The Trophy Wife

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About two years ago, our next door neighbors sold their house and moved out West. They were both in their mid thirties with one little girl of about four years old. He was a fairly average looking guy with an average build, but his wife was short and weighed well over 200 pounds. Why he found her attractive, I never quite understood. They had always been nice to me, but I wasn’t going to miss them.

About two weeks after they moved away, the new couple moved in. Unfortunately, I was out of town over the weekend in which they moved in. One weekend later, I was shooting hoops in my driveway on my basketball goal when the new couple emerged from the garage. They waved at me and then came over to my driveway to introduce themselves. The new neighbors had already met my parents earlier in the week, but I had not seen them or met them as of yet. My mother had casually mentioned that their last name was White and that the wife was kinda cute.

The husband’s name was Ron, who looked to be in his mid forties. He was tall and thin but yet somewhat muscular. He was in fantastic shape for someone at his age. It was his wife Elizabeth who really caught me eye. To say that this girl was attractive would be an understatement of grand proportions. Although Ron was at least 45 years old, Elizabeth did not look a day over 25. In all of my 19 years, this was beyond a doubt the foxiest babe that I had ever laid eyes on. Elizabeth was wearing an eye popping peach halter top with a plunging neckline. With the deep V neckline, almost a quarter of her stunning chest was visible. Her bottom half was covered with a jean skirt which perfectly showcased a pair of the most shapely legs which I had ever seen. She sported a pair of pale blue eyes and long dark eyelashes. Her blond hair hung a little longer than shoulder length, and she had cute little bangs above her forehead.

As I talked with Ron and Elizabeth, I was mesmerized by not only the ravishing beauty who stood before me but also by her soft sexy voice. We only talked for about five minutes, but I was completely overcome with lust for my new neighbor. Within a few weeks, Elizabeth had become the talk of the entire neighborhood. Since I was lucky enough to live next door to this buxom beauty, my other male teenage friends were extremely envious of my close proximity to her.

From my bedroom window, I could see over the fence into the White’s backyard and swimming pool. My eyeballs grew as large as saucers when Mrs. White first appeared near the pool in a very revealing two piece yellow bikini. Her mountainous boobs were practically oozing out from the small yellow triangles atop her chest. Unfortunately, my school and work schedule did not give me a great deal of free time; therefore, my voyeuristic opportunities were somewhat limited.

As the weeks wore on, I gathered more information about Mrs.White. From several different sources, I found that Elizabeth and Ron had been married less than one year. Prior to her marriage with Ron, she had been engaged to a National Hockey League ( NHL ) player. Supposedly, she had ended the engagement. Rumors begin developing about her previous relationships, but the most interesting one involved her and the NHL player. A friend of a friend indicated that he knew a guy in an adjoining suburb who actually owned a videotape of Elizabeth doing the wild thing with her former fiancee, the NHL player. I actually could feel my cock growing as my friend indicated that she “did everything” on the tape including anal. I never saw the tape nor did anyone that I knew ever see the tape. For I all I knew, this could have all been some sort of urban legend; however, it certainly peaked my interest in my new neighbor.

My Mom had talked with Elizabeth on a few occasions and found that she was 27 years old and that this was her first marriage and Ron’s second. Ron was a fairly high level corporate executive with a Fortune 500 company. During the week, her husband was almost a workaholic which included various overseas business trips. My Dad estimated that Ron earned between 200 and 300 thousand dollars per year. Elizabeth was so attractive that she was becoming some sort of cult figure in the neighborhood – at least with all males between the age of 13 and 25. When I mentioned and described to my friends about seeing her in the skimpy 2 piece bathing suit, they were all ears. One of my 16 year old friends actually offered me money to take pictures of her.

Eventually Spring rolled into Summer which created a few more bikini watching opportunities. With their backyard being fenced in, I was hoping that she would take off her top, but unfortunately this never occurred. As she lay face down on the chaise lounge, she would untie the top which gave me an excellent view of the left side of her left boob.

A few weeks later I was relaxing at home, when the phone rang. My parents were at work while I had the day off from my part-time job. Elizabeth, my sexy next door neighbor, had called concerning a computer problem. Her husband, Ron, was overseas and would not return until the end of the week. During the past few aksaray escort months she had learned that I was sort of a computer expert. She asked me if I could come over and try to fix her problem. I quickly threw on my shoes and walked over to her house. As she answered the door, I could see that she was decked out in a black halter tank top and a pair of extremely short white shorts. She guided me into the study which contained a computer, monitor, fax machine, couch and small TV.

