The Cambodian Basket Trick: A Primer


The Cambodian Basket Trick: A PrimerDon’t worry men! Part two of the Fresh Thai Fuckmeat series will be up in a day or so! This is only a momentary diversion!Periodically, I get communication from men and couples interested in one or another aspect of sex in Southeast Asia. Usually it is just where to find good cunt in Bangkok or Pattaya or Chiang Mai, (as if that were difficult) but sometimes the question is interesting enough to write down and think on. The other day, a couple asked me to explain the nature of the Cambodian Basket Trick, and I sat down to write out the origins and my own experience with this phenomenon. What follows is an excerpt from my letter to the couple. I got so hard reading it back, I thought the story deserved a wider audience! Let me know how it struck you! The legendary Cambodian Basket trick gave me the best pay-for-play fuck I’ve ever had, and truly deserves its reputation as the most overwhelming sensation a cock can have! The girl who did it for me told me through an interpreter (my Khmer is limited to strategic and military terms) that it was almost too much for her mind to take in, so I get the impression that it is pretty good for a cunt too! It is rarely found outside the brothels of Cambodia for reasons that will soon be obvious. I have not even seen it on offer in the brothels of Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, and believe me, I have looked over the years! I’d love to re-visit the experience. The basket trick has its origins in a form of Khmer punishment visited on members of a king’s harem who dared to fuck other men. The men of course were beheaded. The fate of the offending odalisque became the origin of what we enjoy today. She was stripped naked and wrapped with rope in such a way that her arms were pinned to her sides and so that her face was bent to her knees. (The Japanese have nothing on the Khmers for using intricate roping, by the way!) She was then placed with her cuntal area down into a bucket or basket whose bottom had been removed, and the king had special wooden frames in the center of town much like medieval stocks, into which the basket would fit. The girl was left in the stock tied thus with her cunt exposed through the bottom of the basket for all to see, and all men were encouraged to fuck her at will. For the first few hours, the king and his entire harem were assembled to watch in a formalized ceremony. Lines of men waited in order of rank to cum in anadolu yakası escort the girl, who of course never strayed again.Long about 1870 (I’ll have to look this date up some time), the French stole Cambodia from Thailand under threat of force and using a fake treaty signed by minor Thai officials who lacked the authority, making Cambodia a French protectorate. The French, of course, set about to pervert every Cambodian tradition they could find, including our subject for today. Instead of a public punishment, the Basket Trick evolved under French rule into an act of private sadism, used by French military men to take girls’ virginity after one doctor declared it was a more humane way to rip a virgin girl’s hymen. Girls were stuffed into bottomless baskets in the same position as before, but without being tied. This took careful measurement to find a basket both small enough to hold the girl bent face-to-knee, and tough enough to hold her there under exertion. The French doctor would set the girl in the basket in the center of a vertical wheel, whose prototype was the irrigation wheels of Cambodia’s rice fields, and spin the wheel while the general stood and shoved his hard cock into her now spinning cunt. Something tells me the doctor was wrong about the “humane” part, but he sure found a great way for a girl to be fucked, literally spinning her cunt on a man’s stationary cock!By the time we got to Cambodia in 1968, the basket trick had been adapted by Cambodian brothels into more or less its current form. Nowadays, the girl merely sits on a basket with a hole woven into the bottom. The basket is suspended by a single rope from the ceiling until it is about ten inches off the surface of the bed below. The man, already sucked into full hardness by the mamasan, lies with his cock sticking straight up into the air below the hole. He enters the girl’s cunt (or ass) and the mamasan spins the basket for as long as it takes (I guarantee it is not long!) for the man to cum into the girl from below! I managed to spend a day trying to perfct the experience with this lovely Cambodian farm girl and her very patient mother. I had been fucking them both together for the four or five previous days, and, there being no local brothel in their village, also searching for the right basket and rope. There had been significant cash consideration passed ataşehir escort their way, and like Thai women, Khmers are sexually curious, so they did not mind the search at all. When I finally found a suitable