Taboo: Generations Bk. 02-12


Book II: Spare the Rod, Spoil the Gram

The following morning—Thanksgiving—I was up around eight o’clock. The truth was, I really didn’t sleep all that well last night. Between my lingering thoughts on Gram’s pussy and my raging boner, my mind and body were so active that respite never came. After breakfast I told Ma that I was going over to Grams to pick her up. “This early?” she asked. “Why don’t you wait a few more hours?”

“She was talking about needing some chores done, so I thought I’d give her a hand,” I lied convincingly enough.

“As beat up as you are?” she asked. “Let your father go.”

“Ah, he’s got Aunt Linda to worry about,” I said as I made my way to the door. I stopped, turned, and asked, “Did Gram ever resent you going off to college?”

“She never supported me like Daddy did,” Ma answered. “I think she resented not the education, but the fact that it meant I wouldn’t be carrying on the family business. Why?”

“No reason; just wondering,” I replied before exiting the house.

I arrived at Gram’s approximately twenty minutes later, and when she opened the door to my knocking she said, “What you doing here so early?”

“Wrong question,” I said as I pushed my way past her. I stopped about three feet from her, turned, and said, “The correct question is, ‘What are you going to do today, Gram?'” Her eye lids narrowed to slits. I was aware of her balling up her fist, yet as she swung wildly at my face I easily dodged it, spun her, and placed her right arm in a chicken wing. Gram screamed in pain as she fell to one knee. “Watcha gonna do today, Gram? Huh? Watcha gonna do today?” I cranked her arm to her shoulder blades as I continued to say, “Watcha gonna do? And remember, there’s only one right answer.” I cranked her arm a little higher. “Tell me! Watcha gonna do?”

“I’m gonna suck your dick,” she finally screamed.

“Huh? What’s that?” I asked. “I didn’t hear you.”

“I’m gonna suck your dick,” she screamed again.

I let go of her arm and said, “Get your ass in here,” as I walked into the living room. I made my way to the Lay-Z-Boy, pulled my pants and underwear down, then fell into the chair.

“Lordy-shit!” Gram exclaimed when she saw the size of my dick, which is about eleven inches long and as big around as a silver dollar. She knelt before me like a penitent sinner and began running her hands up and down my cock. She then rubbed it on her face before licking its length from hilt to head, then it began to slowly disappear into her mouth.

I wanted to moan so badly, but I didn’t want her to know just how good her mouth felt around my dick. Instead, I began to berate her, saying things like, “Chow that hog,” and “Only reason you were put on this earth was to suck this thing,” and finally, “Huh! You think you’re gonna eat turkey today? Only thing you’re going to eat is dick meat sandwiches, but don’t worry cuz I have plenty of gravy for you.”

Ten minutes in and that familiar feeling began to hit me, prompting me to say, “I’m about to cum in your mouth, and you’re going to swallow every damned drop of it, you got me?” She nodded her head as she continued to bob, and five seconds later I unleashed the biggest load of my adult life.

It was all Gram could do to contain it, yet even as she swallowed, tiny rivulets of sperm escaped the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. She kept on sucking, though, and a few minutes later, as she came off my cock, she asked in a very pleasant tone, “Was it good, Jason? Did I do a good job for you?”

“Seriously, Gram? Hell, I never came like that in my entire life.”

She smiled, obviously pleased with herself, and started to get up when her face became a mask of pain. When I asked what was wrong, she said, “It’s my arm. You were too rough with it. Hurts like hell.”

“Well, you deserve it,” I told her matter-of-factly, “all the shit you put me through these past few days.”

“I know, I know,” she said in acknowledgement of this fact, but she never apologized.

We made it back to Ma and Dad’s and Gram helped out where she could while Linda filled me in about the latest in her career as a director of oceanic documentaries. We had already begun making plans for me to accompany her to Greenland over the Christmas holiday when Ma announced that dinner was ready. Oh, my God! So much food, and not enough stomach to hold it all. Still, I ate a hefty amount and had to unbutton my pants to keep from feeling miserable.

It did not go unnoticed by me that Gram looked more at my waist than at me generally speaking when I loosened my pants. She gave an ever-so-sly wink before returning her attention to Dad, who was wondering how much longer she thought she could stay at the mid-sized farm alone. “Till my feet are pointing straight up to Heaven,” she answered, and she meant it.

