The Story of Rolf and Erik Pt. 02


(Although it features hardcore scenes, this novella is meant to be a plot-driven character study, exploring the dynamics in male intergenerational sex)


It was a cold Saturday morning in early January, as Rolf walked out of his home in Nacka on his way to the city centre. It had snowed heavily during the night, and at almost 9 AM, the sun had just risen. Rolf could see his own breath in the crisp air. He enjoyed the sight of the frosted trees and the screeching sound of his boots thrusting into the fresh snow. He made his way to the station, hopped on the suburban train and put on his headphones listening to a playlist of his favorite country-blues songs. The trip would last half an hour to Slussen station downtown. The train windows were fogged, but he still had a glimpse of winter sunrise over the suburban landscape. Icicles hung everywhere from the snow covered roofs.

Rolf had actually planned to spend the morning at the city’s most renowned bathhouse, which had sauna cabins, steam baths, and a large swimming pool. He could have taken the subway, but decided to walk across the Knights Firth, which divided Stockholm in two, connecting the Baltic Sea to the lakes of the interior. The strait was practically frozen, although the ice was thin and cracked. The sky gradually lightened up getting a pale blue color, and the sun had taken its orange glow typical of winter. Rolf took the long pedestrian bridge over the water, and down below on the island of Gamla Stan, he saw the cars crammed in congested traffic because of the snow. Despite the chilly weather, he passed several people stopping to photograph the chiseled spires of the Knights church and the City Hall.

The cold on the long bridge out in the open was harsh, and Rolf fastened the pace, making large footsteps. He was dressed in blue jeans under a thick blue waistcoat, and wore brown suede boots. He had a rugsack on his back. His sailor cap that made him look like Captain Haddock in the adventures of Tintin. In fact, the cap visor also gave him the vague bearing of a cop. Some people cast him wary looks, as his bulky silhouette, greying beard, gruff expression and fast pace conveyed an intimidating feel. As he finally had reached the other side of the strait, Rolf turned to the right, and crossed the archways of the Parliament House. As he passed Sergel Square, he saw the water jets had frozen into surreal shapes around the glass obelisk, as the big dial clock on the Åhléns department store showed 10.00. He walked along the five Hötorg towers that looked like icy white dominos, and it took him less than ten minutes to the entrance of the bathhouse.

It was barely crowded for a Saturday morning, as the low temperature deterred most people to go out without a good reason. Rolf removed his clothes hurriedly, wishing to quickly enter the sauna to warm himself up. He bought a can of peach flavored ice tea from the automat, as he would enjoy a fresh beverage when the heat of the sauna would start to sting seriously. Through the small window in the wooden door of one of the booths, Rolf saw that there was only one man inside. It would be more comfortable and easier to move around, so he opened the door, stepped in and closed back again immediately. Then he removed the white towel from his waist, and took all the place he needed for himself on the bench. Rolf was waiting for the hot air to make its effect, and sighed as he felt the first drops of sweat on his bald forehead.

He had barely paid attention to the other man sitting there before he had arrived. The guy was quite young, slim and well-shaped, with a very white complexion, short blond hair and a light mustache. Rolf may have not paid attention at all, if the young man had not cast him a very straightforward glance with his deep blue eyes. Suddenly, Rolf was reminded that he was attracted to young men, as he was not yet fully used to the idea. He was afraid that he or the other would get an erection in what was after all a public place, and decided to ignore his neighbor as well as he could.

Erik scrutinized the new arriver, at once impressed by the man’s beefy looks. He was the incarnation of ripe manhod, reminding him of the statues of the Greek god Zeus. The hairy body was solid and powerful. The balding head and salt-and-pepper beard gave it a distinct gentlemanly signature. Erik could tell that the man was a straight, from the shiny wedding ring he wore at his finger. Then suddenly, he had a look at the man’s hands. He had rarely seen hands like these, they were large and robust, he must have been doing some manual job to have such paws. He had the healthy bearing of a lumberjack or a fisherman. But for sure, he emanated a sound and sturdy vital energy. Erik was wondering what sort of lucky person had the privilege to touch such a majestic body.

