The Education of a Virgin


The Education of a VirginJust for curiosity I posted my profile on a website for admirers of older men, to see what kind of hits I might get. Sure enough 24 hours later a young man of 18, Alex, sent me an email asking if I was interested in his profile. His photo looked like Michaelango’s David sculpture with dark, curly hair, dark eyes and very full lips. At five foot five inches and 120 pounds, he was small, but gorgeous to look at. He appeared to have a lean, boyish swimmer’s build. We agreed to meet at a hotel of my choosing.While waiting on the day, we exchanged a few emails and he was extraordinarily candid. In his last email he said he had only messed around with a buddy in high school a few times, but the experience left him fantasizing what it would be like to have sex with a more mature and experienced man. He didn’t have any experience with girls at all, because he was so very shy. In his last email he confessed he fantasized about and craved a hard, over-the-knee spanking, because he’d never had one.True to his word, he showed up in the hotel lobby right on time with a nervous smile. I watched him lock his bicycle by the bike rack and wondered just how old he was. He was even more boyish looking than his photo indicated wearing tight black jeans and a form fitting white tee shirt. We stepped onto the elevator and he coughed out a laugh. Alex said he didn’t think he’d be this nervous as he held out his shaking hand to prove the point. I hooked my arm around his neck and shook him a little saying, “Nothing to worry about. We can do anything you want. We’ll just take it slow.” Alex laughed more easily and said simply, “Thanks. Just take charge.…” He said he was going to be a Junior at the local high school in Fall. I was surprised but to horny to change my mind.As I closed the room door behind me I said, “Alex, come here.” He turned around and took a step into my open arms. I drew him close and said, “Close your eyes. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” He did exactly as he was told. I wrapped the fingers of my left hand around the back of his neck to hold him tight. I very softly ran my tongue over and around his tongue. He moaned as I kissed his protruding tongue and then he pressed himself forward enthusiastically into a deep French kiss.My right hand caressed his pecs firmly. He jumped and gasped when I firmly squeezed his nipple. I was surprised by how large it felt. Seconds later both his nipples were visibly erect. I pulled his tee shirt over his head and glanced down at his hairless chest. Not even a happy trail of hair…. Smooth as glass. Just a puff of dark brown hair in his armpits. He had a nice slightly defined six-pack.I’ve fucked a hundred women that didn’t have nipples as large as his! The aureole was chocolate brown and bigger than a quarter. I leaned in to kiss, lick and nibble those delectable nips. Alex swooned when my hot lips latched onto one nipple and gave a gentle tug while I rolled the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger. He laughed that nervous laugh again and said, “Whoa! This is way more intense than I ever dreamed!”My hand loosened his belt and popped the button of his jeans. I could tell he was packing a major hard-on without even looking. He tensed fethiye escort a little more as I unbuttoned each button of his fly. Finally, the last button was undone and I hooked my fingers into his jeans and drew them to his ankles as I knelt in front of him. His dick looked small in those tighty whiteys but there was no doubt he was hard as a rock. His underwear was sopping wet where a huge spot of pre-cum had leaked out. Playfully I said, “Guess you’re really glad to see me…” Alex looked down and was shocked to see the mess in his shorts. He stammered in complete embarrassment, “Honest to God, Man. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t cum or anything…”I grabbed both ass cheeks and held him steady as I said, “It’s time to get really well acquainted.” Without giving him a chance to object, I pulled his BVDs down to the floor revealing the most beautiful uncut dick I have ever seen on a guy, before or since. It wasn’t six inches long, but just perfect with a tangle of dark chocolate hair on top. I took the entire shaft into my mouth and deep-throated this boy in one smooth move. I stroked the length of his pecker with my mouth and throat two or three times and felt him oozing pre-cum in an almost continuous stream. Alex moaned out, “Oh shit! You better stop or I’m gonna cum right now!” His cock popped out of my mouth and slammed hard up against his hairless belly.I instructed him, “Well, Alex, return the favor.” He pulled my black turtle neck over my head and then nervously helped me out of my slacks. My next instruction was, “On your knees, Alex.” He kneeled in front of me staring wide eyed at my black Calvin Kleins and the bulge hidden inside. He was breathing through his gaping mouth when he licked those thick, oh-so-kissable boy lips. “Alex,” I said, “It’s your turn to deep throat mine. Go ahead and pull them down.” He bumped his forehead on my semi-hard as he raised himself from my ankles surprised by the size of my dick. Alex said, “Jeeez! I’ve never seen one that big! Can I touch it?” I laughed out loud and said, “You’d better do one helluva lot more than just touch it! Open your mouth and start working on it.”Alex raked his teeth the length of my cock a couple of times before I stopped him and explained how to properly suck a man’s cock. Then I said, “Alex, suck and lick on my balls for awhile. When I am hard, you deep-throat me like I did you.” Alex immediately protested, “There’s no way in hell I could take that entire thing down my throat”, but he cautiously, slowly did as he was told. Sure enough, I was hard as a rock in a couple of minutes. “Okay, Alex. Now open your mouth and swallow it down,” was my command. He looked like was gonna panic or burst into tears. He started to object, but I stopped him cold by saying, “Do it right and do it right now or you’ll get a spanking like you’ve never dreamed possible. Now suck me off!” I pressed forward between his lips and slowly buried my cock balls deep in his throat. He gagged a few times on the way down but stayed in the game. When I felt like he was ready, I started pumping into his throat more forcefully until I deliberately made him gag and gasp for air. I wanted him to be absolutely certain who is in charge.Grabbing a handful of hair on escort fethiye the top of his head I stood him up, marched him over to the bed and bent him