The Love Of Mistique


The Love Of MistiqueDisclaimer: This story is of a sexual nature, so anyone who is not 18+, or who are not allowed to read such stories, please do not read this. This is a work of fiction and based solely off of an inspiration to write this.I was an agent of the Dark Side. Me, code named Dark Viper, as that was my code name through my life. I never knew my real name, or if I had family or not. I was trained to be a special covert ops agent through the Dark Council’s covert op Special Forces. Pretty much anything that Covert Ops can do, I’ve done it. Everything from assassinations, to undercover work, and in between stuff. One day at 0800 hours, my boss, General Orgoth gave me a mission. He said, “Our scouts have pinpointed this massive castle down in Sector 29A. Is it to be rumored that there is a woman who is a wanted woman as she is responsible for the death of so many innocent people.” He hands me her classified file. “We don’t really know what her real name is, but in interviews with some people who eventually died at her hands, they mentioned that she only goes by the name of Mistique. It is known that she can use various forms of deception, so watch your six at all times and stay alert. your mission is to infiltrate the castle, and get close to this Mistique woman. Bring her in alive if you can. But if she resorts to aggression, you are free to take her out.” I then replied, “It will be done, boss. I will go prepare for the mission.”I went back to my quarters, and I looked over her dossier. I mean, don’t get me wrong. She is one hell of a beauty. Gorgeous eyes, luscious lips, great body, and from what I have heard, that there was this Mistique girl doing porn that our military soldiers seem to like. Supposedly she had the greatest tits in the world. I wouldn’t know. And honestly, I’ve never felt a woman’s touch or anything like that. Yes, I, Dark Viper, am a virgin. But I knew that my special ops training taught me to suppress such feelings. Anyway, after preparing my silenced blaster pistol, and my suppressed sub machine blaster, and getting my necessary tools for my job, I went out to the covert ops transport that was waiting for me. My pilot was a c***dhood friend, a friend who came up with me through training, schools, and that. He was a well skilled pilot, and the spec ops recruited him, because of his quick thinking skills in the air and space. He became a 5 star Captain, and he earned it because he pulled off a very crazy sheninagan in a battle against a pirate faction. So we in spec ops, cover ops, and my special forces group, called him Captain Crazy. But since he was my c***dhood friend, I just called him Captain.So when Captain saw me, he gave me the old brother hug, and he said, “Let me guess. Another spec ops mission? Show me where we’re headed.” I told him, “You know, old friend, we’re going to Sector 29A.” He said, “I know the area, as I know a tiny bit about the mission. I have an old friend who lives in a city nearby the area. there is a transport station that the city people know that is only used for closed friends of my friend, who they call The Chief. Let’s go see him, and let’s fill him in. He’ll be happy to see you after all this time.”So Captain and I travelled to Halo City. It was the only major city that my target has supposedly not hit yet. After we landed in Halo City at Transport Hub #10, The Chief was waiting for us. He was so happy and greeted us with open arms. “Captain, great to see you again. And Viper, man, after all these years, I thought I’d never see you again. Come, let’s go inside my place.” So we followed Chief, and he brought us in and ordered some of the best water the city had, as Halo City had the best water ever, and they were allies to the Dark Council and the Special Forces. So, the Chief turned to me and asked, “So Viper, what brings you to Halo City?” I told him, “As you know when it comes to contacts like you, what you’re about to see is highly classified, and you are to say that I was never here as an agent, only that I was here visting you on vacation. ” We all knew the Special Forces codes, so we agreed that it was never to be spoken except among us three. I continued, “There’s this castle that is in this area, about 30 clicks northeast of Halo City. I have been given an assassination mission on this woman.” I showed Chief the dossier and her photo. The Chief was like, “You’re k**ding me. The famous goddess porn star Mistique is your target? What did she do to get the Dark Council’s wrath?” I replied, “Supposedly there were reports that claimed that she murdered a bunch of people, and what’s worst, her name proceeds her. According to the reports, there were canlı bahis