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Aaron had been showing his wife off online for a few years. It started slow, with just some bikini shots with her face blurred, or faceless nudes, but over time he began to show more and more. He found groups and chatrooms that specialized in that sort of thing; guys who liked to show off their wife. And she was worth showing off. Even now, in her 30’s, she was still pretty and she had a body that many a younger woman would have given anything for. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they had a fantastic shape and had remained perky longer than many of her friends’. She was slender but managed to have a fantastic ass, just enough curve to know she was all woman. That was probably what his online “friends” commented on the most. That and her smile put her several levels above most of the other unaware wives and girlfriends that appeared in the chatrooms.

And she was unaware. Maybe that was part of the thrill for Aaron, the risk of showing her, but he also knew he’d love it if she were openly slutty. But that wasn’t her; yes, she had played around with other guys, but she was actually quite a private woman and would not at all have been pleased that so many had seen her pictures. No, it wasn’t like some cheesy dirty movie, where she would get off on being exposed on the web if she knew; in fact, it would be exactly the opposite.

Things had gotten a little out of hand at times, with the on-line exposing, and several guys had managed to work out her identity over the years. This made him nervous, but most of them were pretty cool about it. They just liked the idea of knowing who this hottie was in real life. A few got more into it and would try to find “normal” photos of her online, or more info about her. She was pretty careful about who she added as a friend on f-book though, and as far as he knew, despite a couple of attempts, nobody had managed to become friends with her there.

There was one particular guy that Aaron had been chatting with for a while online. He had collected a huge number of her pictures from Aaron over time, and he had found out an awful lot about her…and him. When they’d bump into each other in the chatroom they both frequented, Aaron never knew what would happen: sometimes the guy would just whisper-chat to Aaron with pictures, questions, and discussion of what he’d like to do; sometimes he’d delight in making Aaron squirm by showing off the photos he’d collected and discussing her body while encouraging others to do the same. These times made Aaron nervous but were also very exciting. He knew from his conversations over time that the guy was cool and wouldn’t ever really cause him any trouble, but the fact that he knew so much about his wife turned him on enormously.

The guy had also heard enough from Aaron about his fantasies to know what made him tick. Aaron was a cuckold. There’s nothing he wanted more than for his wife to have a real boyfriend. He didn’t want her to leave him, certainly not. But he couldn’t help his intense desire for her to take a long-term lover. And his fantasies didn’t stop there. He was into tease and denial. He wanted her to be exclusive with her lover…he wanted his wife to tease him and get him as horny as possible talking about how much she loved being with her boyfriend, getting him as close as she could to blissful orgasm with her fabulous hand jobs and then deny him that release. He wanted her to stop all stimulation, to squeeze his balls so tight that they ached for days, to do whatever she needed to in order to prevent him cumming. He wanted her to lock him up in a cage and tease him, to tell him how she always allowed her lover to cum with her, as much as he wanted, wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted, but that her own husband wasn’t going to get to fuck her, or feel her mouth on him, or cum at all, until she decided it was time. He wanted her to go out with her lover at night, or text Aaron while he was at work, telling him that she was on her way to see her lover and not to expect her home until late (if at all). He wanted to be desperate for her, to be hornier than he ever imagined he could be, and to be teased and denied for days, weeks, maybe even months.

And in his denial, he wanted to also be a source of pleasure for her. He loved going down on her, loved the smell, taste, and feel of her, especially when she’d recently been “naughty” with someone else and she was all warm, wet, and loosened up. He had loved it the few times she had come home full of a boyfriend’s cum. He loved being told to lick her clean, removing all of the cum that had been left, as a reminder that her pussy was off limits to her husband, only her boyfriend could have her whenever he wanted.

In his deepest fantasies he wanted to be pushed further. He wanted the ultimate humiliation: to be made to suck her boyfriend’s cock, having to get him hard before he fucked her or having to clean him off afterwards or both. He wanted his sexuality to be totally controlled by his wife…and by her boyfriend. He wanted the boyfriend to bursa escort bring other guys along, guys who would make Aaron suck their cocks while they watched his wife fucking her lover. He wanted to be used as a vessel for pleasure, all while becoming more and more horny as his orgasm was denied and his humiliation deepend.

