The Tease

Ball Gag

Finally, I have another story for you. It’s taken awhile to find the time to finish this one, but I suppose that’s just the way it is right now. My career is going gangbusters and lately, there just isn’t too much time for anything else it seems.

So this story takes place near the end of my undergrad days in college. I was probably around 20 or at the time. My college boyfriend Bobby and I had a kind of fractious relationship and it got worse as it neared the end of school. We both had different plans for what we wanted to do after college and it was putting a lot of stress on our romance. We were in this pattern of breaking up and then getting back together again after a few weeks. Bobby and I were going through one of those breakup times a few weeks before we were supposed to graduate from art school.

We had broken up… again, about a month before. I had been away for the weekend, but had come home early. Evidently, Bobby had had a party the night before. I found nude pictures of myself and empty beer cans all over the living room. Worse, there was a video in VCR. If it had just been the pictures, I might not have gotten so pissed, but the video was bad.

It was Bob and I having some pretty crazy sex and I was particularly wanton that night talking about various naughty fantasies as we made love.

That’s the video that he had shown his buddies. I thought it had been erased, that’s what Bobby told me anyway. I was livid and went into the bedroom and started throwing stuff at him.

He was still drunk and came out of bed like a banshee. But when he realized it was me, I could see that he was using every bit of willpower he had not to hit me, but he was pissed at how I woke him.

I didn’t care, I immediately laid into him about the video and pictures and he said that he hadn’t shown the video to his buddies, only the pictures. I didn’t believe him and was still pissed about the pictures. I packed my stuff and stormed out of the apartment.

After a couple of weeks, Bobby was starting to call again. He was being all sweet and apologizing, but I wasn’t ready to forgive him… not yet anyway. I felt pretty betrayed that time. But I guess in the back of my mind I kind of knew it was going to be only a matter of time before I would forgive him and we got back together. Somehow, I just didn’t feel like we hadn’t run our course yet. He still excited me like no other man I’d ever met. There was just a crazy intense chemistry there. He was a bad boy and I guess I just needed that then.

Now, since Bobby and I were broken up and hadn’t really made up yet, I had another problem. You see… I was getting really… ummmm, let’s call it rambunctious.

It had been over a month since I had any sex at all and I was used to getting at least a little something almost every day. I really felt like I needed some sort of adventure… something to just spice life up a little bit. I was thinking of maybe just showing off a little bit or something. I guess about anything would’ve been ok with me at that point. I was just so full of sexual energy.

Now… that all said… I have to be clear, I wasn’t thinking about picking someone up for a quick turn in the hay, that’s never really been my style… I need more adventure than that offers. For me, showing off can be more exciting sometimes than just about anything else. I know that probably sounds crazy to you guys, but that’s just the way I’m wired.

So it was Friday night and there was going to be a big party that night at the house of one of my classmates. I figured I’d go and see what happened if anything. I generally am very careful around people I know. I don’t mind being regarded as sexy, but I find for the most part people like to talk too much and that sort of talk is never good for a girl.

But for this night, I don’t know… It was the end of school, I wouldn’t see most of these people again and I decided to cut loose a little bit and figured that maybe a little hit of mescaline would be a fun way to do that. One hit really isn’t that bad. For me, it just seems to make things more intense with maybe some flashing colors thrown in for good effect. I loved how I felt when I took mescaline.

So I took my little purple tablet and headed out for the night. It usually takes an hour or so to start to feel the effects of the drug so I stopped in and had a couple of drinks at a local pub. When I finally did get the party, it was going full steam ahead, loud music, rowdy guys and lots of alcohol flowing and… and I was good and high and ready to party. I don’t think most people wouldn’t have known that I was high at all. I tend to be fairly hyper, but don’t go around acting like an idiot when I’m toasted. I really like to watch people and enjoy all the action.

After spending an hour or so talking to people, I felt like it was time to step it up a bit. By this point, I had a sweet little buzz going, guys were flirting and I just felt pretty damn hot. I loved how mescaline made me feel.

