Susan’s Saturday Night Sex Ch. 05


There are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 21.


All about sex. Susan’s Saturday night 4F ritual of finding, feeling, fucking, and forgetting about men gets her through her week.

Another Saturday night with Susan sitting in another bar having another drink while scoping out another room and looking for another young man, her next victim. A game she enjoyed playing, she always found her young man and never left the bar alone. With so very many young men in a crowded bar, as if the ones who interest her have a neon light shining over their heads, it’s amazing how she can spot the ones who want to have sex with their mothers. Matter of fact, as if it is a game and not part of life, if asked, she could go around the room and just by watching their learned behavior tell which man had which psychological problems.

In the way that men are attracted to busty blondes, always casting her stare to the good looking men first, after only a few minutes, she spotted one. Sitting there looking like he wasn’t having any fun, a young, good looking man sat in the far corner of the room with some friends. He couldn’t be more hidden and separated from the crowd if the bar built a special safe room just for him. With him looking off in the distance as if sitting alone in the corner of the room even though he was with a group of his laughing, drunken friends, she spotted him. She recognized the sad, tortured look on his face.

The one falling within himself, she found him. Absolutely, he’d be the next man she’d be bedding. With all the subtle clues checking off her psychological boxes, he was so easy to spot. With his shirt neatly ironed and his trousers sharply creased, definitely a Mommy’s boy, she just hoped he wasn’t still living at home with his mother.

A good looking man in his mid-twenties, he looked needy. He looked lonely. He looked sad. He looked ready for her special sexual attention with her pretending to be his mother and him pretending to be her son while he licked her and she sucked and fucked him. Even though he was with people, he looked lonesome. Even though he was laughing on the outside with his friends, he looked gloomy on the inside. Sensing that he’d rather be home with his mother than being at this bar with his friends, she watched him for a while before making her move and giving him her look, the look that always got their attention. It amazed even her that all she had to do was to give them the look.

* * * * *

It didn’t take her very much more than giving him a sexy smile to get his attention. With her knowing that he’d be thinking of seducing his mother if getting lucky with her, all she needed to do was to catch his eye. The most annoyingly complicated part of her seduction was fighting off the men who tried to pick her up while she was more focused on getting this young man’s attention. Then, when he noticed her and smiled back at her, right there in the way he looked at her and noticed her with a longer stare, she knew she had him.

By the time he finished his drink and found the courage at the bottom of his glass to get up and walk over to her, she had to politely excuse two men who were hitting on her. One man was her age and the other man a little older. She knew what she wanted and it wasn’t either of them. She wanted a young man with a cock harder than his hard body. She wanted to play his mother while he played her son.

With men’s unwanted attention something she had to cope with and endure, some men had a difficult time taking no for an answer. Not wanting to be mean, rude, or cruel, yet for those who were insistent, a simple put down to gently belittle them in private always did the trick. Only, with some men volatile and not doing well with rejection, she was careful what she said to whom. Easy for her to discern which men not to fool with, whether good or bad, they were all so very transparent. She watched him walking over to her.

“Hi,” he said approaching her as the two men were leaving. “I’m Robert.”

She watched his eyes go from her big, blue eyes, to her exposed line of cleavage and immediately return upward to make eye contact with her again.

“Susan,” she said shaking his hand.

His soft hand told her that he had an office job.

“May I buy you a drink?”

Wanting him to want her first but with his obvious uncertainty that he’d get lucky with her, she paused before answering his question and didn’t answer him until she made eye contact with him again to give him that look that all men recognized as the eye.

“Sure,” she said with an inviting smile, “but just the one. I only stopped in for a drink and if I have more than two, well I get a little randy,” she said putting a manicured finger to her lip while giving him that look again that obviously told him that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Within in a few minutes, after they made light, nonsensical conversation, and she finished bursa escort her drink, they were sitting in his car making out.

“I love kissing you,” said Robert while he felt her big tits through her blouse and fingered her nipples through her bra.

