a space, new and exciting. I pinched her nipple adding a twist, Rose her legs kicking body twisting in an effort to get free from my grasp crying OH FUCK! Daddy I’ll be good I can’t take any more. Bending down I let my tongue caress her sore nipple. As my hand found her hard clit rubbing it she gasps arching her pussy and clit up giving me free access to her sex. Faster please so close please please let me cum. I could see the agony she felt biting her lip, her face flushed almost beet red and the protruding vain in her neck. I can’t hold back. Please daddy cum for your daddy princess the words barely escaping my mouth when her head shook side to side her body arched her hand forming a fist. Oh my god that was so good I need a cigarette and a break. I leaned down kissing Rose so proud that I give her pleasure. We sat there naked on the couch, Rose giggled taking one of the throw pillows and covering my lap. Saying hey big boy don’t you have any respect or decency “to keep that thing covered when a lady is present.” Her hand caressed my check as she leaned into me kissing me with her soft succulent lips. Rose asks what time it was looking at the clock saying wow 8:30 time just flies by when you’re having fun. Rose stands stretching in front of me and I see something white in her bush. Reaching to get it, Rose feels the tug and slaps my hand away. I’m so sorry, you should not have seen that. Rose asks if I can go out to her car and get my bag? What do I get if I do, she replies giggling maybe something no one else has ever had turning patting her butt. As we embraced her breast with those hard nipples send ripples throughout my body. Rose slipped from the embrace informing me, she had plans for the missile that keeps poking her. Handing me my jeans asking where the bathroom was. I pointed down the hallway. She turned walking down the hallway I realized as I watched her ass sway that everything about her excited me. Upon returning with the overnight bag I found Rose in the bathroom. When Rose came out she said we would need a towel, wet face cloth, the Vaseline and directions to my bedroom. Once in my bedroom, throwing caution to the wind trusting Rose would guide me when needed. Exploring every inch of her body with sexual tensions building to a fever pitch. Rose guided my hand saying go slow you are going into virgin ground lover. I felt her hard clit and her wet opening as she guided my hand actually guiding a finger to her escort sinop butt looking down I saw it resting on the tiny puckered brown hole. I knew that was the cherry I had been promised. Pressing the opening wanting to get my finger in it was so tight causing Rose actually tighten prevent any entry. Rose got the Vaseline telling me to put it on my finger working it in to her butt, reminding me to go slow. Moving slowly I was able to get my finger in, Rose saying it hurt so bad, not wanting to hurt her I start to ease it out. She grasps my hand saying no don’t take it out, just do short slow strokes. At one point it was like my finger found freedom in her ass there was pressure like a band gripping me. Oh my god it hurts. I don’t know if you will fit in there. You need to stretch it. There is this glass tube in my bag get it please. With the tube in hand Rose getting on all fours she instructed me to rub Vaseline on it and put some on here butt hole. Again telling me to go slow and put the tube in her ass. Placing at her hole I start working it in Oh Greg it hurts too much is it all the way in, telling her no maybe just about an inch. Oh my god is that all? Rose said I shouldn’t push, but let her push back taking it in. She rocks back and forth I want to give you this Greg. Be patient my love you losing your cherry was nothing like this you know I’m sure. As she rocks taking it in the pain appears to become more bearable I head an occasional moan followed by yes yes. Her movements become quicker and longer taking it deep in her ass. As her excitement escalates and the pain seems to tail off. Rose says it’s time lover I need you to fuck my ass. Removing the tube Rose takes my rock hard cock rubbing Vaseline on it. Moving to the edge of the mattress lowering her shoulders resting on her forearms with ass raised making it available for my use and pleasure. I move toward her pressing myself to her puckered hole as she once again request that I go slow and be gentle with her. As I push feeling her body resist the invasion Oh daddy I want you in me I want to feel your hot cum shoot deep into me. As I push harder I reach that point I had felt using my finger Rose saying it hurts so good don’t stop fuck me!!!!! She starts pushing back taking me deeper. Yessss fuck me You hurt me so good Please Don’t stop I think you going to make me cum daddy. I am losing control I know it won’t take much more for me to cum as well. Telling Rose I’m going to cum she replies yes cum cum with me fill me with you cum. Rose convulses as she has an awesome climax and my body stiffens as we cum together. We cuddle in the glow of what we had experienced. Rose shared her surprise at my ability at controlling my climax. Questions were asks and answered I had learned so such in a short time. After we settled down, we agreed to go get something to eat as neither of us had eaten anything. It was after midnight before we got back home. Rose led me straight back to the bedroom, kissing me excusing herself saying a bathroom break was needed. Rose crawled back into the bed purring while resting her head on my belly. I rubbed her ass asking if it was feeling sinop escort bayan ok, she said yes but it would be sore tomorrow. I slapped it when she let out ouch. I told her there was something bothering me that I needed an answer about. With a puzzled look she said as then. I asks her why she was calling me daddy so much. She frowned saying because I trust you like I trust my father. He was my protector and the one person I know I can always count on. I hope you realize by now that you give me some pleasure that I only get from the pain and I must have complete trust in you. Now you tell me what reason you thought I call you daddy. NO! don’t say a fucking word I don’t want to get pissed and end what we have. You know the reason right? Yes I’m sorry, I don’t want to lose you Rose. With that Rose said she needed a smoke and asked if we had a deck in back that we could sit on? Yes we do, jumping up Rose grabbed her shirt from her bag saying lets go. I got my briefs on stumbling out the door. It was so quiet as I sat Rose sat on my lap grinding against me instant boner, Rose said nice daddy I would fuck you right here but we don’t’ want to wake the neighbors. We walked back into the house, I sat on the edge of the bed Rose knelt on the floor spreading my thighs leaning in running her tongue up and down the length of my shaft at times flicking her talented tongue over and around the head. I began to moan my fingers grasping her silken hair forcing he mouth to accept my full length, she pulled free of my grasp remove me from her warn moist mouth her eyes looking up at me. I found her hard erect nipples pressing them in a circular motion against my palms, our lips met feeling her tongue par my lips I sucked into my mouth hearing sighs of pleasure escape from her throat. I slipped my hand to her thigh she quickly spread them saying it’s yours daddy use it use you little slut as she got on the bed. Rose on her back, I was poised myself above her. Her eyes were saying come fuck me and the words I hear were, I want in my pussy, I need your hard cock and feeling your cum filling my wanting pussy. For the second time tonight I was told I didn’t need a rubber, at this point I wasn’t going to argue, I need a fuck. Slipping between her will thighs Rose was guiding me to puffy wet pussy as I slipped into her feeling her legs open wider her humping to match my rhythm after a short time she drew her legs back against her head allowing for deeper penetration. Oh fuck yes fuck me you’re so good. I could feel her hands on my butt allowing her to set the rhythm of my strokes. Daddy I want to fuck you let’s roll changing positions Rose being on top facing and straddling me grasping the head board grinding and taking me deep. Fucking so hard the head board was hitting the wall. I had never felt anything like her lust before, and seeing her hard nipple and her breast bouncing as we fuck was so exciting. Daddy cum in me please fuck me I want your cum as she ground against me. I started to cum and she responded coming too. She didn’t stop fucking just begging for all my cum and she had a second orgasm. Out of breath and trembling she rolled off of me telling me it was wonderful. We held each other I could feel her dampness on the thigh of the leg I had slipped between hers. Looking at the clock it was 1:30. Rose said there wasn’t a doubt that I could cum more than once in a short time.

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