Spied & Tied – Chapter 2

Spied & Tied – Chapter 2Jack stood at the alcohol-soaked bar, his cronies wedged in behind him as they waited to be served.“At last! Shagalluf!” Jack roared drunkenly. “The Milky Bars are on me!”Returning with their bottles to their previous position just by the club’s dancefloor, Jack and his three adepts watched Steph and her friends carefully. Jack’s eyes were drawn to Natalie, who on this holiday had looked relentlessly stunning. Hair down, contacts in, tight dresses or skimpy bikinis – Jack’d done little else besides gawp at her, film her or upload his new vids. His subscribers were going crazy for the new content.James nudged him out of his reverie. “Where’s this remote, then, J’Ed?”Jack smiled with his customary devilishness. Reaching into his shorts’ back pocket, he pulled out a small black remote control and held it up for his three friends to see.“Fuck off!” laughed Phil. “Even you wouldn’t…”Theatrically, Jack twisted a dial on the remote. The group all turned to look at Steph, whose hands were suddenly and involuntarily drawn to her vagina. Her face wore a look of surprise… and excitement. Her eyes darted around, looking for Jack.“Vibrating panties,” Jack observed as his friends watched his girlfriend attentively.“How d’you get her to wear those?” asked Michael.Jack cocked an eyebrow, non-plussed. “I said, ‘Wear these tonight’ to her.”“All man,” Michael muttered, impressed.“Shall we make her cum then, lads?” Jack suggested as casually as he might suggest another round of drinks.“You can’t…” Phil weakly protested, hoping that he would.“Go on then,” challenged Michael, training his iPhone on Steph and digitally zooming in on her face.“No point doing that you twat,” Jack chided. “The zoom isn’t optical, so you’ll only soften the image. Use the full frame and crop later. And for fuck’s sake, shoot horizontally. People don’t watch tellies on their side, do they? Drives me fucking mental people filming sideways. You find some awesome sharking vid or upskirt, and it’s ruined with fucking black bars down the side.”James rolled his eyes. “You doin’ it then, J’Edster?”“Here,” Jack said, tossing the remote to James and shaking his head. “You fuckers do what you like. Turn it up to max if you want.”Even behind his glasses, James’s eyes visibly lit up. “Temper on that guy,” he muttered, before turning the dial up to full and watching in delight as Steph suddenly bent double, her breathing heavy and her eyes wide in realisation.“No Jack…” Steph muttered absently, her body wracked with panic and bliss. “Not here… Not in front of all these-”She dropped to the floor, unable to restrain her cries. Whilst the music all but obliterated these for all but those nearest to her on the dancefloor, her collapse didn’t escape the bouncers’ notice. She was promptly hauled to her feet and roughly ejected from the club as yet another pissed tourist, Natalie hot on her heels.“Are you OK?” Natalie asked in genuine concern.“I can’t believe he did that to me in there!” Steph raged, the distance between her and the remote now having freed her from the panties’ relentless vibration. “He promised he’d wait ’til… the sick fucker!”“What are you talking about?” Natalie asked. “What’s happened?”Steph shook her head. “Doesn’t matter. I should’ve known. Well I’m done with him this time.”“Jack?”“Obviously Jack,” Steph spat. “And don’t you look so pleased about it, he wouldn’t look twice at someone like yalova escort you-”Natalie turned and walked away up the street, genuinely taken aback at her friends’ need to get hammered to enjoy themselves – especially when getting hammered seemed to lead to the exact opposite most of the time. She wasn’t like that, though – she’d never lost control in her life. Not until she turned a corner and walked straight into a man wearing a balaclava who pressed a soaked rag into her face, anyway.The man hoisted Natalie’s prone body over his shoulder and lowered it into the open boot of his waiting car. Once he’d closed the lid, he made a call on his mobile.“You were right,” he said. “It is her from the vids – and she’s ours now.”“God bless social media,” came the deep voice from the other end. “Bring her to me.”“On my way.”“Oh and Paul,” the voice added. “If you touch her before I do, you’ll never touch anyone again.”Paul laughed nervously. “No worries, Matt. We’ll see you shortly. Make sure our guest’s chamber is ready.”