talks about a sex altar, and things like that, but no one really knows, because she is shrouded in mystery. And that’s where her name comes from.” My friend Tallon added, “Yeah, buddy. It was even reported that she has some of her agents wipe out an entire town and that only the young men were taken. Everyone else, the old men, women, and c***dren were left.” Now the Chief, being a former spec ops agent himself, said to me, “I have the right disguise for you. I have heard a rumor that she is supposedly wanting to do set up a shoot for a upcoming porn movie that is supposed to be a major hit. And she needs a strong healthy young man to do it. And of course, you, Viper, are that person, mostly because of the Special Forces keeping you in shape.” He rummages in his staging area, and finds a tight leather rocker suit for me. “She loves really bad boys, and you’ll definitely play the part, so this will get you in.” So after the meeting I asked Captain, “Will you stay here and wait til I return?” He says, “I know you’ll come back, old friend.”So I departed for the castle. I knew that if I was to get in well, I would have to rely on acting real well. So I took the time on the transport there to get into character. When I arrived at the castle, two guards asked me for identification. I showed them, and they said, “Alright, Evil Viper, you were the one that Mistique expected. Follow the directions in the castle. That should lead you to her.” So of course, being the Covert agent that I was, I had to make sure that my tracks were covered, so I killed the guards and dumped their bodies into a dark pit. I eventually made my way through the castle, into this large area. It had the makings of what my brothers in arms called, “The perfect place for a goth porn video.” So, I knew I had to get to work, and be quick before Mistique appeared. So I took a lot of photos of her works, documents, and even what they would call evidence. Just before I was ready to leave, I heard a very seductive voice calling out to me saying, “So you’re the sexy guy I was expecting.” I turned around and I saw this gorgeous, voluptous woman right in front of me. She had a long, dark black robe on, and it was open revealing a full ripped fishnet bodysuit. And holy shit! Did she really have huge tits! Those were the biggest tits I have ever seen in my life. Could this be the Mistique that my brothers in arms pleasured themselves to and who was my target? So acting like a rocker, I said, “Yeah, baby. I am.” But I think this woman could see my real feelings, and so she said, “I know you’re the guy I wanted, but lose the rocker look.” So I tore off my disguise, which revealed my tight Special Forces uniform. She was astonished and said, “You’re with Special Forces and you’re a hunky guy? Well, I’ve always wanted to fuck a man in a Special Forces uniform.” She then started putting the seductive moves on me, and I immediately started to shake and get nervous. This target was seducing me. I had never felt a woman’s touch EVER!!!!!She immediately saw me sweat and asked me, “baby, are you a virgin?” With a bunch of virgin nerves going haywire in my body, I nodded my head yes. She said, “Don’t worry, baby. I am Mistique. And I will teach you everything you need to know, so that when you leave, you go back being more educated and not a virgin.” Instantly, though I was a virgin, my cock got so hard in my uniform that it was uncomfortable. But I had to keep my composure. I stated, “Mistique, I have orders by the Dark Council to either bring you in alive or to kill you. You are under suspect of murdering thousands of innocent young men.” She looked at me, with her eyes giving that look that tells you that you’re lying. As they say, the eyes that men dread. She led me to her bed and sat me down. “The Dark Council is running your mission on misinformation. If I tell you everything, and you let me teach you everything as the seductress and the porn star that they all know me as, I’ll come with you and there will be no incident. Because spilling my blood will do you no good.” Being a reasonable Agent, I agreed to her terms.she continued, “Viper, I don’t know how to say this. But not even my fans know, but I have a horrible disease that will eventually kill me in time.” She started to tear up as she told her story of her disease. It really made my heart melt knowing that such a beloved porn star would eventually die. She then told her motives. “You see, I am trying to find a hot young man who can give me a c***d to carry on my name. And most of the young men that have come aren’t producing well. My ex-husband bahis siteleri was really jealous of my success and so he would kill every young man who slept with