The Cabin with Daddy Ch. 02


This is 100% fiction. The author of this story does not condone any kind of illegal behavior. All of the characters portrayed in this story are 18 or older. This story is LGBQ friendly. Enjoy!


“What were you doing in there for so long?” Rachel asked her brother Will, as she drove them home.

Will shifted in his seat. “He was showing me stuff.” He was a bit nervous at the questions, and a bit tired.

“What stuff?” Rachel pushed. “He’s way older than you, what stuff could the two of you have in common?”

Will cracked the window to let some fresh air in.

“Is it really that important?” Will shot back.

“No. I guess it’s not.” Rachel paused for a while. “I like his daughter, she’s sweet.”

“Yeah, She is.” Will said nonchalantly.

“She’s cute too.” Rachel added.

“Yeah.” Will replied with as he continued to look out of the window.

They pulled onto the long rock driveway leading up to their parents cabin.

They’d grown up in the cabin, living there full time since Will was around 14 and Rachel was 16.

“I like him too. He’s nice.” Rachel said, trying to keep the conversation moving.

“Agreed.” Will was being short.

“He’s cute…” Rachel added.

“Ya think? He’s a bit old for you.” Will said, being a tad bit sarcastic.

“Oh… I like older men.” She teased.

Rachel parked and sat there not moving.

“Yeah?” Will questioned her, surprised by her answer.

“Yes… a lot.” She said, pulling up to the front of the cabin. “Especially men like David.”

“Oh yeah? Why is that?” Will asked.

“He’s just… I don’t know… he’s matured, and manly… he’s just sexy.” She said excitedly.

“Yeah.” Will’s voice was soft. He looked away from her, looking out of the window at their cabin.

“Yeah? Yeah, what Will?” Rachel swallowed hard. “Yeah he’s sexy?”

“Yeah…” Will said, turning toward his sister. “Especially for an older man.” He added.

Rachel wasn’t sure what to say next. She sat there in the the car, not wanting to get out.

“Soooo… what kind of stuff was he showing you, Will?” She asked again, hoping that maybe she’d get an answer this time.

Will turned away from her again. “Stuff…” Will looked back at her. “He showed me his dick, Rachel.” He said softly and opened the car door, jumped out and walked up to the house.

Rachel sat there in awe. Maybe that is what she’d thought had happened, but she never thought he’d tell her that.

It was a small Village, and when David got a divorce and started spending a lot more time at his cabin, there were rumors… rumors that he was gay. Rumors that he liked men in their early 20’s. A lot of rumors. Although Rachel never really personally met him, she had heard the rumors. So… when Will had introduced her earlier in the evening, her mind began to race with thoughts of the nature of her brother’s relationship with David.

Of course, this wasn’t what had started the suspicion that her brother might be gay or at the very least bisexual or curious.

Recently Rachel had woken up in the middle of the night to pee, and saw that there was a flicker of light coming from the laundry room. Her curiosity got the best of her, so she decided to investigate. She lightly pushed open the door and saw that someone had lit a candle, and had it sitting on top of the washing machine counter. As she looked in more, trying to be as quiet as possible, she saw that Will was kneeling down, slowly gyrating back and forth, attempting to work a dildo into his asshole. She was in shock. She hadn’t seen Will naked in years, and even then it definitely wasn’t in any sort of sexual manner. She couldn’t move… she just stood there, stunned.

Rachel watched as Will pushed into himself, moaning ever so lightly, trying to keep from waking up the rest of his family. After the shock subsided, Rachel couldn’t help but wonder where the dildo had come from that he was pushing into his asshole.

Rachel was brought back to reality when she heard a hard moan escape her brother’s lips, and his ass cheeks gaziantep escort bayan start to flinch. From her point of view, she could only see his backside, but she knew that her sweet brother was in the middle of a very intense orgasm.

Rachel backed out of the laundry and disappeared back into her room, but she had never ever forgotten that moment.

As she sat in the car, still shocked by her brother’s words, Rachel felt her pussy go wet. She took a deep breath in, then out, and exited the car.


Will sat at his computer desk with his dick and balls pulled out just past the waistband of his pajama shorts. He was looking up porn, and touching himself.

‘What the fuck?’ Will asked himself. ‘Why the fuck would I tell her that?’

Will settled on a gay bareback scene of two twink friends taking turns eating each other’s asses as the stroked themselves.

Will was hard as a rock as he played with his smooth dick, when his phone vibrated.

It was Rachel.

‘Really?’ Will asked, ‘Lecture time.’ He thought to himself.


Is that it?

For some reason, Will felt his dick flinch at his sister’s question.


Is what it?

Rachel laid in her bed wondering how far she wanted to take this conversation.


He only showed you…? Look not touch?

Will wasn’t sure what to say.