I bahis firmaları also think that it emboldened me a bit. I wanted to feel a little sexier than I did, so I found a bathroom and took off my bra and thong. I was just wearing a simple white sundress; it was loose and flowed nicely on my body. It wasn’t overly sexy or anything, but the simple design softly accented my figure perfectly.

Without my panties and bra, I felt transformed and really, really sexy… and I hadn’t even left the bathroom yet.

My nipples were twisted up tight and at the right angle with the light behind me… every detail of my body could be seen as the cloth became translucent. I found it to be sexy as hell to be totally naked under such a thin piece of material. I could feel the soft material rubbing against my nipples and it felt heavenly almost like soft caresses. It was just the feeling I was looking for.

I kind of felt like a leopard on the hunt, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing or why. I was just going with my instincts. I had this sort of sense that something was going to happen. I didn’t know what, how or why… but something was brewing.

Now, I kind of know that’s all me, but back then, I still thought there were outside influences and I was just getting caught up in those things. It kind of gave me this great buzz deep in my belly. I don’t know how to really describe it better.

Of course the mescaline only added to that feeling.

It was a really good party and I was having a great time jazzing it up with everyone. In my mind, I was kind of treating it as one of my first events out as a single girl and found myself sucking up all the attention; somehow it seemed that the guys sensed that I was in a different, maybe crazy mood that night. I think they sensed that I was high and crazy.

My friend Rachel says that I exude this sort of aura when in one of my “moods”. Guys can’t help but react to me. Most of the time, I think that’s just a bunch of bullshit. However, I have noticed that sometimes when I’m in one of my moods, I’ll be slow dancing with a guy and feel his hard on pressed against my belly. It’s crazy to think he got it just from dancing with me. That’s happened with older guys as well as guys my own age.

So, I was flirting like crazy, but with no serious intentions, just playing. I just felt so goddamn good. I knew that I was giving some guys a rather exciting view when I stood in front of this lamp or that one. I was being discreet, but totally enjoying it when they looked. I was drinking up the attention. I could see the look in their eyes when they realized that I wasn’t wearing anything under my dress and that they could see the some of the rather intimate details of my body.

Well… having been a cheerleader in a past life, I understood the fine art of flirting. I knew exactly how to pay attention to one guy just long enough to tease him a little, then flit off to another to flirt some more. It just sort of builds this sexual tension that you can almost cut with a knife. I was really having fun for the first time in a long while.

I don’t know whether it was the mescaline or just my own lack of sex in a while, but I was so wet and ready. The thin dress, the drugs, the alcohol, the situation… it was all playing together that night. My belly had that familiar feeling of butterflies that I get when I’m lusting. I could feel the blood rushing through my body. My breasts and pussy were swollen in anticipation. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I felt in my bones that things could get crazy for me if I wasn’t careful.

I was making my way through the crowd to the back patio when I noticed this guy named Stephan sitting in the backyard talking with a bunch of other photography majors. Bob hated him, I think because he was a really good photographer, but probably more because he used to flirt with me mercilessly. Regardless of what Bob thought, I really liked him, He was smart and he was a talent. I always find that sexy and attractive.

I also really liked his photography; it was well composed black and white stuff and very erotic. I thought he made women look very, very sexy without appearing sleazy… and in my opinion, that’s a pretty good trick to pull off.

Almost every time I saw Stephan, he’d tease about how he’d love to photograph me sometime. Of course I always teased right back too, telling that I knew exactly what kind of perverted pictures he’d want to take.

He’d ask me what kind of pictures were those and I’d smile and lean into him and whisper in his ear that he wanted to take pictures of my pussy and that I was not going to let him do that.

He’d laugh with delight and I’d just smile at him, we had never taken it any further than that. Bob absolutely hated him for the teasing and got pissed at me whenever I would go along with it. But I loved the look on Stephen’s face every time we had that exchange. I could tell that he was imagining what I might look like and that never failed to kaçak iddaa give me a delightful little tingle deep in my belly.

