Taking Katherine

Taking KatherineThe first two things a person noticed when they met Katherine was one: her long, flawless, slender legs, and two; her beautifully shaped face. Any supermodel would have killed for such long, slender legs, especially with such soft, sun kissed skin. Moreover, Katherine knew to show them off, always wearing shorts or short dresses, tight jeans or short jumpsuits. And heels. She always wore heels that made her legs look even longer. It was probably all the running that had made her legs that fit and strong, but at the same time not to muscular. Katherine usually spend a lot of her spear time exercising and trying out different new sports, which made her body slender and fit. Strong, but not too masculine. I would rather say that she looked like a Greek warrior princess. She was pure feminine, truly sexy and stunning. Oh, boy, we all lusted for her. For her full lips meeting ours, and her golden hair in our hands. For her to lay under us, whispering sweet words, panting close to our ears. To touch her neck tenderly with our fingertips and feel her hot breath on our skin. However, Katherine was not that sort of girl. She did not date, did not flirt. To be honest, I do think she was somewhat tired of always being an object, for people to want her body and not her soul. Well, good created her this way. Now she had to live with the consequences. Cause I was not any better than the rest. I wanted her panting underneath my body, to have her lips around my cock, to look her into her eyes, pushing her to her limits. Break her, if I had to. Oh, definitely break her. Therefore, I planned it all, started to track her moves and her routines. It was somewhat hard, she always tried new things and never really hang out with the same friend two days in a row, but finally I found her weak spot. Work. Jogging. Which meant I could either go after her in the forest at evening (the idea really appealed to me!), or I could take her at work. The last would be more risky, but to ruin a safe place like that to her…it would be even better than to pin her down in her own house. Katherine worked as a part-time manager at the local grocery store. She handled the crisis, the late night shipping, the economy and the logistics of the store. To lay a trap for her was therefore easy. I simply bought a new cellphone, that kind that is untraceable and impossible to track back to me. A friend of mine had arranged that. He worked at a prison a few towns south, and he let me talk to one of the inmates. The inmate also happen to be my brother’s bastard. The two of us always been close, probably because we were good at secrets, good at pressing and using and blackmailing people with secrets. After they caught him, he figured it was best to stay at the inside. More secrets and better ways of using his talents, he said. I believe him. On the other hand, I was the one going to have my way with Katherine. Beautiful, untouchable Katherine. Therefore, I called her. Pretended to be someone who were to deliver new products. It is easy to make a mistake, arriving one day too early. Alternatively, at the wrong store. Either way, it would be nice of her to declare the goods, so that I did not have to call my boss this late. No, no, I knew she had a lot do. However, you see, he is in Australia with his wife. It is actually their honeymoon. Yes, it would be quick. She took the bait. I opened the store with a simple technique, used in way too many movies. Left the door open, turned on the light in the back of the store. That would catch her attention for sure. Luckily, for me, no one else passed the store until she came. She noticed the door, and entered the store. She noticed the light right before she closed the door, and took one more step into the store, partly curios and partly irritated. The part-timers always forgot to turn off the light. I could hear that she was wearing heels. Good. It is harder to run in heels. “Hallo?” she asked calmly. “Hallo? Mr. Smith, are you there?” Mr. Smith was the owner of the store, but he was at vacation. Hiding close to the desk, I heard her approach the enlightened room leading to the garage in the back of the store.