Spring Break Lust


James Morgan was an amazing man. Standing at 6’2″, 220lbs he had a more then appealing body type. His occasionally messy brown hair hung just over his light green eyes. He almost possessed a boyish charm. The years had been good to him. He was set to turn forty two in two days.

Bailey just wanted to stay home. The young twenty three year old just wanted a spring break for once all to herself. Between nearly full time work and full time school, Bailey never had a moment to herself anymore. And the moment her mother had mentioned meeting up with her uncle for his birthday over the weekend before the start of spring break made her heart sink in her chest.

She didn’t have any plans set up, but then again, she had barely any time to even regroup with her friends to find out what they were doing. It made her wish she’d chosen to go to a college out of state.

With a heavy sigh, Bailey agreed to her mother’s request. She never really saw much of her family anymore anyway. And she’d been seven the last time she’d seen Uncle James. She couldn’t even really remember what he looked like. The least she could do was enjoy the weekend in Los Angeles and wish him a good birthday.

The drive was killer. She was just thankful she brought her iPod and a few magazines. Traffic up I5 from Oceanside was crazy. The tourists were out in full force and acting like right idiots. With her mother and father discussing this and that in the front, Bailey flipped through a Cosmo mag, giggling a little at the 10 worst sex mishaps and 7 signs he’s cheating on you.

Bailey never really considered herself someone that read Cosmo. She was short, barely making 5’4″. Her plain brown hair hug layered around her shoulders. Nothing too special. Her lips were tiny, not half bad, but injections might be a must in the future. The only thing she really admired about herself was her eyes. She had a wicked set of dark eyes. In her opinion they even had a pretty shape to them. Not exactly bedroom eyes, but beautiful enough to get complimented on them once or twice. It made her feel good.

And then there was the bust issue.

After much ridicule throughout middle school, she’d been made fun of (as some girls are) about her larger bust size. Bailey was a healthy girl, weighing about 140lbs. She played softball so she had a bit of muscle on her. But her breasts were ridiculous in her opinion. Thirty four D’s. She’d joke about how the cup of her bra could often cover her face. Needless to say she wasn’t all that fond of them (even if they did earn her a few drinks when she went out with friends).

After four hours in a car from San Diego to LA, Bailey sighed in relief as she saw the large city buildings a few miles off.

“So are we staying in a hotel, dad?”

“Nah, your uncle’s got a big enough place. Offered us a room.” Her father chuckled, “He says it works as payment for the gas we had to spend getting up here.”

Her parents were nerds, but she loved them.

Pulling up in the scenic driveway, Bailey tucked her things away in her backpack and was out the car door before her dad even put it in park.

The property was impressive. He had to have someone doing his lawn. It was too nice. The trees and bushes, the green grass. Her parents could barely keep the grass yellow in some places in their back yard.

Pulling an earbud from her iPod out of one of her ears, she looked over a large flowered bush. Little blue flowers littered the heads of each stem.

“It’s lilac.”

The voice made a chill run up her spine. It was warm but had a sense of power behind it.

Bailey licked her lips and swallowed quickly before turning around to face the warm smile of the man towering above her. And god was he gorgeous.

“You must be Bailey.” His chuckle was deep, resonating from deep within his chest. “I haven’t seen you since you were, gosh, you had to have just started learning how to ride a bike. Looks like your parents raised you up right.”

She could feel warmth spreading in her cheeks…and other places as she smiled back. Laughing lightly, she looked down at her feet briefly before looking back up at him, “That’d be me. I guess you’re Uncle James?”

“Meh, don’t bother with the Uncle bit. I’m happy with just James.”

Bailey could feel herself staring and the heat was spreading further. To try and dampen the awkwardness, she went to open her mouth to continue the conversation, but her parents güvenilir bahis soon interjected. She was safe for now.

After getting everything settled in the spare room, which in Bailey’s opinion was far too small for her and her parents even if it was a king sized bed, they all headed out for dinner.

James took them to a local sushi bar. Her parents reminisced a bit with her uncle as she listened intently. Her parents may have been nerds, but they did have good stories, and by the end of the evening she was thankful that they, nor had her uncle, noticed the inappropriately long glances she’d stolen all night.

Stealing away to the bathroom once they were back at her uncle’s, Bailey did her nightly routine of getting ready for bed. Doing her best to put the thoughts of Uncle James aside. He was hot as hell, but he was still her uncle. Family was family. And the notion of incest was just…weird.

After everyone said their good nights, Bailey tried to sleep. The bed was crowded, and to make matters worse, her father’s snoring was keeping her up.

Groaning, she pulled herself out of bed and walked out into the hall. Her cotton pj pants hung low on her hips and the tank top she was wearing was getting to the point where she needed to get a new one. Worn but comfortable for now.

Too busy rubbing her eyes, from wanting to close them, Bailey ran into something solid.

“What the fu-….Uncle James?”

There was that familiar chuckle again. “Hey, what’d I say about that uncle bit? What are you doing up?”

She explained her situation.

“Well you could sleep in my room. It’s snore free.”

With a smile, she accepted, following her uncle down the hall.