basket, the mother would spin the basket for us, and quickly figured out how to position her daughter’s cunt just right. I quickly lost count of the number of times my cum flooded the cunt of the girl above me and rained down on my balls and the bed below! With the spinning, your cock never really goes soft, but it stays jusr hard enough for the spinning to get you ready to cum again. It quickly becomes an endurance challenge, in which your body tries to pump all your body fluids into your fuckpartner, at the expense of your breathing, and eventually at the expense of your consciousness! The basket broke on our last fuck of the day, and it was just as well, since I have never been so worn out, sexually, and did not fuck either of them the whole next day! We just slept and snuggled. We’ve all heard the expression “She’s a spinner”, of course, and having had numerous Thai women under 80 pounds, I can tell you a real spinner is a wonderful experience. I have managed to get one well-lubed Thai spinner to rotate nearly 360 degrees just by spinning her in a sitting position on my cock and letting go. Still that experience could not compare with the mind-numbing, sensory overload of the real basket trick. You will find that very few men even know the origin of the phrase “She’s a spinner” let alone the fewer still who have experienced its mind-numbing, ball-draining, energy-consuming, consciousness-losing original form! As wonderful as it is to spin a little woman on your cock manually, even that amazing sensation is but a pale imitation of the original. Recently, my interpreter friend, Daeng, claims to have found a Khmer guest house in Bangkok with a setup for the basket trick and a house mother who knows how to spin her girls properly (The actual spinning is an art form as you might guess, and that is the primary reason the Basket Trick is still largely a Cambodian specialty.). The guest house, like 98% of such places in Thailand, is for Thai men only, and as such means even if I did get in, I’d have to use a Tyvek hasmat suit, a rubber, and Lysol to fuck any of the girls, and that’s not going to happen. So Daeng is negotiating a price for her to be in the ümraniye escort basket for me…needless to say, if Daeng pulls this off, I will take pictures of the apparatus and video the spinning so as to be able to duplicate it faithfully at home and in Daeng’s house! And I suppose that it also goes without saying that if Daeng does pull this off for me, she will win the 2013 interpreters’ contest! I do not expect even the wondrous Daeng to succeed in this quest, but one never knows. And even if she does succeed, the cost to rent the setup and the mamasan’s spinning services for two hours will be astronomical! But to experience the Cambodian Basket trick again, this time in its perfected form, I would break even my most basic rule (Never pay for Thai sex again!) in order to do so. So, I wait patiently, trying to put it all in the back of my mind. We’ll just see what happens. Now, for years, I have thought that the Cambodian Basket Trick might just be one of those “don’t try this at home” things, since the girl’s cunt does exert quite a bit of torque on the cock if she goes off-center on a spin or if she does not keep her cunt tunnel perfectly vertical at all times, or if her lubricating juices should fail. And there are the other two problems. First, since ideally it should be an actual basket, and basket materials that do not give splinters and yet are sturdy enough are difficult to come by, that part is difficult. Then, even having found the right basket, the actual spinning truly is the more daunting art form. Not only does the girl have to make subtle-mid-spin adjustments to keep her center of gravity at her cunt and directly above the man’s cock and perfectly vertical at all times (cunt-verticality requires a flexible lower back for sure!), but the person spinning the basket requires an uncanny sense of the man’s nearness to cumming, of the speed variance required to maximize his pleasure, and knowing when to back off so he will not pass out. Any couple who could set up the Basket Trick in its home, then train the wife to hold the right pose and adjust during spinning, and then have the husband perfect the actual spinning would immediately raise itself to legendary status among the single men and couples in the region! If ever a man wanted other men to line up to fuck his wife, learning to spin a Cambodian Basket is the trick with which to do it! I can only imagine the fame that would spread if such a couple perfected the most other-worldly sexual experience of my life. So good luck to you in your pursuits! Let me know how you do with this effort! And invite me to lie under your wife’s spinning cunt if you do figure it out! Now that I read this, I think I will post it in Hamster…it hardened me up nicely, maybe other men will enjoy it too!

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