“Mr. King?” That was my name. At least the name of the person that he thought she was going to meet. Her voice was starting to get irritated. She stopped. I could hear the sound of buttons and a zipper. Probably her purse. She found her phone at last. Probably to call my number. I had left my phone under the desk. On the floor. And I knew she probably would bend down to get it. Curios and a little angry. Maybe even a little scared at this point. But definitely without the slightest ide about what was going didim escort to happen to her. “Unbelievable,” I heard she muttered. A little loader, she called one last time for this Mr. King, but he did not answer. Instead, I attacked. She was definitely helpless, bend down on her knees. I saw the surprise in her big eyes. I dragged her to the space between the two desks furthest away from the entrance. The majority of desks was in the front of the store, but these two were left to handle clients with special needs and demands. She kicked and fought, her entire body wriggling from one side to another. Nevertheless, I was too fast. She was where I wanted her, and I laid down. Pressed her tiny body down against the floor, making it impossible for her to move away. “Let me go, let – me – go,” she demanded, still fighting against me. She was pushing and kicking to no use.“HELP!” she screamed. Oh, no. She was not going to get away that easy. Being Saturday night, I had planned to keep her here until, at least, Monday morning. Therefore, I hit her. Not hard, I did not want to ruin that pretty face. But hard enough for her to look at me with surprise. Then she screamed again. God, so much fear. Her eyes were filled with desperate fight and fire, fear and dark disbelief. She tried to scream one more time, so I stuffed her mouth with a scarf that I had found next to the cosmetics in front of the desks. She shaked her head desperately back and forth. Tears were visibly in the corners of her golden eyes. Finally, the first sign of resignation. It made me smile, and I could feel her tense body shake in fear under my weight. Tender, thin and now breathing fast in despair. “Oh my dear Kate. Don’t you look forward to this? `Cause I do” I whisper in her ear. That makes her cry. Hard. She tries to look away, and tries to wriggle away one last time. It gets her nowhere. I fasten her arms with the cuffs I had prepared. It keeps her arms tied apart, one to each desk. And then I do the same to her legs, those long and slender legs. She is wearing a short dress. After the fight, her black panties are visibly. I feel blood rush through my system at the sight. Soon, very soon, she will be naked under my body, her body displayed and my cock will enter what I cannot see for the moment. I let my fingers run up and down the inside of her legs. The muffled screams from Katherine makes it hard not to rush. But I want to enjoy this. I am not going to rush. Not going to waste her. I let my fingers run higher, feeling the warmth from the inside of her thighs. She is screaming now, but the sound is barely audible. “Please wait, my darling. We need something to get you out of that dress, don’t you think?” I leave her, pick out a pair of scissors in the store, from one of the closest racks, and return. On my way back, I see something that catch my attention. Electrical toothbrushes. I grin. Why not? A grab one with me, and a squash. And some tape. I am glad I brought the last, because my little victim has nearly spit out the improvised gag. It makes me angry. And aroused. “No, no, no.” I tell her while taping over the gag. “If you don’t like it, we make a deal,” I propose. I can see the hope in her eyes, and that I have her fully attention. “If you don’t make a sound the next two hours, I let you go early. Okey?” I can see the shock in her eyes. Two hours? Despair. Fear. Capitulation. Then she nod. Too bad, I actually wanted her to not. It is easier to brake what does not bend. “Well,” I say while cutting off her dress. Her skin is soft and warm. “Let us see if you can handles this one, shall we?” I cut loose her panties, exposing her. Shaved, soft skin is all I can see. I have to close my eyes for one second, just so that I can really feel the strong, arousing feeling of satisfaction that is rushing through my veins. I can see how she turn her head away. Probably to shut off, to just survive. I will not let her do that. She is going to feel it all. I will make her participate. I will make her cry. I turn on the toothbrush. The sound is intense. The vibrations are intense. The arousal must be equally intense, I think to myself. I can’t help it. I grin. This is going to be fun. I place the toothbrush close to clit. When it touches her skin, she tenses even more. She tries to kick me away, but her foot is fastened too hard and too good. “Oh, dearie, you shouldn’t “I say. I move the toothbrush and start rubbing slowly. I see her eyes widen I shock. It looks like I’m hitting a sensitive spot. She starts to fight again, so desperate and hard. I am patiently following her, not letting her off the hook. My, this is a bigger success than I thought escort didim it would be. She trusts her hip up and down, sideways and back. She cannot get away. She is