It wasn’t the guys themselves that he wanted—maybe he was a bit curious, but he’d never really been that turned on by the idea of messing around with another guy. It was more about the humiliation, the knowledge that everyone was getting pleasure but him and that all would know about him…that he was useful only as a mouth. He had thought about going out on his own to find a cock to suck, but the idea didn’t appeal…no, he knew that if it were ever to happen, it would have to be because he was “made to” by his wife or her lover, for their enjoyment rather than his.

All this, his online friend knew. From chats and intuition, he’d figured Aaron out pretty well. And, he happened to be a bit of a bull. He got off on everything about a hot married woman, particularly if she came with a submissive husband. He enjoyed seeing wives exposed online, but even more than that he loved turning them and their husbands out. He liked making them his, and he was good at it. It had so far only been online, but he hoped someday to do it in real life. What he really wanted was a husband who he could turn into his online slave, and then use that to get the husband to help him seduce the wife and ultimately turn them both into his real-life subs. He wondered if Aaron and his wife might be the right ones.

Aaron suspected this might be his friend’s goal. They’d chatted enough that Aaron knew that this stranger who knew so much about his wife would jump at the chance to fuck her. Aaron also knew that if it were in his power, he would help this man seduce his wife. Aaron wondered whether this would be the guy to take control of him and his wife, and fantasized frequently about the possibilities of the guy enjoying his wife, maybe even taking his own photos of her to show in the chatroom, and making Aaron watch online as he posted them, humiliating Aaron as he described what it was like to fuck Aaron’s wife. Eventually, maybe Aaron would be turned into the teased, denied, and cocksucking husband he fantasized about becoming.

But it had never gotten very far, mostly because they were never online for very long at the same time. They caught each other for a few minutes at a time, or maybe half-an-hour on a good day, but then one of them or the other would have to log off in a hurry when their wife entered the room. Until…

One day, they ran into each other in the chatroom. Aaron’s friend told him that he had an idea that he was pretty sure Aaron would like, but that it would take some time. He asked about Aaron’s work schedule for the upcoming weeks, whether he could arrange to have a day off. Aaron happened to have a day off the following week, and they arranged to meet in the chatroom at 9am, after their wives were safely off at work. When the day arrived, Aaron was nervous but excited at what might happen, and logged on a few minutes early. At 9, he saw the notice that his friend had entered the room and his heart started to pound.

Only moments later, he saw a photo of his wife pop up in the chatroom, posted by his friend. It was a beautiful shot that Aaron had taken of her from behind wearing a tiny light blue thong bikini that left almost nothing to the imagination. It immediately drew comments from others “great bikini”, “hot slut”, “who is she?” That kind of thing. The next thing to pop up was a whisper from his friend “How are you today?” Aaron typed back “Fine, how are you?” “I’m great! Are you ready for today?” asked his friend. “I hope so! ;)” wrote back Aaron. “Me too” wrote his friend.

Next was another photo, this time of Aaron’s wife from the front, wearing a radiant smile and the miniscule black crocheted bikini that she wore one day out on the boat. Again, the guys in the room expressed their appreciation, to Aaron’s delight and concern.

“Ok,” his friend whispered, “go here…” And then came a vyew web address. Aaron stared for a little while; he’d heard of this vyew thing that enabled one to watch another’s desktop, but he’d never tried it before. He was curious what his friend had in mind, so he clicked on it, and a few seconds later he was staring at a duplicate of his friend’s desktop. He saw a few open windows including the chatroom, and watched as his friend’s cursor moved over the screen.

The first thing he saw was his friend clicking on “upload image” in the chatroom window. Up popped a folder of images, all of his wife. Oh man, this guy had a lot of pictures of her! He idly scrolled through them…dressed shots, bikini shots, face shots, nudes, a number of photos of her with Aaron’s cock in her mouth or pussy, and even a few of her reaching orgasm as she rode on malatya escort top of him. Then, he opened another folder of images, this one containing her personal information: first, a scan of her driver’s license, then one of her passport, that Aaron had shared in a moment of extreme horniness. Next a screenshot of her f-book page and one of her work website. There was a screenshot of a g-maps page showing the location of their house and a photo of the front of their house from g-street view. It was quite the stalker collection.

