The Closet Ch. 05


The Closet: Part 5

A Tale of Unusual Depravity

Stephen recalled the first time he discovered the Closet — very excited by his unusual find, he had related the story to his older sister, Evelyn. He had come upon it purely by accident. He had returned home early from school and, seeing an unfamiliar car parked in their driveway, went through the house looking for the visitor.

He couldn’t see anyone around. Evie was supposed to go to a friend’s place for lunch but Mom was nowhere to be seen. The perplexed boy called out for his mother but was greeted with total silence until he passed his parents’ bedroom door through which he could hear muffled sounds.

Stevie cautiously turned the doorknob, which was unlocked, and peered into the room. He was taken aback with the scene inside. His mother was totally naked and kneeling on a settee which was positioned against the bedroom closet. A tumescent, purple-headed cock was sticking out of a hole in the Closet and his mother held it with both hands and sucked it greedily.

Although eighteen, the boy had never come across nor read about such a perverse sexual practice before. Mom obviously didn’t care about the identity of the man inside the Closet — all she wanted to do was to suck the huge cock and pleasure herself with it.

Stevie felt himself getting hard and undid his trousers to free his erect prick which he began stroking methodically; rubbing the oozing pre-cum all over the smooth crown and pulling down slowly on the thickly veined stalk. The dark ‘fleur-de-lis’ shaped birthmark on the head stood out starkly on the inflamed, red cap.

Mom was talking to the prick between sucks, cooing and spitting on it. Stevie just couldn’t get enough of his mother’s naked body – the alabaster white flesh with the sagging 38D titties whose pink tips grazed the cushions as she mouthed the nodding penis; the soft undulating belly, the tangled thatch of dark pubic hair and the over-large dimpled butt cheeks that trembled like jelly with her every move. Each and every delectable nook and cranny of his mother’s mature body was imprinted on the boy’s mind.

Both Stevie and his sister, Evie, enjoyed their sessions of voyeurism and incestuous sex while spying on their parent’s love-making.

“Jenny loves the taste of PurpleCock …soooo yummy and meaty! I think PurpleCock is ready now for Jenny’s hungry cunny…hold on …”

Stevie’s mother turned her back to the Closet and, sticking her ass up in the air, reached behind to position the cock at the entrance of her bushy cunt. With a loud squishing sound, she shoved her hips back – her butt slapped against the Closet door as her sopping wet pussy swallowed the entire nine inch length of engorged cock.

Moaning loudly with pleasure, Mom began grinding and milking the captive instrument with her vaginal muscles, working the bulging-veined stalk in and out furiously. Stevie could hear the groaning sounds increasing from inside the Closet.

“Now, PurpleCock, you must behave … don’t you dare cum inside Mommy’s cunt or anywhere else until I tell you to!”

Jenny took great pride in her ability to provide maximum pleasure to her sexual partners. She could make even her husband Mike cum at least twice in each of their sessions — which, she felt was quite an achievement because, in her opinion, Mike had a lower sex drive than the average male. The energetic full-bodied woman suddenly noticed that the bedroom door was ajar and she could see the barely hidden form of her son, Stevie, whose trousers were at his feet as he jerked his erect rod.

The lust-driven mother smiled and her movements became more animated. She cupped her hands around her large, hanging boobs and began to squeeze them, slowly raising them to her lips. Her tongue flicked out to jab one stiff pink nipple and then the other. She gradually took more and more of each breast into her mouth, chewing and sucking hard on the nipple just like her son, Stevie, did to her in her fantasies.

Mom’s fat buttocks kept slapping the Closet door, loud and fast. Stevie felt his cock growing bigger and thicker in his hand, he wished that it was his mother’s hand jerking him off instead of his own. He wondered how her nipples tasted; wishing that he could help his mother by chewing her nipples instead of her having to do it herself. A dark and jealous rage filled him at the helplessness of watching his mother pleasure herself with a faceless cock while her son, who could satisfy her needs better, just watched and jacked himself off.

” PurpleCock, I can feel you’re ready to cum … OK, now … fire off… pour your cream all over Mommy… yes … yes….oh, yessss!”

Mom had pulled the cock out of her cunt and held the swollen, livid member to her face. She grasped the spitting penis tightly, spraying the milky cum into her open mouth and all over her face and breasts. Her other hand massaged and stuffed busy fingers into her leaking pussy until she finally keçiören escort came with jerking, shuddering movements.

