The Maid’s Uniform Ch. 04

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Natasha froze. No one had ever disturbed her in the den, why did they have to choose today? Sophia’s smirk indicated what was about to happen. The sexy, dark beauty got out of her seat and opened the door.

“Mo…” Bradley started then stopped when he saw his mother in the maid’s uniform.

His innocent eyes darted from Sophia to his mother, likely wondering who to address.

“Yes sweetheart, what can I do for you?” Sophia said.

The shock of her son seeing Natasha in a submissive state left her speechless. She hoped that by remaining quiet, she would draw less attention to herself.

Bradley turned to Sophia, “I was just wondering if I could have a couple friends over this weekend?”

“I don’t see why not. In fact, you should invite as many as you like, including that girl we’ve been talking about.” Sophia said.

“Are you serious? Can I?”

Bradley locked eyes with his mother, but Sophia’s soft hands guided his attention back to her.

“Yes, your mother thinks that’s a great idea. Isn’t that right?” Sophia said looking back at Natasha with a devilish grin.

Natasha sheepishly nodded. She didn’t dare speak in her current submissive tone with Bradley in the room. It would forever taint his image of the strong, intimidating woman he was used to.

“Thanks Soph.” Bradley hugged his tutor and left the room.

Sophia moved back to her chair, picked up her book, and her legs again. “I didn’t say stop.”

Natasha snapped back to her duties and began pleasuring her maid again like a good little servant. Although her focus was on the task at hand, she was troubled by the thought of eventually speaking to Bradley. Sophia was sinking her claws deeper and deeper in the household. If she somehow learned how to control Madelyn, then there was no telling what she would do. The experience of being subservient all day at Regina’s followed by the act of orally pleasuring the maid, had inevitably put Natasha back on the path towards becoming Tasha. Internally, she had struggled many times to break the cycle and regain control of the situation before it truly got out of hand. And now both Madelyn and Bradley had seen her being submissive to Sophia. And the worst part of it all, was that she had truly enjoyed it.

Having Madelyn use her like an ATM had made Natasha realize that the act of being an object, whether a maid or stored in a closet, was what really drove her behavior. It was never something she would have suggested but having her daughter initiate it made Natasha submit without question. While she had stayed on her hands and knees, Madelyn had ignored her and shopped while listening to music. On the surface Natasha had looked prim and proper, but her pussy had been dripping wet within minutes.

And now she was acting as a maid for the person she was paying to be a maid. Natasha blamed her current predicament on all the free time that she had which finally led to trying something exciting and unordinary from her boring, routine life. Now she was living out a temporary fantasy. The problem was that the more people that got involved with the fantasy, the harder it would be to tell fantasy from eventual reality. Everyone close to her knew except…, Natasha suddenly noticed that the door was open again, and Dorian was now standing and watching his wife at work. This time she found her words.

“Dorian. When did you?”

Dorian smiled. “Finding your domineering wife doing the maid’s work would be like you finding me cross dressing. We can certainly live with it, but I’m not going to see you the same.”

Natasha’s body deflated. If there was one person she didn’t want to find out, it was Dorian. She enjoyed her control over him and used it as her own personal escape, especially after moonlighting as a maid for another wealthy couple. Sophia got up and wrapped her arms around Dorian.

“You know, I think we should let our new maid sleep in the maid’s room, and I will sleep in her bed.” Sophia said. She looked at Natasha with a playful smile. “Is that understood, maid?”

Natasha looked at Sophia, then at Dorian, and then back at Sophia. She could end it here and take back control. She could grab that clever girl by the hair and throw her on the ground to show her who was in charge. But the euphoria of submitting was blocking any attempt at a mutiny. She wanted to, but her body didn’t.

All she could do was meekly nod and speak in quiet voice. “Yes, Mistress Sophia.”

“Good girl. You clean up the rest of the room and then you’re done.” Sophia said.

Her mistress left with her husband, who could only smile at his wife’s predicament. Now Natasha was paying someone else to likely fuck her husband while she did all the housework. The thought turned her on more than she cared to admit, and she continued with her duties.

