The Spice of Life – Chapter 9


The Spice of Life – Chapter 9The day before Louise was scheduled to return home, her cell phone rang. She was in the middle of, as usual, getting banged by Jacob and ignored it. Another call, still fucking, still ignoring it. A third call five minutes later and by then, she had cum and Jacob had just given her an internal cum bath himself. She got up, showered and decided she should look to see who was so insistent about calling her. It was an international number and at first she assumed it was a bot, but then noticed the messages. It was from someone saying they were from a hospital in Thailand. The accent was heavy so Louise could not make out everything the person said, so she called the number given in the message. “Hi, this is Louise Brennan. You left several messages but I could not understand everything in them. Could you please connect me to the person I would need to talk to?”Shortly, a different woman’s voice began talking. “Mrs. Brennan?””Yes,” replied Louise.”Mrs. Brennan, I am sorry to inform you of this, but your husband has died. He suffered cardiac arrest a few hours ago and we were not able to save him.”Louise was stunned. Even beyond the point of tears or sadness. She was in shock. “I find that hard to believe. My husband was in generally good health. What could have brought that on?””Reports from the men he was with said he had taken too many of the little blue pills.””Wait, you mean to tell me that he was in a whore house with his buddies and took too many Viagra to keep his cock hard???” Louise was no longer sad, she was livid.”Mrs. Brennan, I can’t say what he was up to for sure, but I can’t think of a better explanation. We see that here quite frequently. You will have to do your own investigation. We can only identify the cause of death, not the circumstances around it.”Louise spent the next several hours making arrangements to have the body returned, sharing her grief and that of Holly. Holly was never close to her father, but the shock and the usual emotions were still there as they are for almost everyone. Jacob could only hope that he never reached that level of desperation. The next several weeks were a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Jacob and Holly found sex to be a form of comfort and reassurance, but it was not as wild and fun as it had been. Things were finally beginning to settle into a normal pattern again when Holly asked Jacob how he would feel about her mother moving in with them.”Is your mother going to be interested in a similar arrangement as what we were sharing when she visited?” Jacob asked as if it were a qualifying factor to his answer.Holly smiled, “I am sure it will be all that and more, honey. She is now mostly pissed that dad was out fucking around while denying her the pleasures she wanted most. She got a good insurance settlement, so she doesn’t have to live with us. She specifically asked your thoughts on the subject because she admires you and already knows I would like to have her here. I think she knows you will help her explore her kinky side – with my help, of course.””I’m good with it, Holly, as long as we still get to explore our own kinky side.” answered Jacob. The truth was he enjoyed fucking his mother-in-law as much as he liked fucking his own wife, or anyone else for that matter.Within a few weeks, Louise had sold the house and furniture, bringing only a few keepsakes and her wardrobe with her. She was ready for a fresh start and the chance to really get the sex she had yearned for all these years. The two weeks she had spent with Holly and Jacob bahis siteleri had spoiled her and there was no turning back. One of the first things she and Holly decided to do once Louise got settled in was to put on their “whore” outfits as Holly called them and go shopping. They didn’t really look like whores, but their tops were tight, their skirts were tight and their heels were high and their makeup was just slightly overdone. They were sure to get more than their fair share of attention, which was the point of the trip, not so much about buying something as much as keeping an eye out for men giving them the once over and possibly using them if they met their criteria.They started at the mall, walking inside from shop to shop and they got plenty of wanton gazes from the men and a few from the women as well as some jealous gazes from some women. They laughed that they could tell a bi or lesbian woman by whether she looked jealous or lustful at them. They didn’t know that for a fact, but it was fun to guess at it. They nearly stopped a couple of women to see if they wanted to play, but decided they would much rather find a stiff cock if they were going to have fun. They rationalized that they always had each other to play with if that was what they wanted.As they left the mall and drove toward another shopping center, Holly noticed her car was making a funny noise and it concerned her a little. She pulled into the nearest shop to get a quick opinion. It was a privately owned two-bay shop and the man working there was a tall, large framed black man. He had a warm smile and a friendly demeanor about him and was gentlemanly in his approach even though it was obvious he was very interested in the two hot women in his drive. Holly explained the noise she was hearing, started the engine again for him, and he seemed to know right away what it was. He opened the hood and, sure enough, it was a clamp on the air filter assembly was loose. He clamped it back in place and the rattle stopped. “Thank you so much!” said Holly, relieved that it was not going to be time consuming or expensive. “How much do I owe you?””For that?!” the man asked. “Nothing. That was the easiest thing I will do all day. Glad to help.””Are you pretty busy? Looks like you are a one man show around here.” Louise observed.”Normally, yes. But today is pretty slow. I don’t have any appointments on the schedule until mid-afternoon. That is pretty unusual, so I am taking advantage of the chance to do some organizing and cleaning.”The women exchanged knowing looks, then Holly asked the man, “Would you be interested in a little diversion?”The man looked confused until Holly lifted her skirt high enough to show him nearly half of her ass.”Lady, if one or both of you are the diversion, I will clear my calendar for as long as you can stay!””We should be satisfied by your next appointment,” said Louise, turning the door sign from open to closed.For a garage, the man kept things reasonably clean and tidy and had a small office in the back corner. He also had a large SUV in one of the bays. As they assessed the options, Holly suggested they carefully use the SUV. The office was too small and the counter area of his shop was too cluttered. The man closed the garage door and turned on the fan for circulation. He raised the hatch on the SUV to reveal a plush carpeted area. The women left their high heels on, but began to remove the rest of their clothes as he quickly stripped to just his socks. The women were shocked to find that he was at least as hung as Jacob and canlı bahis siteleri even somewhat thicker. His cock was already hard and looked like it