Rachel slid her hand into her panties and started to tap at her hard clit. She could feel the wetness running down between the crack of her ass, settling into her crinkled hole.


So… touch?

Will was enjoying this. Maybe it was the taboo nature of it all, but his body was definitely reacting to the conversation.

Will spit down onto the head of his cock and started stroking faster.


Yes… touch.

Rachel slid her fingers into pussy, trying hard not to orgasm.


Did you like touching him, Will?




Did he cum, Will?


No… we were interrupted.


OMG! Are you serious?? His daughter?






Yeah? What…?


That’s… that’s kind of hot… it’s… it’s taboo. It’s actually extremely hot.

Will squeezed and pulled at his dick, edging… waiting to cum.


It was… it was hot. It was really taboo, Rachel.

Will waited for her response, not sure what to do or say next, if he should say anything at all.

He almost wondered if this was all a trick, some little plan to get him to confess things for his older sister to hold over his head.

Then, Will heard a tap at his bedroom door. Before he had a chance to say anything, he turned his chair toward the door as Rachel, his sister walked in.

Will’s first instinct was to move to pull his shorts back up over his cock to cover up.

“No, no…” Rachel was quick with her words. “Don’t put it away.”

Will was taken back. “Huh?” He asked as he slid his shorts back down exposing himself to her. “Like this… you want to see this?” He asked her, almost confused.

Rachel shut the door behind her, and walked into the room. She had on a short tee and panties. Her crotch was wet.

“Yes… I want to see it.” Rachel whispered.

Gay porn played on the computer screen in the background.

Rachel and Will both thought the same thing;


But, neither one of them had much control at this point. It was their hormones that was guiding them now.

“I like that.” Rachel said, nodding toward the computer screen.

“Yeah?” Will asked, his mouth was cotton.

“I bet you have a ton of that hidden on there don’t you.” She kept her eyes glued to the screen.

“Yes.” Will answered, instinctively grabbing at his shaft.

“Oh…” gaziantep escort Rachel cooed, “my god.” She whispered as she let her eyes take in her brother’s perfect cock.

“What?” Will asked, naive.

“It looks… good.” She said, now nervous. “Your cock…”

Rachel stood there in her brother’s room wearing just her panties and her tee. She wasn’t sure what to say or do next, and wondered if this was a huge mistake.

“I sucked him, Rachel.”

She felt an electric shock shoot through her body. Her brother had just admitted to sucking an older man.

“I should have talked to her longer, Will.” Was Rachel’s only response.

“Rachel?” Will asked confused.

Rachel slid her hand over her pussy, feeling just how wet she was through her panties.

“So you could have finished. I should have stopped Kristen from going into the house, so you could have tasted him, Will.”

Will was touching himself, watching his sister touch herself. Her words alone almost made him cum.

“Yeah, you’d do that?” Will asked her.

“Yes… I’ll do anything for you, Will.” Rachel said and paused. She grabbed at her hips and slid her thumbs into her waistline. “You’re my little brother, Will.” She said as she slid off her panties exposing her reddish colored mound.

“Oh… wow…” Will moaned.

“We can play with ourselves together.” Beth said, running her fingers through her bush. “I know you like men, but we can still cum together, Will”

Will was extremely erect. He liked how she kept using his name.

Rachel kept walking forward, moving towards her brother into her legs touched his.

“Where’s your toy at…?” She teased him, as she played with herself. “Oh wait… that wasn’t your toy, was it?” Rachel said before he could answer.

“You saw…” Will started in, but stopped. Of course she saw, she just brought it up. “No… it wasn’t my toy.”

Rachel could smell his precum. It was intoxicating.

“Who’s dildo was it, Will?” Rachel sat down onto her brother’s lap, facing him. Straddling him. She could feel his manhood twitching between her thighs. “Who’s dildo was that, that you put inside of you?”

Will was in complete disbelief. He was delusional at this point.

“It was mom’s… Mom’s dildo.” He managed to get the words out.

“Oh…” Rachel felt an orgasm coming but fought it off. “Did you taste her on it?” She let her pussy graze her brother’s fat mushroom tip.

“Oh god… yes, Rachel.”

“Mmm…” Rachel moaned. She picked herself up, sliding her body along his until her pussy was at Will’s mouth. “I wonder if we taste the same…”

Will leaned forward and licked his sister, tasting her pussy for the first time.

“Mmmm… so, how does it taste?” Rachel whispered trying to keep her voice down.

“Like hers…” Will moaned.

“Mm like who’s, Will?”

“Fuck… Rachel… it taste like… mom’s. Like mom’s pussy. Only fresh.” Will whispered, breathing heavy.

Rachel lowered her body, reaching a hand down to grab onto her brother’s dick. She sat on him without hesitation, pushing down onto him, taking him inside of her.