Rolf had started sweating streams, and as drops started to fall on the wooden bench, he opened up the can of ice tea, and started quenching his thirst. The sight of the beefy gentleman sipping a cold drink in the sweltering heat was incredibly sensual. Erik got afraid mardin escort to have a woody himself, and he discreetly covered up his crotch with his towel. Rolf got aware of that, and as he had felt the boy’s persistent look riveted on him for several minutes. Tension was building up inside the booth. Rolf looked back at Erik for a few seconds, and the deep blue eyes waned facing the equally intense wolfish gaze. Then he looked away and continued drinking slowly as the sweat was pouring out of himself.

The door opened, and a young man with curly hair entered the cabin. As soon as he sat down, he started to cast side glances to the two men, looking embarrassed. It felt as though a sexual energy was running through the booth, added to the scorching 90°. The curly guy soon went out hurriedly, but as he opened the door, a short Asian looking employee wearing rubber boots appeared with a bucket of a water, splashing its content over the burning stone. There was a sizzling noise as a cloud of thick steam invaded the booth, stinging both the nose and the ears. The two men started coughing, and exchanged a wink through the mist. A first contact between them had been established.

The temperature was hardly bearable anymore, so that Rolf decided to get out. He would have hoped to escape the tension caused by Erik’s persistent glance, but there he was again, now joining him under the circular shower. Rolf decided to ignore him once more, coating himself with soap and methodically rubbing every part of his stocky mature body one after the other. Erik was more concentrated on watching than on washing. He couldn’t keep his eyes away from Rolf’s mighty hands vigorously scrubbing his chest, genitals, ass, legs and feet. Once he was done, he let the water stream all over himself to rinse the soap away, rubbing his eyes, patting his face and breathing out. As the young man walked away and went back into the booth, he felt a mixture of deception and relief.

Rolf went upstairs to the cloakroom to get his bathing suit and water glasses, and proceeded to the large swimming pool. There were not many people inside either. The air felt cool after the sauna, and the large window panes immediately reminded of the winter outside. The pool was almost a historic landmark, as the white tiles indicated it was near to a century old, designed in the Bauhaus style. Rolf crouched on the edge of the pool, and entered the tepid chlorinated water. He decided he would make twenty lengths, and started swimming front crawl. He felt his inner tension releasing as he entered the water. Physical activity would help him stop thinking, as he would concentrate on his breathing and on his moves.

He must have swum ten or twelve lengths when he felt that another bather was trying to overtake him. At first, he only had a glimpse of him, as the swimmer immediately turned back after touching the pool’s edge. As Rolf was now swimming the other way behind him, he could tell it was a young man with short hair and milky skin, and wondered if he was the one who was sitting in the sauna booth. He could see his legs opening and closing like scissors in front of him, his crotch moulded in blue bathing briefs. He tried to overtake him in his turn, irked that a younger man would swim faster. But he failed, and just bumped into him.

– I’m sorry, said Rolf panting, as water dripped from his greying beard.

– You’re most welcome, replied Erik pulling up his water glasses, and this time Rolf recognized the blond face with the same straightforward blue gaze.

The young man immediately continued:

– I’ve never seen you here before. Do you come here often?

– Not so often, but I guess you weren’t even born the first time I was here.

Rolf tried to put a distance by underlining their age difference, but Erik was thrilled that the stranger would answer at all.

– I can tell, you definitely have the body of a long time swimmer.

Rolf felt blushing, not knowing what to answer next. Then he took his breath.

– Are you chasing me or what?

Erik looked at him calmly, with disarmingly frank eyes.

– I am, but If I’m disturbing, I swear I’ll leave you alone. No hard feelings.

Bang! The young man admitted impassively that he was chasing him indeed, as though it was the most normal thing to do. Rolf felt a punch in his stomach, and was again scared to get an embarrassing physical reaction. But he managed to keep control.

– You don’t disturb me at all, uh… I love meeting new people, Rolf lied, visibly embarrassed. Then he went:

– Look, I still have five lengths to go before I finish. If you like, we can wait for each other and have some snacks and a drink at the cafeteria.

– Sounds like a good idea, replied Erik in the same straightforward manner.