His friend selected first one, than another, then another of these images, each time acting like he was about to post them before changing his mind. Aaron’s heart was in his throat watching this. Finally he switched to a closeup of her smiling face, the one where she was wearing her red sweatshirt, and posted that one along with “I’m trying to decide what to post of this slut next…maybe drivers license, or f-book?” and sent it to the room. As suggestions poured in, Aaron pleaded with him not to and he whispered back “LOL, don’t worry, I won’t mess things up for you…but I do have a few tasks for you today, and hopefully now you won’t complain about them! :)”

Aaron then watched as his friend opened a new browser window and went to the Walmart Photocenter website and clicked on “start a new photo book”. Aaron’s eyes widened as his friend selected the same photo of her in the red sweatshirt to be the cover photo of this photo book, and typed out “Allison and Her Very Very Very Small Bikinis” which appeared over the photo as the title on the screen rendition of the book cover.

Over the next fifteen minutes, Aaron could barely breathe as he watched his friend select photo after photo of his wife wearing bikinis small enough to be arrested for wearing in public, and inserting them into page after page of the book that he was designing. In one, at the very end, she was topless, wearing only a small black crocheted miniskirt, and laughing directly into the camera. The book looked great, and it excited Aaron tremendously, even though it existed only on-screen. But she was also 100% recognizable, and that made him nervous. Finally, his friend typed out some text for the inside back cover: “Allison is a real wife, living in . She wants a boyfriend, and her husband wants her to have one, so if you see her, feel free to try to seduce her…just don’t let her know about this book because it’s our little secret! Oh, and if you do see her somewhere, or especially if you manage to seduce her, please let us know by emailing to the address below. Any new photos you can provide will, of course, be much appreciated!”

“What do you think?” asked his friend.

“It’s amazingly hot,” replied Aaron.

“I’m glad you like it,” came the reply, “now watch this.”

He then watched as his friend took some screenshots of the book design and posted them to the chatroom. Predictably, there was a raucous response and much discussion of what a great idea it was. Several guys even asked how they could get their own copies. Then, his friend posted in the room “I’m thinking of ordering a few for her hubby to pick up at his local Walmart, and then having him leave them around town showing her off…what do you guys think?”

They loved the idea, and began to contribute their own ideas of what he should do with the books. Aaron watched, somewhere between horrified and fascinated, but definitely very turned on, as his friend clicked on “Order Now,” selected Aaron’s local Walmart, changed the quantity to 3, and clicked on “Pay at Pickup.” He entered a fake name and finalized the order. Aaron saw the confirmation screen, saying the books would be ready by noon.

“Ok,” said his friend, “grab your laptop and your cellphone. You have until 12:30pm to let me know that you’ve picked up the books. I’ll expect a photo of the books being held up in front of a Walmart sign in my email by then. When I get that email, I’ll let you know what to do next.”


Aaron’s heart was pounding as he walked into Walmart at 12 sharp. He went over to the photo counter and gave the name that his friend had ordered the books under. The young guy behind the counter flipped through some envelopes, not finding what he was looking for, and asked Aaron “What was it you ordered?”

“Uh, some photo books?” said Aaron nervously.

“Oh YES,” said the guy, “I’ve got those right here.” He reached below the counter and pulled out a large envelope.

As he was ringing up Aaron’s purchase, the guy said “I hope you don’t mind me saying it, but that woman is incredibly hot…is she your wife?”

“Yes,” said Aaron, blushing furiously as he paid. After all, this was the place where they had always gotten all their photos printed. This guy might recognize her one day!