“After I turn on the computer, it says that the operating system is not found. I have turned the computer off and then again back on, and I get the same message on the screen. I guess for some reason it doesn’t recognize my Windows ME.” said Elizabeth.

She had the problem diagnosed correctly, but on a scale of 1 to 10 this problem rated at least a 7. After trying a few options, I finally called the computer manufacture. With their help, we were again up and running. It took almost an hour and a half to solve the problem during which time I was obviously distracted by Elizabeth’s good looks. Her boobs were practically spilling out of her halter top. Unfortunately for me, I was wearing only a thin pair of jogging shorts – without any underwear. Without the underwear, my cock would pitch a tent more easily. As I arose from the chair, I could see that she obviously noticed the bulge in my cotton shorts.

“I’am sorry. I’am so sorry.” I said. With my embarrassment soaring to record levels, my face turned beet red.

“That’s OK. That’s OK.” replied Elizabeth in her soft soothing voice. To ease my embarrassment, she quickly changed the subject and thanked me for fixing her computer. After she walked me to the door, I returned to my house. My mind was still spinning as I was still incredibly embarrassed by the whole episode. Luckily for me, Elizabeth never told my parents or anyone about my erection. I knew that if my “incident” had become known, I would never hear the last of it from my other teenage friends.

One morning in early August, Elizabeth again called me with a computer problem. To decrease the likelihood of another hard on, I wore an athletic supporter beneath my cotton shorts. I had never been so embarrassed before in my life, and I certainly did not want a repeat performance. After I walked over to her house, she explained that she had bought one of those flat panel monitors. She was trying to connect the new monitor with her computer; however, she was getting some sort of error message indicating a frequency problem. Apparently, the old and new monitor were at different frequencies. To solve the problem, I adjusted some settings. This fix was somewhat easier than the previous “operating system” problem.

By the time I finished with her computer and monitor, it was almost 12:00 Noon. Elizabeth asked me if I would like to stay for Lunch. Since I was wearing my jock and I was beginning to feel more comfortable around this sex goddess, I accepted her invitation. I couldn’t help but notice her thin blue blouse as well the tight fitting jeans. Elizabeth was barefooted, and her well manicured toenails were painted bright red. When she briefly looked away, I would steal glances at her mountainous chest or her sexy tanned feet. We talked casually about many different topics, but she was most interested in my sporting activities. I was on the swimming team at college which gave me a slender and somewhat muscular frame.

“I love those swimmers at the Olympics. They look so sexy with their shirts off.” said Elizabeth.

“I don’t claim to be an Olympic swimmer. In fact, I lost by almost 2 seconds to a guy that didn’t make the qualifying round.” I said.

I was being modest. I was a good competitive swimmer, but certainly not on the level of the Olympics.

“I know this may sound sexist, but would you mind if you took off your shirt. I ‘ve seen you once or twice outside without your shirt, but I want an up close view.” said Elizabeth.

I wasn’t sure where this was going, but I quickly obliged and removed my shirt as well as my T-shirt.

Elizabeth stepped over and sit down on the arm of the lounge chair in which I was sitting. She grabbed my biceps before tracing her fingers along my upper chest not before she gently swirled her index finger around my left nipple. I could feel my cock expanding, but the jock was keeping my missile in check.

“You’ve got nice pecs.” cooed Elizabeth.

Elizabeth then sat back down in the couch less than 4 feet from me. We started a conversation about swimming before the discussion drifted off into different topics. After another 10 minutes or so, she excused herself to go the bathroom.

“Just sit right there, I will be back in about 5 minutes.”

Ok, I’am not going anywhere.” I replied.

When she returned to the Den, my eyes certainly grew larger, as she had changed outfits. Elizabeth was now decked out in a yellow halter top with a matching low waist yellow skirt. She had also slipped her cute little feet into a pair of gold open toed 4 inch heels.

“How do you like this dress? “My topkapı escort husband loves it. He says that it gets him all horny. Does it turn you on?”

Yes. I mean you look pretty in the dress.” I stammered. She looked more than pretty. Elizabeth was downright ravishing standing there with her spectacular cleavage in plain view not to mention her completely bare mid drift. Her belly button was at my eye level, and if the dress had hung any lower on her hips, her pubic area would have almost been exposed.