Typical, they were all so typical. As soon as they kissed her, and as soon as she wrapped her arms around their necks to return their kiss, as if she wore a sign that read, ‘Touch me here. Feel my tits while fingering my nipples through my blouse and bra.’ No exception, they all went straight for the tits. Especially with her blouse unbuttoned and with her showing a long line of cleavage that signaled that the fun bag playground was officially opened, all men loved touching and feeling her big boobs through her clothes while fingering her nipples.

* * * * *

She’s going to need an official scorecard or a little black book to keep track of all the men she’s been with but already keeping a number in her head and having a good idea of the number of lovers she’s had, she really didn’t want or need to know how many there were. Unlike men who kept exacting count of all the women they’ve been with, it wasn’t the quantity that was important to her but the quality. With her able to identify those men who yearned to sleep with their mothers and slept with her as their sexual fantasy while pretending she was their mother, she found her sexual niche. If she had her druthers, so long as they gave her an orgasm, she didn’t want to remember any of the sexual details of all the men she preferred to forget. There’d be more, so very many more. Every Saturday night, she’ll find another, young man who’d help her to forget Steven.

Steven, Steven, Steven, all this was about Steven. Even though she pretended to be happy, obviously she was miserable. The adventure of enticing another young man, all in the hunt, was what helped her to forget. Being with someone new while humping and sweating stopped her from thinking about Steven. Feeling a cock, whether in her hand, in her mouth, or in her pussy made her feel something instead of feeling nothing. Dead inside, it’s oxymoronic how someone who is so emotionlessly detached in the way of Spock or Dr. Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory can profess to help others with their emotional issues. It’s sad that it takes meaningless sex for her to feel something for another man.

Old enough to be his forty-something-year-old mother, his much older sister, or his matronly albeit hot aunt, kissing and kissing him, Susan’s hands were all over Robert’s young, hard body. In the way that Steven’s hands were once all over her young, firm, shapely body twenty years ago, Robert’s hands were all over her shapely, womanly body now. What’s good for the gander is now good for the goose. Comparatively speaking, as if these young men are all the measure of the man she once loved, cursed to carry the memory of Steven with her for as long as she allowed him to haunt her, she was unable to have sex with anyone without thinking of Steven.

Steven, Steven, Steven, with her life all about the love and the loss of Steven, he haunted her as if he was there in the room watching her sucking and fucking every young man she ever sucked and fucked, and, assuredly, there were now hundreds of them. Being that she was a psychiatrist with a doctorate in philosophy, able to come to terms with it by justifying it, she knew her bad, sexual behavior was wrong but she didn’t care. She could easily have diagnosed her medical condition and given herself a remedy, but she’d rather wrap her long, shapely legs around a hard bodied, young man than to swallow an anti-depressant pill that would assuredly change her mood and alter her disposition. Besides, this kind of imagined revenge against all mankind was so much sweeter than swallowing drugs, a mere pill, with side effects. The only side effects she experienced with having sex with young men who were young enough to be her son while she pretend that she was their mother was an orgasm. Being that there was nothing wrong with her having an orgasm, her having an orgasm once a week to let loose those endorphins was much better than taking an anti-depressant pill daily.

Instead, so long as no one discovered her salacious, sexual secret and called her on her Saturday night extracurricular, sexual activities, she didn’t care that she was making a fool of herself. As long as she could use the body of a young man for sex and for an orgasm, she didn’t care that he was using her as his incestuous sexual fantasy while pretending that he was having sex with his mother instead of having sex with her. Instead of being rejected by men, she was wanted, lusted over, and desired by men. Instead of a man fucking her and dumping her, she fucked men and dumped them. If she owed Steven anything at all, she owed him her indebtedness for turning her into him, a sexual predator of young, forbidden flesh in the way that he enjoyed her body twenty years ago. In the way bursa escort bayan that he, no doubt, continues to seduce young women a third of his age now, she seduced young men nearly half her age. If he could get away with that bad sexual behavior than she could too.