He escaped the store as quickly as he could. Outside, he took the required photo and emailed it to the address his friend had given. A few çanakkale escort moments later came the reply: “Well done! They look great! I want you to go to the nearest bookstore and put a copy on their magazine shelf near the Maxim’s and GQ’s, and take a few pics of it sitting there. I want you to leave it there and watch for about 15 minutes. If anyone notices it, try to get a pic of them looking at it, then I want you to leave the book there and send me all the pics you took in the bookstore. Next, find a coffee shop with wifi, get something to drink, and find a seat where you can log into the chatroom without getting caught.”

Aaron drove to the Barnes & Noble and walked in holding a copy of the book tightly. He acted like he was browsing the magazines until he saw the latest issue of Maxim. He tried to be nonchalant as he flipped through some magazines, and then returned them to the shelves, along with the book. His wife’s face smiled back at him from amidst the bikini-clad models pictured in the adjacent magazines. He stepped back a few feet and fiddled with his phone, managing to get a decent pic of the book in place, then walked to the next aisle where he lingered, looking at various magazines, while watching to see what would happen.

There were a few guys cruising the magazines, but the cover photo of the book was pretty tame and didn’t stand out among the bright magazines. Eventually, however, one guy in his 50s stopped in front of the book. He must have noticed the title because he picked it up, turned it around, and started flipping through it. Aaron was terrified but also instantly hard. He took a few phone pics as the guy looked slowly and carefully through the book, doing a bit of a double take when he got to the text on the last page. When he was done, he put the book back in its place on the shelf and strolled away, adjusting the bulge in his pants as he did so.

Aaron left the store and emailed the pics to his friend. The ten minutes it took him to get to a local café he frequented seemed like an eternity, but eventually he found a spot on a sofa in the corner with his back to a wall so nobody could see his screen. He logged in to the chatroom and saw that his friend was already there. As soon as he saw that Aaron had logged in, he posted the pic that Aaron had sent him of the books outside the Walmart. “Look what hubby just picked up from his local Wal-Mart! Ok, hubby, show us where you are now, and I want to see a book in the pic…put it out on a table in front of you or somewhere where it’s close enough for you to see it but far enough away that it doesn’t look like it’s yours.”

Aaron looked around nervously, then tried to act casual as he pulled the book out of his bag and placed it on the opposite corner of the low, newspaper-strewn coffee table between him and the empty couch across from him. Grateful once again that the cover photo was so tame, Aaron then took a couple of snaps that included the book, the couch across from him, and part of the coffee shop. While he was resizing them for the chatroom, his friend reposted a few of the screenshots he had taken that morning while designing the book, much to the enjoyment of those in the room who hadn’t been there earlier.

By the time Aaron posted the pics of his book on coffee shop’s table, everyone in the chatroom knew that Aaron was on a series of tasks today, and if things went well that he would become the newest online sub to his friend and soon-to-be master. The guys in the chatroom thought this was wonderful, and were glad to share their advice about what Aaron should do next.

It turned out there were several guys online at that point who had collected pictures of his wife, and they started to post their favorites to the room, adding to Aaron’s growing excitement as he watched the online exposure in parallel with this new, potential real-world exposure. He kept his laptop on his lap in an attempt to hide his almost painful erection as his cock strained more and more with each new photo that appeared on his screen.

During this time, another guy walked into the coffee shop’s seating area and asked if anyone was sitting on the other couch and, when Aaron said “no” had sat down across from him, put his coffee down next to the book with Allison ‘s smiling face, and started reading a magazine. If he’d noticed the book, he hadn’t indicated it, but Aaron became even more turned on wondering if he would.

Just then, his friend whispered him another vyew address. Aaron clicked on it and was once again viewing his friend’s screen. Aaron watched as he opened a new browser window and went, once again, to Walmart’s photo center. This time there were two books listed in the account: the one with the cover photo of Allison smiling and wearing the red sweatshirt and another one that Aaron hadn’t seen before. The new one’s cover was a recent photo he had taken of his wife, a full-body nude shot from the front, her tits and pussy obscured by the title text overlaying the picture: “Local Wife Allison Exposed!” But she was obviously naked and her smiling face was very clearly visible. There was nothing subtle about it. His friend clicked through the pages and Aaron’s mouth dried, his cock hardened, and he was almost panting as he saw the array of very revealing nudes of his wife that were in this newer book.

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