“I don’t mean to be nosy, but do you have a girlfriend?”

“No I don’t – not at the present time.”

“Have you ever been with a girl before?”

No one had ever asked me this question before, and I was beginning to become uncomfortable and embarrassed.

“No I haven’t. I have been with a few girls, but I mean I’ve never gone all the way, if that’s what you mean.”

“Being a virgin is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is admirable that you are waiting for the right girl.” replied Elizabeth.

“Do you have any coins?” asked Elizabeth.

“No. I don’t have any change.”

She disappeared into the back bedroom and returned with a quarter.

“How would you like to play a simple little game?” asked Elizabeth.

After I said yes, Elizabeth began describing the elements of the game.

“When I flip the coin in the air, you call it as heads or tails. If you call it correctly, you get to take off all my clothes. If you lose, I get to take off all of your clothes. It’s that simple. So, do you want to play.”

My mind beginning racing as I contemplated the chance of viewing this girl in her birthday suit. I quickly accepted the offer. After she showed me the quarter, she flipped it in the air.

“Heads.” I yelled.

When the coin rolled to a stop, I watched in horror as it landed on tails.

“I win.” she declared.

She wasted no time as she squatted down and untied my shoes and pulled off my socks. My cock was stiffening, but at the same time I was overcome with anxiety. I was a complete virgin, so exposing my genitals to Elizabeth was uncharted territory for me.

“Stand up.” instructed Elizabeth.

Elizabeth quickly grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles.

“A jock! You’re wearing a jock.” exclaimed Elizabeth.

“Do you always a jock?” she asked.

I then explained about the erection which she saw 6 weeks before, and that I was was trying to avoid another embarrassing situation. She brought her hands to her face and began laughing hysterically. After gathering herself, she carefully examined the bulge in my athletic supporter. Then in one swift move, she pulled the jock down my legs and over my ankles. While still on her knees in front of me, Elizabeth calmly stared at my prick as it began throbbing and slowly expanding.

“Has a girl ever seen your cock before?”

After I told her no, she instructed me to sit back down on the couch and to watch her strip. Just hearing her sexy voice say the word “strip” caused my rod to pulsate and throb even more. With my virgin eyes, I then watched as Elizabeth lowered the yellow skirt over her hips before stepping out of it. A small red thong was now that all separated me from her viewing her feminine treasures.

Elizabeth then twirled around to give me a thrilling look see at her shapely ass and legs. As she removed the halter top from her chest, my cock began throbbing rather noticeably. I had seen nude females before in magazines, videos, and DVD’s, but this was my experience with a live topless girl. As I stared like a deer in the highlights at her nipples and tan lines, she seductively squeezed her boobs together.

“In case your wondering, my two friends here are 36C’s.”

I then watched in almost disbelief as my naughty neighbor pulled her skimpy thong over her thighs, knees and calves until the thong was gathered at her ankles. While still wearing the high heels, she stepped out of the thong and carefully hung her undergarment around my neck. After removing her high heels, Elizabeth dropped to her knees so that she was now at eye level with my tower of pleasure. She then began to give me the mother of all cock teases. Elizabeth began by planting kisses on my ankles before moving Northward to my calves and to my inner thighs. Elizabeth gathered my bloated balls in her soft hands.

“Your nuts weigh almost 5 pounds. I’d say that you are fully loaded.”

After I let loose with a deep moan, Elizabeth began licking and sucking the drops of pre-come now glistening on the tip of my purple headed monster. After her tongue danced along the top of my prick, she lowered her full luscious lips and engulfed me in her hot mouth. I could feel her mouth filling with warm saliva as she began to work up and down my shaft. As I felt my orgasm building, she quickly stopped and told me that it was my turn to pleasure her.

Elizabeth sat down next to me on the couch and encouraged me to touch and feel her breasts. After placing each of my nervous hands on her mounds, I began to massage and knead them. sarıyer escort Within minutes, I was kissing and suckling her now erect nipples. With my hands still exploring her chest, our lips met. Although I was inexperienced, she throughly enjoyed my light kisses on her cheeks, forehead and neck. My attention soon was again refocused on her voluptuous chest and then on to her flat stomach. She realigned herself on the couch so that she could spread her long tanned legs. At 5’7″, her legs were just as important an asset to her as her gorgeous face and spectacular chest.

