The full Story of Pams and mine very first 3some


The full Story of Pams and mine very first 3someWhen I first started going out with my future wife Pam Smith (nee Leach) she was in her mid teens. She was the first true blonde I had ever had as a girlfriend, and is still the only true blonde I have ever been with. It was no wonder on our second date I was to tell her, and mean it, that she was the girl I was going to marry. It really was love at first sight, something I had thought was a pure myth..Even though she was very shy, with a bit of persuasion, she would often wear ultra short skirts, stockings and suspenders, which was a big turn on for me. We were out one day visiting Canterbury cathedral and Pam was dressed in a brown suede mini skirt, no underwear, but her usual black stockings and suspenders and a white semi see through blouse. It wasn’t long before I noticed there was a youngish guy following us around, trying to look like another tourist. Each time we went up steps he would stay at the bottom taking photos, which Pam didn’t notice, hiding his camera quick when we stopped to admire some of the artifacts. He followed us from the cathedral to the museum and then to the bus depot before disappearing into the crowd. When we were on the bus heading home I told Pam about what had been going on and she blushed a really bright red, she was so embarrassed. Upon arriving home we went straight up to my bedroom and she acted like I had never known her to before. She was on heat, begging to be fucked hard, used like a slag, not wanting to make love, just wanting to be used like a whore.Occasionally when we made love through the following months we would recall what had happened that summers day, always ending in the fuck of a lifetime. One day during one of these bouts of uncontrolled sex she said. “I bet you would of loved to see me fuck him or suck his cock.” Which only made me pound her cunt harder, I replied. “Of course I would of loved to watch him fill you with spunk, cum down your throat and use your body for his (and my) pleasure.” I knew it wouldn’t happen like that because she didn’t take precautions so spunking in her cunt would be a no, no. Even I had to withdraw when she was most fertile and she would finish me off with her mouth or I would squeeze her tits round my cock and splatter her face with spunk. To me her periods were my favourite time as it was the only time I could safely cum inside her.We played this fantasy out over the next year or so sometimes talking about inviting strangers to fuck her, to my surprise Pam said she’d do it with our good friend Steve Allen if she was going to do it with anyone. One night we were in a now closed down pub called the ‘Bali Hai’ in Margate where we both live. Our friend Steve was drinking with us and when he went to the bar to get a round in I asked Pam if she fancied fucking him tonight, she was really taken aback, somewhat shyly she tried to wriggle out of the whole situation. In for a penny, in for a pound I thought so when Steve returned with the drinks I waited for him to place them on the table and sit down. Just as he started to sip his drink I just came out with it. “How would you like to fuck Pam,” I asked. He almost choked on his drink, I don’t think I had ever seen him that shocked before. I explained how we had fantasised about Pam being fucked by someone else, and he was the only one we could both agree on to participate in our new sexual experience. We left the bar shortly after, headed to the car park to his works van and after arranging it for the following night, he drove off and we went on our way.On our way home Pam was saying about how she never dreamed I would ever of asked Steve, she was sure it was just a fantasy of mine which would never be put into action. To be quite honest I was a bit surprised I had offered my friend the opportunity to join Pam and myself in a few hours of unadulterated sex. I must admit, our sex that night was truly amazing, we were both excited to the point of ecstasy. If just thinking about tomorrow was this good, what would it be like when it happened? I could not even contemplate the eroticism that was just 16hrs away.We met Steve in one of the arcades in Margate the following afternoon, and I had to reassure him it was what both Pam and I wanted (mostly me if the truth be known). We made our way to the car park where Steve’s van was and I told him I knew this quiet little copse about fifteen miles away, just outside the village of Sheperdswell. He threw me the van keys saying. “You drive then we wont get lost”. The bench seat in the van was just about wide enough for the three of us, with Pam sitting between Steve and myself. I looked at her prior to driving off. She looked totally stunning, she was wearing black trouser bottoms with sheer black nylons and black suspenders beneath them, black satin bra, black silk knickers, red short sleeved lace top and black shoes with a 3″ heel. Taking into account she is a true blonde, with long hair, centre parted, a few months shy of her 18th birthday, 5′ 4″ in height and with statistics of 38-24-36, this attire made her look like the whore she was about to become.It was just a 20 minute drive to our destination and it was a rather quiet drive with just the odd comment made about what happened at work, how college was going, how hot it had been for the last few days, just basically small talk. I could feel the tension in the air and it was easy to tell that we were all a bit embarrassed about the situation, Pam the most. It seemed as if she wanted to be anywhere else but here.We pulled into a little used farm track that ends at a