The New Sales Girl – Part Seven


The New Sales Girl – Part SevenThe New Sales Girl – Part 7I was still kneeling with Keith holding my leash and looking down at me. He said, “I called Robert and told him I was going to close the store for awhile. He agreed and I stuck a sign out there saying we’d reopen the next day. Hell you made a normal days sales in one hour so I decided I would devote the rest of the afternoon to using you for my personal amusement. It’s almost lunch time anyway.”I looked at him. He was a younger version of my husband. Handsome, buffed, and right now the look on his face was kind of wolfish. I simply said, “As you wish Sir.”Keith said, “I haven’t showed you the front display area yet. You will get familiar with that after you go out and bring us some lunch. Here’s a white T-shirt with the lingerie shop logo on the back and the shoe shop logo on the front. It’s a lady’s large and should just cover you enough to walk over to the pizza place. Here, put it on.”It was tight across my tits and just barely long enough to cover my pussy and the open crotch of my pantyhose. I was looking at myself in a mirror and thinking this doesn’t leave much to anyones imagination.Keith güvenilir bahis watched me looking into the mirror and said, “Is there a problem slut?”I replied, “Where do I keep my money Sir?” He laughed and handed me a hundred dollar bill and said, “Make it fast. A medium with everything should do and bring 2 sodas too.”I left the store and Keith locked the door again after I walked through. I headed straight for the pizza place and kept my eyes down so I wouldn’t see the stares and looks I knew I’d be getting. This was really embarrassing and sure enough I got several whistles as I walked by a group of guys coming out of a sports shop.My tits were trying to bust out of the T-shirt and bouncing with every step I took. I have to admit, my nipples were hard and sticking out through the thin shirt. My heart was beating pretty fast and I was kind of excited but mostly embarrassed walking through the mall like this. I had to constantly pull down the hem on the shirt to keep from showing things I didn’t want shown right now.I really wasn’t enjoying this but I obeyed Keith and I hoped he at least was enjoying it. I saw him following me at a distance and he türkçe bahis was smiling at my discomfort.I got the pizza and drinks and managed to make it back to the shoe store without spilling anything but I got lots of looks. Keith opened the door and we went inside. He told me, “Lose the Shirt DeAnn.” I laid it on the counter and walked back behind the curtain. Where my hands were cuffed behind my back and Keith told me to keep my legs wide open while he fed me pizza and soda and ate himself. When he decided lunch was over he wiped the pizza sauce off my face and said, “Well, I bet you’ve been wondering about the front display room I mentioned before lunch?”I smiled and nodded my head yes. Keith got up and pulled me to my feet leading me by my leash and he opened a door that allowed access to all the shoes in the front display area. There was a access way that actually went behind the mirrors in the display and as we walked behind those mirrors I realized I could see people looking in as if I was looking through plain window glass. I started to back up but Keith pulled harder on my leash and said, “Baby, you’re now the main exhibit on display for everyone güvenilir bahis siteleri to see.”I was freaking out. Keith grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to a Sybian machine that had a big dildo sticking out of it and a control box that reminded me of one of those mechanical bulls people ride. Keith put some lube on the big dildo and then he pulled a butt plug out of his back pocket and lubed that too. I knew what was coming and just stood there waiting for it. He turned on the vibrating plug and put it up my ass.Then Keith scooped me up in his arms and set me down straddling the leather barrel shaped thing with the dildo fully into my pussy. My hands were still cuffed behind my back and Keith put some weighted clamps on my nipples and then he put a leather ball gag in my mouth and secured it behind my head. He then stepped back and picked up the control box that gave a mild to wild ride on this thing. I was still freaking out about being in the window, displayed for all to see like this. Humiliation really big time.Keith yelled, “Cowgirl Up Baby.” Then the ride started for real.” He had his cell phone in one hand and his other hand on the control box. I’ve done some submissive sex acts in my time but this was something way new for me. I kept watching the people peering in to the shoe display and I wondered how long it would be until the cops showed up?-Continued in Part 8-

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