Astonished at the calm frankness of the pass, Rolf chuckled as he went back into the water. His heart suddenly felt joyful. Sure, many things in his head were far from being clear yet. But he was flattered by the new interest he was getting, furthermore van escort from a handsome, fearless, and earnest looking young man. Erik remained in the water, but at a distance as Rolf was finishing his lengths. Despite his bold bluff, the situation was just as new to him as it was to Rolf. Although the man’s physique had made him fantasize about a rough stud able to manhandle him, what he had found turned out to be just a nice, plain and visibly unexperienced middle class married guy. Erik understood that he was given a chance, but would have to take the lead if he wanted anything to happen. However improvised it was for someone used to obey, the hunger he felt inside was strong enough to drive him out of the woods.

As Rolf was done, they both got out, dried up, and went to the cloakroom where they were given long white dressing gowns. They took two seats in the cafeteria, and got themselves sandwiches and soft drinks. Rolf was impressed by the elegant looks of Erik, his perfect body and his brazen blue eyes. But he felt uninspired to conduct a conversation.

– I’m Rolf.

– I’m Erik.

– So what do you do in life?

– I’m a student in journalism. What about you?

– I’m a biologist, sighed Rolf. And also an occasional massage therapist.

Erik raised an eyebrow.

– I understand why you have such hands. It’s obvious you use them a lot.

It was the second time that Erik was commenting on Rolf’s physique. Rolf took his breath and finally asked:

– What do you want with an old guy like me?

– I just think you’re sexy as hell.

– You can’t be serious.

– I definitely am. Maybe you’re not aware of it, but you look just like a Greek god.

Rolf chuckled. No one had ever done him such a weird compliment.

– I had no idea I looked Greek.

Erik paused, and cast Rolf another calm and straightforward glance. He definitely looked serious.

– Listen man, let’s not play games. Believe it or not, you turn me on, alright? So if you want me, you can have me. It’s that simple. Life is here and now, and you ought to know yourself how fast things come and go. What do you have to lose anyway?

Rolf felt a knot in his chest at the unexpected turn of things. He was struck by the wisdom of Erik’s words, and yes, the boy was definitely desirable. But with his balding forehead and salt and pepper beard, he simply couldn’t believe that it was other way around. There was not the shadow of a doubt though: the young man was clearly out to have sex with him, full stop. Indeed, it was that simple. Rolf had the unexpected occasion to end up years of imposed chastity, and no one had actually told him outright that he looked sexy ever since he had reached middle age. Erik continued.

– Have you anything planned for this afternoon?

– I have some tinkering to do back home.

– Sounds exciting. Can I be of any help?

Rolf shook his head.

– Where’s home?

– Nacka.

– And you’re married, right?

– Right, but she’s far away now.

Rolf paused.

– I’m not ready to take someone back home yet. But what about you? Where do you stay?

– Do you know Hugin and Munin?

– You mean the student blocks?

– Well, that’s all I have to offer, but if you like, be my guest.

Rolf gave him a deep stare with his wolfish eyes, then nodded. They went back to the cloakroom, took off their bathing suits and showered, before sweating another ten minutes in the sauna booth. They would probably both have an erection if they had been just the two of them together. But the booth had now filled up with other men, and they couldn’t even sit next to each other. Then they got out again, and instead of using the regular shower ring, Rolf went aside to douse himself under the cold water jet. Even if Erik shivered at the sight, he was also impressed. They finally went back to the cloakroom one last time to put all their clothing back on, before they went out in the winter air. It was just past midday.


The cold had an almost sensual sting after the sauna and the bath, and although the temperature panels showed -7°C, the sun was shining. The sight of the two men was eye catching: if it hadn’t been for the beret on Erik’s head, they would have looked exactly like Tintin and captain Haddock. They were the same height, but Rolf was definitely heavier than Erik. They walked a while along King’s street, passing under the viaduct between the King’s Towers. Rolf stopped under the mushroom shaped structure on Stureplan Square to make a phone call, and they proceeded to the central market hall, as Erik wanted to buy some food to take home. From there, they took the subway to reach their destination within a few stops. They still had the scent of chlorinated water from the pool on their bodies. They tried to keep their conversation non personal, centred on each other’s occupation.

Hugin and Munin were two wide high rise buildings towering above the Finland ferry terminal, and famous for being the city’s ankara escort largest student homes. Their names were derived from Nordic mythology: Hugin and Munin were two legendary crows who sat on the shoulders of god Odin. Hugin meant “thought” and Munin “memory”. The two crows were said to whisper in the ears of Odin all what they had seen in the world of humans. Erik was staying in the Hugin block. The building’s architecture was slightly forbidding, all orange and red brick only cut by rows of perfectly similar square windows. The usual pattern was one bathroom for two rooms, and one common kitchen for a whole floor. Strict rules and schedules made sure everyone would take his due part in the chores.