***A surge of adrenaline burned through Natalie’s veins as an in-rush of light suddenly illuminated her once pitch-black world. While her eyes adjusted to the light, the menacing figure of Matt Broadsword slowly climbing down the ladder into the cellar came into focus. Clutched tightly in his left hand he held a carrier bag, the contents of which rattled as he descended each rung.Natalie honestly didn’t know whether she’d been a prisoner for hours or days. Her bound wrists were numb; her whole body was wracked with a thousand tiny discomforts. Each moment was its own eternity; a cold fusion of low-level yet omnipresent physical pain and mental torture. She knew what they were going to do to her. They’d not only told her, they’d shown her. Now even her own mind served their cause, torturing her with the image of the redhead woman hogtied on the cellar floor, a gag in her mouth and a vibrator on her pussy. The look in the woman’s eyes was the most disturbing part – wide open, disbelieving, resisting the unwanted pleasure until her body just couldn’t take it anymore. Again and again, Natalie had been made to watch the poor woman’s naked body jack-knifing as her forced orgasms consumed her. Again she heard her anguished moans of release, saw her shame and defeat. Again she knew that she was going to be next. And now the time had come.Flicking the light switch on with his right hand as he set down the carrier bag that he held in his left, Matt looked straight at Natalie. His expression betrayed nothing. Natalie couldn’t meet his gaze, and so he brought his gaze to meet her, roughly grabbing a handful of her hair and using it to turn her head so that her eyes had no choice but to stare into the fiery coals set deep into his mask that he called his eyes.His other hand clawed at the neck of her vest, lingering there only a moment before tearing it from her, revealing her sweat-soaked white bra and prompting a short, sharp scream from her. Without unlocking his eyes from hers, he unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop to the floor.For the first time he glanced downwards, towards her matching white knickers, which he seemed pleased to note looked wet around the front. “You taken a piss?” he spat at her. She tried to shake her head, but he held it fast. “Talk to me, Natalie,” he almost sang. “You pissed yourself?”“No,” Natalie whispered.“Well,” he said, his voice emboldened escort yalova with the sort of bravado usually reserved for the most theatrical of playground bullies, “looks like you’re getting all wet.” At that, he slapped her crotch hard. “This’s turnin’ you on.” It wasn’t a question, and in any event her dread put paid to any potential reply.Reaching into his carrier bag, he took out a pair of scissors. To Natalie’s terrified eyes, they seemed oversized. Devoid of any plastic handles, the cold metal monstrosities pressed against her chest. Natalie held her breath and winced – and Matt made her hold it for several seconds before granting her the release of a cut. The cut was made to the material linking her bra cups, and was followed in quick succession by two more – one to each of the bra’s shoulder straps. Natalie felt cool air on her nipples. Even with her eyes tightly closed, she couldn’t escape from the reality of her predicament. The tits that she’d guarded for so long were in the hands of a total stranger who could do whatever he liked to them. As it turned out, though, whatever he liked was just to blow on them softly, the rough stubble on his chin gently caressing her small cleavage.His next few cuts were swift and incisive but, despite them, Natalie’s knickers still needed to be roughly torn free of her body. As Natalie felt him pull the last remnants of her clothing from around her bare feet, she felt her body respond to its enforced nudity. A sudden, overwhelming feeling of arousal washed over her; she felt her nipples and clit involuntarily hardening despite every fibre of her soul screaming at her to snap out of it, to hold on, to think about where she was, the danger she was in; her abject helplessness. But the more she did, the more the arousal intensified, and what Matt said to her next would send it into fever pitch.“You know I’m going to make you cum, don’t you?”Natalie’s breathing became rapid and shallow. With her eyes tight shut she could see nothing, but hear with heightened acuity the unmistakeable sound of a plug being plugged in and a cable being casually unfurled. It trailed across the floor, ever nearer. Matt stood only inches from her, his breathing deep and hungry. Natalie stifled a gasp as Matt’s calloused left hand traced a line down from her throat to her bikini line. Something large, cold and rubber pressed against the top of her tidy public hair. In her mind she saw the intimidating image of the Hitachi magic wand that her captor had used on her predecessor to such devastating effect. She suffered a pang of revulsion as she wondered if he’d cleaned it since it had been used on another vagina, only for that revulsion to further fuel the sickening arousal that was imprisoning her just as much as the rope.