Sweet Santa Seeks Jolly Juicy Jessie [2]

Sweet Santa Seeks Jolly Juicy Jessie [2]Sweet Santa tries to reach jolly Jessie by his only means: Debbie Deb!Sweet Santa tries to teach jolly Jessie by his invitation for a longer visitSweet Santa is in the rest of the year just Poet-PETER, Professor EroticaSweet Santa is only his role for a fortnight, each end of a year, in Europe!Sweet Santa swallows deep, he is so glad that the year is almost over nowSweet Santa swallows deep, he wishes he can eat some fresh teen pussy!—————————————————————————————————————————————————Sweet Santa is a just myth, my dear daring darling jolly juicy JessieSweet Santa is about to explain how this myth emerged in Europe:Sweet Santa fears this might become a boring story, a long historySweet Santa was first simply St. Nicolas, bishop antalya escort of Myra in TurkeySweet Santa is me, who writes these verses for you two in EnglandSweet Santa is also Your dear Deb with her X-mas presents to You!————————————————————————————————————————————————–Sweet Santa’s bones are in a crypt in Bari, in Italy, but his believers are only in Holland, at firstSweet Santa is called ‘Santa Claus’ in English speaking countries, after the Dutch introductionSweet Santa was called initially ‘Sint Nicolaas’ or ‘Sinterklaas’ in Dutch, halfway the18th CenturySweet Santa emigrated with the Dutch to the United States and made finally fame for his name!Sweet Santa changed his looks and voice: now only known for a big belly & his “Ho Ho ho” quotesSweet antalya escort bayan Santa is believed there to live at the Northpole with his reindeers! Do You believe such stuff?————————————————————————————————————————————————–Sweet Santa is supposed to have been among us since fourth century, so he is even older than meSweet Santa is me, despite I am only sixty-six years young, just only the double of your mom’s ageSweet Santa is over six times older than You, can You imagine how wise he got those years, by now?Sweet Santa is as an elderly hippie ‘professional unemployed’, living on welfare, writing only for free!Sweet Santa finally found freedom, as from age sexy sixty-six he is free to do as he likes as a writerSweet Santa finally is officially escort antalya old enough for his ‘old-age pension’ in Holland, what a lovely luxury!————————————————————————————————————————————————–Sweet Santa is on his way home now, back to warmer quarters and less stress for an elderly gentlemanSweet Santa is about to forget all about his millions of fans in Europe till next season, but for a few dearsSweet Santa wonders why Debbie Deb so eagerly talked with Him about You and You having seen all of her!Sweet Santa wonders why Debbie Deb shared everything about sex with You, only not our open contact here?Sweet Santa is a Philosopher by profession, so he is a lot wiser than his age would predict you: “Time will tell!”Sweet Santa is as a Philosopher a ‘Stoic’, who is perpetually patient: he bides his time till You Two will answer!====================================================================================Composed & COPYRIGHTed by Professor Poet-PETER, Amsterdam-Westerpark, de dato 31st December 2017

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