Peggy was laying nude face down on the comforter, propped up on her elbows, with her face in her hands. She smiled broadly, and looking right at Fred’s hanging dick said “is that for me”? Fred chuckled at her boldness but without saying a word walked up to the foot of the bed and stopped, standing right in front of her face. Peggy took one hand and let it brush against Fred’s inner thigh, his cock jumped a little, and she could see it begin to grow. Peggy pursed her lips and blew her warm breath across the head of his lengthening sex while her hand stroked his thigh and glanced over his ball sac. His cock was becoming engorged now with the blood rushing to it from the soft touch of Peggy’s hand.

It didn’t take long for his cock to become completely erect. It stood in front of Peggy’s face now begging for her attention and moving jerkily with each new rush of blood. Peggy reached behind Fred’s balls with her fingertips and pulled him a little closer. She let the tip of her tongue appear from between her lips and it touched him at the base of his shaft. Fred let a moan escape his throat, and looked down at Peggy’s body laying before him. She lay on the comforter with her feet in the air, he let his eyes follow the line of her spine from her shoulders down her back until her shape began to softly rise to shape her bottom. The rounded curves caught the light and shadowed into the back of her legs and thighs. He loved the shape of her legs as her thighs gave way to her ticklish knees and the gentle curve of her calf. Peggy’s toes wiggled in the air as her mouth continued kissing and licking Fred’s hardened tool.

Fred moved closed to the bed, resting his legs against the mattress edge. This had the dual effect of forcing his cock deeper into Peggys mouth, and allowing him to brace himself so that he could bend over her body to touch her. Peggy continued to let her tongue trace güvenilir bahis wet trails over Fred’s balls, and along the length of his dick. She could feel the large vein running the length along the front of his cock, and his cock was wet with her saliva. Peggy took the head between her lips and sucked on it while her tongue probed the peehole, and tasted the first drop of precum. She moved her mouth up and down the shaft feeling it touch the roof of her mouth and near the back of her throat. She loved the taste of Fred’s cock and took every opportunity to enjoy it, and Fred for his part enjoyed performing oral sex on Peggy at every chance.

Peggy had Fred moaning now as her warm mouth enveloped him. Fred leaned over her body, letting his hands provide support on either side of her. His face just inches from her back, he began to softly blow along the length of her spine. She squirmed a little from the sensation, but it only made her take more of him between her lips. The more she swallowed of Fred, the more he wanted to kiss her nether lips so she could experience this pleasure too. His hands moved to Peggy’s thighs and he stroked them softly, his fingertips massaging her muscles. From her thighs he moved to her rounded bottom, letting his thumbs meet at the sensitive spot at the base of her back. Moving very slowly from her waist, Fred’s hands moved to the space between her legs, his thumbs passing her anus and finding the soft folds of the bottom of her sex.

When Fred’s thumbs traced her nether lips Peggy took his entire length in her mouth, her face pressed against the soft curyly hairs around his cock. She felt it fill her mouth as his thumbs circled her clitoris. Peggy took her mouth off Fred’s cock for just a second as she turned over on her back, her mouth now under his cock, but her sex exposed to his touch and gaze. Fred let his hands move from her knees to türkçe bahis her pubic area and back again and he pushed the sensation to the center of the space between her legs. Peggy opened her mouth and took one of Freds balls into it, her tongue tasting it and licking it. She put her hands behind his legs and held him to her face.

Fred could see that Peggy was aroused. Her outer lips pouted at him, darkened already by her own rush of passion. Her wrinkled inner lips were beginning to show waiting for his kisses. Peggy moved her legs apart slightly and Fred bent over her waiting and eager body. He felt his lower body touch the hardened nipples of her breasts, and then inhaled the intoxicating fragrance of Obsession rising from her skin. Peggy felt his breath first, warm against the taut skin of her stomach and the freshly shaved skin around her lips. Fred loved the way her vagina looked, in fact he enjoyed helping her shave it often and smoothing the skin around it with baby oil. He loved touching her, and kissing her there whenever she allowed him.

Fred opened his lips slightly and kissed Peggy on the belly button. He kissed a little circle around it and moved to create a path of kisses from her belly button to the top of her slick opening. As his face neared her pussy, Fred could see the tip of her clitoris peeking from it’s hooded haven. He let his lips slide across the tiny button as his saliva covered it for the touch that was soon to come. With her legs open for him, Fred put his face between Peggy’s legs and kissed her inner thighs passionately, his teeth barely scraping her skin. Peggy’s moans were muffled by Fred’s cock filling her mouth as she matched each of his kisses with some of her own. She felt the rough surface of his tongue against her outer lips as he licked her from the top of her labia to the bottom. She was wet with a mixture of his saliva and her güvenilir bahis siteleri own juices as his tongue searched for an entrance to her pussy.

Fred’s hands were under Peggy’s legs now and he pulled her legs up and away from each other as he buried his face between them. Fred let his tongue pierce her inner lips, allowing Peggy’s juices to flow and wet his mouth. Her face was buried between his legs sucking and stroking his cock at a pace that matched his. Peggy’s entire body energy was focused on her wet pussy now, it felt as if every nerve were there as Fred’s tongue dipped inside her and flicked against her clitoris over and over. His cock was somewhere deep inside her mouth surrounded by her tongue. They were lost in each other, Fred wanting her to feel a shuddering orgasm that would cover his face with her juices, Peggy wanting him to fill her mouth with his seed.

Fred found her clitoris with his hand and pinched it gently between thumb forefinger while he continued to probe her with his tongue as if it was some flexible cock. Peggy squeezed his swollen balls as she felt his cock thicken, a sure sign he was about to cum. Fred moved his fingers and put Peggy’s clit between his teeth and lips he sucked on it like a grape, cool air rushing past it. Peggy felt her orgasm begin at the same time Fred stiffened his legs and pushed his cock against her lips. His cock jerked in her mouth spurting his warm cum down her throat and filling her mouth. What she couldn’t swallow dribbled along her cheeks.

Fred felt Peggy’s vaginal walls tighten against his tongue as she reached her climax. He put two fingers inside her and moved them in rhythm with her throbbing. He put his mouth on Peggy’s wet pussy lips and licked and sucked at them as she orgasmed. They enjoyed each other for many minutes before moving so that they were in each other’s arms.

They kissed open mouthed tasting their own cum on each others lips and tongues. Fred’s cock rested between Peggy’s legs and her slight movement let it slip between her already satisfied nether lips. They enjoyed each other like this while the candles burned.

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