The request


The requestThis story is true, names have been changed for obvious reasonsIt was back in the mid 90’s, I was perusing YAHOO meet up/dating adds and cam across an add from a couple (Bill and Joan) looking for a third party to have fun with. I answered the add and after a few days of the formality Q&A stuff they decided on a meet. We selected a Monday morning visit. I arrived at their home around 5am and was ushered to the living room, by Bill a large older gentalman, we sat over a cup of coffee and he explained what was to be expected from me, He told me that due to some medical issues he could no longer preform, he suffered from a case of ED. He said that after a long talk with is lovely wife they decided to bring another man into their bed. At that remark Joan came out to introduce herself, She was a middle aged lady, about 5’6″ tall not fat but very pleasingly rounded muffin top, Strawberry blond hair (at both ends). She was tekirdağ escort dressed in a nighty that was almost transparent, Her tit (I found out later) were 36D with some nice nipples protruding from the silky fabric, After the pleasantry introductions and 30 min of getting to know one another, Bill asked Joan to lift her nightty to show me her treasured, that when I saw a sweet pussy covered by a nice carpet of strawberry blond dental floss, he asked if I liked what I see and I said of course, he then asked me to disrobe and show them my body, off with the shirt, shoes and pants, seeing the gleam in joans eyes and a mischievous smile I knew she was pleased with what se saw so far, the came the underwear, upon reveal of my now semi hard cock her eyes widened, she told Bill that it was bigger than she thought it would be, Bill then asked if wanted to take this to the next level in taking tokat escort Joan to their bed room and making love with her, Of course I said yes and we retired to the room. The room was lite by two candles, Bill sat in a chair beside the bed, Joan took up her place in the middle of the bed still dressed in her nighty, Joan looked a little nervous and They told me this was their 1st time with another man. I got on the bed with Joan and gave her a long french kiss as I caressed her tits through her nighty, After a few minuted of kissing and light caress, she responded by taking off the nights and revealing her lovely naked treasures, I continued to kiss and caress then I moved down to her lovely breasts and suckled and tongue caressed those beauties as my hand moved down to her hot pussy, I slid my finger along her slit and could feel the moist heat coming from her pussy, I found her clit and gently trabzon escort caressed it soon she was squirming with passion, I kissed and licked down her tummy to her hot pussy the scent of her heat was sweet musky and so very cock arousing, I licked and caress around her pussy lips the slid my tongue along her wet slit a few times then spread her thighs a dived tongue first into hot wet pussy slit, licking up and down from her tight ass hole to her aroused clit, tongue fucking her every time I crossed her hot hole, after about 3 to 4 minutes of Joan moaned loud and her hips bucked as she came, she held on to my head keeping me glued to her pussy, her thighs gripping in a orgasmic clutch, after what seemed and eternity but actuall a few minutes she calmed down and released my head, we kissed again and she told Bill that that was one of her best orgasms she has ever had, Bill told me he was not one for a lot eating pussy so this was a great show for both of them. Joan liked her taste on my lips as we kissed….Now for my turn, Joan said she had little experience in giving blow jobs and had only done it a few times in college and maybe 1/2 dozen time a year with Bill untill his little onset of ED.To be continued…….

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