copse next güvenilir bahis to a field where the local farmer kept his two horses, we had been here many times before by ourselves so knew there were also occasional dog walkers, but they were few and far between. We stopped about ten feet before the end of the track and all three of us got out of the van. Before closing the van door, I leant in to get the blanket from behind the front seat. Upon turning round I was confronted by the sight of Pam and Steve in a tight embrace. He was kissing her lips, his left hand pulling her against him and his right hand pushed under her top firmly grabbing her tits. I walked round behind her and slowly started to lift her top as I kissed the nape of her neck. I unclipped her bra and slid it down as far as I could exposing her young pale breasts. Steve reluctantly took his hand away and pulled Pams bra down her arms discarding it on the floor beside them. He then pushed his right hand down the front of her trouser bottoms, into her knickers before pushing heaven knows how many fingers deep into her young dripping cunt. I knew his fingers had penetrated her as she gave a huge sigh and gulped in deeply. His lips closed on one of her tits and he sucked hard for a few minutes before he pulled away to reveal the biggest love bite I had ever seen. “Just something for you to remember this night by.” He said to Pam. I slid Pam’s bottoms down, and helped her to step out of them. I could see Pam was now holding Steve’s rock hard cock tightly, moving her hand slowly back and forth. I moved to her side, unzipped my fly and pulled out my own cock, which felt like it was going to burst as it was so hard, placing her other hand around it I encouraged her to give me the same pleasure Steve was getting. She was a natural, her co-ordination was incredible, wanking both cocks without any sign of missing a stroke. After a few minutes I moved behind her pulling my cock from her grasp, knelt down and put my fingers in the waistband of her black silk knickers gently easing them to her feet, kissing the cheeks of her well formed arse as I did. She placed her hand on my shoulder to steady herself as she kicked them off. Pam was now naked except for her stockings and suspenders, I could see Steve had at least three fingers in her cunt and the palm of his hand was covered in her love juice. Spreading the blanket out was now the last thing on my mind and completely forgotten as I bent her forward and said something like. “I hope you can cum more than once Steve, you can fuck her, but first I want to see you spunk in her mouth and watch as she gulps it down, then you can fuck her as many times as you want.” Pam knelt down and as she did so Steve put both his hands behind her head and pulled her face towards his cock. There was no sign of reluctance as Pam started to lick up and down Steve’s cock, stopping at its bulbous head and kissing his cum hole. I was in heaven, this was what I had wanted for so long, to see my gorgeous blonde bride-to-be being used by another guy. Pam was blushing and more than a bit apprehensive, knowing how jealous I could get, but I reassured her it was fine, in fact Steve could use her however he wanted and I would not of stopped him. Steve pulled away and quickly stripped of everything but his T-shirt and I did the same, but took everything off. Pam had hardly waited for him to kneel back down before she clamped her lips around his cock and began to suck it. After a few minutes of this, Pam opened her mouth and leaning forward took nearly all of his 7″ deep to the back of her throat, far deeper than she had ever been able to take my mine, which was only slightly bigger.I got on my knees and moved behind Pam. Holding her hips I put the tip of my cock against her cunt lips and gently slipped inside her. I had no intension of spunking in her, not yet anyway. I wanted to watch Steve using her mouth as I struggled to hold back my cum. I was hoping the first load he gave Pam would be in her mouth, a really big load she would have trouble swallowing. After that, I would watch as he used her cunt while she sucked my cock, enticing another load of spunk to slide down her throat and deposit itself in her tummy while I had the thrill of the thought he may fill her fertile womb with his virile seed. I wanted to tell him he wouldn’t be able to spunk in her and why, but the excitement was beyond belief. I intended to tell him, but when, how close could I let him get to orgasm before it was too late?Things don’t always go to plan, I was so excited by these thoughts I couldn’t hold back and found myself pushing deep into my beloved and flooding her cunt with my juices. It was really the wrong time of the month for my self control to desert me, she was at her most fertile. Pam tried to dislodge herself from my cock as she felt it start to pulse inside her. It was to no avail as she was firmly jammed between Steve and myself, each time she pulled forward she almost choked on his cock. Steve took this as how she wanted it so took hold of her head tightly and started to ram his cock deep down her throat until he was buried in her mouth completely, his stomach against her forehead. She was trapped and could move neither forward or backward, helpless as I flooded her cunt. Pam didn’t say anything but I could tell she was not too happy I hadn’t pulled out and shot my cum over her arse. I doubt any guy could have done better in my situation. In all I must of lasted all of two minutes, I’ve never cum so quick or so hard in my life, before or after. Luckily I was only relatively young türkçe bahis so keeping hard and carrying on fucking wasn’t a problem I could cum three