As Rolf entered the student home, memory of his younger years came back to his mind. All of a sudden, the glimpses he caught made him realize his age gap with Erik more obviously than at the bathhouse. Going through the corridors, they came across geeky students with ponytails, girls with eccentric hairdos and fantasy theme t-shirts. Some carried laundry baskets down to the washing machines in the basement. The two men took the elevator to the 9th floor, took out their snow covered boots and placed them on the shoe case in the hallway. Even though he felt off key in this surrounding, Rolf immediately thought that parents and relatives were allowed to visit student homes, as he was allowed to do for Johan himself. In case anyone asked, he could pass as Erik’s uncle!

Erik’s room was small with two squared windows, but very bright and not overlooked as it was on a high floor. You could see the view over the harbor and the ferries, with the arches of Lidingö bridge in the distance. They stuck their gloves in the pockets of their heavy coats, which Erik put on a hanger, and removed their sweaters. Erik went to put his groceries in a compact fridge, then out to the bathroom next door to let their bathing suits and towels dry. The bedroom was well heated but a bit musty. There were all sorts of cables connecting unidentified devices, heaps of books and CDs, piles of papers, and clothes scattered here and there. Rolf felt like a bear in a doll’s house, and the lack of space made the room look cramped and chaotic.

– Boy, you’re even messier than my own son, said Rolf without tact as Erik came back.

– Mind you, I couldn’t expect that you would come. I seldom have visitors. All I do here is work and sleep.

Rolf was honored to hear he was one to the few that Erik had let in his room. The mention of his son hadn’t gone unnoticed for Erik. It wasn’t surprising after all. Rolf’s masculinity looked like a fountain of life, whereas Kurt’s was barren.

– So you have a son. How old is he?

– Eighteen. What about you?

– Just add three more years.

– Do you realize that I am old enough to be your father?

– Sure. How old are you exactly?

– I’m forty-seven.

– That’s perfect. I never had a father anyway. Shall we get comfortable again?

Rolf couldn’t believe this was all happening for real.

Erik looked defiantly, as he took off his blue sweater with white lines, and the white long sleeved tee-shirt underneath. He unclasped his belt, pulled down his jeans, and appeared in moulding black CK briefs and black socks that made a sharp contrast with his milky skin. This was more erotic to Rolf than seeing him naked at the bathhouse. Erik moved towards Rolf and hugged him, staring into his eyes. It had been ages Rolf hadn’t been hugged by anyone. He stared back baffled at the contact of Erik’s crotch upon his. A bulge was growing in his pants, and the privacy of the room implied he didn’t have to fight against it anymore. Erik’s lips touched his own, and then they kissed in a frenzy, their mouths melting into each other’s. Rolf breathed deeply, feeling his heart pulsating. He passed his fingers through Erik’s silky blond hair, as he let the boy undo the buttons of his light blue shirt.

Looking at the wall, Rolf had noticed a poster that had surprised him. It showed a group of young soldiers in World War I uniforms, probably French. Their mustaches and deep glances had something that thrillingly reminded of Erik’s face. They had served and sacrificed for duty, and many had been butchered although they would have preferred and deserved to live. Rolf thought to ask Erik why he had hung such an odd picture on his wall, but it was not time for talking. The picture just conveyed the feeling that life and beauty were short and breakable. Rolf and Erik were alive, and the body of such a handsome young man, so honestly offered to him, not only could not be refused, but had to be treasured and honored.

So Rolf unclasped his belt in his turn, pulled down his bluejeans and underpants, once again revealing to Erik the solid masculine body he had seen in the morning. Only this time his penis was standing straight, and the proud erection was dedicated to him. Erik pulled down his black briefs, revealing his own erection in his turn, with a bewildering effect on Rolf. It was the first time in his life that an erection was actually addressing him in person. He could still not fully integrate the idea that a middle aged man, however fit and muscular, could be an object of desire. Even far less so for a boy young enough to have been generated by him. And yet the hard evidence was standing firm and stiff between Erik’s legs.

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