“Ohhhh my god…that was awesome, PurpleCock … come to Mamma, you darling fuck-tool…”

Stevie’s mother caressed her full lips, cheeks, eyelids and face with the now flaccid tube of meat. She whispered to it like a loving pet, with nibbling kisses and sucks until the instrument began rising once again.

“Good boy, are we ready now to do Mommy’s starving ass-hole?”

The inflamed, large organ nodded in agreement as Jenny positioned it against her puckered pink ass-hole.

Just as Stevie’s mother prepared to take the giant cock up her ass, his own pecker bucked and ejaculated thick ropes of white cum all over his hands and on the carpeted floor. His cry of pleasure was overheard by his mother who looked across the room and gazed into his eyes — conveying an unspoken message that “It’s OK… you can watch me, as I watch you … I want you just as much as you want me!”

Jenny smiled at her son and whispered, “Soon … very soon…” just before she took the impatient cock up her ass. The sex-obsessed mother ass-fucked the Closet cock for another 5 — 8 minutes before they came again. This time, Mommy took the cock out of her ass and popped it straight into her mouth, gulping down the entire load of cum. When she was done, Mom licked the cock-head clean and shiny, the only evidence of her greediness was the little overflow of cum that dribbled down the corners of her mouth and stuck to her chin.

Stevie had just finished telling his sister about the incident — they played with each other’s privates, arousing themselves as he narrated the story. Evie picked up her skirt and climbed onto her brother’s lap, facing him. She pushed her panties aside and took his erection up her tight, wet pussy. Brother and sister panted as she rode his cock with fevered urgency, her mouth pressed on his, sucking his tongue. It was over within seconds and Evie quickly dismounted and applied her mouth to her brother’s erupting cock, draining his vitality. She loved the bitter-sweet taste of his semen which tickled her tongue and her taste-buds as it washed down her throat. Her panties felt soggy with her own juices and she peeled them off and threw them at her brother’s face. She knew how much he enjoyed sucking her juices from her soiled undergarments.

While excited by their mother’s unusual sexual antics, both children were also disturbed at what they interpreted as her cheating on their father. They decided that Stevie should talk to Dad at the first opportunity and break the news to him as gently as he could.

That same evening, after dinner, Evie took Mom into the kitchen for some work, giving her brother a chance to talk to their father alone. Mike had sensed that there was something disturbing the children and when he heard his son’s cautious revelation, he laughed out loud with relief. Stevie was taken aback by his father’s response and listened quietly as the older Saunders explained to his son about the concept behind the Closet.

The boy had a sheepish smile on his face when his father informed him that the idea had been his mother’s and was intended as a cure for her nymphomania. He told him about how the process worked and the fact that while Mom could get fucked by a new cock every day, there was no risk of her forming attachments with the owner of the Closet cock.

Thanking his son for being concerned about his parents’ relationship, Mike asked, “But tell me, son, apart from your apprehension about your mother carrying out secret sexual liaisons without my knowledge, what did you think of your mother fucking the Closet cocks?”

“Well, Dad, to be honest, it really turned me on — made me jack off twice as I watched Mom using the cock to fuck herself – making herself as well as the Closet cock cum.”

“But..?” Mike could feel his son’s “but” coming.

“Dad, I don’t know how you will take this, but Mom really turns me on. I was really jealous of the Closet cock…”

“I know – you wish that it was your cock that your mother was sucking and fucking.”

“I guess I am really perverted…” the boy averted his father’s gaze and looked down at the floor.

“No, not really … your mother and I know that you and your sister have been having sex and watching us have sex too. I know that old-fashioned people call it incest and consider it a taboo. But your mother and I think it’s real love and absolutely OK. These days when families are drifting apart, we feel that incest builds stronger and deeper family bonds and lasting relationships. Did you tell your sister about your mother and the Closet?”

“Yes, Dad, I did.”

“What was her response?”

“To tell you the truth, it really turned us both on — we fucked as I told her about it. See, Dad, even now I’m getting hard just telling you and thinking about it.”

Stevie’s father smiled as keçiören escort bayan his son unzipped his fly and his erect penis sprung out. It was an inflamed red hue and the shiny head that bore the black birth-mark throbbed ominously.