would explode at any moment. The man took his time exploring each of the women’s bodies, playing with their big tits, sliding his fingers up their pussies and playing with and spanking their nice round asses. Both turned to face the inside of the SUV with their asses in the air on their high heels and wiggled their asses back and forth to tease him. He rubbed his huge black cock on their asses and teased their assholes and pussies with the mushroom knob of his cock head. Each whimpered a bit when he teased their pussies with it and pulled forward when they thought he might try to ass fuck them. Neither felt up that kind of intrusion at the moment. Holly turned and went down on the man’s long, very thick pole and began to lick the entire length while her mother began to slowly stroke it. Both began licking the sides of his cock shaft and rubbing their hands over the knob until he was leaking pre cum. He lifted Louise back to her feet and had her bend over the SUV. While Holly enjoyed the feel of the muscular man’s firm ass, he stuffed the thick round cock head into Louise’s tight pussy. She gasped as he entered her. As gentle as he was, she still felt like she was being ripped in half. Fortunately, she was very wet and that made it easier for his nightstick shaft to find its way nearly to her womb. He did not stop until he was as deep as he could go. Then he started fucking her with long, slow strokes, gradually picking up speed as he could tell she was more comfortable with his presence inside her. Holly reached between his legs and played with his large, low hanging balls, tugging on them occasionally, eliciting groans from him. He reached under Louise and grabbed her large, hanging melons and then changed so that he was reaching over her shoulders to grab them and he tugged and pulled on her hard nipples. He was enough taller than Louise that he could do it easily and still keep his long rod deep in her cunt. Louise began to shake as her body quickly reached a fever pitch of orgasm. She cried out loudly as she came on his shaft. He was too big and too strong for her to lock down completely, so he kept fucking her at the same pace, taking her from one cum to the next. He grunted a few times and grabbed Louise’s hips, then began to tell her how hard he was cumming. She could feel the warm flood deep inside her as he pumped a load in proportion to his cock and ball size. He pulled out of her pussy, his cock smeared with white gel of cum unevenly all over it. Holly took the pleasure of using her tongue to clean his shaft and then licked her mother’s pussy, eating the cum as she pushed it out of herself. Holly was practically ready to beg for equal time and treatment, but she did not need to. This man was ready immediately for round two. He laid her down in the back of the SUV and quickly began stuffing his big staff into her pussy without giving her time to prepare. She didn’t need it, though. She was dripping wet and getting her first big black cock had her ready to cum just thinking about it. She did cum the first time as he was just getting his meat fully drilled into her hot box. His hands were roughly handling her tits as he fucked her harder than he had Louise. Had he not been holding on to her tits, he was fucking her hard enough they would have been slapping her in the face with each thrust. Louise decided to try something she had never done before – at least canlı bahis not on a man. She got behind the man, dropped to her knees and began eating his ass. He slowed his fucking pace to allow her full access. She squeezed his balls as she drove her tongue into his ass, tongue fucking it like he was fucking her daughter. The man groaned and Holly was anxious to get back to the hard fucking she was getting, so Louise stopped and sat by her daughter and watched her get drilled. Louise looked to the garage door window and caught a couple of young men looking through the glass with huge smiles on their faces. She motioned for them to come in. They eventually found a way in from around back and she told them she wanted to watch them jerk off and if they were willing to follow the rules, she would let them touch her tits and cum on her. Both men readily agreed, dropping their pants to reveal average cocks, hard, and they began to stroke as they watched the big black cock pound the younger white woman. Louise dropped to her knees in front of the two men jerking off and allowed them to fondle her massive tits with their free hand while they continued to jack their cocks. One man moved in a little closer, tilted his head backward and launched an impressive load of cum all over the tit nearest to him. Shortly after, the other man did likewise, splattering Louise’s other tit and neck with his cum. At about the same time, the garage owner growled and pumped his second load of cum into Holly’s cunt. Louise was already covered in cum, but moved in to eat her daughter and the cum streaming from her fuck hole. The two men were amazed at the scenes playing out before them and their good fortune to stumble on it. As the garage owner put his pants back on, he asked the men what they needed. He hadn’t really paid them that much attention.”Actually, this is my SUV,” said one of the guys. “I thought you would have it ready by now.”The garage owner smiled, “It’s ready. And notice we didn’t leave any spots on it anywhere.””Are these two beauties upgrades or just part of your toolbox?””You would have to ask them,” said the garage owner. “But they are something special, I will say that.””I think we could accommodate you for a round if you have anything left in you.” Louise offered.”For you ladies, I could stay hard all day.””You just need to stay hard for one good fucking,” said Louise, laughing at their enthusiasm.The women each opened a side door on the SUV and leaned over the seats facing each other. The two lucky men stepped in behind them, big grins at each other as they began to stuff their cocks in the waiting women. Both women had to agree that a man doesn’t have to by hung to be a good fuck and these men seemed to know how to handle their tools. Having already shot one load on Louise’s big titties, they were both able to last quite awhile. They fucked in that position for some time and then lifted the women into the SUV and had them sit on their cocks and give them a lap dance on their dicks for awhile. Then they took turns double teaming each woman, fucking her mouth and pussy at the same time. Louise decided she was ready to try anal again and one of the guys nearly came at the mere suggestion of it. So they all agreed that both men would get the chance to finish in Louise’s ass. She was content after several orgasms to just relax and enjoy having her asshole reamed by a couple of average cocks. It felt good to have that region stimulated and she liked the feel of cum sloshing around in her ass when they came. Each one pumped their hot cum up her ass, with Holly right behind to clean them up. It was nearly mid afternoon as they all got dressed. The women left and the men paid their bill and drove away in their SUV that now smelled of sex, pussies, and cum.

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