The Wedding Weekend: Chapter 10


The Wedding – Day 4 SundayI woke up at about 8:30 am, noting that I rarely sleep in this late on the weekends. I justified it that it had been a long three busy days. As quietly as possible I made my way to the bathroom. When I returned, I saw Rina had rolled over and was looking right at me.“Good morning handsome,” she told me. “How are you feeling? I feel really good. I’m glad we didn’t drink too much last night.”“Me too. I feel great, maybe just a bit tired. What would you like to do before brunch? I can go get us coffee” I said.“What time is brunch today? I don’t remember. I think it’s later at like 11:00 am,” she said.“I think you’re right. Let me find my schedule,” I told her. “Yes, 11:00 am brunch,” as I looked in the wedding binder. “This is our last official wedding event. We’re free to do what we want after this.”“Want to go on a run? I need to go run.” Rina said. “Let’s run on the beach at the water line, it will be fun.”I replied, “That sounds great, but let’s get coffee first.”Rina went back to her room to change clothes and I did the same. We hit the lobby coffee kiosk for two small coffees just to wake us up and headed down to the beach. The big beautiful Pacific Ocean. Damn, I miss San Diego I told myself for the 250th time this weekend.We agreed we’d run twenty minutes down the beach and then return. This would leave us over an hour to get ready for brunch.As we jogged, we had a chance to talk more. I zeroed in on her life in high school and college. Marina told me how she and Jeanette were athletes, which did not surprise me. Both played volleyball and softball and were pretty good I learned. Rina, at 5-10, was known for her vicious spikes and her ability to hit a softball wherever she wanted to in the field. She earned all-league honors in both sports during her junior and senior years. While she had scholarship offers, she was focused on her academics and her dream school had been Stanford since fifth grade when her and Jay’s families visited the Bay Area for a vacation.Marina asked the same sort of questions on our return run, and I told her how I grew up swimming as a kid, along with the typical football, basketball, and baseball. Once I hit middle school it was just football and swimming, and I started to play pickup games of water polo after swim practice with the older guys since I was big for my age. After playing football in ninth grade, I decided water polo would be better for my body after I tweaked my knee, plus a heck of a lot more fun. I mentioned the highlight of my senior year was beating our cross-town rivals twice and making the playoffs. I was also named “Most Inspirational Player” by my teammates. When she asked why I selected San Diego State I told her, “That was easy. It was 500 miles away and ten minutes from the beach.”We walked back through the lobby and saw several friends, talking with a few briefly. As we got back to the rooms I suggested, “We should conserve water and shower together, don’t you think?”With a sparkle in her eye and her million-dollar smile, Rina said, “Conserve water? What a great idea. Your room or mine?”“Yours. That way you don’t have to jump across the hall buck-ass-naked,” I laughed.Our time in the shower was extended by a few kisses and one great blowjob. When I nutted in her mouth she gagged. After she stood up and swallowed, she muttered, “God damn, you have the biggest loads.” I just shrugged.After we took turns drying each other off I told her, “Knock when you’re ready. Brunch is at 11:00 am,” I said.Before we knew it, we were walking into the smaller ballroom for brunch. For all the people that spent the night at the hotel the room was set up for a lot fewer people. Today’s brunch was a nice buffet with various stations for waffles, omelets, eggs, etc. And best of all, no head table! Marina and I could sit together.As we left the stations to look for seats, we saw two different tables waving at us. One was Tony, Lisa, Rich, and Vicki with two other Delta brothers and their wives. The other table was “The Ocho.” Allen and Jeanette were nowhere to be found.“It’s up to you. Where would you like to sit?” I asked.“The girls and I were hoping we can spend the day with you guys, so can we eat with our parents?” she said.“Sure, let’s put our plates down with our folks and then go quickly make plans with the girls and guys,” I said.“Great idea!” Rina replied.We did as discussed, and returned to sit with the parents After a while of chatting, I inquired, “Where are the newlyweds?”Bud started laughing as do a few of the others. Paul said, “I got a call from Jeanette this morning informing us that they would not be at brunch. When I asked why she said they wanted to go to their usual Sunday breakfast at…”I cut Paul off, “Adams Steak and Eggs in Mission Valley!” as the table laughed.Laura commented, “I’m surprised they didn’t invite you two.”