After her jobs were done, Natasha retired to her temporary room. One night was playful, but there was no way Sophia expected this to be a permanent arrangement. After stripping naked and doing her usual nightly kocaeli escort bayan routine as best as she could given the small space, Natasha’s weary body collapsed onto bed. Staring up at the ceiling, she wondered how she had ended up in the basement of her wealthy castle while the maid lived like a queen. To Natasha it was all fun and games and at any moment, she could stop. But her many futile attempts worried her that she would continue to accept commands and go down the unending rabbit hole. Tomorrow, if she didn’t make some sort of move to take back her life, then Tasha truly was ready to take full control and to completely submit to the foreign beauty.


To avoid any further confrontation with Sophia or any members of her family, Natasha got up early and slipped out unnoticed to her new day job. Arriving early, Regina had Natasha await orders in the living room in her usual spot, reaffirming her uncontrollable urge to be objectified. Waiting around like Regina’s property and being told what to do was starting to form into her new life purpose. After her moment of realization from the night before, every action was now viewed through her conscious lens and no longer hidden subconsciously in her mind. She stood there because it turned her on to be restricted and controlled. She didn’t need the money, and she had plenty of other things that she could do. Yet there she stood, waiting like a good toy.

At exactly 9:00 am, Natasha was summoned to the garden patio. To her surprise, Regina was having tea with a group of friends. It was the same group that Natasha used to join and gossip with. Having likely already been filled in on Regina’s new maid, none of the women paid any attention to Natasha. Her status had been effectively wiped out because of her new uniform and role.

Without being told, Natasha went around and filled everyone’s tea and then stood off to the side. After a few musings about each woman’s current affairs, the youngest lady, Mariah, finally addressed the elephant in the room.

“Regina, your new maid is so obediently trained.”

Regina smiled and took a sip from her tea. “We expect nothing less than perfection here.”

Out of all the other rich women she had met, Mariah was by far her least favorite. She was still relatively young and from the way she lavishly spent money, she had to have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

“How does one acquire such obedient servants?” Mariah asked.

“I just gave her the means. Her natural curiosity and submissiveness did the rest.” Regina said. “If anyone else would like to try the uniform on, we have a spare.”

The ladies laughed together at Natasha’s expense. In hindsight, she realized that she had brought the uniform hoping that Regina would force her to put it on. Of course, that desire was deeply hidden at the time, but the fantasies the uniform had given her should have been a warning sign.

After another round of tea, Mariah’s frequent stares made Natasha concerned. There were many times Natasha had called Mariah out to her face in front of everyone, embarrassing her over minor transgressions. If she had learned anything from the previous day at Regina’s it was that some women enjoyed unencumbered revenge, especially against a bitch.

Mariah placed her napkin on the table. “Regina, can I request that your new maid show me to the ladies room?”

“Tasha, please show Mariah to the lavatory and accommodate her in any way she requests.”

“Yes, Mrs. Winchester.”

Mariah grinned and Natasha mentally prepared for whatever the bratty woman was going to do to her. Mariah rose from her chair and slammed her purse into Natasha’s chest.

“Carry this, bitch.”

Being called names in front of everyone without being able to retaliate was a hard pill to swallow. But it was far from the worst thing she had done as Regina’s maid. Nothing would top the activities of the previous day despite Mariah’s attempts.

“Yes, Mrs. Violet.” Natasha said and then opened the door for Mariah.

Once the door was sealed behind them, Mariah couldn’t help herself.

“I knew you were so fake behind that bitchy attitude. Always talking down to people and bossing people around. Looks like someone finally put you in your place.”

Natasha listened but did not respond. She feared punishment from Regina more than anything Mariah would do or say. At the washroom, Natasha opened the door and signaled inside.

“The lavatory, Mrs. Violet.”

Mariah strutted past Natasha without grabbing her purse.

“Please join me inside, maid.”

“Yes, Mrs. Violet.”

Natasha followed Mariah inside and locked the door behind them for privacy. She stood waiting with Mariah’s purse in hand fully expecting to be taken advantage of.

“Put my purse on the counter and kneel in front of the toilet.” Mariah said and pointed to a specific spot right next to the toilet, which was in a spacious area.

Natasha followed the instructions and kneeled beside the toilet paper roll. izmit escort bayan Mariah dropped her panties and skirt to the floor and sat down to relieve herself. The brief awkward silence was filled by Mariah’s bladder draining into the toilet bowl. Natasha stared blankly ahead not wanting to antagonize Mariah any further. The sound finally ceased.