“Helpless,” Matt hissed. “Nude.”Natalie began to breathe so fast and hard that it was as if she was already being fucked.“I’ve wanted this for months, Natalie. So many girls have been down here with me. Some wanted to be here. Some even paid me to do this to them. Most I just took, like I took you.”He slapped her tits with his free left hand, leaving its red impression across half her chest. “But I didn’t know them like I do you, darlin’. You’re real to me. I’ve watched you shower, change, brush your teeth in just your little knickers. I even watched you get fucked once. But I never thought…” Matt caught himself. “But here you are now. Mine yalova escort bayan at last. Naked. Immobilised. Totally at my mercy.”Natalie’s eyes were wide with puzzlement and terror. How long had he been watching her? And how?Matt grabbed Natalie’s hair again, this time steering her head to once side so that he might whisper in her ear. “What pissed me off about those damned vids of yours was the sound; well, no fucking sound. Fine most of the time, but that time you got caught fucking, I never heard you cum. You did, though. I’d swear you did. I saw you stretch, contract… curl those sexy little toes. But I don’t know what you sound like… yet.”Videos? Natalie felt sick. Her privacy had been violated. And now her body was going to be.Matt pressed the rocker switch on the Hitachi and a low, steady hum obliterated everything else for Natalie. He moved the vibe until it was just over her clit, then he parted her pussy lips and used two fingers to hold them open, forcing the toy into prime position. Natalie let out a loud gasp as the wand powerfully massaged her clitoris. She couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as she felt her stomach muscles tighten and her wet pussy clench.“You’re not trying to hold it back, are you?” Matt chided. “I’ll have none of that.”He pressed the vibe’s rocker switch again, and instantly its pitch changed. Faster, louder. Natalie let out a soft and sensual, yet still somehow mournful, moan of pleasure as the device hit its full stride. Her moaning didn’t abate as Matt pressed the vibrator hard against her clit, almost as if he was looking to impale her. To his satisfaction, he noticed her fingers grasping and her toes stretching out. She was holding her breath as her tight stomach muscles began to contract. Matt realised his cock was about as hard as it had ever been. He was going to make her cum, and she couldn’t stop him. “It’s just a matter of time and you know it. It’s just about finding your triggers, see,” Matt stated calmly. “I’d bet one of yours is these.”Matt used his left thumb and forefinger to grab Natalie’s right nipple and twist it cruelly, then held it fast. Her moaning became harder for her to suppress. She refused to give him the satisfaction of crying out “Yes…”, but a series of silken Ohs spilled out of her as she felt herself ready to cum.As her orgasm built, to her horror she became aware that she had never been more turned on; never more alive. Tied and immobilised, she had nothing to distract her – her sole focus was on her senses, and the pleasure now forced upon her felt all the more exquisite following on the heels of protracted discomfort and bursts of outright pain.Her Ohs became deafening. Her race reddened and her tightly-closed eyes became the centrepiece of a face wrought with tension; distorted yet sublime.Matt smiled, and turned off the vibe. “I’ve waited this long,” he said, grinning. “And let’s face it, you aren’t going anywhere.”Natalie let the ropes bear her full weight as she rocked as far as the ties would allow. “No…” she whispered, humiliated and defeated.After a long moment Matt spoke, the amusement in his cadence only thinly veiled. “I’m gonna head out now and get some food, get pissed, maybe bring someone back and fuck them upstairs while you listen.”Natalie hung her head. “Let me go. Please.”“I’ll release you in the morning,” Matt replied. Natalie looked up hopefully, opening her eyes to see her tormentor holding up the Hitachi. “With this”, he said.He reached out and gave her frustrated vagina a vigorous rub, bringing her to the brink of orgasm yet again before leaving her naked in the dark, gritting her teeth and learning how to hate.

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