The message

The messageThe Message:Part 1I had a message on my phone, it was a notification on my Facebook account from someone called F-man. I didn’t really think too much of it and waited to read it when I got home from work. The house is empty every night until about 8:30pm when my girlfriend gets home from work. I sat down and I got on my computer. I opened Facebook and went straight to the message. It started out, “Hi, you don’t know me, but I feel I know you somewhat, through a mutual acquaintance. Your girlfriend takes care of my ill mother. She and I have become quite close. I will get right to the point, she and I have been fucking for the past 2 months, every day. There are times she brings my cum home to you. She has no idea I’m writing you. Talk more, later. F-Man”When I read this I was wide eyed, set back and didn’t know what to think. My girlfriend is quiet, shy, reserved. She works as a nurse and certainly I didn’t expect this BS from some stranger. I didn’t say a word to my girlfriend when she got home. She has been distance the past few weeks, tired, not wanting my dick. I wrote back telling him he is full of crap. The next day I had another message from F-Man. I was still at work and couldn’t help opening and reading it. One part of me was angry, the other part of me horny. I wanted to follow her but couldn’t because of my job. My dick was hard thinking about this.“I know you’re probably shocked. Let me tell you more. When I place my 8 inch cock at her opening and hold my cock head between her pussy lips she bucks and gyrates her hips to swallow my fat, mushroomed cock head. She fucks herself, taking my large plumb sized head into her juicy slit. I just hold it there as she fucks herself, cock hungry slut! Poor girl. She whimpers as she takes more and more into her wet, sloppy fuck hole, enjoying it the deeper it goes into her. My fat cock spreads her wide, and it shines with her juices. She starts to beg and sweat; please, please fuck me. I inch my way into her until finally I slam the rest of meat home, right to my balls. She lets out a loud gasp as all eight inches fill and stretch her sopping fuck hole. You can hear her juicy pussy as I bang it. She spreads her legs as wide as she can, I slam into her, she cums hard and doesn’t stop, her hot liquid, the juices escape the tight fit and soak the bed. I continue to plunge her soaking hole, she loudly groans and whimpers and cums more. She bucks wildly and continues to cum as I continue to bang her. Finally I pull out of her gapped pussy. I rush my cock to her waiting mouth. She opens her mouth wide and eagerly takes my head as I shoot my load of cum down her throat, she swallows most but some escape her lips and runs down to her chin. We lay together for a few minutes, until she has to leave, back to you.” I waited until I got home, anger, disbelief but fucking horny too! Horny and wonderment is taking over the anger. This F-Man peeked my curiosity and my emotions. I paced around our house. It was getting late and I needed to write him, I needed more, I was still in disbelief. This isn’t the same women. I started writing, “F-Man , This really doesn’t sound like my girl, sorry. It sounds more osmaniye escort like some cheap slut from the street. I need pictures, a video. I need hard proof. Not this fucking BS you keep sending me. I don’t fucking believe you, maybe you do know her but that’s probably it. Proof!! As I finished writing the short note her car pulled into the driveway. I walked to the door to greet her. I gave her a big kiss. And said mmmm you taste of cum, half joking. I watched for a reaction, her face turned red, she looked twrds the floor. I laughed and gave her anotherr smooch. I noticed to when she walked away she wasn’t wearing her any panties under her scrubs. She said the usual , “Honey I’m exhausted and heading up. “ I stayed up to see if F-Man wrote. He hadn’t. Not yet anyway.I waited. I didn’t sleep well, excitement, thoughts racing. That kind of stuff. I went to work it was Friday. The weekend was here. I finished the day up, no message yet. I waited and waited it was around 8 when finally I get a ping!!! It was him, F-Man.“So what do you think of that tramp stamp? Today, before I fucked her I looked her over closely for details. Short brown hair, green eyes, small breasts, with very sensitive large nipples. She has a great build, athletic. No fat on her arms, a flat stomach, almost a six pack, and a belly ring. She is tanned from head to foot including her delicious bald pussy. Not a hair on it. Her lips are long and fat the kind that just love being sucked. Today when I fucked her, I had her on her knees, that’s how I got the picture without her noticing. I didn’t even get my cock all the way in her and she came. She’s always wet and always horny for cock. I rubbed my big head all over her bald snatch. She bucked back and forth but I wouldn’t give it to her just my fat head. Then I just held my cock at her fuck hole she took it in her and in no time at all she squinted, her cum leaked all over my bed, down my cock to my balls. She is so fucking hot and so fucking horny. She can’t get enough cock. I made her clean my dick up with her mouth until she drained me, Slurping my cum down her throat, today she didn’t spill a drop. Her Friday is tomorrow and I’ve invited a friend over. His nick name is Boa. Maybe I will invite more friends I don’t know yet. Do you believe me yet? She does what I tell her. She doesn’t understand no when it comes to sex. Maybe I will take more pictures or make a movie for you. You want to watch? “I was in shock and little disbelief. I didn’t know what to say or write. I was also hard, my cock was fucking hard. I was horny. My emotions were all over the place. I definitely have proof, hard proof. I want more, I decided again to keep my mouth shut. I decided I wanted to see tis video or more pictures. I was shaking, I was so excited. She came home and I got the usual, good night I’m tired bullshit. Ì had to come up with a plan. Again sleep didn’t come too early. I thought of F-Man and my slutty girlfriend fucking. I’m not mad anymore. It makes me horny, excited. I jerked off and fell asleep. Tomorrow is Saturday, a welcomed day off. I will be home pacing, Waiting. I wanted to go to F-Mans house. She left for work escort osmaniye around 2. I waited…Just after dinner time I received a ping. F-Man sent me a message. It was a link. It was a live feed