The Teacher – Session 03


A note to the reader: You don’t necessarily need to read the two previous sessions to enjoy this one. Also, please note that this story contains the following: female and male anal intercourse, a woman with a very understanding and horny husband, and a lot of sex. If these are not your idea of a good fantasy, please read no further and leave no derogatory comments. However, if you would like to critique my writing, please do. Constructive criticism only, please. And now…Session 3…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another week went by. It seemed agonizingly slow, though Dave was enjoying it immensely. Karen was hornier than she had been in years. Mark did something for her that made her insatiable. Dave needed to find out what exactly that was. He loved his wife, but he loved this renewed side of her too. Their sex life had never been boring, but this was a whole new level for them. Not even swinging had brought out this in her.

Knowing what the next week would be like, Dave was excited when Saturday arrived yet again. He had been waiting for this week for some time. Karen was going to initiate anal sex and Dave loved to watch his wife take a cock up her ass. Fingers were great, but there was nothing like watching a cock pummel her little anus.

Mark was right on time, wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top that was showing off his deepening tan. Karen was instantly wet when she saw him. She too had been looking forward to today. Some of her clients loved it, some didn’t, but she was sure that Mark would be in the positive column.

She grabbed his hand and giggled like a schoolgirl as she took him back to the cottage. Dave winked at her as she passed the pool. When they were settled in, Dave walked into the house, his erection shadowed in his swimsuit. Karen was right: the right pattern made the clothes.

Karen closed the door, smiling as she started working Mark out of his clothes. “Mark, I have two things to talk to you about before we get started,” she stated. “Nothing major. Everything is fine. But I wanted to talk to you about the session today. You have to be ok with it before we go on with what was scheduled.”

He looked at her and blinked as she availed him of his clothes. Standing there naked, he felt momentarily exposed, but sat back on the bed. “Sure thing. What’s on the schedule?”

Karen looked at him, stating very plainly, “Anal.”

“Your ass or mine?” he asked, his face never changing expression.

“Either or both. We can do it all. Or we can do none. That is up to you. People have strong feelings when it comes to anal. Either they love it, or they hate it. I don’t want to push you into anything. It seemed like you enjoyed it last week though when I fingered your ass.”

‘May I ask a question?” he inquired.


“How would you fuck me? I mean, I guess, with what?”

It was Karen’s turn to blink. That was not the usual ‘do you like it’ question she normally got.

“Well, I have a strap-on, but I prefer either a dildo or a vibrator. Of the two, my favorite is a vibrator. I can fuck you with it, or get it nice and deep and turn it on.”

Mark smiled and leaned in to help her off with her own clothing. “Grab your vibe then. I am up for it. I would rather try it and decide than dismiss it just because it’s unmanly.”

Karen grinned and went to get the new vibe and lubricant she had purchased for him. The clerk at the toy shop probably thought Karen used the hell out of her vibes since she came in for a new one every few weeks. When she was done, Karen would give this to Mark for his own use at home. She really hoped he would like this.

When she turned around, Mark was lightly stroking his erection, precum dribbling to the floor.

“I want to do your ass first though. Would that be ok?” he asked, his puppy-dog look coming back.

She quickly stripped, happy to oblige. After having him in her pussy, she was going to love taking him in her ass. It would take some time and patience, but she was ready for it.

“How would you like me to be? What’s your fantasy? You need to be able to go slow. You’re bigger than others that have been in my ass. You will probably cum early on from the pressure, but we can try again as soon as you’re hard.”

Looking around the cottage, Mark stepped over to the couch and sat down, slouching a bit so his lower back was on the seat.

“Come sit on my cock. You take it at the pace you need. We’ll work out the rest after that,” he said calmly, belying the excitement building just from talking about taking her ass.

Grabbing the toy and lube, Karen moved over to him and straddled his lap. She aimed his hard-on for her pussy and sat slowly facing him. He looked up quizzically, and she told him that she didn’t like lube in her ass, that a bit of pussy-juice would be just fine.

Mark relaxed and let her pump on him for a bit. He watched her breasts bouncing and reached up to pull on her nipples. She moaned and lifted off him, his cock falling out güvenilir bahis of her. He looked down to see the shine of her lubrication covering him. Karen turned around and placed Mark’s cock at her backdoor. He watched as she lowered herself.