I really wasn’t into the football game—at some point Washington vs. Dallas became Green Bay vs. NY Giants and I wasn’t even aware of it, pendik escort so fixated on Gram had I become—and she must have picked up on my anxiety as she announced that she wasn’t feeling well.

“Oh, well … You can go lay down in our room, Mama,” Ma offered.

“No … No, I think I’ll just go on home,” Gram told her.

“I’ll take her,” I quickly said. Dad looked up from the TV, waved his approval, and then cursed when the Giants QB got sacked. Ma hurriedly fixed Gram some leftovers to take with her as I let Aunt Linda know that our conversation about Greenland was far from over, then Gram and I were off to her house.

We entered and placed the containers of food in the refrigerator, then Gram and I were looking at one another with a discernable amount of tension in the air. I think we both were hoping the other would speak first, and when about a minute passed in utter silence Gram finally said just above a whisper, “Know what I’m doing tonight?”

I leaned a little closer and asked, “What?”

Gram took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She undressed me, then told me to lie back on the bed. I did, and she crawled up between my legs and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked it so lovingly, making slow, beautiful love to it with her mouth; fifteen minutes later I was blurting my semen down her throat, and she graciously accepted every drop of it. She pushed herself off the bed and said, “I reckon you’ll be wanting to get back—”

“Gram,” I interrupted. “You forgot to ask me what I was doing tonight.”

She cocked her head as she studied me. I patted my chest and motioned for her to climb aboard, and she removed her clothing and made her way up to me. This was the first time I had ever gotten a clear view of her breasts. I’m no expert on measurements, so I’d say they were 44DD, and though they sagged … I hope I can do this justice. Take a fifty-cent piece, place four quarters dead center and spray paint them black, and that was Gram’s areola and nipples. As soon as she got close enough I sucked one into my mouth. I felt as if I could just lay there and nurse myself on these thick-nippled breasts the rest of my days and not have a care in the world about anything else, but I knew other things awaited me as well.

As Gram swung a leg around my head she said, “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna grind on you like before.” She gently placed her clit in my mouth and I quickly entered the most euphoric state in which I have ever been. Gram’s clit was hard, and I gave it the same loving attention she had given my penis. After a few minutes she yelled out, “Got-damn!” as her body convulsed with orgasmic delight. She rested on me a moment, then made to move off me. I pulled her back down and began the process anew and soon, just as I had done with her, she was filling my mouth with the sweet nectar of her cum. “No more,” she said to me. “Really, that’s enough.” She slid off me and lay in the crook of my arm as she wrapped an arm around my waist.

“Is that enough, Gram?” I asked. “Are you satisfied?”

“And then some,” she responded. We lay there next to one another for several minutes, both of us enjoying the silence and the afterglow of the moment. After about five minutes Gram said, “Might need to get on back to the house. Make sure you wash up first, though, so they don’t smell my essence on you.” I got out of the bed and exited the room. Two minutes later I returned and crawled back in bed next to Gram. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I called Ma and told her that I didn’t feel right about leaving you alone tonight and that I was going to stay,” I told her. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Gram said nothing. She eased herself back onto my shoulder and placed a hand upon my chest. She sighed, then kissed my neck. “This is nice.”

I hugged her to me, kissed her forehead, and sometime later we fell asleep there in one another’s arms. I slept soundly and was surprisingly awakened at nine a.m. by Gram going down on me. I stretched, which drove my penis further into her mouth, but she didn’t seem to mind as she continued her slow, rhythmic process. Two minutes later I was cumming in her mouth, and after she had swallowed it she lifted off me and smiled as she said, “I have a surprise for you.”

“What?” I asked expectantly. She moved her pussy up to my face. “You shaved!” I exclaimed as I pulled her down onto me.

Without all that grey, wooly hair, Gram’s pussy was quite lovely. I swallowed her clit and worked it over like a madman and Gram came almost immediately. I didn’t let up, though. I continued to hit that clit and a thunderous orgasm rocked her body as she shouted, “God-Oh-Mickey-Damn!” She began grinding on me at that point, and I loved it. Another orgasm! This time, however, she said between gulps of air, “J-Jason, that’s … that’s enough. I … Please …” I didn’t stop, though. All she was accomplishing right now was driving me more and more into a frenzy as I attempted to assassinate her clitoris with my escort pendik tongue. “No. I … I … UNH!” and the biggest one yet. I could feel her cum shooting from her like water from a firehose, and still I didn’t stop. “I … too … too … sensitive. Too … UHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She seized, shuddered, then fell over limp like a sack of potatoes.

