The Hanky Code Pt. 11

Feet Legs

They continued to play cards and laugh and joke, but I was only vaguely aware of that on the periphery of my consciousness.

The Cyborg cock in my ass pussy was all consuming, the way it had been positioned, with the cock 2 inches in my ass, the neck of the head which was only 6 inches or so around was just inside me and the small movements meant the ridge of the head which at its widest was 6.5 inches in circumference was entering me a number of times a second. Although the depth was so small the fact it was stretching my ass pussy ½ an inch on every stroke meant I knew all about it.

The feeling was simply phenomenal, I’d never experienced anything like it, the whole process of me being fucked relentlessly was similar to being on the Sybian earlier, with the much bigger Man in a barrel plug. In that case though the plug was in me, not stretching my hole at its limits, the sheer speed of the Cyborg was creating a complete sensory overload. I was moaning and groaning constantly.

“Seems like the Thunderbolt is working for you slut, you sound like you’re enjoying round 2, hey guess what speed that is on pig.”

I could only give out a moaned grunt.

“That’s right bitch, only on 1/8 the speed, so only a mere 2 times per second slut.”

Fuck if that was two times per second on the shallowest setting what would ½ speed feel like, I had a deepening dread that I might be about to find out.

“Quiet everyone.” Bill ordered. “Shockspot, increase speed to 250 rpm.”

The machine gave out a slick hum then a click and then I knew all about voice control. His orders had just been carried out remotely by this Cyborg machine which had doubled its efforts.

Still the same depth, but the increased speed had a secondary effect and that one had serious implications for this pig. More specifically implications for just how wide my ass pussy was being stretched.

As the machine increased in speed the movement of the Cyborg cock, set my whole body rocking gently in the sling, not much but enough to get the second head or bump of the cock to stretch me, not on every stroke as I was rocking much more slowly than the cock was thrusting.

The outcome though was that I was being fucked much more deeply on every 10th or 20th stroke depending on the swing of the sling. That increased depth of stroke meant my pig pussy was stretched another ½ an inch on those particular strokes, something I felt to my core.

I was helpless, there was nothing I could do but overload my senses with as much poppers as possible, the horrible thought struck me that the two bottles on the side of my mask must almost be used up by now. How on earth would I cope if they ran out, I needed my pig juice more than ever now.

I breathed in as deeply as I could with breath, occasionally holding my breath to increase the effect of the poppers. Still the relentless Cyborg cock took me harder and harder, God how I hoped someone would want to fuck me soon, instead of this infernal machine. No matter how big they were, that would be a blessed relief.

I thought about Master S watching this and imagined his cock hard, but then realized I had no idea if he was packing a big cock or something as pathetic as mine. I thought probably the former and as I began to feel more and more Master S’s pig and property I hoped against hope that he would be the biggest I ever experienced.

The machine just continued to stretch and work my pussy, widening it ever more, the description of how this machine worked was so far, true to the mark and I was all too well aware that I hadn’t experienced all it could do by any means yet.

My concern about the poppers running out was soon dealt with as Mike came back and replaced the two nearly empty bottles with brand new bottles.

Even though the others had only been open for a few hours, the new ones still felt even more potent, beautiful fresh slut juice taking me higher and higher. How I loved wallowing in this place, the brand new poppers took the edge off for a few seconds, but then the enormity of the reaming I was taking encroached on my thoughts.

The speed and power of this machine was amazing, breath-taking. I didn’t know how long I could go on.

I opened my eyes and Bill was standing by me smiling, looking down at me, he seemed pleased with my progress and possibly with the fact that I was controlling my noise to a low constant groan.

“You are doing well piggie, have you looked closely in the mirror at how with every out stroke your pussy hole is pulled outwards, clinging to your Cyborg cock as though it doesn’t want to let go. It’s sucking it back in to you. You have a whore pussy, a pig pussy, just there to be filled, you dirty little bitch.”

I loved how he talked to me, revelled in the constant humiliation, the female references there to show that my pleasure was now to come from my pussy, tits, nipples and clit, not from my cock when I was a man.

The pig references and the pronoun “it” there to show how low I had sunk, that I was just a piece of meat, an animal, there for van escort my superiors use and pleasure. The change in the references had been a constant from when I first walked into be called boi by Steve, now I was just pig, or bitch, or slut, or whore. I loved them all. It was after all, who or what I now was.