“Me too,” I said a kaçak iddaa bit disappointed. “Smitty and I have been eating at Adams for ten years. It’s one of those places I always go to when I’m in San Diego. Kind of like Roberto’s,” I told the group.“Will we be eating there tomorrow morning?” Rina asked.I sarcastically replied, “If you play your cards right.”My mom told me Jenny and Jeff would be down shortly, but they’re headed back to OC after brunch. “Make an effort to talk with them please,” she said.“Mom, we talk twice a week. Mostly about you two,” I said, drawing snickers from the table. “We do talk a lot but, yes, I will talk with them.”“So will I,” Rina chimed in. “He told me I need her approval if we’re to ever work out.”Dad explained to the table, “You know how tight you and Jeanette are? These two might be tighter. When she moved away to college, he was depressed for two weeks. So, yes, talking with her and Jeff would be a wise move.”Never missing an opportunity, Bud asked what everyone at the table wants to know, “Scott and Marina, where do you two see this going? Have you discussed anything yet?”Quickly Laura snapped, “Bud Smith, that is not your place to ask. Kids, disregarding his question.”“No, Laura, it’s ok. I know everyone at this table wants to know,” I said. “Yes, we have discussed it some. But we’ve been so busy we have not had the chance to really talk about it seriously. I can only speak for myself, but I hope to see Rina again soon in either Seattle or Palo Alto.” I turned to Marina and asked, “You’ve never been to Seattle. I’d love for you to visit me in two weeks. Are you free?”Oh no. I see the tears welling up and that great smile. “For you I’m free. I’ll book a flight Tuesday.”I turned to the table. My parents are smiling. Rina’s parents are smiling. The Smiths and Paul and Jovita are all smiling. “I just have a gut feeling about this lady. She checks all of the boxes. But please remember that we met on Thursday morning. Give us some space. This won’t be easy with our distance. Again, just give us some space to explore this new relationship,” I pleaded to the adults.“If I may,” said Paul, “Marina, you look so happy. Follow your heart and go with your gut. Scott, I love Rina like my own daughter. Treat her right and you will reap the rewards.”“Gracias, Uncle Paul,” said Marina. “All we ask is for everyone at this table to give us time. We have no clue what will happen after tomorrow.”Christie, quickly added, “You’re going to Seattle in two weeks. Have you already forgotten about the date you two just made?”Thankfully I saw Jenny and Jeff enter the room. Wanting to change the subject I exclaimed, “Look, Jenny and Jeff are here!” While everyone was distracted, I whispered to Rina, “Let’s go sit with them.”As Jenny and Jeff went through the buffet, I told the table that we would be joining them at a different table. “And, just to let everyone know, we’ll be spending the day with our friends. Jorge and Molly, Mom and Dad, Marina and I would like to take you to dinner tonight in Old Town. The Mexican place, what’s it called? Casa de Reyes? My treat.”Jorge looks stunned. Molly looks happy. And my parents look like proud parents. Jorge, a man of few words, “Molly and I would love to join you.”“Your father and I will be there too,” said Christie.“Great, I’ll call for reservations after brunch,” I said.In true Bud Smith fashion, “Scott when you call, tell them you are my nephew. And tell them you want my table. Best table in the courtyard,” he said.Almost feeling pressured I ask, “Would the rest of you like to join us?”“Oh no, just you six,” said Jovita. “We’ve spent too much time together all weekend. But, Marina, please do not leave San Diego without stopping by the house tomorrow.”Marina quickly replied, “Si, Auntie.”As we tried to escape to be with my sister Laura asked, “Scott, give me one of your bear hugs! We are returning to El Cajon this afternoon so we will not see you again. Enjoy the rest of your time in town.”I’m pretty sure Jovita and Molly were shocked to see me lift Laura off the ground. Bud stood up and I gave him a long embrace. As we were shaking hands I told him, “Thank you so much for your generosity. And if you’re ever in Seattle you damn well better call me.”He pulled me closer for another hug and told me, “Allen was so lucky to have met a friend like you in that ‘Animal House.’ You know my number and you know where we live. If you ever need anything just let me know. Laura and I love you like our own son. But something tells me you’ll be in San Diego a bit more often from now on,” gesturing to Rina. He continued, “Marina, so nice to see meet you this weekend. This is one helluva guy right here.”I heard Jeff’s voice, “Scott, are you joining us or what?” I’m sure Jenny put him up to it. I waved to let them know I heard Jeff.