I followed her over, my mouth never leaving her pussy. I began to lap up her cum and could only imagine what my face looked like as I said, “How was that for you, Gram?” She said nothing. “Gram?” Still nothing. I looked up to see she was lying there with her eyes closed, and I panicked. I jumped up and felt her neck for a pulse; it was racing like a cheetah. I shook her and said with fear in my voice, “Gram? Come on, wake up.” I licked my index finger and placed it under her nose. She was still breathing. I got up and began to pace the room. “Oh, God, I’ve given her a heart attack,” I said to myself. “What are Ma and Dad going to say?” I don’t know why, but I just knew that they’d figure out that Gram and I were having sex with each other.

“Ooooh.” It was Gram. Her eyelids began to flutter as she attempted to sit up.

“Gram! You’re alive!” I said ecstatically as I jumped on the bed and hugged her neck.

“Course I’m alive,” she said, then raised a curious eyebrow as she continued. “I passed out, didn’t I?”

“You did,” I told her. “I was so scared. I thought …”

“Guess I should have warned you about that,” she said as she still attempted to shake the cobwebs from her mind. “I can get so worked up that I pass out. Hasn’t happened in nigh on up of thirty years, but it does happen.”

I hugged her again and we talked a little before I said, “Reckon I should go on and get.”

“I’m planning on dropping by later for dinner. You going to be there?”

“You bet,” I said as I planted a kiss on her cheek. I got dressed, washed up, and gave her a big hug before leaving.

When I got home I reported that Gram seemed in better spirits this morning, to the point of saying she was coming over for dinner tonight. “Well, that’s good,” Ma said, and as I turned to go to my room she grabbed me by my shirt sleeve and drew me close. She sniffed before asking, “New cologne?”

“Huh?” I said, hoping the terror in my heart and mind did not show on my face. Then, “Oh, yeah. Some new thing with pheromones in it. I can’t remember the name. It was a sample that I got a few weeks ago. I found it on the floorboard this morning and thought I’d try it. Is it too strong? Should I wash it off?”

“No,” Ma answered. “It’s just … different, is all.”

I smiled and went to my room where I grabbed a fresh pair of boxers, then made my way to the bathroom to wash Gram’s “essence,” as she called it, off of me, yet all I could think of was her shaved pussy and her giant clit and her sweet-tasting cum and how she knew just what to do to make me cum like I never had before. I wanted to jerk off so badly, but I had already devised a plan to see Gram later on tonight. In the meantime …

Aunt Linda was lying on the couch with her leg propped on a pillow; she was full of Percocet and feeling no pain. As I sat across from her, I noticed that if I moved my head slightly to the right I could see up her shorts. My eyes were moving from her eyes to her crotch and back again with the rapidity a Corpsman might use when sending Morse code. “Damn leg’s falling asleep,” she said, and repositioned it in a way that an even bigger gap now lay between her shorts and her upper thigh. I zeroed in on this and winced ever so slightly when I saw stubbly, dark hair; my attention never left her eyes for the remainder of the conversation, which consisted of more talk about Greenland, and I made her promise me that she wasn’t just humoring me. “No-no, of course not. I can hire you on as my personal assistant to legitimize you being there.” This assuaged my immediate concerns, and I told her I would find a way to repay her someday. “Oh, just consider it a Christmas present from your favorite aunt,” she said with a wink.

Gram arrived around four-thirty and Ma raved about how nice she looked. “Make-up? Hair styled? You’re looking hot, Mama. You seeing anyone we don’t know about?”

“Elmer Jenkins invited me to the picture show for later this evening,” Gram said.

I immediately felt a spark of jealousy burble up inside of me. “Dinner’s almost ready. I’ll go ahead and fix the glasses.” I exited the living room and made my way into the kitchen as Gram said,

“Here, let me help.”

“No, I’ve got it,” I said a bit coolly when Gram joined me at my side.

“Ain’t no Elmer Jenkins,” Gram whispered to me. “This here’s for you.”

I felt like a fool. “Sorry.” I inconspicuously rubbed my elbow on her biceps, then said, “I told Ma I was heading out to meet friends around eight, which means I can be at your place by eight-thirty, if you want me.”

“Want you so bad I’d take you right here if I knew your pendik escort bayan mama wouldn’t have a hissy fit,” Gram answered, then, “Eight-thirty. See you then.”