starting to understand that. Suddenly she is laying still. She is raising her hips, in one last attempt to get away. I laugh. “Come on, no sound remember?” I chuckle. Her breasts are raising fast, her breath is hard. I can see the way the muscles in her stomach aches. She bends backwards, like a bridge over troubled water. Then it hits her. The wave of stimulation rolls through her body and makes her shake. She collapses, and then she tenses up again. Her lips are pressed tight together under the tape. She is fighting against the pain and the pleasure, no doubt. And then one more time. Her eyebrows are tensing, showing worry and maybe even a little pain. I keep pushing the brush against her skin. Her eyes are now pleading with me. Her body convulse again, and then one more time. She is moving like a snake in a bag, desperate for her freedom. When her body tense a fifth time, is no longer about pleasure. Its pure pain. She gasps and throws her head back. I can se her pulse beat as she stretches out her neck. “Five minutes, really? I thought you wanted to go, but you love this, don’t you?” I mock. I move away the toothbrush. Now she is close to broken. She probably try to run if given the chance, but right now, in this position, she is not going to fight against me. I let the toothbrush touch her skin again, and she immediately tens up, her whole body bending backwards. She oinks in pain and close her eyes. It hits her hard this time. She is obviously unable to control it. “Every time you don’t respond, I will.” I tell her, moving the toothbrush away. “I will use this, until you respond to every touch, every…” I smile “…stroke.” I let that sink into her. Sink deep. Just as I intend to let her struggle a little more before I enjoy her myself. “Do you like vegetables? I do. Squash is actually one of my favorites,” I am trying to sound nonchalant, but even I hear the evil in my voice. From the look in Katherine’s eyes, she does too. I take the squash and let it slide against her skin, from her jaw, down her stomach, and then to her pussy. I can see her muscles contract softly from the touch.“Its big, right?” I ask. Well, I know the answer. It is big. Capitulation is written all over her face. She is not even looking, when I slowly press the squash inside her. Not all of it, but deep enough for her to feel it. then I give it one last push, only to see the discomfort in her face. Beautiful. I turn on the toothbrush again, and her reaction is priceless. She raise her head from the floor, and look me pleadingly in the eyes. She is starting to cry again. She is trying to say something, desperately. She is muffling something in a soar voice. I cannot hear what, but I guess it is her last, desperate attempt to negotiate. I smile. It is not going to work. She lifts her head, and tries look at me. Those eyes are truly beautiful. I know I won’t forget them in a while. Not the way they pleaded, and not the way they changed. From hopeful and desperate to broken and empty. She shakes her head desperately and fast. Her golden hair is dancing around her head, making her look even more beautiful. Like a captured Hollywood star. I grin. It is not that easy, bitch. I press the toothbrush against her skin. The reaction is just the way I hoped for it to be. Strong. Intense. She is bottom line, hysterical. Moving, wriggling, turning and bending as if her entire body was on fire. She tries to get out of the cuffs, but everything that she tries is useless. Her body moves beautifully, though. She truly looks like a dancer performing her last, final dance. Heat of arousal is spreading through my system. God, I want her. I can even hear the sound of muffled screams from her throat. Hoarse. She is gasping and panting hard. Just the thought of that sound close to my ear while penetrating her makes me breath harder. Her breast is raising and lowering fast. I can see drops of sweat at her neck, and her tights. I can hear the sound of her fight with the cuffs. I press the toothbrush harder against her clit. Her skin is definitely warmer now, after the intense struggle. It is obvious that the squash is causing her some discomfort, buried inside her. However, it is also obvious that the toothbrush is way, way worse, and way more efficient in its torture. I turn it off again, letting her relax for a moment. With a fast move, I pull the squash out off her and ley down on her panting body. I manage to undress her completely with help from a pair of scissors. Her breast are round. I am didim escort bayan going to play with them for sure, but right I just need to let out some steam. I push my penis halfway in, noticing her closed eyes and tensed body. No, no, no. I want her to give it all to me. I want her fully attention. I grab her head with both my hands.