“Shock spot, slow to 50 rpm.”

The machine hummed and then clicked down a few notches, it felt wonderful once again, not like it was trying to fuck me to death.

Bill gave me a few minutes at that speed as he caressed my belly and tits, tweaking my nipples and fingering my clit. He ran his strong hands over my pregnant belly as he smiled into my eyes, if I hadn’t known better I would have said that his strokes were sensual, but I knew that they were the preliminary to more serious degradation.

“Ummm what would you like next pig, some deeper fucking or faster fucking for you to enjoy?”

Before I really thought about the question I focussed only on the speed. “Please not any faster Sir, I can’t take it any faster.”

“You can and you will bitch, but for now your wish is my command.”

I was relieved for a few seconds before he said.

“So no faster for you slut… deeper it is then slut.”

“Shockspot increase depth to 2 inches.”

Again the hum and click which I was getting used to. But nothing could have prepared me for what came next, 2 inches at 50 rpm, meant I again felt like the biggest cock I had ever taken was impaling me.

I hadn’t got anywhere near to getting used to the new speed, then…

“Shockspot increase speed to 120 rpm.”

This was now mind blowing, the rocking of the sling getting more violent and taking the plug at least 3 inches into me despite the setting only being at 2 inches.

Now the plug must be stretching my pussy to well over 7 inches in circumference and it was relentless again. This time though my prostate was getting touched and worked over twice a second, it didn’t take long.

I moaned a long low moan.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee pleaaseeeeeeeeee Sirrrr.” I could do nothing else, think of nothing else, I had to get them to stop this machine.

Then as my prostate continued to be hammered I came, again a multiple orgasm. No cum left in me but a dry orgasm, leaving me still on the edge and with no satisfaction.

“Listen guys, it’s nearly ready for round 3, it wants us to fuck it, thinking that will be easier that the machine.”

I heard laughter from the guys, I couldn’t know how true the comments Bill had made were.

“Charlie and Marcus, you’re up I think he needs sensibly sized cocks for this one.”

I heard that and was relieved, the machine would stop it’s remorseless assault on my ass pussy and I’d get a breather, thank goodness and by the sound of it smaller cocks, bring them on I naively thought.

“Shockspot reduce speed to 6 rpm.”

Again the hum and the click as the settings changed, God it felt good now, now longer testing me as much, the swinging stopped of the sling and just a pleasurable slow 2 inch stroke.

“One last bit of fun for you slut before I turn this off for now. Shockspot increase depth to 4 inches.”

Fuck as I heard the noises I wondered how much wider this would stretch my poor raw hole. The beautiful Cyborg cock, became the ass splitter, as I had to take the full width. The three bulges first then the bottom part of the cock which was the size of a beer bottle. A full 8.5 inches in circumference.

Normally to get a pussy to stretch that far would be the work of a few hours of steady effort and slight gradual increases of size, but not with Bill in charge of the Shockspot and Cyborg.

I couldn’t believe the pain, as it began its final assault to stretch me further. There was no forgiveness, the cock just pushed and pushed, forcing the sling back as my pussy tried in vain to not allow full access. As the sling was forced back, swinging more and more, my weight was pushing back on the sling and against my Cyborg Master cock. Gravity and the rocking motion were both helping the Shockspot to take this pig to the next level of openness.

The relentless power of the Shockspot pushing then retreating and then ploughing forward once again was having an effect, still forcing the sling back against gravity as my ass pussy fought against its final violation. Fought against the moment it had to stretch to a massive 8.5 inches in circumference.

Bill was smiling at me as I watched the Cyborg continue its efforts to open me to the full extent.

“Ohhh that’s it pig boi, let it in, it will have you in the end, it is inevitable. Become the machines bitch before you take two cocks in that pussy of yours, at once for me.”

Fuck now I wasn’t sure which scared me more, taking my Cyborg Master fully or having two cocks in my pussy. I’d never even thought of that, let alone tried it. I’d seen plenty of female porn with DP in pussies, but that was a hole that stretched far enough for babies, surely van escort bayan my ass pussy couldn’t take that.

As I rocked back and forth he rubbed my massive swollen nipples roughly, adding another layer of pain and pleasure to the complete assault on my senses.