me. And then he would pin the crime on me. I’ll even show you the proof.” She opens up a compartment in one of the cabinets, and show me the photos, documents, and everything authentic that would prove her innocene. So I took photographs and transmitted everything back to Special Forces Command. She also said, “I also have something I want to show you as well.” she turns her back to me, and lowers her body suit to bare her back. I noticed all the massive wounds from beatings on her back. I photograph all this and transmit to Command. She proceeded to tell me, “My ex-husband was an abusive man. when I started getting fans, and that I was doing good and making money, my ex-husband told me that I was a worthless pig slut, and a toilet, and all that. So I divorced him, and he’s been wanting revenge by ruining me.” In my earpiece, I said, “Did you get all that, Command? Can you run the databases for confirmation?” “Right away, Agent Viper, ” said Command. “Keep her occupied and just go along with whatever happens.”So from my own deduction and my training to read body language, I knew that Mistique was innocent. How could such a goddess be capable of doing stuff like this if she loves her own fans and is dying of a disease? So I took her arms into mine, and I told her, “I know you’re innocent. As far as I know, Special Forces shouldn’t look at you as the suspect.” I hugged her to show that I cared, even though I was an agent. I felt her huge tits press against me, and my cock got really hard in my uniform. She felt it poke and she said, “Well, for being a virgin agent, I guess it’s time of Ms. Mistique to teach her student Viper in Sex 101.” She wrapped her arms around me in a seductive fashion, and gave me the eyes of seduction, and then she locked lips with me. My nerves in my body shot like a cannon. I was getting my first kiss ever! And it felt good. I mean, wow, a woman’s touch is magic. Oh boy, the guys at Special Forces are gonna crap themselves when they learn that Viper slept with the legendary pornstar. She released her lips from me and said, “Did you like that?” I smiled back, and I said, “yes ma’am.” She asked me, “Would you like more of that?” I nodded my head yes, and she locked lips with me again, but this time she locked them deeper. I felt the seduction, the feeling of being wanted in the kiss. So this is what it felt like to be seduced by a woman? I wonder what more she could do to show me?She started to unzip my entire uniform. She stated, “I want to see what kind of a hot stud the Special Forces trained.” So there I was, pretty much stark naked out of my uniform. She started to move her fingers and hands in a seductive way all over my body. “Wow,” she said with pure sexy seduction, “I never knew how much of a hunk you really are, Viper. You have a very hot body. I like what I see.” She started to rub her fingers along my nipples. Instantly, a shot of sex adrenaline went through my body. I have never felt that before, but holy shit, did it feel so great. It was so good, and just out of instinct, I let out a loud moan. Mistique got wind of that, and knew that I liked it. She smiled with the smile that only a naughty seductress could smile. She moved around me and saw my bare back, and then she saw my tight virgin butt, and she grabbed it. I jolted a little, but I loved it. She was like, “Damn, Viper, you have such a hot ass. For being a virgin, your ass is hunky. And it’s all for me.” She grabbed it and I was even more hard than before. She then went back in front of me, and dropped to her knees. Was she submitting to me? Because in training this was considerd an act of submission. All of a sudden, my really hard cock was right in her face. She said, “Wow, you are really hard. Get ready to feel things you have never felt before, Viper.” She stuck her tongue out and started to lick my cock and the shaft. I felt a massive wave of pleasure and nerves hit my entire body. I have seriously never felt this before either. Was this really happening to me? Was I actually going to know a woman’s touch after all?She proceeded to then take my cock into her mouth and started to move her head up and down on it. Holy fuck!!!!!! This couldn’t be real. I looked down, and sure enough, Mistique was performing oral sex on me. Omg!!! This was really happening. I was getting my cock sucked by a real woman. I just started to moan because my nerves were getting more wild and crazy. then I felt her mouth go all the way down on my cock. What a feeling!!! I heard about porn bahis şirketleri stars doing this sort of thing, but I didn’t know that it was really true. I moaned so loudly that it was almost a scream. It was that good. I believe they called it deep