He could feel her little ring stretch as she slid over his head. Watching with amazement, she stretched around him, his head pushing into her. With a pop he was in and she sighed. He looked up at her, making sure she was ok. Her head was back in passion as she very slowly lowered herself, her ass stretching around him. He was already feeling his balls tighten and he grabbed her hips to stop her momentarily. When the feeling passed, he pushed her down. She gasped, then nodded at him. He tightened his grasp on her and drove her down, forcing her to take the rest of his length.

Karen let out a whimper, then moved up and down slightly. Once she was fully used to his size, she slid his length deep within, then back out so that the edge of his head was just inside her. Smiling, she slid it out too, then right back in. Mark growled at the intense sensation and tried to drive up into her. Karen knew she needed to maintain control, and she tucked her feet under her, holding his thighs down.

Mark was loving the tight feel of her passage. He couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t. She was incredibly small, even though she said she had done this before. As she leaned forward on his thighs slightly, he could watch her slide up and down his pole. His lubrication was providing enough moisture to prevent him from hurting her and actually it was glistening on his rod as she lifted off him.

“Karen…this feels fantastic,” he said between pants. “Are you ok?”

“Your cock is so big. It feels wonderful. I can feel my release building.”

Mark smiled. “Can we try another position? I love watching you take my cock in your ass, but now that you can take me, I want to pound you.”

“Mmm…sure.” She slowly lifted off him, her ass making a popping noise as she pulled him out. He watched as her very stretched hole twitched and contracted back to near its original size. “Did you want me on my knees?”

Growling, he flipped her over, driving back in her as he held her cheeks open. Karen moaned from the intrusion, holding her ass back so he could slide into her as hard as he wanted.

Watching the transaction take place, Mark knew he had permission and slid his cock out all the way so he could watch her hole close again. As he watched, he pumped his cock, keeping himself on the edge. He loved riding it. Feeling the pressure build, he leaned back in and held her hips, pulling her back on his cock. She spread easily and he slowly filled her with his rod. Once fully in, he jerked towards her, grinding her as he held her still.

“Oh my God, Mark! That feels so good!’

Mark sighed and watched his tool pull out of her before driving back deep again. Karen let out a little squeal, and he started driving in her hard, his own need overtaking even his desire to watch his cock on her hole.

“Fuck yes! Fuck my ass with that cock!” Karen moaned. She had never felt anything so exquisite in her ass before. She knew Dave must be enjoying the show. He loved her ass as much as her pussy and watching this stud take her so hard must be throwing him over the edge.

Mark tightened up his face, his balls beginning to hurt from how swollen they were getting. He let out a grunt, followed by a “fuck! I’m cumming!” He could feel Karen rubbing her poor ignored clit as fast as she could as cum boiled up from his balls and spurted from his buried cock. Stroke after stroke, he pulsed deep in her, then, with a moan, she came around him. It was like he had not cum before. He deposited glob after glob in her, and the more he spewed, the better her ass felt. He looked down and could see it start to come out around him. With one last shove, he let her milk the last of it.

Karen’s hand let loose of her clit, and she hovered on hands and knees as Mark laid his head on her back, gently tugging at her nipples as they hang below her. She moaned softly, her chest heaving.

“Is it always that good or was that beginner’s luck?” Mark asked softly, kissing at her spine.

“Given the two choices, I would have to say it was beginner’s luck. It’s never been like that for me. You have a bigger cock than most, but it is not the largest I have had in my ass. But it certainly is the best!” Karen collapsed onto the bed, Mark rolling to the side behind her.

“So, I got your ass…I guess you get mine, huh?” He was caressing her back softly, watching it bump up from the touch of his fingertips.

Karen rolled over to him, running her hands along his sides and over his behind. “Yes, Mark. Your ass is now all mine.”

Mark quivered under her stare and relaxed. He knew she would be gentle with him. She reached over the bed and grabbed the toy to show him. Taking it from her, he held it and realized it was not very big. Not around anyways. türkçe bahis It was quite long, as long as he was and he thought it might be interesting to see what came of this.

Leaning into him, Karen whispered, “Lay on your back, lover, and pull your legs up so I can see that ass of yours.”