«Look at me, » I demand. She does not. Instead, she tries to turn her head away. I lower my voice.«Don’t tempt me, I might introduce you to an hour or two of…dentistry, » I threaten. It works. I can actually see how she fights with herself. The fear, the disgust. I do believe it takes a lot of self-control for her to consider to not obeying my order. But, she finally does. Her big, tear-filled eyes meet mine. «Good girl, » The words make her shutter in self-pity and disgust. The pressure in my limp is insane. I want her now. My lust has been building up for years, and now, finally I am here. With her under my body, naked. Sweating, breathing heavily and looking deeply into my eyes. Ok, it is not love. Good thing, I do not want love, or feelings or mutual respect. I want her body and I want to fuck her. Hard. Now I can. I thrust hard. I see her eyes widen in shock, but she does not dare to look away. I push harder, and feel the sensation of her tight grip around my cock. I pull out a bit, and then I thrust again, harder this time. She gasps. Her deep blue eyes fills with tears. I smile and repeat the movement, digging deeper every time until I know that I can’t go any deeper. I can feel her tight grip around me. My entire body tenses. I am going to climax much earlier than I want, but I can’t help it. The friction is too delightful, and her eyes and body too good. In other words, my feelings are too intense. Her warm skin against my breast, her tiny frame under my weight and her beating heart sets the mood. I pump her one more time, so stiff and hard as I have ever been. But before I climax, I manage to pull out. “Do you want to let go of the gag?” I ask her. I know exactly how I want to end this first of many rounds. “Just nod,” I tell her. After a second of hesitation, she does as I have told her. She nods. Her eyes are wide and scared. Her big, blue eyes, looking straight at me. “If you try anything at all…” I do not finish the sentence. We both know. She nods weakly as I free her arms and help her up on her knees. Her entire, lean body is shaking. I let my finger run along her jaw, lifting her face so that she look up at me. I easily remove the gag from her mouth. I let my fingers gently touch her lips. She closes her eyes again. I do not trust her. I want to, but I know that a girl like Katherine is not broken so easily. The memory of the pain is still present, but so is the fear and the shame. I let my tombs slide into her mouth. It forces her to open her mouth wide. With my tombs at the back of her mouth, between her teeth, I feel a little safer.“Look at me, I said. Do not try to hurt me, `cause I hurt you worse,” I promise her. She looks up at me. She is pleading with her eyes. I guide her head to my dick. She knows what I want. Instead of letting her suck it, I guide it into her mouth and down her throat. The only thing not in her mouth is my balls. I can actually see my dick fill her throat. I can see her eyes fill with tears, but this time it is not from shame or fear. This time it is due to the fight between her gaging reflex and fear. Her throat is fighting against my limb. Her body is trying to push me out. It makes for the most wonderful massage. I let go. I let myself climax down her throat, to the sound of her choking and the sensation of control. It is the most wonderful feeling. When I am finished, I pull out. She is swallowing the air like water, desperate and greedy. I can see her stomach work with her breast. Sweat is dripping down her collarbone, and tears down her cheeks and along her jaw. I pet her carefully. She doesn’t seem to notice. “Kitty?” I ask. She does not react. Therefore, I hit her. Not hard, but I notice a red mark where I hit. Then she looks at me. Her eyes are filled with fire and anger. I sight. I had hoped we were done with this part. Her ankles are firmly fastened from earlier, so I know she can neither get up, nor run away. She can scream, but she already tried that.“Do you want to fight?” I ask her. She does not respond. “That’s what I thought,” I smile. I nod towards her now free hands. “Grab your ankles.” She does as told. It leaves her in a bend position, with her butt up in the air. With experienced movements, I cuff her arms again, and drag the chains through the cuffs around her ankles. If I want to, I can no let her walk straight, or I can pull the chains and make her bend just the way she is now. I remove the part of the restrains that pulls her legs apart, so that she now is free to move away from this exact spot.“Walk” I command. I have more in store for her.

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