I was concentrating on his ministrations on my nipples loving the moment, as he clamped down with his fingers on both, pinching them and twisting them as I rocked. I yelled out in pain, the effect of that release of pain and passion, was enough. The Shockspot took its chance and finally had its victim completely, it was deep within this slut, fully and completely. I was the machine’s bitch, its pig. The widest part of the Cyborg cock, was now fucking me relentlessly, pounding me and stretching me to the limit.

Just imagine a hole with a circumference of 8.5inches, a baseball bat would be swallowed up and a baseball would only just stretch the sides.

“There you go, pig, I knew you were worth it, now how does that feel, to be so fucking wide down there. God it’s beautiful.” He was enraptured by the sight of the Cyborg taking me, he loved it. His massive cock standing erect to attention too far from my mouth for me to suck, causing me to salivate at the mere sight of his manhood and it’s glistening head.

“Take a good look in the mirror, slut at how much of an ass whore you have become. Most gay sluts take a full year of training to get to this. You’ve made it in one day you dirty fucking bitch. You are a complete cock whore and I’m going to buy you if I can”

My senses were totally overwhelmed now, not entirely pain, but only a small element of pleasure as I was fucked so roughly. That small seed of pleasure was growing though as I became used to the stretching, although it was almost too much to take, it felt so fucking good, so dirty. I breathed in more and more slut juice to help me to take it.

“Shockspot, increase speed to 30 rpm.”

The hum, then the click, then the new speed this machine was amazing and I wanted more. That is until the new speed settled in. With the full 4 inch strokes and still a slight rock on the sling, on the deep stroke as the sling bore down on the cock I was taking the plug 6 inches or so. My pussy was having to take all 4 bulbs of the Cyborg, stretching more with each one and then tightening on the slimmer parts of the cock. All this was happening every 2 seconds on every stroke.

Again I took in as many poppers as I could, just to get through this.

“Boys come and watch, this slut is just taking on as much of the fresh slut juice as it possibly can and taking this fucking like the complete faggot pig he is. It’s a sight to behold.”

I looked up into the mirror as all 8 guys stood around me, all naked now and ready for the next round, whatever that might be. I could see my pussy in all its raw glory, clinging to the contours of the cock as it fucked in and out of me. The beautiful purple ring stretching outwards on every out stroke. My white butt cheeks moving in sync with the cock.

As I watched my reflection in the mirror it was almost an out of body experience, I could see the pig being fucked and watching turned me on.

Then Bill brought me back down to earth, and took it to the level where everything became too much for me.

“Shockspot increase speed to 60 rpm”

Oh my Lord, one stroke in and out every second, taking the full length and girth of my Cyborg Masters cock, it was insanely intense, I couldn’t feel or think about anything else, this had to be the most I would ever take, this machine made the Sybian look easy.

Little did I know, this was not the most I would take, merely an appetizer as Bill worked my hole harder and harder.

I was on the edge of orgasm as I had been for so long, just the pain keeping me from going over the top. I was growing more and more desperate for relief, longing for that special release, it was not to be.

After what felt like an hour, but was closer to 15 minutes, Bill decided that I was ready for the next round, he’d been stretching me further for a reason.

“Shockspot reduce depth to 1/8 inch.”

The relief was immense, now I could only feel pleasure, as I started to feel so wonderful getting close once again to orgasm.

“Shockspot stop.”

Fuccckkkk I was so close, so very close to blessed relief, Bill must have known and wanted to edge me further and keep me in that special state of piggish horniness.

“Remove the machine Mike and bring it around back.”

When Bill said that I wasn’t sure where he was having Mike move the machine to.

As Mike wheeled the machine out, slowly removing the Cyborg inch by inch from my tortured ass pussy, I watched as my pussy sucked at every last contour and ripple of the Cyborg as he gently pulled it out.

I looked up to the mirror and saw the biggest gape on my ass I had ever seen. It was huge and showing no signs of closing at all, once the cock was removed. Any elasticity in the muscles had long since been escort van fucked out of them. That last little element of bodily control was completely gone. I tried to see is I could even get it to clench a little, but as I watched the gape remained stubbornly wide. Only Master S controlled my pig pussy now.

Mike wheeled the Shockspot away and somewhere out of view behind me.