He did as he was told, relaxing into the position. His penis was soft, and laid across his pelvis. He wondered after that last round if he could get hard again. Karen sat beside him on her knees so he could see her pussy quite nicely. He still found her scent intoxicating and was thinking about it as she opened the lube and put some on her fingers. Leaning down, she kissed him, capturing his tongue. He felt the coldness of the lube on his ass as she rubbed it around, massaging his anus and he moaned into her. He never thought that having someone touch him there would be as wonderful as it was.

Still rubbing, Karen pushed slightly on him, sliding her fingertip in and holding it there. She could feel his ring tighten around her.

“Relax and breathe. Once I get you stretched out a bit, you will love it. I promise,” she crooned in his ear.

Mark took a deep breath and relaxed. He liked how it felt, and he knew she was going to do more than just her finger. Thinking about it momentarily, he was excited about it. He enjoyed the last time she had fingered him, but he knew this was going to go much further.

Karen pulled her finger out, added another and worked them back in, stretching his tiny hole as she did. He moaned slightly and with her other hand, she reached out to stroke his cock softly. He was not fully hard again, but he would get there.

After he was properly stretched, she drove into him roughly a few times with her fingers, then pulled them back out. Mark felt empty. He looked over at Karen who was rubbing the vibe in her pussy juice, running it through her lower lips and slicking it up. Mark watched in fascination as it gathered her moisture, knowing she was going to impale him with it.

Karen moaned as she slid it. She was so hot, she wanted to climb on his cock and ride it, but she knew it would be better once she was done. She pulled the vibe out of her folds and placed it at his door. Slowly, she slid the tip in, watching Mark’s eyes close as he received it. She knew from experience that he could take much bigger, but she did not want to freak him out.

When she had about 2 inches in, she looked up. “Are you doing ok?”

Mark looked at her lazily. “Just fine. This feels great.”

Smiling, Karen pulled it out about an inch, then drove the full 8 inches into him. He gasped and bucked against her hand.

“Fuck that feels awesome!”

“Relax and let me have some fun,” she said back, smiling.

He did as he was told. Karen worked the fake cock in and out of him, building up speed. Mark’s cock was harder than before now, his prostate being massaged by the plastic vibe on it. Karen stopped moving it for a second, slowly switching it on. Soft vibrations started and he moaned. With each thrust, Karen turned it up a bit until his ass hummed.

“Holy fuck! I think I’m cumming!” he all but screamed. At that, Karen stopped. She pulled the vibe out and waited. Mark calmed down and just looked at her.

“Why? Put it back!” he begged.

“Not yet. You were no where near ready for what I want you to do.”

He just stared at her. His balls had felt like they wanted to explode, and then, she stopped. He laid back and took a few deep breaths as he felt Karen’s hands massaging his sack. He really wanted to cum.

Mark felt the vibe at his ass again, pushing for admission. Watching Karen, he reached a hand out to where she was holding on to the vibe. It was not the same one as before. Fuck! It felt like a monster! Karen watched as he realized what she was going to do and just as he was about to tense up, she rammed it in, sinking it in about 4 of its 10 inches.

“Aiyeeeeee!” Mark howled.

Karen giggled. “You can take much more if you relaxed.” She slowly moved the rest of it into him, then turned it on. He moaned and pressed his ass into her hand. Regaining her previous stroking, she turned the vibrations to maximum. He was taking this easily and started to pant at her ministrations.

“That’s it, Karen. Fuck my ass,” Mark was pleading. Karen knew he would not hold out much longer. His ass was twitching around the large vibe and she could see his balls swell. “Fuck me harder, damn it! I am so cloooo……” his voice trailed off as she watched his cock grow.

Pounding him harder, she whispered to him, “That’s it. Cum from me fucking your ass. Give in to how good it feels to have this huge vibe ramming your ass!” That’s all it took. His cock exploded, sending rope after rope of his thick cum shooting across his chest, landing in puddles on his sweat-covered skin. His guttural screams continued as Karen reached up and milked the last out of him as she moved the vibe in deeper.

As his cock güvenilir bahis siteleri became flaccid once again, she pulled the vibe out, turning it off. He laid there for several long minutes, stars moving in his vision. Nothing had prepared him for an orgasm like that. He didn’t even think it existed. When he was finally able to control his movements, he reached up and pulled Karen to him, capturing her mouth and showing his appreciation for the ass-fucking she gave him.