“OK, we’re off to finish eating with Jen and Jeff. Mrs. Smith, kaçak bahis try to keep this character in line please,” I said with a laugh giving Bud a big wink.As Rina and I sat down with Jenny and Jeff, he cut to it, “OK, we want to know all the details. What is going on with you two?” he asked.Marina looked at me and asked, “Do you want to answer him? I’m happy to do it.”“I’d love to hear it from you, Marina,” said Jenny.Over the next four minutes, Rina told them how we had heard of each other from Allen and Jay for years, but it wasn’t until two weeks ago that we saw photos of each other at the bachelor and bachelorette weekends. She also told them how Jay told her how she knew we’d hit it off. How we met at the airport, and how we just clicked. “He has everything I’m looking for in a man and a husband. Good looking, fun, great job, wonderful family as I’ve learned this weekend, and just a good old-fashioned gentleman. To be honest, he and Allen are like twins. Just like my cousin and I.”Jeff, ever the smartass, “I noticed you didn’t mention that he’s good in bed,” shaking his head.While Jeff and Jenny were laughing Rina fired back, “I didn’t think his sister would want to hear about all of the orgasms he’s given me this weekend.”“THANK YOU!” Jenny yelled. “The last thing I want to know is about my little brother’s sex life.”Jenny started asking a bunch of questions, almost job interview-like. My sister is a CPA and one sharp cookie, and she can be a bit intense at times. After another round of questions, I asked her if the “jailhouse interrogation” was almost over. I received her gesture of brother-sister love, a sarcastic “FU.”We lingered talking with Jeff and Jenny but had a good time. As we said our goodbyes my sister pulled on my arm and gives me her serious look, “She is amazing. Good luck, Scotty.” We all exchanged hugs and they said goodbye to “The Ocho” and made their way out of the ballroom.I looked at my watch and it is now 12:30 pm. We’re supposed to meet Tony and Lisa, and Rich and Vicki at 1:00 pm. As we headed out of the ballroom, I asked Rina what she would like to do. “We can blow off the group if you’d like,” I told her.“That sounds like a good idea, but I never get to see the girls. When was the last time you saw Tony and Rich?” she asked.“One year ago. It’s been a full year since I was in town,” I told her.“I’m conflicted. I want to spend time with you alone, but I also want to see my girls. I think they’ll understand if we cancel. One thing I’d like to do is get off the island. Let’s just go drive around. La Jolla, Carlsbad, up the coast. What do you think?”“I love that idea! But I need to call the restaurant first. Let’s go change into something more casual for the beach. And wear your bathing suit under your clothes,” I told her.When I called Casa De Reyes, I downplayed the Bud Smith connection at first. When they told me that they were really booked that night I mentioned, “My uncle, Bud Smith, told me to ask for his table in the courtyard.”“Oh, you’re a relative of Mr. Smith’s?” the woman inquired.“Yes, he is my uncle. We’re in town for Allen’s wedding yesterday,” I told her.“And what is your name,” she asked.When I said Scott Williams, she laughed. I asked her, “What’s so funny?”“Oh Scott, you were the Best Man.” She continued, “This is Serena Reyes, my husband, Armando, and I own the restaurant. We were at the wedding. You caught the garter too. And you are not Bud’s nephew.”“No, you busted me. But Bud did say to drop his name and ask for his table,” I told her.“No worries. Table for six at 7:00 pm, at Bud’s table. When you arrive, please ask for me, Serena,” she said.I replied, “Thank you, Serena. See you tonight.”Soon Marina and I were driving over the Coronado Bridge back into San Diego in my convertible Mustang. It was a chamber of commerce picture-perfect day with clear skies and great weather. We decided to go the long, slow route, cruising through the beach areas of Ocean, Mission, and Pacific Beaches before reaching La Jolla. Basically, a trip down memory lane to see how things have changed in our time away from San Diego.Our first stop was La Jolla Cove, a beautiful beach where the beach volleyball games are legendary. Top players from age fifteen to fifty can be seen, both men and women, but most are eighteen to thirty. We sat away from the courts and focused on the ocean.Rina was wearing black Dolphin running shorts and a red Stanford alumni tank top. As she took off her shorts and tank revealing her turquoise bikini, I was not surprised to see several guys checking her out. “You had a few eyes on you with your strip tease,” I joked.“I’m used to it,” she said. “And that was no strip tease. I’ll give you a strip tease tonight if you’re lucky!”“Used to it?” I asked. “Explain that to me.”“I was 5-10 at age sixteen. Jeanette and I have always felt men’s eyes on us, especially at the illegal bahis beach,” she told me.