“Wipe my pussy for me maid.”

Natasha reluctantly grabbed a piece of toilet paper from beside her. “Yes, Mrs. Violet.” She leaned in and wiped away any remaining urine. She returned to her position, hoping that was her only task. But Mariah stood up and put her back to the wall with her pussy still on display.

“I hope you wiped it good, because now I want to use your face to get myself off. Put your hands behind your back and kneel in front of me.”

Again, Natasha followed instructions, knowing full well that it wasn’t going to be pleasant. But her pussy said otherwise as she felt the dampness in her silk thong. This was a further depravity and another reminder of her new role as a masturbatory tool for all the people that she had humiliated or wronged.

Mariah grabbed Natasha by the hair and brought her face into position. The diva favored dominance over pleasure as Mariah humped her former rival’s face, making sure her pussy spread all over it. Natasha felt the wetness, either from Mariah getting turned on or from the urine she may have missed, impact her face as Mariah gyrated her hips.

The sheer act of having Natasha’s face buried in Mariah’s pussy was getting the young horny brat off despite the minimal contact with her clit or pussy. Natasha could relate to the pleasure derived from just the act of being dominant and seeing the submissive below squirm and obey. Now she was that submissive and her face was starting to feel the physical effects of being battered against the rich girl’s pussy.

Mariah humped faster and faster until she held Natasha’s face tight to her pussy and released an orgasm on her face. Natasha’s nose was caught inside Mariah’s pussy, and she smelt and felt the effects of Mariah moaning to climax.

Not wanting to end the moment, Mariah held Natasha’s face against her snatch. Natasha stared ahead and tried her best to ignore having a pussy engulfing her nose and mouth with the moist aftermath all around her face. But all five senses were overwhelmed with the aura of Mariah, creating a detailed memory that Natasha would never forget. Finally, Mariah pulled the maid’s head from her pussy and looked down at the red and wet face still staring ahead.

“Thank me for using your face.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Violet, for using my face.”

Mariah slapped Natasha. Another blow to her ego.

“Look me in the eyes and thank me again.”

Natasha held her gaze with the wall momentarily. Her dominant ego was not dead, but only dormant. And it was the moments with the women she despised the most when the full bitch Natasha was ready to come alive. She wanted to get up and force the much smaller Mariah between her own legs and show her how to truly dominate a submissive little bitch. Mariah’s attempt at humiliation was meager and weak, just like her. Had Natasha been in charge, it would have started with urine in her pet’s mouth to mark her territory and truly break down the ego of her slave.

But that wasn’t the scenario. And Natasha was on the receiving end not the giving. And it wasn’t Mariah she feared consequences from, it was Regina. Everything she did was because the punishment from Regine would be far worse. So, she complied like the good girl that Regina had conditioned her to be. She looked up with a smile.

“Thank you, Mrs. Violet for using my face for your pleasure. I am here to please you and I am glad you are satisfied.” Natasha said. “Whenever you need to get off, please use my face.”

It was subtle, but Natasha’s split-second smirk flustered Mariah. She bent over and grabbed Natasha’s face.

“Be smug all you want, but you’re still covered in my juices, bitch.” Mariah said. She pushed Natasha back. “Now wait outside while I freshen up.”

Natasha stood up graciously.

“Yes, Mrs. Violet.”

She left the bathroom and waited patiently knowing that despite what happened, Mariah was still distraught that she somehow didn’t get the better of Natasha. Her reaction had further confirmed that, and it gave the dominant Natasha a small victory in her attempt to regain control.

Once the two women returned to the party, only Regina read the situation correctly. She smiled slyly at her friend turned maid. She wasn’t going to be punished for following orders. If anything, it made Mariah a potential target if Regina were in the business of training maids. It wasn’t often someone had failed to humiliate someone in Natasha’s position.

The gossiping continued as normal, and Natasha fulfilled her duties with no further harassment by Mariah or any of the other girls. It was a walk in the park compared to her day before where she was gebze escort at the mercy of her past sins. Maybe things were starting to look up.