“I guess you have noticed that my pussy is shaved. Ron likes me to have that clean shaven feeling down in my crotch.”

With this being my first time and all, I was caught up in the excitement, and I didn’t really notice that she had shaved her bush.

Like a teacher and pupil relationship, Elizabeth began giving me the grand tour of her inviting snatch. Just like some sort of tour guide at Yosemite, Elizabeth showed me her clit as well as the folds of her pussy. After allowing me to touch her puckered asshole, she guided my fingers into her wetness. With her careful direction, I rubbed 2 and then 3 fingers on the g-spot on the top of her vagina. To continue my sex ed 101 course, she lowered my head toward her love canal. She guided my mouth to her clit and instructed me to lick it and suck it as hard as I could. While attending to her clit, I re-inserted 2 fingers into her tight pussy. My education was soon paying huge dividends as I could clearly see that she was not only moaning but was also humping my mouth and my hand. Elizabeth was now writhing in ecstasy as I again jammed 3 fingers into her pussy and onto her g-spot. Within minutes, Elizabeth’s orgasm hit soaking my hand and the couch with her love juice.

Elizabeth turned her attention back to my cock me as her tongue began to circle my bulbous head. After completely swallowing my cock alive, her strong lips squeezed the base of my dick, milking it as it continued to grow. Her slender hands tickled and danced along my swollen balls. My manhood was completely encased in her mouth. Just when I thought that I couldn’t take it anymore, she stopped her cock teasing.

“Are you ready to stick that cock in my pussy?”

“Yes! Yes! please.” I moaned.

After she lay back down on the couch and spread her legs, I positioned my member over her volcanic opening. Because of her first orgasm, her clit was red and swollen. Her entire snatch was wet from her pussy juices. With one leg on the couch and the other draped across the back of the couch, I slowly eased my missile into her moist cunt. Inch by inch, I was soon in up to my balls in her honey pot. After seductively winking at me, Elizabeth moaned in pleasure and tugged on her erect pink nipples. With my cock now buried completely in her pussy, she instructed me not to move. After she began massaging her clit, she kissed me on the lips and gave me the green light to start thrusting. I started slowly but quickly increased my pace until I was relentlessly banging my flagpole into her.

“Oh fuck me. Fuck me harder!” screamed Elizabeth.

With her legs now flailing in the air, her entire body began spasming. Her loud screams and grunts soon had my balls boiling with lust. I lost all restraint and began wildly bucking my hips into her slippery paradise. I could feel my balls tense up as I released jet after jet of my spunk deep into her drenched pussy.

After we both recovered from our simultaneous orgasms, Elizabeth began licking and kissing my sensitive nipples. This horny trophy wife was some sort of nymphomaniac, and I was certainly more than happy to accommodate her needs. Our lips again met for some passionate kissing. Her tongue was darting in and around my mouth generating all kinds of new and exciting sensations for me. My hands soon made their way back down to her 36 inch tits. Like a child with a new toy, I kissed and licked her curvy chest for what seemed like an eternity.

After leading me by the hand to her bedroom, I lay down in the middle of her king size bed. The feeling of the cream colored satin sheets beneath me was absolutely incredible. As Elizabeth knelt between my spread legs, I ran my hands over the smooth sheets. After placing soft light kisses on my upper legs, her fingers began tracing little circular patterns on my balls. Her hands soon made their way to my now semi-erect prick and began slurping and sucking on my manhood. As I started moaning, my buxom neighbor started to feverishly fisting my cock. She began to develop a rhythm as she would jerk my member for 10 or 15 seconds before swirling her tongue around my purple cockhead.

“Are you ready for me to sit on your dick?” asked Elizabeth.

Before I could answer, she poised her damp pussy over my crotch. After mounting me, she slowly guided my blood engorged member into her snatch. I rested my hands on her hips as I moved into her. She moved her hips back and forth, impaling herself even deeper on my prick. As she leaned forward, her massive tits were now pressing against my chest. Elizabeth began kissing my face and neck while my missile was vigorously pumping and thrusting into her love-tunnel. As the fucking frenzy continued, I cupped the cheeks of her ass in my hands. My cock was slick with her love juices as it reamed in and out of her pussy.

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