The Gay Gym part 2

Public Sex

The Gay Gym part 2I installed hidden cameras around the gym that I could monitor from home, I had them covering every doorway and point in the gym except inside the private and public locker rooms and showers.I got home about ten PM. Checked the gym and saw only one person in their. I went to get something to eat, settle down and rehash what had happen at the gym and watch some TV. I heard the ding that lets me know someone had entered the gym, so I checked it out. I was two ladies. They went into tone of the private locker rooms, I guess to change even though it looked like they already dressed to workout. After hours we don’t charge for using the private rooms, it’s first come first serve.From the sound coming out of there, they were doing more than changing. came out and about twenty minutes later they tarted their workout. I went back to doing my own thing when the door signal went off again (i turn it off when I am going to bed), this time it was two men. They put their bags away in the locker room and worked out together.The two men who came in last decided the were going to workout by wrestling. They removed their shirt and went at it hot and heavy. One of the guys had the other pinned down by laying on his back with his arms over his head. The he let go with both hands and put them around his waste. The bottom guy lifted up as though he was trying to get the top guy off of him. Then it looked as though the he was stoking the bottom guys dick. I changed to a different camera and their was no doubt he was.The bottom guy ( call him Bob) and the top guy(lets cal l him Lou). Bob somehow was able to get from under Lou and when they squared off, his dick was still hanging out and it was a decent size. Bob went to get a hold around Lou’s waist and ended up pulling his shorts down leaving him in a blue jock strap, so he stepped out of them. Bob was able to get him to the mat and held him down with his arms and mouth on his covered dick. Lou was able to spin around and before you knew it, they were sucking each other off right there within view of the others in the gym. They pulled each others jock off and continued wrestling bahis şirketleri naked and it caught the attention of the other guy so he walked over to watch.Lou had the better position on Bob and had him pinned down again and the had their cocks rubbing together. Bob lifted up like he was trying to get free and Lou’s dick slipped in to his ass and in a way as to be discrete they were fucking on my wrestling mats. The third guy was openly stroking his cock and all this action got the the attention of the women but kept on with their workout. Bob and Lou got up and still naked walked back to the public locker room with the other guy in tow. I guess they were to horny to make it because Bob pushed Lou against the wall and mounted him hard and deep and Lou was loving every bit of it. Then the third guy got behind them and started fucking Bob at the same time. It take long before they were cumming at the same time.The girls were paying more attention than I thought. As soon as the men left the floor they got more touchy feelly. One was on the bench press and the other was spotting her. when one returned the weight to the upright girl number two lowered her cunt onto her mouth. until she had an orgasm with a scream. All of this was so hot I ended up shooting a big hot load before I went to sleep.The next day I was scheduled for the night shift so I slept in. I had a meeting with my manager and one staff member. The managers was Karen a tall black busty lady boy with a 8″ fat dick. Most people didn’t know she was a guy and some how she was able to tuck that big cock between her legs. The staff member was Billy. He as a true twink. Little bubble butt made for fucking and he was one hell of a cock sucker. We talked about everything we needed to and I wen to get us some drinks. I couldn’t have been gone for more than three minute, but when I came back, Billy was between Karen’s legs giving her one of his trademark blowjobs. He was doing such a great job that he had Karen’s eyes rolling in the back of her head. She motioned me over and said for me to feed her my fat cock. I climbed onto the sofa and fucked her hot mouth until bahis firmaları I felt like I was going to cum. I pulled out of her mouth, got behind Billy and with no mercy I fucked him as hard as I could until I pumped a hot load into him. With my cum running out of his ass, he mounted Karen until she also shot a big load into him. Karen sent him home with both loads still in his ass.I got to the gym at about eight. I relieved Paula, she is the only totally straight person in the gym and she’s a babe. Very pretty, gorgeous smile, hazel bedroom eyes,5’4″, 140 pounds, 36 DD tits and very curvy with a nice plump ass and very flirty with everyone. She would make a dead man hard and the gay men straight. Her gym polo is always tight and her cleavage goes up to her neck. I’d love to spend the night with her.I watch that ass walk out the door and I can focus on the gym and realize it is full. Lots of gay eye candy. I walk the floor to meet the members, as I said before we have only been open a couple of weeks so a lot of them have no idea who I am. Several times I get thanked for opening a gym for them. I walked by the wrestling mat and remember the show last night. I went by the sauna and saw that it was full of men and women all naked but seemingly keeping their hands and other body parts to themselves. Then onto the hot tub room. It holds ten people and their were eight people in it, both men and women. When I got to the side of it was a different story. The men were naked, from the far you wouldn’t know that since men can be topless and the women were naked for the waist down. One of the girls was a lady boy so your looking a set of tits on top and a hard cock under the water. Everyone had a hand in someones lap. I spoke with them for a couple of minutes and made my way to the men’s public locker room. Soon as I walk in I see more than a few men wrapped in towels getting hand jobs and in the back a few getting sucked off. When I get to the shower their some men washing each other, paying special attention to cock ass and balls. From there I head back to the counter.I am thinking my gym is becoming a sex club with gym equipment. kaçak bahis siteleri I announced that the gym will be closing for regular hours. Except for emergencies their isn’t any staff on duty till six AM. I did the usual paperwork for the front counter and then took it back to my office.While in my office, I get a knock at my door and in walks a new member, I believe her name is Brie. She said theirs a problem in the ladies public shower. I asked is it a emergency or is something broke? She said kind of, this being your gym, only you can fix it. When we walk in, I have never seen s many naked or half naked women in one place at the same time. When we rounded the corner of the shower, their are about seven nude hard bodies, two of them transgenders.Brie says that she heard about the incident in the sauna yesterday and want to see for themselves. I told them that I was flattered but I thought you were all gay and anyways I really shouldn’t be in here, I don’t need to be sued. Brie said no worries about that and true that we are gay, but we converted later in life. At one point or another we all enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock. With that she got closer and with the help of a couple of the other women, they removed my clothes and there I stood naked in the middle of a group of nude women.The two transgenders knelt and shared my cock another two took my nipples in their mouth and another knelt behind me and gave me the hottest rim job of my life. After a bit the women switched around. The two Trannies were on the floor is a 69 and one of the same girl who rimmed me did the same for them. I then laid down and and Brie sank my dick into her wet pussy and said OMG it’s so big and fat, I love it. She said fuck me baby, make me a straight woman again. Then she lifted up and lowered ass on my cock and fucked me just as hard until she had an orgasm. She switch places with one of the lady boys and as she fucked her self on my dick, her cock was flopping up and down. someone to that cock into her mouth and sucked it until it filled her mouth with cum and she shared it with two other ladies. By the time it was over I had fucked every women and the two lady boys did the same. For inviting me, I fed Brie my load. When I was leaving their was a group of happy lesbians laying on the shower floor. I didn’t even bother to get dressed and returned to my office.

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