Temporarily Blind Mother Ch. 02


Having just masturbated to the same erotic audiobook chapter that his mom had earlier, Matt laid there, replaying the events in his head. After deciding it would be a one-off occurrence, and decided to keep his mind off it. He cleaned himself up with his t-shirt, buried it in his hamper, then grabbed some clean clothes and took a shower.

That evening at dinner they had their usual banter. Matt had cooked, as he did from time to time. Deb was pleasantly pleased with the food as always.

They chatted about her work, how she was easily able to shift her responsibilities, while Matt talked about what he learned in his morning class. Matt avoided bringing up the audiobook, and his of course mother didn’t mention it.

While cleaning up dinner Matt asked his mother, “so what are you up to this evening?”

“I don’t know really. I’m starting to realize how boring things are without being able to read social media,” she laughed. “I’ll probably just take a long bath then go to sleep early.”

“Yeah, I’ll probably go play some games myself. Do you need anything?” Matt asked.

“No, but if I do I’ll have my trusty iPhone voice thingy message you,” she laughed, waving her phone around.

Matt watched as she carefully got up from the table and left the kitchen, feeling her way with each step. He noticed how she was getting more comfortable with her temporary condition. He wondered how she would manage taking a bath, turning the water on, knowing how full it was, getting in and out… He thought about secretly keeping an eye on her, just in case she slipped or needed help. Some part of his brain told him it was for innocent reasons of course.

He quickly finished loading the dishwasher and crept upstairs to his mother’s bedroom, knowing she never kept kartal escort her door entirely shut. It was, after all, on the complete other side of the house, and she was never concerned about privacy before. He tip-toed, thankful that the upstairs had wall-to-wall carpeting. There at the bedroom door he watched her fish through her dresser for some clothes by touch, picking out a couple of items he couldn’t quite see.

Then she turned and went into her bathroom. He followed her quietly and from the door watched as she set her clothes down, and busied herself getting her bath ready. She felt around for the faucet controls, the drain stopper, even feeling around until she found some bubble bath she liked. All this he quietly observed from the doorway.

He kept watching, his mother adjusting the temperature, retrieving clean towels from the closet. Without notice his mother pulled her top off, then undid her pants, slipping them down and stepping out of them, and carefully setting them on the counter where she would later be able to find them easily.

So there, before him, stood his mother in a see-through bra and panties set, with mismatched colors. The top was blueish see through, and showed off her amazing breasts and nipples. The bottoms were somewhat orange tinted, also see through, and showed off a bare pubic mound underneath. Matt’s heart thundered in his chest, and he felt another erection growing.

His mother continued getting ready for the bath, checking the height of the water with her hand, checking the temperature, making sure she had soap handy. The whole time her body was moving in all kinds of ways, giving Matt views of every aspect of her body, completely oblivious of her audience of course. He could see the amazing shape of her maltepe escort bayan ass, the sides of her breasts when she bent over the tub, even the sexy shape of her hips. He drank in every moment, studying her like an artist.

After some time Matt’s legs grew tired, so he very slowly lowered himself to a squat, then kneeling, putting most of his weight on his ankles. This gave him enough height to see, took the weight off his legs, and still gave him enough flexibility to get up quickly if he needed to dodge her.

Finally the bath was filled to her satisfaction. She turned the water off and without hesitating, reached behind her and unclasped her bra, releasing her gorgeous breasts. Another quick move and she slipped her panties down her legs, carefully placing both on top of her clothes pile. Matt’s heart pounded so hard he was certain she would be able to hear. She carefully held on to the wall and stepped into the shower, slowly lowering herself into the tub with a sign. There she laid, her breasts sticking out of the bubbles, while Matt just stared in awe.

The worst part of the experience was that he had a raging erection that practically threatened to rip a hole in his jeans, and he was unable to get to it. He wanted so badly to touch himself, but knew that any action would alert her to his presence. So instead he had to endure the torture of just watching her lay there as she soaped, rinsed, and soaked for what seemed like eternity.

While washing herself he was lucky enough to see from his angle glimpses of her cleanly shaved pussy just visible enough right under the water surface. From mere feet away he watched as she reached into the soapy water and spread her lips, rinsing her vagina out with the bath water. He nearly fell over, escort pendik a disastrous mistake had it happened.

His mother ended her bath session by draining the tub and standing up, closing the shower curtain to start the shower so she could rinse the tub water off. Matt figured he had pressed his luck way too far already, and took the opportunity with the noisy shower running to quietly stand up and back out of the doorway.

He was still fully erect. Knowing there was only one thing he could do about it, he hurried to his bedroom, flopped on the bed, and pulled his pants all the way down and off. No sense in even bothering to close the door or be discrete, since his mother couldn’t see him. The liberation added even more excitement. He stroked away, replaying every visual he had stored in the bathroom.

Deb dried herself off and applied her favorite smelling body lotion, thankfully just where she always left it. When that was complete she wrapped herself with her bathrobe, tied the tie, and left the bathroom and bedroom. She wanted to say goodnight to Matt before climbing into bed. She walked down the hall to his room.

Matt was near climax when his mother appeared in the door. Seeing her once again, even if her body was hidden by a robe, sent him over the edge. He came in spurt after spurt of cum, once again into a handy nearby shirt wrapped over his cock.

“Matt, are you in there? I’m going to bed now.”

Matt, still finishing up the last small spasms of his orgasm, managed to say in a normal voice “ok mom, good night. I love you.”

The unexpected sentiment filled Deb’s heart. She sighed happily and approached the bed, arms outstretched for a hug. Matt quickly wiped up and tossed the shirt aside before she reached the bed. He carefully sat up and from his bed hugged her, feeling the warmth of her robe against his face, a small part of it touching his bare thigh. “I love you too honey,” she said, squeezing him tight. She released the embrace and left the room, while Matt gave a small sigh of relief.

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