Stephan was probably the antithesis of Bobby in that he was pretty clean cut, apparently had some money and probably had been a jock in a past life. He was a big guy who looked like he could hold his own in a fight. He had that same confidence about him that Bobby had. As a result, Bob didn’t intimidate him like he did most other guys. I found that interesting… and intriguing.

I got a fresh drink and went out to flirt with Stephan for awhile. As soon as he saw me, he got up and gave me a big hug and invited me to join them.

They were a fun group and I guess pretty typical of a bunch of artists hanging out. Eventually as the evening progressed and people came and went, but finally Stephan, this guy named Jim and I were the only ones sitting in the garden listening to the music and sharing a joint. Jim and Stephan were best friends and roommates, Jim was also a classmate of mine, meaning he was a Fine Arts major like me. When we finished the joint I sat back and looked at Stephan for a moment. He noticed my appraisal and asked what was up. I just continued to smile at him; I was still so high on the mescaline. I could just feel it flowing through my brain and it lit up the world in these otherworldly colors.

I told him that I was a little disappointed in him. He looked at me with a bit of a confused expression. I laughed and teased him saying that I must’ve lost some of my allure, he hadn’t once asked me to pose.

“I guess I’ve just been replaced by prettier girls with better figures who are willing to pose for your dirty old pictures…” I said with a mock look of disappointment on my face.

“Oh nononononono Jenn, You’re not putting that on me!” He laughed… “oh no… you’re not doing that, you’ve rejected me so many times in the past that I just couldn’t face another rejection from my favorite muse.”

Jim laughed.

I looked over at him, then jabbed him in the ribs… “What? You think I’m not a muse?” I joked.

I looked back at Stephan and sweetly called him a spineless jellyfish for his lack of conviction. Teasing these guys was great fun.

“Of course, you’re probably right though, I mean I know what a dirty, naughty man you are. I’ve heard all about the kinds of pictures you take of the girls and of course, I’m much too sweet and innocent to be allowing you such liberties with my person. I mean what would the football team back home think if their favorite cheerleader let some art school wacko take provocative pictures of her?” I smiled.

He just laughed, but finally held up his hands to stop my attack…”Ok, ok, ok… Jenn I give up, you’re right and like usual with you, I’m wrong… so let me ask… would you pose for me, I really do think you’d be a fantastic model and I’d love to debase you with my filthy photography.”

“Well,” I smiled, and I leaned into him and whispered… “I still think you just want to take pictures of my pussy” then leaned back so Jim could hear to, “but since you put it like that, how could a girl possibly refuse?”

“Really,” he laughed, I’m sure thinking I was putting him on… “Then how about tomorrow night?”

“Well, what’s wrong with tonight?” I countered sweetly. “I might not be in the mood tomorrow night, but I am now and you know what they say about irons and striking when they’re hot and well… you know… all that stuff.”

“I mean if you want to of course!” I continued… “I understand if you might not want leave a party like this just to waste film on a scrawny, little thing like me.” I teased.

He just looked at me and laughed “Jenn, I’ve been trying to get you in front of my camera for the last year and half and you haven’t given me the time of day. If you think for a second that I’m not going to strike that hot little iron of yours, then you’re even crazier than I gave you credit for.”

“Well ok, but remember I’m a little shy though especially in the beginning,” I smiled as I stood up… “so be gentle with me!”

“Oh and two conditions Stephan”, I continued, “I want prints of all the shots we take and while I’d prefer you not show anything in class, if you do, don’t use my face.”

He stood up and smiled back at me, “No problem, I’ll make up a set of 8×10’s just for you and don’t worry Jenn, you’re going to be fine. I’ve seen some of Bob’s shots, and while he didn’t show your face either, I just knew it was you. I’ve been dreaming of how I could work with you. You are succulent little thing.”

He leaned over and whispered in my ear… “I’ve been watching you in that dress all night long wishing I had brought my camera. You know of course that you have the most incredible nipples in the world and… oh, one last thing… I am going to take pictures of that pretty little pussy tonight to!”

I slapped him on the shoulder laughing sweetly, “Stephan, you are a naughty, naughty man”.

