Rose, my slutty neighbor, part 2


Rose, my slutty neighbor, part 2After the horny “voyeur” action I had with my neighbor Rose I didn’t see her for a long time. Winter had arrived and I went to the house for a weekend to check that everything was OK! My wife was visiting some friends so I went alone. When I arrived to the house I had to take away a lot of snow which is very heavy work for an office rat like me. Finally it was done and I went inside and made myself comfortable in the sofa preparing myself for a relaxing weekend. I had poured myself a drink and was reading a book when the phone rang. It was Rose. She asked me if I could come over to her house because she had a problem with her computer and she was sure that I could fix it. I answered that I would be there in one hour and she sounded relieved. I read some chapters in the book, took another drink and then I put on my boots and coat and went over to her house. On the way the memories started to come back to me from previous summer. Rose, totally naked under her overcoat, dildoing herself outside my house when she watched me wank (she obviously thought she was un-noticed, ha-ha). My dick got harder when I was thinking about it.I knocked at her door and Rose called “come in” from somewhere in the house. I opened the door and went in. I heard her voice asking me to wait in the living room; she wouldn’t be long so I did as she said. After some minutes she came into the room with 2 drinks in her hands. She was dressed in a very short skirt and a top that didn’t leave anything to the imagination. Without a bra, as usual when she was at home. Her huge tits were swinging back and forth when she walked. Amazing body and my dick reacted of course to the view. It grew in my pants.She asked me to sit down in the sofa. She leaned herself forward when she handed me my drink which gave me the perfect view of her hangers, wow. She sat down pendik escort in a chair on the other side of the table and when she put one leg over the other I noticed that she didn’t wear any knickers. I got a short glimpse of her pussy before her leg blocked the view. She was really selling the goods to me. She wanted us to make a toast for a successful repair session. Did I hear a sexual undertone in that? No, it must be my dirty imagination. When we had finished our drinks I asked her about her computer problem. She explained that she had bought a new video camera and she wanted me to download and install a suitable video editing program. She didn’t know so much of these things (she said) and she was sure that I could find a good program that was easy to use. She invited me to stay for dinner which I of course accepted.She showed me the computer which was placed on a desk in her bedroom and I started to search for a suitable program when she went to the kitchen to prepare something for us to eat. When I was left alone I took a good look at her bedroom. Beside the big bed there was a small desk with a drawer. I couldn’t resist my impulse. I had to see what was inside. I opened the drawer and her big dildo almost popped out of the drawer. That must be the one she had used outside my window that evening. I quickly closed the drawer and went back to the computer. I soon found a program and installed it. I was now ready for some real action (at least my hard dick was).I went into the kitchen to see how my hostess was proceeding with our meal. It’s almost ready she told me. Did you find a good program? Yes I did, I answered. I almost added “and something else too you dirty slut” but managed to control myself. The dinner was excellent with a very good wine (she didn’t save on the wine, we finished 2 bottles together). After dinner she asked me if I wanted escort pendik a coffee. Yes please, black no sugar. She asked me to sit in the sofa and went to the kitchen to make coffee. She soon entered the room with a small tray with the coffee cups and 2 big glasses with cognac which she served giving me the same good view as when I arrived (this time she leaned over much longer than earlier, perhaps due to the wine).We had a nice discussion about almost everything and I had a lot of time to admire her sexy body. My dick was very hard and I could see that she looked at my bulge (this time she didn’t forget to talk). The cognac made us both very relaxed and suddenly she asked me if I wanted to see her video camera. Of course I wanted to see it. She asked me to follow her as she went into the bedroom. She took her camera from a closet and gave it to me. Try it, she said. I turned it on and started to film her with the camcorder. She looked very naughty when she looked into the camera and she asked me if it was ok. I answered that it was really good but that some action would be better. Can you move yourself around a bit? She walked away a bit and suddenly she turned around and leaned forward exposing her big tits. I heard myself saying “that’s the action I need”. She smiled and started to take off her top which very soon landed on the floor. She was now standing in front of me with only a short skirt on exposing her huge tits. I continued filming her when she took off the skirt and walked towards the bed. She lay down on the bed and started to touch her tits. My dick grew another inch watching her. Do you want more action she asked? Before I could answer I saw her reaching for the drawer and open it. She took out the big dildo and laid it between her huge tits, pressing them together around the dildo. I went closer to catch all the action. Fuck my tits pendik escort bayan with the dildo she said. That’s what you want, isn’t it? I took the dildo and started to shove it back and forth between her tits, filming every move. Put away the camcorder and lick my pussy she said. I stopped recording and got rid of the camcorder. At last the real action could start.I took off my clothes and lay down between her legs. I could, for the first time, see her pussy real close. I pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing her big clit. I started to lick her clit and reached for the dildo at the same time. I pushed the dildo into her pussy not stopping my clit licking for even one second. Her body shivered when I started to fuck her with the dildo and soon she started to moan loudly. I pounded her pussy with the big dildo licking her clit like mad and suddenly she came. Her body jumped up and down on the bed. Her hands pressed my head against her clit and she screamed “fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming”. I pushed the dildo even deeper into her pussy and sucked her big swollen clit into my mouth until she totally relaxed fell back on the bed.She then looked at me and said “now it’s your turn”. She pushed me on my back and started to suck my dick. Oh man, was that good. Her tongue and lips worked my pole like 1000 butterflies. I felt that I was close to coming and pushed her head away from my dick. I want to fuck your tits I said, on your back baby. She did what I said and I placed my hard dick between her huge tits and she pressed them together embedding my dick very effectively. I started to fuck her tits, pumping my dick hard between her big hangers. I could feel my load building up inside and suddenly I shot my big load over her face and tits, creaming her good with my sticky load. I went back for the camcorder and continued the filming. This time her cumcovered face and tits was the movie target. This will be a good video to test your new video editing program with, I said. She gave me big smile. Yes, she said, and the video I took on your patio last summer will be edited after that.

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