The Steam Room


I sit in the UV-lit warm, sweaty environment of the steam room. Guys surround me either side. I can see the tiny droplets of sweat slowly glistening on their smooth pecs. I want to lick them. The one next to me has a silver chain and is dark-haired. Probably in his late twenties. Nice slim figure. The bloke opposite is more of a ‘bear’ – a nice hairy torso. Curly, sprightly dark chest hairs and an impressive cuddly beard to go with. I make eye contact with the Bear opposite. He looks me up and down and stares at my ever growing hard-on outlined by my tightly wrapped towel. I slouch backwards slightly on the wet bench so to make my erection appear more pronounced. I see the Bear gently lick his lips.

I notice the dark haired chap next to me also gently eyeing me up. He wants and desires me. These things are easy to pick up on in a gay sauna. I feel him try to make eye contact with me to gain permission to touch me. I simply play hard to get and close my eyes. Almost immediately I feel the light flicker of a tongue across my right nipple. I then groan slightly as I feel teeth gently nibble away at my sensitive nipple. The sensations drive me wild. I open my eyes as I see the dark-haired man gently fondle my stiffening cock now tenting my towel. He is quite vigorous in playing with my cock head but I do not mind. He puts his hands in between the towel as I note the feeling of smooth skin wrapped around my gently pulsating cock. He then completely unwraps the towel so that I am now sitting naked. I feel his hot mouth gently envelope my cock head. bursa escort It is so warm and inviting inside I wish I could stay like this forever. I feel his tongue gently manipulate my cock head inside his mouth pushing it to and fro. At the same time he uses his hand to gently work my shaft up and down. I feel the pressure surging through my cock. I do not want to cum yet so I gently stroke his sleek black hair, tug on it and pull his head up. I gently kiss his soft lips and then thrust my tongue into his hot mouth. His right hand then starts playing with my left nipple, gently pinching it as we passionately kiss.

As we do this I start to feel my feet being played with and kissed gently. My big toe is then being gently sucked. The sensations are surprisingly intense and make me clench my body. It is the Bear who has come in to join the fun. I momentarily break away from kissing the dark haired man and watch as the Bear proceeds to massage my calf muscles as he kneels down in front of me and slowly makes his way in between my legs. I spread my legs further to extend the invitation into my pleasure area and with this he smiles at me gently. What then happens is just pure ecstasy. I let out a loud moan as my manhood is completely sucked into this great Bear’s mouth in one go! I hear him gag slightly and feel the resulting saliva lubricating my cock head at the back of his throat. He gently rubs my smooth balls together as he moves his mouth up my shaft and straight back down again. The feeling malatya escort of being deep-throated is driving me crazy.

The dark haired chap next to me also watches in amazement at the oral skills of the Bear. He continues rubbing my chest in sweeping, circular motions as I proceed closer to my climax. I am unable to control my climax any longer and shoot my load at the back of the Bear’s throat. The ecstasy seems prolonged and I am unable to contain my squeals of delight. My body shudders with each shot of cum that pours forward from my cock. I continue to feel the vacuum-like sucking of the Bear’s throat, I grip the Bear’s head by the ears and pull him in closer towards me. He continues to gag on my still pulsating cock. I tell him, ‘I want every last drip swallowed’. He grunts in pleasurable agreement. My body writhes uncontrollably as he continues to suck me dry. I then hear him take a deep breath as he comes off my now limp cock. I am exhausted and lay down on the bench with my head over the lap of the dark haired man next to me.

The Bear retreats back to the bench opposite and rubs his nipples as he appears to catch his breath back. The man next to me tells me , ‘I want to fuck your mouth and use it as my hot pussy’. I happily acquiesce to his demands and bend my head backwards on his thigh as he proceeds to insert his solid cock into my mouth. He gently at first thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth. I feel myself gurgling as I rub my nipples. I reach up with my arms around his çanakkale escort firm buttocks to push him further into me. I feel myself gag and my eyes water, this seems to make him more excited and he proceeds to thrust faster into my mouth. I feel his body start to tense up, his groans becoming more and more frequent as I then hear him suddenly pause and feel a trickle of sticky fluid powerfully hit the back of my throat. He lets out a sigh of satisfied pleasure and continues to fuck me in the mouth. After he is done he bends towards me, kisses me gently on the lips and whispers ,’Thank you’, in my ears as he then wraps his towel around his smooth body and walks out of the steam room.

I turn my head to see the bear still staring at me, gently stroking his cock. There is a dead eyed, almost primal look in his face as he stares at me intensely. His hand movements around his hairy cock fasten. He then walks up to me whilst I am still lying on the bench. I turn my face upwards as I look up at the bears cock head staring at me directly in the face. I smell the musky aroma of his sweaty balls and pre-cum, the smell stirring my own cock. He bellows as he squeezes his cum into my mouth. I lap up the sweet juices from around his beautifully shaped glistening cock head. It’s a huge amount of cum and some sprays on my cheeks and trickles down the corners of my mouth. He continues pulling at his cock squeezing every last drop and rubbing his cock head onto my moist lips. He bends down and kisses me with his furry lips, whispers, ‘You did well, son’, and then like the man before wraps his towel around his slightly hairy but muscular butt and walks out of the steam room and closes the door behind him. I lay there still stroking my body as I relive what had just happened. Exhausted and in the steamy conditions I fall asleep. I wake up with feeling of a hand gently stroking my head…

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