“I’ve got a king in my room too. You don’t mind sharing do you?”

The blush crept into her cheeks once more. Thank god it was dark. “Yeah, that’s fine. As long as I can get some sleep I’ll be alright.”

He gave her a tight, strong hug around her shoulders before leading her into his room.

The navy blue sheets where already turned down.

“So what were you up for anyway, Unc-…James?”

“Oh, just needed to stretch my legs. I don’t really sleep all that well at night.” He explained how that since his divorce he didn’t really have a restful sleep. Too much stress between the split and work.

“Kinda sounds like my life. I mean, my problems are minimal to yours, but you know what I mean. Busy all the time and stuff.”

James nodded, “I envy you. I really do. What I’d do to go back and do it all again.” He chuckled again, “Definitely would learn from my mistakes.”

Bailey smiled and nodded before walking to the end of the bed. God this felt odd. Uncomfortable, but there was no way she was going to go back to the other room. “So uh..what side do you sleep on?”

He pointed to the right side, as he pulled off his bathrobe. Briefs. Plaid ones that seemed to be tight in all the right places.

Fuck this was odd. She shouldn’t be feeling like this.

Crawling into bed, Bailey followed a few moments after, laying down and pulling the blankets up to her neck.

God his chuckle hit a nerve, “Cold? I can turn the air off.”

“Oh, no, I’m fine.” She smiled, taking a breath before putting her arms over the sheets, “Well…goodnight.” She smiled before rolling over but was far from able to sleep at this moment.

“Night.” He rolled onto his respective side and closed his eyes.

Bailey couldn’t get him out of her head, and she hardly noticed as her hands went for a walk under those covers. She licked her lips as her fingers slid under the elastic waistband of her pj pants. She nearly needed to slap a hand over her mouth from cooing as her hand ran over her soft mound and down between her legs.

She was wet. Wet over this whole situation. She really did try to not think about how much she’d like to move over and touch him, maybe even kiss him.

No. This was wrong.

But this felt too good to be that wrong.

Bailey’s fingers rubbed slightly at her now dripping sex. She drew in a soft breath as her fingertips worked her clit for a moment. The thought of his fingers there instead made her moan softly. She managed to turn her head quickly enough to let the pillow muffle it.

Her hips arched forward as she rubbed a finger over her slit. His fingers would be bigger, but fuck, that would feel good. Drawing in a sharp breath, she inserted one of her fingers.

Slowly türkçe bahis fingering herself, she slipped her other hand down, working her clit again. She thought of him sucking hungrily at it, his fingers probing her deep. She soon found herself coming.

Slackjawed, her body tightened and shook as she came all over her fingers silently. All that could be heard now was the sound of her heavy breathing.

Licking her fingers clean, Bailey closed her eyes and hoped that now that she’d done something that risky she might be able to drop this silly obsession.

The morning came and everyone was up. They drove over to the beach, checked out a few places here and there and then went out to dinner again. All in all, it was a busy day.

And the only thing Bailey could think of the whole day was her uncle and last night.

Bailey knew damn well she wouldn’t be able to sleep in the same room as her parents again. So taking a breath, she moved to her uncle’s room, knocking on the door.

There was a sound of rustling bedsheets and feet padding toward the door. She wasn’t expecting her uncle to answer the door in a similar pair of briefs he wore the night before…and just that.

Bailey swallowed audibly. “Uh, do you um….could I sleep here tonight?”

He hardly even hesitated with his nod, “Yeah, of course.” Taking a step back, he let her in.

God he was gorgeous. The guy held a good six pack, not as defined as a twentysomething’s, but damn good for a guy his age. Bailey had to snap herself out of staring, moving back over to her side of the bed, “Thanks. Mom and dad said you offered to let me stay over for spring break. I might take you up on the offer. I need a good vacation.”

“Trust me, it’s not a problem. I’d be more then happy for the company.”

They exchanged a smile before laying back.

“Well, goodnight.” He turned over.

Bailey yawned as she rolled onto her side, trying not to think of the man behind her…in those damn underwear.

He had to be well endowed. Realistically he had to be about seven inches at least. A man that good looking and built had to have something complimenting it all.

She had to stop this. It wasn’t right and…what was that sound?

Bailey’s eyes opened slightly. There were sounds of slight shallow breathing. Carefully looking over her shoulders, she could see her uncle’s arm moving under the sheets.

He couldn’t be…

The half choked groan proved it in her mind though. He was jerking off. Right next to her!

Bailey wasn’t sure what to do. After a moment, she spoke up, “Uncle James?”

The movement stopped, as did the breathing.

His voice sounded slightly strained, “Yeah, what’s uh…what’s on your mind.”

She hadn’t thought past this point yet. Damnit.

“What are you doing?” Oh double damnit! She could have smacked herself hard in the head at that. She squinted her eyes shut tightly, hoping he heard her wrong even.

There was a long pause before her uncle sighed, “I’m…I’m sorry, Bailey, I couldn’t help myself. I mean, after what you did last night, I…I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Oh god. He’d heard her last night. But wait…he was masturbating to…her?