As if Steven ruined her for other men, with her now living in the Twilight Zone of May/December romances, with her December and her sexual partners May, she wondered if, twenty years from now, when she was sixty-one-years-old, if she’d still be chasing after men half her age. At this rate, if she had sex with 52 men a year for the next twenty years, after already having sex with 364 men, a man a day, conceivably, she could end up having sex with more than one thousand, four hundred men. She wondered what the record was for women having sex with a number of men. Moreover, twenty years from now, if she was still intent on having sex with late thirty-something-year-old to early forty-year-old men, would they still want to have sex with a sixty-something-year-old woman? So fortunately blessed in being able to find some soothing solace and some sexual satisfaction, a bittersweet formula wrought from her pain and endured from her suffering sorrow, as if a tragic character in a Shakespearean tragedy, she wondered if she was forever cursed to only have sex with men nearly half her age.

Reminding her too much of having sex with Steven when he was forty-years-old, in the emotional state that she is now, she could never have sex with a man her age or older. Driven by memories in thinking too much of Steven, she couldn’t take the sudden similarities and the obvious parallels. She couldn’t bear saying the same sweet, sexy things to another man that she said to Steven. She couldn’t bear the gift giving holidays and the same nonsensical greeting card sentiments. Being that she gave her heart to Steven and now that her heart was shattered to pieces, even after twenty years, she was unable to mend herself enough to give herself to someone else.

So wrapped up with love, romance, marriage, and children, when she lost Steven, she lost all of her dreams of living a normal life. Now done with love, done with romance, and past the age where she could safely have children, she was done with men, so to speak. Being that she earned a good living, all she now needed men for was to give her an orgasm and nothing more. Removed from love and all things romantic, all she now wanted was that fleeting, unexplainable feeling of sexual pleasure. All she now wanted was uncomplicated, random, one night a week sex with a new, young man. All she now wanted was an orgasm so that she could return to work with an uncluttered, focused mind for her to analyze and help her patients without being distracted by horniness while thinking of hard cocks.

Although obviously convoluted in her thinking, her way of getting even with Steven and giving all men back for what he did to her by treating some sad, naïve man the same, her sexual pleasure in bedding young, innocent, and sexually inexperienced men seemingly compensated and temporarily eased her emotional pain. Yet, with many psychiatrists admittedly crazier than their patients, she was a doctor not following her own advice or taking her own prescribed prescription. She didn’t have to be told, she knew that she’d do herself some good by seeing a professional and telling her or him what it was she did every Saturday night since she graduated from college after Steven ended their romance. Perhaps for the sake of healing herself, now that she was ingrained in her routine, fun to sexually tease them while pretending she was their mother, she didn’t want to give up having sex with young men.

Being that she was a medical doctor as well as a psychiatrist, as if having sex was clinical instead of emotional, she never formed any attachments to any of the young men she had sex. Just using them, why would she? Just abusing them, why should she? She was just using them to give her an orgasm. They were just her ends to her means. Seemingly a fair trade, they gave her an orgasm and she gave him their sexual fantasy of sleeping with their mother. No doubt, in the way that Steven never formed an attachment to her, even though they were together for nearly all the four years that she was an undergraduate, she was able to distance herself from growing fond of any of the men who gave her sex. It was just sex after all and nothing more than that.

Being that she was so hurt and feeling vindictive in wanting to hurt him for hurting her, she wanted to tell his wife about their affair. Instead of her telling his wife, figuring she already knew, in the way that Steven did to her by ending their relationship and moving on to have sex with yet another young women, she moved on to having sex with another young men. With her new dating philosophy already predetermined of finding them, feeling them, fucking them, and forgetting them, she didn’t actually start having görükle escort bayan sex with much younger men until after she finished medical school. Then, once she had her epiphany of insightful enlightenment and now that she knew the secret that men have known for thousands of years, she couldn’t keep her hands of young men. Back then, she had sex with men who were in their late teens and early twenties in the way that she has sex now with men who are in their mid-twenties to late twenties now. Her way to forget him, all the while she’s with a man nearly half her age, she doesn’t think about Steven. Feeling a hard cock in her hand, in her mouth, and deep inside of her pussy, makes her forget Steven.