He laughed and agreed that indeed he kaçak bahis was. He asked for 15 minutes before I went to his place so that he could get things in order.

Meanwhile, Jim was just sitting there watching the whole exchange without a word.

Stephan left and I looked down at Jim and on the spur of the moment asked, “So… you want to join us Jim?”

Jim was an Illustration major who I had known since I started school. He was nice, but always seemed a little tongue tied whenever I was around. One of my girlfriends told me that he confessed to her that he had a wicked crush on me, but with me dating Bob, it was useless. She said he was a wicked funny guy who could get a little crazy when he got drunk.

Jim just sat there looking at me, I think stunned by the invitation. I could see him trying to process it. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. Come on, let’s get something to drink before we get out of here. I need someone there to keep Stephan honest. I think I’ll probably need all the help I can get. He really is a naughty man… but I expect you know that already being one of his best friends and all.

I noticed that his hand was just a little bit sweaty.

I knew that I was being bold by asking Stephan to photograph me, but it felt exciting to be in control. I also knew what kind of photographs he would want to take and I felt a delicious tingle at the thought of maybe being naked in front of him… and now thanks to my buzz and my impetuous nature… in front of Jim as well. What had I been thinking, I always seem to take things a step too far? My heart was already racing and I hadn’t even done anything yet.

We made our way through the party saying good night to everyone. I got another drink and my coat and we headed out. Stephan’s place was just around the block and so I just left my jeep where it was.

This was going to be interesting.

I wondered what Bob was going to say when he saw the pictures.

He was going to see them because I was going to show them to him.

I could be so wicked at times.

I felt that delicious little tingle again. God, did I love mescaline.

Bob had started me down this path and so now couldn’t blame anyone other than himself when I did something crazy.

When Jim and I got to their apartment, Stephen had the place all ready and a bottle of tequila with a couple shot glasses were on a table. He had one of those big old apartments in an old Victorian. The living room/dining room area was just a big studio. He had all his lights and an old white iron bed in the middle of the room.

“Almost looks like you were expecting me” I laughed when I saw how it was set up. I was also impressed with how orderly everything was. Bob was a slob and I was always picking up after him.

Stephan looked a little surprised to see Jim with me.

“I invited him!” I blurted out… to keep you honest you rascal. Otherwise, you’ll be trying to get me to take off my clothes and with me being as high as I am, I’d probably do it to.

He just smiled at me and got another glass and poured tequila shots all around.

“To a great shoot…” he toasted and we drank up. He immediately refilled the glasses and we drank those as well. He filled the glasses again and I told him that I’d be sipping this one. I didn’t want to pass out or anything. I didn’t feel tired just now, but really antsy I guess. I was still seeing the mescaline colors and everything seemed to be in extra sharp detail.

I had a nervous feeling in my belly. Again, I questioned my decision to include Jim. I said it on the whim but now faced with it, wondered if it would work at all.

He hadn’t said a word since I invited him, but slammed down another shot and had refilled his shot glass again.

Stephan asked if I was ready to start.

Nervously, I said that I was.

He had some kind of cool reggae music going in the background. I moved out to the middle of the set and started to slowly dance to the music as I searched for my rhythm Stephen just started snapping pictures. He walked around me and as he snapped away, he told me to move this way and that and seemed to just be getting a feel for the way I moved.

As I slowly danced, he asked me to undo a couple of buttons. I slowly started to unbutton the front of my dress and he was moving all around me, not saying a word, just clicking away. The music was mellow in the background and I was really getting into this. I always thought that posing like this was sort of like dancing with the camera, and I moved in that musical sort of way.

Jim was watching, mesmerized, he refilled his tequila glass yet again and went back to sipping. He was smiling too and his eyes had taken on the glassy look of the intoxicated, but I liked the feeling of those smoky eyes on me.

I had unfastened the 2 buttons Stephan had asked for and another besides. The dress was open to just below my breasts, but the material remained closed and so nothing was revealed other than the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra. I have very large gumdrop size nipples that were now rolled up hard and were certainly making their presence known if not revealed. They were poking twin tents out of my dress.

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