The impressed father gave a low whistle of admiration, “Yes, son, I can see that your Mom’s sexual games have really turned you on.”

Mike cupped his son’s dangling balls, gently weighing them. His index finger rubbed the pre-cum droplets all over the rapidly thickening stalk. He wrapped his fingers around his son’s hot erection, slowly stroking.

Stevie thrust his hips forward, enjoying his father’s caresses and cautiously looked up to ask him, “So, Dad, you think it’s OK to want to fuck your mother?”

His father laughed softly, his hand pumped his son’s penis more rapidly, “You know something, son? Your Mom has wanted to fuck you too for a while. So, it’s not only OK to want to fuck your Mom but your Dad will help you to do it.”

“You see son, your Mom is dying to have sex with you but is afraid of the ‘I’ word — ‘Incest’ But your Dad will work that out, leave it to me.”

The indulgent father hugged his son lovingly, his strokes becoming brisker and more urgent. He popped the index finger of his other hand into his mouth to wet it before pushing his hand into the boy’s trousers, skimming down his smooth buttocks and ass crack to insert the first digit into his son’s tight ass-hole. As soon as the boy felt the painful yet exciting sensation of his father’s finger probing his ass-hole, he gasped loudly, “Dad, I’m cumming … oh… oh… oh…”

Mike squeezed out the last few drops of semen from his son’s shrinking cock into his hand. He noticed that that Stevie’s wails of pleasure had brought Jenny and their daughter rushing back into the room to see what was happening. Mother and daughter peered over his shoulder with interest at what father and son were engaged in. The pungent smell of fresh sperm and Mike’s wet hand gave it all away.

Stevie’s father had scooped up as much of his son’s copious semen into his hand as he could and held it up to his wife. Some of Stevie’s cum dripped onto the dining room floor.

The boy blushed profusely as he hurriedly pushed his penis back into his trousers, but both mother and daughter looked knowingly at each other and laughed out loud.

Evie put her arm around her ‘little’ brother and very soon it was inside his trousers, feeling his moist penis. She giggled and whispered into his ear asking how it felt getting a hand-job from their Dad. Stevie glared at his sister, his face turning an even brighter shade of red.

“Mike, why don’t you let me clean up your hand?”

Jenny grabbed hold of her husband’s hand and began sucking their son’s juices from his cupped palm and licking it off his fingers.

Later, Mike took his son aside and whispered his plan of action into his ear. Little Stevie’s smile grew wider as he listened closely as to how he could “have his Mommy’s cunny and eat it too — without her finding out that she was fucking her own son.”

The following day, both brother and sister came home early from school. Stevie had informed his sister about the plan that he and Dad had worked out. Since Evie did not know how Dad would react to her knowing about their scheme, she promised to keep out of sight until zero hour.

Their mother was not at home when the children arrived. Evie went up to her room and hid there, waiting and watching until her mother went to her bedroom.

Stevie’s father came home next and took the boy into their bedroom to prepare him for the Closet. He asked his son to disrobe totally and sit naked on his parent’s bed. Mike noticed that their son was already developing a fine, sinewy body and his penis, which was very large and thick for an eighteen year old, had already started rising in response to the erotic nature of the situation.

Mike brought his can of shaving foam which he sprayed on his son’s pelvic region, rubbing the foam thoroughly into his soft, white flesh. The depraved father took the opportunity to massage his son’s soft dangling balls and stroke the thickly veined penis until it stood proudly erect – hard and red. The dark birth-mark on the shiny crown was very pronounced. He then took his razor and expertly shaved off the wisps of downy pubic hair until Stevie’s crotch was smooth and shiny.

The proud father looked with admiration at his son’s magnificent erection and knew that Stevie’s mother too would be proud of their son’s wonderful tool. He briefed the boy about the rules of the Closet. His hands would be tied behind his back; his penis was the only part of him that was allowed to protrude outside the Closet; he was not to speak or say anything that would reveal his identity to his mother; and, only in case of an emergency could he be allowed to kick open the Closet door and free himself.