or four times in one session, (where have those times gone, lol). I pulled my cock out of Pams hole, my spunk was oozing out and her labia was coated in both our juices. I beckoned Steve to change places with me. I knelt in front of Pam, leant forward and spread her arse cheeks wide as her lips closed around my spunk covered cock and watched with excitement as Steve slid his saliva coated cock deep inside her freshly fucked cunt. After a dozen or so thrusts forward Steve repositioned himself between Pams legs, forcing her knees far apart and making it so he could go deeper inside her. Pam is only short so it was obvious he was banging against her cervix as it was something I did myself on the occasions I had her on her back with her legs bent upwards to rest on her tits and then knees pulled wide apart. Pam really didn’t like being fucked that deep too often but this afternoon she was really up for just about anything. Every time Steve thrust forward Pams lips went further down my cock until it had completely embedded itself in her throat. This was the first time Pam had ever managed to take all my of cock this way and it felt amazing. Steve was still moving in a controlled rhythm, but his movements were more jerky and he was beginning to breath harder. The time had come to make my mind up. Should I tell him to withdraw or should I let him flood her womb with the possibility he could get her pregnant? I looked at Steve and was just about to tell him to pull out when I had this rush of blood. “You can cum in her.” I said, “Give her your spunk.” Steve’s response was immediate, he stated he had cum in her a few minutes ago and was now just enjoying the sensation that his tingling cock was giving him. Steve said it was also the first time he had cum in a girl as his ex girlfriend used to make him take it out when he got to the point of cumming and finish him off with her hand, so he wanted to make the best of it. Because Pam was already full of spunk before Steve entered her and his movements being a constant rhythm, Pam didn’t feel his cock pulsing as he was depositing his spunk deep into her, or so she said, hence there was no struggle from her to break free at the crucial time. In fact, Pam did not seem at all put out he could of given her a big problem nine months down the line. I told Steve I wanted his next load down her throat so he reluctantly withdrew his cock which was covered in cum and pussy juice and Pam fell sideways, dislodging my cock from between her glistening lips. Pam looked totally shattered, like she had just pulled an all nighter studying for her upcoming test at college. The thing that puzzled me most was the complete lack of spunk oozing from her well fucked cunt. It was obvious he had gone a lot deeper than I thought and his cum was now nestling deep inside her unprotected womb.As the three of us were layed out on the grass, totally fucked (excuse the pun), I could see movement in the flora surrounding us. It seemed a group of ramblers had stumbled across us, and were just in the process of sneaking away in the direction they came from. Neither Pam nor Steve had noticed them so I kept quiet. I did see however that at least two of them had cameras hanging by their side and through the bracken and trees I estimated there to be about eight to ten of them, probably half a dozen guys and just a few women. I would of said most were in their late 30s to early 40s. The fact that they could have been there a while taking photos, or worse still using a cine camera (there were no video cameras in those days) was really annoying, not because of them recording us fucking, more because I hadn’t brought my camera to take some red hot photos. The buggers could develop everything and watch it as many times as they liked or show all their friends what we had been up to. All we would have were the memories. I guess it was lucky the internet wasn’t around then, therefore any photos or films like they no doubt taken was usually just passed between friends.Steve was the first of us to make any significant movement, grabbing one of Pams hands and hauling her to her feet. I was still layed back as he positioned Pam over my stomach, facing towards my head, and gently pushed her down. Steve moved forward, his now hard again cock nudging against her lips. Pam needed no invitation, leaning slightly forward she put one arm around his waist, opened her mouth and drew him closer, eagerly clamping her lips on his cock, at the same time reaching for mine with her free hand. Now there were two problems here, firstly, Pam can be a bit devilish sometimes as I once found to my cost. The idea of kissing her and getting a mouthful of Steve’s spunk did not appeal to me at all. Secondly I wanted a better view of him shooting his spunk into her mouth and over her tongue, then a front row seat as she tilted her head back and let it slowly slide down her throat. While I was thinking about sliding from under her, Pam moved slightly down my body and impaled herself on my cock. Credit to Steve, while he was fucking her mouth, he was pushing on Pams shoulders, forcing her deeper onto my cock. Pam started to bounce up and down on my cock as she worshipped Steve’s cock with her tongue and lips, that was the only way to describe how she was pleasing him.We stayed like this for about ten minutes, I could feel the spunk building up inside me so I asked Pam to remove her delicious arse, they were the exact words I said, it güvenilir bahis siteleri is still so vivid in my mind. Pam knew I was ready to cum but to my astonishment,. Slammed down on me once more and moved her arse slightly from side to side, as if