Strip Tease


You walk in, and sit down in front of empty stage. I slip up behind you and tie your wrists together behind chair. I step on to stage a light falls on my bare foot sliding up my bare leg to my inky black robe that is barely open. The soft music turns on and I start to move, swaying letting my robe catch the light and the spotlight gives you glimpses of creamy flesh.

The robe falls to floor a black silky pool. You then see my innocent white cotton panties and bra, your seductive blue eyes following my every movement, and a gauzy blue scarf that is draped around me. I sit down on your lap one leg on each side, using scarf to pull your head to me for a deep kiss. I continue to move to music rubbing my body against yours carefully removing your shirt pulling it away to reveal your chest, but it hangs because I don’t wish to untie you. I press my soft body to you my hands roaming down your pants undoing them and ataşehir escort bayan lifting your hips and sliding them off, pulling boxers off with them.

The music stops, I shyly kiss your neck my hands tentatively rubbing your penis feeling it harden and encouraged I stroke it with a little more pressure and kiss you deeply, letting you body clue me in as to what you want. I hear your breathing quicken, a gentle moan of pleasure escapes your lips. My own panties become wet and I pull them off and sit on top of your bulging cock. Your head rolls back, a small smile appears on you lips, rubbing you against me. My nipples clearly showing through my bra, moving your head forward you try to lick them as the pass. I reach up and undo my bra, standing so you can taste, tickle and tease my soft sensitive breasts. You slowly move from one to the other, your soft lips covering my hard nipples, I feel your escort kadıköy wet tongue teasingly flicking them then slowly going from flicking to sucking.

My fingers rub my clit as you do I can’t resist urge to touch myself. You stop and look at me with desiring eyes as I sit down again continuing to rub myself letting the juices drip over your erection. I bring my wet fingers up to your lips and you slowly take my fingers in your mouth sucking them. I see you slowly close your eyes as you savor the taste. I gently take your cock slowly my hand feeling it’s length then teasingly rub my clit. Looking at your wanting eyes, I gently let you push it between my soft folds, your hips thrust up sliding your cock into me. I gasp as your hard member stimulates my from inside, rocking slowly at first then faster your hips thrusting up to reach further in.

Feeling the need to have you caress me, I lean forward, bostancı escort my breasts touching your face. I slowly untie your hands, and softly moan as I feel your mouth cover my breast. I lean back and kiss you passionately. Your hands gently caress my face, then tenderly cup my breast, a silent moan escape my lips as yours softly cover mine. I feel your cock still very excited in me, then wanting to do something even more erotic I raise myself from your cock and softly kiss your lips.

I turn around and take your rigid cock and slide it between my folds. A moan escapes your lips as you feel this new pleasure. Your mouth nibbles at my ear, bringing my body to near orgasm. I feel your soft hand cover my breast, gently rubbing my nipples, creating an even greater pleasure inside me. Gentle moans of pleasure fills my ears as I feel you nearing orgasm. My body trembles with pleasure as I feel you pumping your cock in my body with increasing strokes.

Your hand then take my hips, moving them as a moan escapes your lips, bringing your cock exploding a warm feeling inside my body. You then move slowly in me, you lips meeting mine in a feeling of passionate love.

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