to his bedroom. I set up to record it. The bedroom was empty no one was in there but you could hear muffled voices, it was definitely Lori’s and a man’s. The voices were getting closer to the mic. The camera was pointing to the bed. The voices were getting clear. I could make out F-Mans, they entered the bedroom. He said, I’ve been waiting all day for this, for that sweet pussy of yours. She laughed, more like a giggle. They came into view, I was washed over with a mixture excitement and jealously, my cock rock was hard. I plugged my computer into my TV, crystal clear. She looked what seemed directly at the camera and looked what liked to blow a kiss, maybe she knew? Rick was much younger perhaps 30. He grabbed her waist and she quickly responded, turning toward him, looking at him, he leaned and parted his lips, she met his lips in a passionate lip lock, tongues entwined, eyes shut. I felt as I could reach out and touch them. My breathing quickened as did theirs. I watched as his hands fell to her perfect tight ass. He slightly lifted her from under each ass cheek, she stood on her tip toes. He reached lower and separated her thighs as he did this, rubbing their clothed sex against each other. She responded, grabbing his ass and pulling him tight, feeling his stiffness beneath his pants. His lips went to her ear and her neck, her head fell back to the side, her eyes still shut. I could hear her moaning, whimpering in ecstasy. His hands still gently worked her ass. She lifted her blouse off herself and now stood in her bra. His kisses were all over her chest as he lowered the bra straps down her shoulders. She reached around and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. He kissed and sucked on her stiffened nipples, she continued to moan and whimper. My cock was oozing precum. I was transfixed on what was happening in front of me. It was about 6pm she has another 2 and a half hours there. I was thoroughly enjoying the show. Her top and bra was completely off, her rock hard nipples were pointing to the sky. He helped her lay on the bed with her legs partially hanging off. He was to the side of her and continued kissing her mouth, hands exploring, rubbing her breasts and occasionally tweaking her hard nipples. His kisses went lower, to the neck, her chest, her breasts, his hands caressed her thighs. She untied her scrubs, wanting them off so he had access. She pulled them down, leaving herself in her thongs. She looked so sexy, pink thongs, wet in the crotch, her beautifully tanned skin shinning. She was nearly naked. His hands started to rub the inside of her thighs, she spread her legs and gave him complete access. His kisses fell to her flat stomach. She hooked each side of her thongs with her thumbs and brought her panties down and kicked them off, she was naked. Her bald pussy looked right at the camera. She was already opened, her fat labia spread, her insides glistened with wetness. His kisses were know on her bald, pubic mound. osmaniye escort bayan She held his head trying to push him lower to her waiting snatch. She squirmed and begged. He started darting his tongue hitting her clit. She wiggled and moaned. He finally, after what seemed like forever dove in and started to eat her pussy in earnest. I couldn’t see the up closeness now, he blocked the way. I could see her, she started to pinch her hard, stiff nipples. She brought her feet up to the foot board spreading her legs wide, giving him unlimited access. Just then another voice, F-Man looked up. The voice said wow what do we have here? F-Man replied this is the girl I was telling you about. Lori grabbed for a pillow to cover herself. F-Man stopped her. He said. This is Mike, say hi. Lori said hi bashfully. She was laying there totally naked in front of two men. F-Man stepped to the side. Lori’s pussy was swollen, dripping wet and ready. F-Man’s hand fell to her crotch. I watched as 2 fingers slipped into her. She moaned, wiggled a bit to meet his touch. Mike, alias Boa bent down and started immediately kissing her. There was really no stopping now. Boa’s hands were all over her breasts and chest as F-Man continued to eat her pussy. She looked so natural. The next thing I know Boa takes his shirt and then his pants off. I see why he is called Boa. His penis is 10 maybe 11 inches of hanging fat meat. He kneels on the bed taking his cock in hand and putting the head on Lori’s lips. She starts licking the fat head, at first slow, then after a minute, in a more eager manor. She grabs his cock with one hand, her hand doesn’t completely go around the meat stick. She takes his cock head to her mouth. You can see her working his head with her tongue. He slowly starts to get hard. F-Man turns her over so her ass is in the air. She is gurgling, licking sucking. The men switch places F-Man watches. Boa holds his fully erect cock at her opening and steadily pushes it inward. He slowly enters her, first his head, then his massive shaft starts to disappear, 1 inch, 2 inches, he quickly pulls out, she loudly shrieks, he starts again she moans, whimpers like she’s in heat, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4, he gives her 5 thick inches and pulls it out again, he starts the process over, she finds F-Man’s cock and starts to suck. He has 8 inches of cock in her, he holds himself there, not moving. She feverishly sucking off F-Man’s cock. She gets used to the massive girth and she takes a little more. She starts to bounce in and out. I never have seen anything like this. She loudly moaning, she grunts and starts to shake, violently she shakes in orgasm. She pulls off from F-Man and shrieks, I’m cumming. He starts to fuck her. He turns her over with his cock still in its place and starts to pump deeper into her hot steamy box. She wraps her legs and arms around him as he pushes his fuck pole home. Finally one last thrust deep inside her, he fills her with his cum. She cries out, stretched, and filled by his massive cock and massive load, their juices mix. He slowly pulls from her, both are sweaty, she shakes. He slowly pulls his massive meat from her cum striated hole. He pops from her, cum leaks from her gapped hole. He brings his cock to her mouth to be cleaned, she obliges without hesitation. Licking and sucking on this rod. F-Man brings his cock to her mouth. Within minutes he explodes and fills her stomach, the slut is satisfied.

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