After the otherwise uneventful gathering with Regina and her friends, Natasha was dismissed and instructed to meet Tom in his entertainment room downstairs. Natasha had never ventured into that area of the house and rarely saw Regina’s head maid, Jacqueline, do the same. The reason became clear once she entered the entertainment room. Tom didn’t need either of them, because he already had a bevy of maids waiting for him like dolls on display. It was fascinating really. Three scantily clad maids waited in an open closet like a bunch of robots. Unlike Natasha, their compensation must have been well worth it to waste their time standing around for most of the day. As far as Natasha could remember, Tom seldom used his entertainment room. He was either hosting a meeting or away from the house. It intrigued her to know what other things the Winchester’s blew money on unnecessarily. The gap in wealth between her family and the Winchesters was starting to look like a lake instead of a river.

Natasha walked over and stood in the empty space next to the last maid in the closet. She froze in her position with her arms by her sides and waited with her new coworkers. The smell of Mariah still lingered in her nostrils, which made the waiting experience more humiliating than usual. The idle maids waited another three hours until a professionally dressed male servant entered the room and began setting up a poker table. Once the table was set up and the chips were laid, the servant remained and also joined the waiting game.

The waiting seemed endless, and Natasha’s horniness increased as the minutes ticked away. She wondered if the other maids were as brainwashed as her or if they were only in it for the money. One was clearly college age and had apparently chosen to stand in a wealthy man’s basement over partying in the best years of her life. Something was clearly going on.

During her wait, Natasha would routinely remind herself of the uniform she was wearing and how sexy it felt to be so submissive. The association of becoming the weak Tasha was intricately tied to the uniform. She wouldn’t be able to stand around in a fancy cocktail dress or in lingerie. Only the uniform kept her mind complacent and obedient while her pussy was incredibly wet. Thoughts of the pervious day’s humiliation also crossed her mind, from the various people that finally got their payback to Madelyn using her like an ATM.

Her daughter’s unique use of her was something that stuck with Natasha, and she embarrassingly fantasized about what else her daughter could think of to humiliate her. The ultimate task would be giving Madelyn pleasure, a thought she had never had until after experiencing her daughter’s dominant side. Before she could further probe her feelings for her daughter, the doors opened, and four men dressed in suits entered the room.

“This fucking guy. I don’t think there’s a bigger ‘fuck you’ with money than four fucking sluts waiting in his basement.” The youngest looking man said. He had a frat boy look and swagger but was dressed like an expensive bachelor.

“Joshua. Language, please.” Tom said.

A few male servants followed behind and grabbed the men’s suit jackets and took them to another room. One male servant, wearing a bowtie, went behind the bar and started mixing drinks. The servants were silent and complacent without instruction. It was likely a routine they were used to. Joshua, on the other hand, seemed new to the process as evident by his inability to stop staring at the girls.

The older, larger man, with an air of money-backed confidence laughed at Joshua’s intrigue.

“You know they’ll do anything right?” the large man said.

Tom gave the man a stern look, then turned his gaze back to Joshua. “They’re for men, not boys.”

“I’m not a boy.” Joshua said defensively.

Laughter erupted from the large man and the other man, who was bald and wore a perfectly tailored navy suit. But Joshua was too distracted to care.

“Will they really do anything? Like anything at all?” Joshua asked.

“Yes.” Tom said.

At Tom’s signal, the male servant at the table grabbed the deck of cards and fed it to the machine built into the table for shuffling.

“You two, make out.” Joshua said.

Laura, the college blond, as noted by her nametag, and Winter, the middle-aged brunette, turned and made out for Joshua’s amusement.

“Get the fuck out!”

“Joshua, language.” Tom said. “This is a professional game. If you lose your spot once, you never come back.”

“Sorry Mr. Winchester. But that is freaking amazing. Do they do other things?”

“What part of anything don’t you understand, kid?” The bald man said.

Joshua looked at the redhead, Christie.

“You give me head.”

“Of course, you’d pick that one.” The large man said.

The bald man laughed at his friend’s expense as the redhead walked over and crawled under the table.

“That’s Frank’s ex-wife. He lost her in a poker game to Tom.” The bald man explained.

Joshua threw his head back as the lips of the redhead wrapped around his cock. He leaned back forward and looked at Frank.

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