The Handyman Can


During the midst of the crash of the economy, my world was quickly falling apart. I had took a risk with a career change and after only one year I found myself out of a job. What was I going to do? I hoped what my past would help me in my future. I grew up building houses and learning the craft of being a handyman. I had skills, so why not use them. The money needed to start flowing again soon, and I hoped being a handyman would be the answer. So I advertised in the local papers and waited for the phone to ring; and waited, and waited. After weeks of no calls, I changed my strategy.

Ever since my first man-on-man encounter with my best friend and next door neighbor back in college, I’ve had a secret desire to relive the glory days. I remember those afternoons vividly. No one was home at my friend’s house but him, so we would meet him in his room between our classes. We played video games on his computer until one of us closed the blinds to his windows. Once closed, that was our cue to take off our clothes and move to the bed. We engaged in awkward maneuvering until we positioned ourselves with our heads in each other’s crotch. We spent time fondling and exploring each other’s manhood. Eventually we stuffed each others cocks in our mouths working them like popsicles until we exploded into our mouths. After we were done, we’d wash up and I would head home and we would repeat the same routine the next day. Don’t get me started on spring break.

Since my desire to suck cock was still burning hot inside of me, I thought I’d see if could combine my dirty desire and the need earn money together. So turned to Craigslist. I posted an ad (male seeking female, male seeking male, male seeking CD/TS): Handyman with benefits. In the ad I described my skills as a handyman and how, after the “work” was done, I would work to fulfill their personal needs as a bonus. At first I was inundated with people, mostly guys, looking for a quick blow-n-go. I needed more than the cock, çanakkale escort I needed a paycheck. Finally I had my first potential customer, or so I hoped. The email response to my ad asked if I could give him an estimate for repairs around his house.

I was relieved that the house was located in a small housing development in a nice neighborhood. Tim answered the door with a smile on his face and gave me firm handshake. He invited me in, and after introductions we brief small talk, he showed me around the house and pointed out all the work he wanted done; change light fixtures, repair drywall, etc., all of which I could handle with ease. We agreed that I would come back on Saturday to complete the work. Over the next few days leading up to Saturday, I grew more excited about the job. It was not about the handyman work, but the anticipation of possibly seeing Tim’s cock in my face and feeling it in my mouth.

When I arrived at the house, Tim again greeted at the door; but this time he was dressed in mesh shorts and a t-shirt that showcased his body. I could already see the outline of his cock protruding in his shorts. I embarrassingly looked away, and after more small talk, headed off to get my work done. The work went quickly despite my meat gazing as Tim kept checking in on me. My mouth was watering about the idea seeing his man meat up close and personal. At one point, while I was changing an outlet, I heard footsteps nearby and I turned my head only to have my face staring into his crotch. “Can I get you anything?”, he said. Electricity shot through my entire body and my desire to pleasure him was nearly out of control. Tim knew he was getting to me as he swayed his hips towards my face.

After regaining my composure I lamented, “I’m good.”

“Okay. How much longer do you think you’ll be?” he asked as he gave me a smile.

“This is the last job on the list.” I replied.

He winked çanakkale escort bayan at me and said, “You mean the last job on the handyman list.” He then walked away saying “When you’re done I’ll be in the kitchen. Don’t be too long.”

I quickly finished replacing the outlet cover and picked up my tools and headed down to the kitchen where Tim was waiting. When I walked in, he asked me how much he owed me for the work. I told him the amount and he opened his wallet and he settled up the bill. When I stuck out my hands and accepted the payment, Tim turned towards me and said with smiled, “Now it’s time for my needs!” Without a word he gripped my shoulders and pushed my down on to my knees. “Go ahead. Suck it. You owe me.” he whispered as he leaned back against the kitchen counter.

That’s all I needed to hear. I quickly reached up with my shaking hands and yanked his shorts down to his ankles exposing his semi-hard cock. It’s been years since I last touched, stroked or sucked cock. My entire body was trembling as I ran my hands all over it. It quickly grew hard; and I must have been doing something right since Tim was already moaning softly to my touches. The feel of his cock was incredible, his thick, 6+” shaft and bulging veins lead to a large mushroom head that already had cum oozing from it. I used my finger and scooped it up and savored the taste as I put in my mouth. I then ran my hands back down his shaft to Tim’s balls, which were neatly shaved and smooth to the touch. Again he moaned as I gently stroked them. They were much bigger then my friends balls were that for sure. He could no longer take my playing with him and grabbed my head and directed it back to his cock, saying in a strained voice “Suck it NOW!”

Not having sucked a cock for many years, I had a rough start. Each time I started going down on him, he winced as my teeth rubbed against him. “Sorry, it’s been some time.” escort çanakkale I said apologetically. He groaned but kept steady pressure on the back of my head. But it did not take long before I was in a groove and really working him. He really loved how I alternated between slow deep sucks and long strokes and switching to a power suck and quick stroking movements. At one point I heard him say under his breath, “You’re better than my ex-wife”. I smiled as I continued work his cock with my mouth. I missed sucking cock. It felt so good in my mouth. Would I feel the same way when he came?

I could tell that Tim was getting close to cumming; his grip on my head was much tighter and he was slowly starting to fuck my face. I needed to take control. I pushed his hands off my head and stopped sucking. I looked up at him and said with a sly grin “It’s hands off for you. I’m going to make you explode on my terms.”

He looked down at me, and almost pleading, “Yes, please make me cum. I want to cum in your mouth.” I immediately went back to down on his cock taking him deep in my throat. His moans were getting louder. Up and down, up and down I went. I had to push his hands away again and again. I began to picking up the pace of sucking his cock. I too wanted him to cum. I wanted to feel that hot load in my mouth. At that moment I remembered what my friend from college used to do to make me cum, so I thought I would try it. I slowed down my sucking to slower and deeper while at the same time using just the tips of my fingers and gently started stroking the underside of clean shaven balls. Just like with me, it worked on him; the slow sucking and stroking of his balls put him over the edge.

Tim let out a loud moan along with “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and erupted in my mouth. I did my best to take all in, but it was too much. I could feel his cum running out of my mouth and down my chin. Yes I love cum too. I continued sucking his cock and swallowing all his cum until he was limp and clean. Tim just stared down at me in a dazed look and a huge smile on his face. He directed me to the bathroom where I cleaned up. When I returned to the kitchen where he was standing he said, “You can be my permanent handyman!” I thanked him and walked out the door. Another satisfied customer. I wonder what my next job will be. Stay tuned.

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