As a final touch, Mike escort keçiören dipped his fingers into a small vial of perfume gel and massaged it on his son’s tumescent dick, “OK, son, you’re ready. Now, I will give you one of your mother’s soiled panties to suck on — she has specially shoved the crotch inside her cum-filled cunt and also blended some of her pee in it to give you a unique flavor. She does this fresh — less than ten or fifteen minutes old. You will find that the taste and smell of Mom’s soiled panties along with your Closet fucking will give you an experience of arousal and excitement unlike any other. And, add to all this, the incest factor – that it is your dear mother who is fucking and sucking your cock, and you will have the most pleasurable sexual experience of your lifetime.”

Stevie’s Story:

I am sitting naked on Mom and Dad’s bed — I can see the stains of their love-making on the sheets. I wet my finger with my spit, rub it on the stains and put it in my mouth again. It tastes and smells like old piss and cum. My cock jerks up a few degrees. Dad notices this and remarks how excited I must be thinking about fucking Mom. I like the way my dick looks after Dad had shaved my crotch clean — my balls look bigger and so does my cock without the hair to hide them. I have a hard time stopping myself from cumming when Dad is rubbing the shaving foam on my cock and also later when he massages it with Mom’s perfume gel. I like it when Dad plays with my cock and balls — he knows exactly how to stroke the tool to give maximum pleasure –like doing long, slow strokes to work up the initial arousal and following it up with tighter, faster strokes of just the upper half of the crown to make me cum. All the time, he tickles the underside of my balls and fingers my ass-hole for extra excitement.

I am ready and Dad ties my hands behind my back while explaining the rules of the Closet to me. No talking to Mom and no physical contact except for my cock. Since only my cock would be exposed, Dad says that Mom will not know that it is me inside the Closet and so her fears about committing incest will not arise.

My cock is in a real state — it almost touches my tummy when it jerks up in response to new excitements — like the taste and smell of Mom’s soiled panties which Dad stuffs into my mouth as I enter the Closet.

Surprising how comfortable it is inside; a little dark, except for the light streaming in through the cock-hole, peephole and the air-con vents. My eyes quickly adjust to the darkness and I notice that there is a pull-on light cord for people who need extra light along with boxes of tissues and towels – although how anyone can use them with their hands tied behind their back is anybody’s guess. It is cozy here and smells of potpourri. I shove my penis through the slot in the door — it slips through easily with room to spare. The rim of the hole is smoothly rounded and edged with foam so as not to damage my prick.

I suck hard on the nylon fabric of Mom’s panties, the intimate taste of her cunny juice and piss is maddening. The thought that I am sucking on the fabric that, until a few minutes ago was wedged inside her cunt, is very exciting and my cock jerks a few times. The bedroom door opens and I see Mom enter – my cock bucks many more times with appreciation.

She is wearing a black fishnet lace bra that looks two sizes too small for her 38D tits which are overflowing the cups. The fishnet fabric is totally transparent and shows off Mom’s large pink areolas and her stiff pink nipples which poke out through the open tips. She wears a matching black lace garter belt and nylons that perfectly frame the dark V of her dense pubic bush. She has put on some mood music – a slow, sexy number to which she sways her hips back and forth in a vulgar humping motion. She twirls slowly and bends down to give me a look at her fabulous buttocks. Then, in one of the wickedest gestures that I have ever seen, Mom pushes aside one perfect butt cheek with her hand and shoves the middle finger of her other hand into her cunt; she briskly finger-fucks her wet, pink orifice and then inserts the second finger also inside. After both fingers are sopping wet with her pussy juice, she shoves the middle digit up her tightly puckered ass-hole.

I am moving my cock in and out of the Closet slot, rubbing it against the soft edges for friction. With her head down and ass up, Mom diddles her ass-hole and looks at my cock upside-down through the valley of her hanging boobs. She pulls her finger out of her ass and licks it, wrinkling her nose slightly at the taste and moves towards me. She pushes the settee up against the Closet door and climbs on it.

“Well, well, well, let’s see what we have here? Looks like a very young cock… and such yummy pre-cum… mmmmm…” Mom dips her finger into my pre-cum which is leaking out of my dick and licks it with relish.

“Mike is spoiling me with such lovely, fresh meat… ooooh… just look at you… such a fine, regal erection… so upright… princely and noble. Yes, that’s what I will call you, my little Prince-cock!”

The warmth of Mom’s breath on my dick makes it throb painfully. My balls feel constricted and tense as Mom’s nails scrape the sensitive underside of my stalk.

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