I could see some of the lube which had been vigorously stirred by the machine, dripping from my gaping hole.

“How much of a gape Drey?” asked Bill.

The sculptured figure of Drey stepped forward and reached into my pussy holding his 4 fingers together and pushing them gently at the entrance of my pussy.

“Just over 3 Bill, nearly 4, but then again I have got big fingers.” He held up the 4 fingers together to the amusement of his buddies and raised them to my mouth for me to clean the cum lube from them.

I not only knew what was expected of me, but I was also as horny as hell and wanted to taste my depravity, licking his fingers clean one by one as though it were caviar I was licking from his black fingers. Tasting the cum lube (which was not bad at all in my current horned up state) and realising that I need to be fed and watered again.

“We’re getting there, Master S will be as pleased as I am with the results slut, let’s get you completely ready though.”

How could I need to take more to get me ready, I longed for a cock, not a machine, my senses had been overwhelmed for too long, now I needed to be gently fucked. A silly piggy dream, it wasn’t going to be that kind of fairy tale.

“Are you ready Tim, has the ice pack worked to calm you down.”

“Yes boss, nice and softish now.”

Tim came forward a skinny white guy, still with good abs, but the slender frame he had looked slightly ridiculous with the pendulous cock he had, long and thin (well thin in its current semi flacid state) , it must have been 9 inches even as it was.

“OK Tim lie on the bench as we discussed.”

What the fuck was going on, Tim lay face up on a leather clad bench on wheels with a leather pillow for his head and Mike wheeled him under the sling. His head must have been under mine and then Mike raised the bench until I felt his thighs touching my butt cheeks.

“Now feed it in Mike get it in as far as you can without turning Tim on too much.” Bill was definitely in charge.

I could see Mikes hands pick up Tim’s semi soft cock and start to feed it into my gaping pussy, it went in easily with the serious size of my slutbox, he simply pushed it all the way in and raised the table so that I was almost lying on Tim’s stomach. Not all of his cock was in with the angle, but a good 7 inches or so were hardening in my pussy, I could feel him starting to twitch.

“Ok Charlie, now for the surprise for slut.” Bill was beside himself with glee at this point.

Then I saw why, one of the guys from the back stepped forward, a big man, 6′ 4″ at least and 300lbs of black muscle with a little extra padding. Then I looked between Charlies legs, a black mamba of a cock, longer than Tims, at least 10 inches and already showing an impressive girth.

Just taking this one before the Cyborg would have been a huge challenge, but this and Tim at the same time, fuck how was that going to work?

Bill leaned into my ear, “Now slut take on as much juice as you can, breathe like it’s your last slut juice ever, because what’s going to happen is that Charlie is going to violently rape your pussy. After the Cyborg had its way with you, you’re ready for Charlie. The problem is Tim although only soft now is a grower as well as a shower.”

Bill couldn’t contain himself, he was so pleased with this little plan of his.

“So as Charlie takes you hard, he’ll stimulate Tim’s soft cock and will effectively fuck it to hardness. When I tell you Tim’s cock when raging is a good couple of inches more in circumference that Charlies, which as you can see is like a small babies arm, you might have some little idea of what is in store for you pig boi.”

Fuck now I got why he was so happy, I’d begged for cock and now the two together DP’ing me would be even thicker than the Cyborg. I’d effectively begged to be taken and stretched wider, wider than I’d ever been stretched.

“You should be able to feel it growing inside you, not forcing it’s way in but slowly, slowly stretching you, I cannot wait to see this.”

Nothing I could do but accept my place.

“Thank you Sir Bill, I hope I can please you and them.”

“Fuck the most polite pig ever, go to it Charlie, show no mercy.”

As he said that I looked forward and I admired Charlies black body, that sheen of sweat from the warmth of the room, that big dominating body, now I would be his bitch until he bred me with his seed. Skinny Tim just there to make up the thickness and help breed the gape. Then I felt Tim’s hands on my tits, needing them and pinching the nipples. Tim proceeded to pull the two nipples outwards stretching my tits out to each side, it was excruciating.

I cried out in pain and Bill shook his head, so I quietened down immediately, that is until Charlie lined up his cock head and without lubing it up, shoved forward with one stroke. His hands under my thighs, pulling me to him as he rammed forward to ensure that he was embedded balls deep in my pussy in one push.

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