She looked up to see the hidden light go out on the camera. Karen smiled. Dave was sure to have cum hard over what she just did.

They laid on the bed, wallowing in satisfaction for a few minutes. Mark was content, but wanted to show his pleasure to Karen for teaching him so many things, with more yet to come. He rolled to his stomach, rubbing his hand down Karen’s body. She moaned, and he pinched her nipple, rolling it between his fingers.

“Aren’t you worn out? Or is it just youth that makes you like the Energizer bunny?”

Mark smiled and nuzzled her shoulder. “The more you take from me, the more I seem to want. Is that normal for your clients?”

“No, not normally. Most guys collapse after cumming that hard.”

“Well then, this is your lucky day. You have a student that doesn’t.” Reaching down, he ran his hand through her slit, gathering some of her wetness before moving his hand to his cock. Slowly he pumped it, watching Karen as she gazed hungrily at his length. “I think I’m up for round three if you are.”

Karen met his eyes. The need for one more was evident to them both. She pushed him on his back, holding him down as she straddled him. His cock was nestled in her slit as she slid back and forth, massaging him with her lower lips. Growling, he grabbed her hips, trying to bury himself in her, but she refused his admittance.

“Not yet. Just relax. You’ll be in soon enough!” Increasing her pace, she moaned softly. He was watching her breasts bob and sway before reaching up and holding them, palming them and tugging at her now-hard nipples. His head rubbed against her clit and she moaned louder, riding the sensation before lifting up and taking him completely.

“Aaaahhhh…yes. Ride me Karen. I want you to come first. I want to watch you again.” His hands rested on her thighs, softly rubbing them as she moved back and forth, rolling her hips. Her clit was aching so she ran her hands down to where they connected. He watched, but moved her hands aside.

“Let me. I want to rub your clit this time.” His thumbs spread her slightly and her clit peeked out from his hiding spot. It looked like a little penis, proud of its little home. Running his thumb over it softly, he smiled as Karen moaned. Gathering up her juice, he spread it around and started rubbing earnestly.

He watched, seeing what his thumb was doing to her. Her head was back in lust, softly little moans interrupted by panting escaping her. Leaning back, she propped herself up by resting her hands on his upper thighs. Mark had a better angle at her clit this way and he bet that Karen knew it.

Her pace steadily increased as well as Mark’s feeling that he really needed to cum. She was rolling her ass on his balls, massaging them lightly and it was driving him nuts. Determined to make her cum first, he pinched her clit. Karen sat up, squealing as she started bouncing hard on him. He knew she was getting close. Rubbing hard, he felt her pussy contract around him. She was pounding him like crazy.

Just as his release was eminent, she came. Her body went taut, breathing fast, she screamed. “Oooooh! Yes! Yes! Aiiiiiiiye! Cum for me Mark. I need to feel you cum in me!” His cock exploded, splashing wave after wave of cream in her. His hands pulled her hips down onto him roughly. He tried to keep his climax rolling; he couldn’t get enough. Just when he thought he was coming down, she moved just right and stars exploded around him. Slowly, she stopped moving. Her hair hung damp around her, her pussy twitching lightly on him.

“Now are you satiated? Please. Please, dear God, say yes.” She rolled off him, cum streaming out of her as her pussy relaxed.

“I think I’m done for the day. Damn. That was fantastic.”

“Yes, it was. I need a nap.” Mark laughed and stood up. His softened cock was dripping in juices as he walked to the bathroom to clean up a bit.

“What’s next on the agenda? We have done so much already!” Mark asked from the bathroom.

Karen smiled and looked towards him. “Well, I was going to ask you something. Something about what we can do next time.”

“Ask away!”

“Dave wants to join us,” she said furtively.

“Dave?! Um, well…”

“He wants you to teach him where my g-spot is. It has eluded him for years. Then maybe you can both have me if you want.”

Mark smiled and thought about the possibilities. “Can I think on it for a few days? Maybe tell you next Saturday?”

“That will be fine. I will let Dave know the arrangements. He will be ready either way.”



“How did Dave know I found your g-spot?”

Karen paused, unsure whether to divulge her secret. “I tell him the highlights of the session. He does the same for me when he has clients.”

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