throating. I quivered after she sucked my cock for a good 10 to 15 minutes. She then asked me, “Have you ever seen a woman’s pussy or know what to do with it?” I said, “No, ma’am.” She then stripped naked out of her body suit and she spread her legs on the bed. Wow, if this is a woman’s pussy, and what it looks like, it has to be heaven. She tugged my head to her pussy and said, “Now you see my clitoris there? See where my finger is rubbing it? Put your tongue on it and move your tongue constantly.” I immediately did as she told me, and she started moaning. I have only heard from others who had wives and girlfriends, that if a woman moans like that, it means you’re pleasuring her real well. Her hips were bucking as well as my tongue kept gliding along her clit. She grabbed my head and kept in position as her moans intensified to screams. Does this mean that I’m getting her good everywhere? She yelled out in pleasure, “Oh God, Viper, you are so hot. Make me cum, baby, make me cum!” Oh my word, I must be doing something right. I continued to lick her clit, and she screamed in a wave of pleasure as her clit, and her pussy quaked, and her body shook. I have heard things about what a female orgasm is, but never seen one with my own eyes. So this is what a female orgasm is like? Well, I did something well. She panted, and then grabbed me and pinned me down on the bed. She took out my Special Forces handcuffs and cuffed me to her bed. She grabbed my cock, looked at me and said, “Viper, my hot stud, what I am going to do, you will remember for a lifetime.” I was thinking, “Is she going to do what I have heard about crossing the bridge when it comes to sex?” And immediately, she rubbed my cock on her pussy, and then she slid my cock inside her horny pussy, and she gripped my chest and started to bounce up and down on my cock. Oh my god, she actually did it! Oh man, the guys at Special Forces are gonna be so jealous. she moaned with sexual energy, and said, “Oh god Viper, yes! You’re not a virgin anymore! Oh God, give me that cock, I wanted you so bad.” I felt my cock twitch so violently whenever she thrusted down on my cock. Does this mean that my cock is ready to let loose my semen? She kept pumping my cock so hard, and finally the nerves in my body twitched so hard down to my cock that I could feel it coming. I said, “Oh god, Mistique, I can’t hold it any longer! I am going to cum!” She yelled, “Oh yeah, Viper! Please cum inside me!” I moaned so loud, and my cock immediately starting shooting semen inside of her pussy. I was quivering in so much sweat, and Mistique was quivering in sweat as well. Meanwhile, her pussy was milking all the cum out of my cock and my cock was still letting loose semen in her. Finally, after a good 3 to 4 minutes, my cock finally had all the cum in her pussy, and Mistique felt right into the bed next to me, and she cuddled me. She asked me, “So, do you still think I am guilty and committed those crimes?” I said to her with a smile on my face, “Baby, you persuaded me so well, and with everything that happened, you’re 100% innocent. This is the outcome of a mission that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Mission fucking accomplished.” She replied, “I’m glad I was able to teach you how to please a woman. And you’re not a virgin anymore. I do have one more thing to ask.” I told her, “You earned it.” She told me, “since your cum is in me, I know I will definitely have a c***d now. I want you to become my husband.” I was shocked. Me, just a Special Forces agent, marrying a legendary porn star. Now I defintely was dreaming. She slapped me and said, “you’re not dreaming. So how about it?” I said, “Baby, if that leads to more great sex like this, then I’m in.” And that made her so hot and horny, that we ended up having sex against two more times. She taught me anal sex, how to eat a woman’s ass, and things that Special Forces training never taught me. This was the best mission that Special Forces ever gave me. Eventually, I brought her in alive to complete my mission. and I talked to high command, and they allowed Mistique and I to marry. When they learned that the documentation and everything she showed me was indeed to be confirmed that she was telling the truth, they paid her half of the mission bounty as an apology, and they let us live like royalty. Eventually, 9 months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. But tragedy struck, because two months after, the disease killed Mistique. But even though I am the father to Mistique Jr., who is my daughter, I will still never forget that day on how her mother and I became the best couple ever. End Transmission.

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