across my knee. His hard little cock rested on my thigh as I spread his legs just enough to let his balls pop out the back. The first hard slap of my hand across his bare ass caused him to jump and yelp, probably from surprise more than pain. With my open palm, I softly caressed the spot where I had just struck him and then slowly, firmly raked my thumbnail the length of his ass crack. Alex moaned loudly and struggled to keep his balance after almost losing his footing from the intense sensation of being touched where no man had ever touched him before. He whimpered when I ran my forefinger around his puckered little rosebud. Whack! Another hard slap on the ass….His face was turning red, but he was taking it like a man. Each hard swat left his ass more red than before. Each slap made him jerk his hips powerfully against my thigh. He relished the soft massaging of his ass between my strikes. Fingering his hole made him squirm and moan loudly. Occasionally I would stroke and massage his tight ball sack making him squirm even more. I finished his punishment with six or eight fast, hard swats in a row. He bucked harder each time until I felt his body convulse into an uncontrollable orgasm jizzing his spunk all over my lap! I let him cum in my lap until he was spent. With tears streaming down his face, he struggled to his feet and said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know I would… Let me get a towel” And he started for the bathroom.I said, “No way, Little Man. Get on your knees and lick me clean!” Alex was in shock. He couldn’t believe his ears, but the look in my eyes stopped him cold. He slowly leaned forward with that bright red ass in the air and tasted his own semen for the first time. A smile crept across his face as he said, “This is so fucking wild.” He licked again. And, again…. When his tongue licked the last rope of spooge off my thigh, I raised him to his feet and engaged him in a deep French kiss. His jizz tasted salty, clean and smooth.As I walked towards the bathroom I said, “Turn the bed down and crawl in while I take a piss and grab some lube.” He looked at my rock hard cock in disbelief and then the realization came that I hadn’t yet cum. When I returned, he had crawled between the sheets and drawn them up to his chest. His left hand was discreetly, but obviously stroking his dick as I slid into bed and pulled back the sheets. I said, “Now straddle my face with your cock and suck my bone.” He eagerly got into the 69 position and went to work. He was much more enthusiastic and relaxed this time around. As I kissed, licked and sucked his cock and balls, he began moaning his approval. I licked my middle finger and worked it into his tight little ass stroking in and out ever so slowly. Oh to be a teenager again…. He got hard again before I did!“Alex, roll over onto your stomach. I want to see your back muscles while I’m fucking you,” I said. He got into position and glanced down at my throbbing cock as I lifted his hips up into a kneeling position. I squeezed a generous amount of lube into my hand. I then stroked my cock until it was really sloppy fethiye escort bayan with lube.Alex instinctively reached around and took hold of both his ass cheeks spreading them for me as I pushed forward into position. He said, “Take it easy, please. I’ve never…. OH SHIT!” Alex yelped out as I pushed my mushroom into his hole and past the sphincter. Fortunately, I grabbed his hips so he couldn’t wriggle away from the pain of his first penetration. I told him to hold very still and concentrate on relaxing into the feeling. After a minute, Alex said, “I think I’m okay now. Try it.”As I eased forward ever so gently, Alex tried to move away. I put a pillow under him and then pushed him flat on the mattress with his hips on the pillow. I knew I had him now. He could not get away. I laid prone on his back and pinned him to the bed. He was all mine now. He squirmed and moaned as I slowly and deliberately finished burying my dick balls deep into his ass. I just held still feeling his muscles work as he tried to get away. I was a lot stronger and I could easily control him. He was clenching his eyes shut and gritting his teeth tightly. I reminded him to breathe and relax. He had to laugh a little and looked at us in the closet door mirror to see my rod completely engulfed between his pearl white ass cheeks. Just as I leaned forward to get deeper, he said, “Fuck me.”I placed a hand on each of his hips, massaging them, as I began to stroke slowly but powerfully into him over and over again. His ass quickly loosened up and I was able to pick up the pace considerably. I was far from cumming, but his panting and stroking told me he was ready to pop his pistol again. I said, “Let’s cum together.” His response was a quick, “Fuck yeah! Do it now!”I humped faster and harder with each stroke. Sweat was dropping from my forehead onto his back. Alex was pushing back with each stroke. I was ready to cum. Alex finally said it, “Yeah, Man! This is it. I’m cumming!” I let go and blasted my load deep into his ass as he shot his own load of white juice onto the sheets.After lying together and recovering for a few minutes, we agreed to shower together to get the cum and sweat off our exhausted bodies. I couldn’t help admiring the little man in the shower with me. He was stunningly masculine and yet boyish at the same time. It shook me back to reality when Alex said, “I’ve never fucked ass before. Do you think maybe sometime we could….” This little bastard was like the Energizer Bunny! By the time we’d toweled off and gotten back into bed, Alex was getting hard again.I went down on him and gave him the best blow job I’m sure he will ever have in his life. After a solid 20 minutes, my jaws were aching and he was more than ready to fuck. I lubed him up. He said, “I’ve always wanted to try it doggie…” so I rolled over into position.His small hands grabbed my hips as his five inch dick stabbed into my ass crack a few times. I reached around and guided his cock to my hole and pushed back onto him. All he could say was, “Oh my God! Awesome…,” as his balls bumped mine. He was balls deep in a man for the first time and didn’t exactly know what to do. Thankfully, nature took it’s course soon enough and he was riding me like a pony at the state fair. Alex managed to thrust faster and harder with every penetration for what must have been a couple of minutes before he tensed into his most wild orgasm of the night. Finally, he was spent. Finally, the little boy was a man.

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