“Well, you two are beautiful,” giving her a wink.We talked some more trying to fill in the gaps in our lives. After about twenty minutes a mid-twenties girl approached, “Rina, is that you?”She turned to see who it was, and she said loudly, “Kiki!!” and jumped to her feet. The girls embraced. Marina introduced me to Kerry, a tall brunette. “We played volleyball together in high school, she’s a year younger than Jay and I.”“I heard Jeanette was getting married yesterday. You must have been the maid of honor,” Kerry said.Rina confirmed the statement and continued, “And Scott was the Best Man.”Kerry proceeded to tell me just how good Rina was in high school. “Can you believe she turned down both USC and UCLA for volleyball to go to snooty Stanford?”“I did not know that,” looking directly at Marina. “She only mentioned she had scholarship offers,” I replied.“Yeah, what was the number?” looking at Rina. “Over fifty?”Marina, never one to want the spotlight, deflected the comment, “Volleyball is a team sport. I was only as good as the team,” she said. “Hey, how did you know I was down the beach from the courts?”“A couple of guys who play all the time mentioned it to me when I arrived, knowing we be both played at Cathedral,” Kerry said. “They thought it was you but they were not positive.”“Really? Who?” Rina asked.“Trent Golovko from Granite Hills and Alex Nava from Valhalla,” she told Rina.“Trent and Alex, oh my gosh, I haven’t seen those guys in at least five years. I used to play doubles with both of those guys all the time,” Marina said.“Yeah, and Alex said he asked out like a hundred times, and you shot him down all the time” Kerry joked.Marina laughed, “He’s good-looking, but not exactly the smartest guy.”Kerry gave Rina another hug, “Nice to meet you, Scott. I gotta run, I’m up next game,” and she jogged off.After a bit more time in the sun, I suggested we move up the coast. “Sounds great, but I have to say ‘hi’ to Alex and Trent. I hope you don’t mind,” she said.“Not at all. Maybe they can tell me something I don’t know about you,” I joked.“Oh, I’m sure they can. But if they know what’s good for them, they’ll keep quiet,” Rina said.We made a quick stop for Marina to say hello to the guys. Trent was surprised to learn that Rina no longer played volleyball. “Are you kidding me? Why? You were the best!” he proclaimed. Looking at me he said, “Did she tell you that she was San Diego County Player of the Year two years in a row?”“No, she did not. Only that she was all-league,” I told the guys.Alex added, “So Rina. So modest. Did Marina tell you I asked her out a million times?”“No, but Kerry did,” I laughed.We reached the car and headed up the coast on Highway One. It was such a great drive with stunning views of the Pacific. “So, in two weeks I’m visiting you in Seattle, right?I told her, yes, but I had other ideas in my head. I wanted to make a statement. And I wanted to do it this Friday in Palo Alto, without her knowing. A surprise. “And two weeks later I’ll come to visit you.”“OK, that sounds good. I’ve never been to Seattle; I’ll fly up on Friday afternoon. What do you think?” she asked.What do I think? I think it’s a great idea, but I held back my reaction. But I didn’t want to let it slip about my surprise for next Friday. “I’d love for you to come to Seattle. I guess I’ll have to clean my condo,” I joked.We arrived in Carlsbad and enjoyed about an hour at the beach there watching a handful of teenagers surfing. Not wanting to let an opportunity go by to get the amazing woman naked I suggest we go back to the hotel, so we have plenty of time to get ready before dinner with our parents.“I bet you’re hoping to see that strip tease, aren’t you,” she said with a grin.“Maybe. I’d be happy to do one for you first,” I joked.“Deal. Let’s get going. You know we’re almost an hour away from the hotel” Rina said. “I hope Sunday traffic isn’t bad.”Traffic was light and we arrived back at the Del at 4:45 pm. Rina laid out the timeline. “We’ll need to leave by 6:40 pm. I need an hour to get ready. That leaves us less than an hour by ourselves. More like forty-five minutes by the time we get back to the rooms.”When we entered my room, I found a note from Allen. “I bet you have a note in your room from Jay. Go check,” I told Rina. She quickly came back with her note.“You were right,” as she opened the envelope. “Dear Marina, my cousin, my sister, and my best friend for life, Thank You for being my Maid of Honor. No other woman in my life knows me like you do. Thank You for all that you have done for my wedding. I hope to be able to do the same for you someday. No pressure Chica! I knew you and Scott would connect. Best Wishes. I love you, Jeanette.” Marina had tears running down her cheeks and I tried to hold mine back. She looked up from the note card. “I want what she has. I want to be in love. I want to get married. I want to have kids in a few years” she said. “Oh, no. That came out wrong. I’m not trying to get ahead of ourselves. I’m sorry.”

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