Dad arrived shortly after and I helped Aunt Linda to the table as everyone else took their seats. As I held Aunt Linda’s chair, she balanced on a crutch and slid into it. She must have accidentally misjudged the distance as the crack of her ass enveloped my hand. “Oops. Sorry,” she said with a smile as I pushed her forward.

We enjoyed a meal of warmed-up left-overs, and after the dishes had been placed in the washer we played a few games of Apples to Apples. Time seemed to eek slowly by, but finally seven o’clock came and Gram announced that she was headed out for her date. I put the game up as we said our good-byes, then went to my room to wait the forty-five or so minutes before I could leave as well.

Seven-fifty! I hopped up and made my way to the restroom. My mind was so focused on being with Gram that I didn’t notice the small sliver of light peeking from under the bathroom door. I opened it to find Aunt Linda sitting on the rim of the tub, bad leg propped up and shorts dangling off her cast as she was shaving her pussy. I stood there in shock, unable to move or say anything. Aunt Linda finally said, “Step in or step out, but close the door regardless.” I opted for the former, locking the door as I pushed it shut. “So, how’s school going?” she asked with a nonchalant air that suggested she was more painting her nails than shaving her most intimate of regions. When I did not immediate answer she said, “I saw the look you gave me when I was lying on the couch.”

“So … You’re doing this for my benefit?” I asked.

“We can say that you’re the reason I’m doing it,” she answered. “If you hadn’t grimaced then it wouldn’t have reminded me that it needed to be done.”

“It wasn’t a grimace,” I told her. “It was a wince.”

“Six in one hand …” she began, then, “School. How is it?”

“Same as always, perfect 4.0,” I told her as she carefully dragged the razor across her pubis. “I have one more paper to write, and I’m caught between substantiating de Grasse’s multiverse theorem, citing Kaku’s theory that black holes are actually pathways to other universes, or refuting Hawking’s theory that the universe created itself because it needed to be created. I could excel at either, so it’s just a matter of choosing which one.”

“Wow, my mind’s blown,” Aunt Linda said with a laugh. “You’re a big boy—” she looked at my hard-on and amended herself—”that is to say, a big MAN,”—I tried to cover my erect penis when she said this, but to no avail—”So I’m sure you’ll figure it out. You know, Roll the dice, follow your heart … whatever gets you there, right?”

“Uh, yeah,” I replied, still very conscious of my throbbing cock.

Aunt Linda turned on the tub faucet and splashed water onto her freshly shorn vagina, then dabbed it dry with a hand towel. “There. What do you think?”

“How do you expect me to answer that?” I asked matter-of-factly.

“Honestly,” she retorted.

“Okay then. It looks … Um … It’s beautiful.”

“You’re such a sweetums,” Aunt Linda said as she lightly pinched my cheek. “I bet you say that to all your aunts.”

I wanted to say, “No, just you and Gram,” but what purpose would that have served?

Aunt Linda slid her other foot into the shorts and pulled them midway up her legs. “Help me up,” she said to me, and when I had she pulled them the rest of the way up her waist. She then grabbed her crutches as she said, “The door, please?” and once I opened it she began to hobble out. She stopped, backed up, and whispered, “Better do something with that thing before you trip over it,” before disappearing down the hall. I planned on doing something with it, alright, and I couldn’t wait to get to Gram’s house to unleash it.

After sex, Gram and I resumed our places on the bed. As I lay there, I thought about Aunt Linda and almost felt as if I had cheated on Gram. She finally broke the silence when she asked, “You okay with this set-up? You know, just oral?”

“I’m fine with it, Gram,” I told her, and it was the truth.

“It’s just … Your granddaddy is the only man I ever loved, the only man I was ever with … you know, who was inside me,” she said in way of an explanation. “That’s the reason I don’t even kiss you on the mouth.”

“I understand, Gram. Really,” I said as I hugged her close. “I adore the time we have together.” I paused, then, “I was thinking that I could tell Ma and Dad that I was going back tomorrow, that way I could spend all day here with you.”

“Probably should go on back and get ready for classes,” Gram told me. “You done gave me enough loving this week to hold me out till you return at Christmas.”

“About that,” I said, sat up, and sighed. “Okay, two things. Number one, I don’t live that far away, so I was thinking that I could come down every weekend so we could be together.”

“Really, Jason?” Gram asked. “You’d do that for me?”

“For us, Gram,” I corrected her. “I mean, one of those weekends I’d have to spend with Ma and Dad, but the other three would be for us and us only.”

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