she wanted to get me as deep in as possible. I could hold back no longer and told her so, she just pushed down harder and came to a stop as I flooded her with another load of cum. God, I thought. Is she trying to get pregnant, especially when this time I had every intention of pulling out and coming over her back and arse cheeks. I could tell Steve was almost ready to cum so slid out from beneath Pam, knelt up next to her and watched as Steve pulled his cock out of her mouth and started to wank himself. Pam knelt there with her mouth wide open and her tongue pushed slightly out and curled at the end, I guessed to make sure she didn’t lose a drop of his spunk. The next I knew Steve was shooting so much spunk into her mouth, there was some on her tongue but the majority of it was coating her uvula. Pam didn’t lose a drop, closing her lips round his cock to suck out any spunk that may have been trapped. Turning to face me, Pam tilted her head back slightly and carefully opened her mouth to show me just how much spunk Steve had deposited in it. Smiling she started to take little gulps, stopping a few times to roll Steve’s spunk over her teeth and round the inside of her mouth before finally tilting her head right back and letting the rest of his cum slide down her throat before licking her lips and thanking Steve for her thick white dollop of fresh cream. Steve just smiled and said to Pam. “You can have more any time you want, if Dave agrees.” Pam planted a big kiss on the end of Steve’s cock then fell back exhausted on the grass.It was now nearing 8pm and starting to get dark. We had seemed to be here for just a couple of hours but it was in fact nearly 6 hours since we arrived. In all that time Pam must of only had about 20 minutes without at least one cock being fed her, either into her mouth or deep into her cunt. It was no wonder she looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backward. We started to gather up our clothes, putting them on as best we could in the fading light. Steve helped Pam into her bra and knickers, having one last grope as he did so. In return Pam patted his crotch, blew it a kiss and said. “See you soon my little pleasure stick.” We finished getting dressed and climbed into the front seat of the van. Pam left her bottoms off so Steve could play with her pussy on the way home, but a few minutes down the road she was wriggling out of her knickers. Steve’s hands were all over her on the way back and I could tell he would of been ready for more.As we came off the dual carriageway at Westgate I asked Steve if he wanted one last fuck with Pam before we called it a night. Not surprisingly his answer was an affirmative. “YES!” I did a sharp right up Hartsdown road, across All Saints avenue until we reached the entrance to Hartsdown park. We passed the swimming pool and parked in the small car park next to the tennis courts. I was happy to find the rear of Steve’s van was three quarters empty so we all climbed inside. Steve wasted no time in stripping Pam completely before climbing between her legs in the missionary position. I watch as he slid his trousers down and put his hand between his and Pams crotch area, obviously lining his cock up with her still very wet cunt. He slid straight in and started to fuck her harder than he had before. He was slamming into her and with each stroke you could hear her grunt as the breath was knocked out of her lungs. There were tears running down her cheek and she was screaming. “Oh God, Oh God.” Steve asked her where she wanted him to spunk (quite gentlemanly I thought, lol). She screamed at him. “I don’t care, just give me your spunk, give it me anywhere you like.” Pam had only let me do anal once and she really hated it, yet here she was giving Steve what seemed like the ok to fuck her arse, if that was what he wanted. I don’t think it even crossed Steve’s mind, withing a few more strokes he was pumping yet another load of spunk deep into her unprotected womb. As he climbed off her, he offered his cum covered cock to her mouth and she licked it clean for him. This sent me into overdrive and I fell between her legs and pounded her like I had never done before, lasting just a few minutes before my spunk flooded into her well fucked cunt to join Steve’s.Steve dropped Pam and myself at the bottom of her rd and after a short kiss goodbye, he was gone. Pam looked a bit scared, she knew I could get really jealous and she told me when Steve went she was expecting me to explode and call her a whore. I looked at Pam and smiled, reassuring her I still loved her, more now than ever. Tonight was something I had dreamt about since we were going round the cathedral in Canterbury and that guy was following us. The thought he would of done anything to fuck her made tonight even more special. I knew she was mine and I knew she would now do anything I asked her to. This though would be the first time of only two, both with Steve, that we experiment as Steve soon found a new girlfriend and less than a year later our k**s started coming along. Maybe I will recall the second time I let Steve fuck her, but this took some writing as every time I got into it, Pam would start pointing out where I was wrong. She wanted everything to be perfect and totally true. Pam said it would not turn her on, knowing it didn’t happen that way. So what I have given is the complete unadulterated truth of our first threesome. I hope whoever reads it enjoys it half as much as we did writing it. Plus the upside is Pam couldn’t get enough sex as she the thought of others reading about her being a total slut.

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