Sitting up on his elbows, James wiped his face, “I’m sorry, I really am. But just you…”

Bailey shook her head, “It’s ok, really. It’s oddly flattering, I guess you could say.”

“Are you sure?”

“…yeah, I am.”

After a moment that warm chuckle seemed closer then it had before and it felt wonderful.

James had moved in behind her, spooning her backside. A strong arm moved around her middle, pulling her close. “I’m not going to do something you don’t want.”

Her breath caught in her chest. This was so wrong.

“It’s ok. I can’t get this out of my head.”

His hand flattened on her stomach, fingers splaying out as it slowly moved down to the waistband she’d played with the night before. Fingers itching under the elastic. Moving ever so slowly over her mound and down between her legs. So very wrong.

“Oh…mmm, Uncle James…I mean James…fuck.”

The anticipation was killing her. She wanted him to touch her, fuck her. She wanted to feel every part of him around her now. Horribly wrong.

“Is it just physical attraction that gets you off? Or is it the fact that I’m your uncle? Because if that’s what’s turning you on too, please call me güvenilir bahis siteleri uncle.”

Her body shuddered as his fingertips stroked over her sex. Her legs parted for his hand as a thumb brushed over her clit, causing her to moan out slightly. They were family. He was her uncle and…and fucking hell this was hot.

“I…it turns me on.”

At her words he rubbed a finger against her entrance, slicking his finger up before pressing his digit into her. She moaned again, hips bucking slightly.

“Say it.”

His fucking voice! The deep growl to it drove her crazy.

“I want you, Uncle James.”

She moaned out again, a little louder this time as he pushed in a second finger. Fucking her slowly with skill.

“Want me to fuck you, little niece?”

Bailey nodded, looking back at him over her shoulder, her voice squeaking, “Please, Uncle James.”

She nearly whimpered as he pulled his fingers from her pussy, but she found herself moaning a little at the sight of him licking his fingers clean.

Moving over Bailey, he pushed off her tanktop, revealing her large breasts, “Fuck your tits are beautiful.”

Bailey barely could get a word out as he’d wrapped his lips around one of her nipples, suckling hungrily on it as he pinched tightly on the other.

She cried out, her back arching violently.

This wasn’t the first time she’d had sex, but her first two times weren’t exactly anything special. The guy she’d fucked hadn’t had a clue what he was doing, and was far more inexperienced then her uncle here. It was like every time Uncle James touched her it caused her body to convulse in pleasure.

Her pj pants and panties came next, his hand moving back to cover her pussy. Teasingly pressing a digit barely into her, he grinned as it made her whimper and writhe.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“Please fuck me, Uncle James.”

He used a second finger, “Louder. Beg for me, baby.”

She cried out, body begging for more then just this, “Oh god, please fuck me, Uncle James. I need you inside me.”

Bailey hadn’t realized she was squeezing her breasts during this, pinching her nipples wantonly as he fingered her. “I can’t take it anymore. Please fuck my pussy.”

His briefs finally came off, revealing his well sized cock, already oozing precum at the tip. “Such a good little niece, aren’t you?”

Leaning down, he pressed a heavy kiss to her lips as he rubbed the juices from her pussy over his cock, rubbing the head against her entrance, “Ready for me, baby?”

Bailey nodded, head thrashing to the side as she could feel his cock pushing past her lips and between her tight walls. “Oh god..that feels so good.”

He stilled for a moment once he was to the hilt, then he started thrusting into her. Slowly at first, his hips rolling to meet hers. But her heated whimpers and moans drove him to speed up.

Moaning out, Bailey clutched to his shoulders, her hips arching to meet his thrusts. Her body shuddering at the sound of his balls slapping against her ass with the force of each thrust. “So good…fuck me, Uncle James…fuck your naughty little niece.”

Their breathing grew heavier by the second and that familiar tightening in her stomach returned.

“I’m gonna come. Fuck I’m gonna come.” She moaned as she hooked her legs around his hips, heels digging into his lower back.

“That’s my girl…come around my cock, baby. Wanna feel your tight little pussy come around me.”

A few more thrusts and her body tightened, walls contracting around him as she came, moaning his name out.

Panting once she came down from her high, she looked up at her uncle, a smirk on her face. Rocking back against him, she pulled his face down, looking down between them, “That’s it…fuck your little niece’s pussy. You like that? Wanna come inside your little niece’s pussy?”

He nodded, grunting as he was so close.

“Mmm, come inside me. I wanna feel you come inside me, Uncle James. Please come inside me.”

Growling loudly, she could feel his cock stir inside her, the feel of his spunk releasing inside of her.

It was fucking great.

Both panting and in a heap, Bailey looked up at her uncle with a satisfied smile, “Hey Uncle James?”

Lifting his head from her shoulder, he looked over her face, “Yeah, Bailey?”

She licked her drying lips, “If I stay this week…can I stay in your bed too?”

That damn chuckle, she swore it made her nipples harden when he did that.

“Yeah, every night.”

Bailey smiled. This was going to be a good spring break.

James smiled back. This was going to be the best birthday ever.

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