Being that she was so in love with Steven, she didn’t think that she could live without him. Yet, now that she’s found a way to ease her pain, she’s been seducing another young man every Saturday night for years. In the way that she totally gave all of herself to Steven, after he dumped her, shattering it to pieces, he broke her heart, ruined her spirit, and destroyed her ability to love again. Definitely, in the way that a female disciple of Charles Manson was so devoted to him and to the belief of Helter Skelter, she knew she wasn’t being normal to be so devoted to Stephen. In the same way that Monica Lewinski was so motivated to do after her affair ended with President Clinton, her love and subsequent loss for Stephen was her reason to study psychology and to become a psychiatrist.

Figuring that understanding human nature was her key to not only understanding her own self but also heeling her heart, eventually, the best solution she came up with was to follow in Steven footsteps by having sex with young men in the way he had sex with young women. In the way she’s been sexually acting out her loss of the love of her life by having sex with a small army of young men, and by focusing on that one part of a relationship, sex, it’s as if she’s taken up residence in the Devil’s playground. Having sex with a different young man every Saturday night, is as if she’s sold her soul to the Devil by sexually using and emotionally abusing young men in the way that she was so used in abused.

In the way that Steven did to her, now she breaks the hearts of young men who are just as vulnerable to her now as she was vulnerable to Steven then. She receives some sort of sexual satisfaction when they beg her to stay and she leaves. Having sex with young men nearly half her age was her psychological, twisted payback not only to Steven but for herself and to the older man younger woman stigma as a whole. No longer a naïve college coed, it was her turn to have some sexual fun. A philandering, female predator, it was her turn to be the player, the cougar, and the seductress instead of the one being used by a seducer and played.

* * * * *

As if he was already naked and on top of her while humping her and pounding her pussy with his erect cock, her hands traveled down Robert’s broad back to cup, squeeze, and feel his firm pants and underwear clad ass in her hand. In the way that Steven ran his horny hands all over her hot ass so long ago, she ran her hands all over Robert’s hot ass. In the way that she has a thing for young men’s, firm asses and has a thing for Robert’s ass now, Steven had a thing for her round, panty encased, firm ass. Steven loved her shapely ass enough to buy her an entire underwear drawer of panties, all styles and all colors. So enamored with her cute, tight ass, he loved it when she paraded in front of him topless with her big tits bouncing, jiggling, and swaying while just wearing her bikini panties.

Normally something a man does, feeling her ass before sliding a slow hand between her legs to cup her pussy, but with her being more the predatory seducer and the sexual aggressor than he was, she took the sexual lead in seducing Robert while feeling his ass. A swimmer and an ice skater, he had such an incredible ass. Kissing and kissing him, her hand felt his muscular chest before reaching down to feel his hardening cock through his pants and underwear with her horny hand. With her fingers fondling the head of his throbbing penis, she gave him that come hither and ready to fuck look. Sending him a clear message that she wanted to have sex with him and with her already there in his apartment for that expressed reason, there was no mistaking that her intentions weren’t honorable but sexual.

As if setting the tipped apple cart upright and tying her boat tight enough to the dock for it not to rock too much and take on enough water to sink it, she sexually used and emotionally abused young men in the way that Steven sexually used and emotionally abused her. Taking out her anger on them and as if paying them back for the rejection she had to endure, having sex with young men was the only way she could find peace, comfort, and sexual satisfaction. In the way that she imagined Steven kissing her, Robert’s hands were all over Susan’s shapely body while kissing and kissing her. He felt her breast through her blouse and bra while kissing her before feeling her ass through her short skirt and panty. Then, as soon as her nipples made their hard, erect appearance, as if he was playing with the knobs of his car radio, he fingered those too.

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