She leaned into him, kissing him, their tongues swapping spit.

“Ohhh Will, I can taste David’s dick on your tongue.” She moaned in between fucks. “Cum inside of me.” She paused, and looked at her brother. She leaned into his ear, and whispered, “I wish he was fucking my ass… I wish David was inside of me right now while you fucked me. And… I wish mom would walk in, in the middle of it…”

“Fuck…” Will moaned as his dick began to thrash. He was shocked by her words, but he couldn’t help but get turned on. Her words made him cum… harder than ever.

Rachel could feel her brother spilling cum into her body.

“Mmm you like the idea of her catching us, don’t you?” Rachel teased.

“Yes… I love the idea, sis.”

“Mmmm yes…” Rachel orgasmed at the thought of them being caught. Brother and sister being so taboo, so naughty, and mother catching it all.

Rachel gaziantep escort bayan ilanları kissed Will passionately letting his dick go soft inside of her.

“I love this… I want this to last.” Rachel whispered into her brother’s mouth as she kissed him like a lover.



It was dawn, and the sun had just started to break.

I rolled over on the couch, unaware of where I was at. I was naked. Suddenly everything suddenly became very real.

‘Oh my god…’ I thought to myself. ‘My father and I made love last night… we fucked each other.’

I got off the couch and walked towards the kitchen. The smell of fresh coffee hit my nostrils.

I stopped, frozen.

My dad had his back to me, and he was busy doing something at the counter. He had on a T-shirt that went just to the crack of his ass. He was bare below. His balls hung between his thighs, they were hairless… smooth.

I was nervous… embarrassed. Still nude! I thought about turning and heading upstairs to shower.

I didn’t.

I moved forward. “Good morning, Dad.”

He turned to the side, and I saw the profile of his dick. “Good morning, sweetie.”

He turned all the way around once he set whatever he was doing back down, and washed his hands.

“Sleep well?” He asked me.

I couldn’t help but look down at his semi erect cock.

“Yes, daddy… thank you.”

“You look beautiful…” he paused, somewhat nervous. “Sexy… you look sexy.”

“Thank you, dad.” I said sheepishly. Then, I’m not sure why, but words escaped my mouth before I had a chance to edit them, “If only I had one of these hanging between my legs, right…?” I whispered, and grabbed a hold of his cock.

He pulled me into him. “For now, we can pretend…”

“Oh yeah, daddy… you liked that?” I whispered, kissing his lips.

“Yes…” he moaned.

I leaned up against the counter, pushing my little ass out towards him. I slid my hand between my legs, cupping my pussy.

“Do you wanna fuck your boy again, daddy?”

“Mmmmm” he moaned hard.

I felt his body against mine, and then I felt his tip at my back door.

“Mmmm yes, daddy.”

He pushed into me, raw and bare. It felt rough and good.

“Yes, fuck me like your queen, daddy.”

“Ohhhh sweetie… oh fuck.” He moaned pushing me hard into the counter.

“I don’t want to leave…” I moaned, “I never want to go back home to my husband, …” I felt him pulsating “never, daddy…”

I pulled off of him and turned to face him. I took his cock into my hand, and could feel the throbbing.

“I’ll be your boy every fucking day, before I’ll spend one more day being his wife.” I whispered, and dropped to my knees taking him into my mouth.

“Oh baby…” he moaned, “my sweet sweet daughter…” he put emphasis on daughter. “I want you, baby… every day.”

I felt his hot sperm spill into the back of my throat, his delicious spunk coating my dirty little fucking mouth.

I pull my mouth off of his dick and look up at him. “You taste so good…like such a daddy.”

I stand up and kiss him, letting him taste.

“Mmmm I love the taste of cum, sweetie.” He moaned.

“I want you to eat my pussy now until I cum, daddy.” I kissed him again hard “make me cum all over that bi mouth of yours.”

He grabbed me and set me up on the counter, spreading my legs apart, exposing me to him. He pushed his mouth against my puffy pink lips, tonguing ferociously at my clit, making me swell even more.

“Yes daddy, eat me.”

I wanted him to eat any cum that has ever been inside of me, out of me. I wanted to feel his tongue deep inside of me.

He grabbed my thighs and pulled me apart more, exposing my kinky little fuck hole to his tongue.

“Mmmmm daddy, can you taste me?” I moaned hard as his hole slid into my asshole. “Can you taste your dick inside of me?”

“Mmm.” He moaned and I felt his mouth vibrate into my dark hole.

“Oh fuck… I’m cumming, daddy!” I felt the orgasm take control of me.

I grabbed at his hair, pulling his face up to mine… I wanted to taste my ass on his tongue.

It taste good… nasty, but so good knowing it was his mouth, my sweet bisexual dad’s mouth.

“Mmm I love you, dad.”

“I love you too, Kristen.”


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