The Wrestling Submissive 2


After Liz gave me the face-sitting dream of my life while wearing her black leather skirt with bare feet, we find ourselves going back to the Smash club after about a month or so. We both talked about going back and trying to win some money again. I start getting dressed as I put on blue Levis with a pyramid belt and a Levis button-down shirt. I also put on a black bomber jacket. I begin to fix my hair some as I look at the clock. I hear her car approach as I finish. It’s Elizabeth. I still feel the tingling feeling I had when we first met too.As Elizabeth enters the house we embrace and hug as usual. She’s wearing a pair of Levis blue short- shorts and a black cotton t-shirt. She also wears a pair of black slip-on sneaker slippers. On her hands, she’s wearing fingerless leather black cut-off gloves. She also has on a tight leather jacket. A black leather choker finishes off her look. I begin to say, “You look wonderful as a usual, babe.”Liz replies, “Aww, thank you for saying so.””I still say that Levis are the original yoga pants.””Yea, I love the way they hug my butt.””They do hug your butt like yoga pants.””Do you like my black leather choker?””Yes, I do.””Shall we go?””Yes, babe.”We start to head outside as we go towards the car.  Elizabeth hops in my driver’s seat. I automatically give her my keys as she starts it up. We sit for a few minutes looking fortunes on the car radio as the classic rock band, The Cars are playing the song that made them popular Just What I Needed from June of 1978. She starts to move out of the spot. We talk about our last visit to the Smash Club as we drive there. Liz starts to mention all the fun we had last time and the big money she made taking pies in the face and wrestling with big Jessica.Liz starts to ask,  “Should I wrestle tonight, Steve?”I reply, “If you want to, you can make money again.””I want to see Eve and Jessica again.””Yes, I’d love to see you wrestle Eve this time.””Would that turn you on if I wrestle her?””Yea.””Perhaps I will and I’ll win.””Maybe you will make money too. “”That’s if pies are involved too.””Well, you do like the pies, don’t you?”Liz smiles, “Yes, I do very much.””So go with it.”Liz smiles as we arrive at the Smash, The Cars song, Good times Roll from 1978 is on the air now.  We pull in the second aisle of cars and park. We both exit the car and start to walk hand in hand towards the door. I open the door for her, and we enter. The doorman host from last time is there again.The host says, “Hi, is any entry for you two tonight? “Liz answers, “Yes, I’ll enter.”The host answers, “ok that’s twenty dollars, mam. With this, it’s a chance to win over one thousand dollars. If you wrestle someone, it can be from between two hundred and five hundred dollars depending. Most of all are sure to have fun.”I pay the host two twenty-dollar bills and he hands us the entry of the event. As we walk towards the hostess stand, we start to look where we may be sitting tonight. The lights are dim, and the stage is well lighted for tonight.The hostess says, “Hi guys, two for tonight?”I answer, “Yes, miss, two, and can we sit in Eve’s section, please?”The hostess, Jane, replies, “Yes, of course, right this way. My name is Jane by the way.”Jane is wearing a long sleeve black bodysuit with black high knee converse. The bodysuit fits her very nicely and she has a medium-sized chest too. Her is light brown shoulder-length hair. Liz says, “Thanks for that.”Jane, the hostess says, “You bet ya, and good luck tonight with your fun. If Eve ain’t here, I’ll be your waitress. Here’s your table.”I answer, “Thanks very much, Jane.”Liz says, “She was checking us out.”We both sit down as another Spanish waitress, Rosanna comes along and gives us menus. We both wonder where Eve is as there is no sign of her yet. We both look at the same menu.I begin to say, “What are you having?”Liz says, “I may get one of these margaritas.””Which one?””I think I’ll get the strawberry margarita with eighteen hundred and agave.””Oh wow, I may get the same.”Eve says, “Hey guys, how are you doing?”Liz answers, “It’s so great to see you again.”I answer, “We missed you.”Eve says, “I missed you two, Do you know what you’re having?”Liz izmir rus escort bayan says, “I’ll take the eighteen hundred with the strawberry margarita and agave and he’ll have the same.”I answer, “Thanks and can we start with chips with salsa?”Eve says, “Ok, chips with salsa coming up.”Liz says, “oh, I love chips and salsa.”Eve asks if we want any of the specials. “It’s two hundred dollars for tonight and that’s more than last time. You can make out like a bandit with it, Liz.”Liz smiles and says, “Yes, I’ll take the special and that sounds wonderful.  Oh, the clothes I can buy with that money.”I reply, “How about saving some?”Liz answers, “Of course we will, baby, but for the leather and we can use supplies for our other fun.”I agree and say, “Oh yes Liz, that’s understandable.”Eve says, “Ok, good I’ll be right back with those margaritas and chips. and the specials, of course, for the cause.”As Liz and I enjoy the scenery and action tonight. We’re thankful to be back here. As the ring announcer goes to the ring once again, we listen to what they have to say.The ring announcer girl says, “Hi ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we have two to three possible competition matches and I hope you enjoy the show.”Eve says, “Hey guys, here are your strawberry margaritas with agave and I ‘ll be right back with your chips.”Eve looks wonderful tonight in her red. stretchy bodysuit with a white cheerleader skirt. She has on her brown glasses and her hair is done very nicely, wearing a hairband. Red see-through stockings complete her outfit as she wears red slip-on sneaker slippers.Liz begins to say, “Eve does look good tonight, would you say?”I reply with,  “Absolutely, she does, but not better looking than you.”Liz says, “Aww thank you so much for saying that.”I do mean that. You mean a lot to me.””Aww, you mean a lot to me too.”We kiss passionately for a few minutes at the table as we hold hands on top. Our eyes are closed as we enjoy it. Liz is holding my face with her other hand puts her tongue in my mouth. We stop and look at each other, enjoying ourselves as the club fills up more.”Oh, here she comes.”Eve says, “Okay guys, your chips and salsa.”I say, “Thank you, Eve.”Eve says smiling, “You’re welcome, guys.”Liz says, “Can you sit with us at all, Eve?”Eve says, “Yes I suppose, I have Jane bringing your special and I will deliver.”Liz, “That’s wonderful, Eve.”As the place is nearly full and it’s ten minutes to 9, the show starts to pick up. We sip our margaritas, toasting our glasses together.  Jane begins to walk towards the table with a cart a platter of five pies of different flavors. On the platter, she’s carrying two thick sour cream cheese pies, two deep whipped cream chocolate cream pie and a lemon meringue pie. They do look really big and thick. I say, “Eve, are these ours?”Eve replies, “Yes, they are special.”Liz begins to say “Oh my God.”Eve says, “Here comes the fun.”Liz says, “They’re so big and thick.”Jane arrives says, “Okay, I have the special for you.”Eve says, “Yes, Jane, I’ll take care of it, don’t worry.”Jane leaves the table cart there and walks away.  The pies are thick creamy and full of extra cream.  Eve wants to pie Elizabeth again; you can see it on her face. Eve wants all five pies to put in her face.  Eve stands up and picks up the thick sour cream pie. Five pies to the face are one thousand dollars for Elizabeth already. Eve, tasting the pie with a finger, begins to say, “Are you ready to take it, Liz?”Liz says, “Yes, I’m ready for it.”Eve says, “Here it comes and think about the one thousand dollars right off the bat, after these pies in the face.”Liz replies, “Give it to me.”Eve launches the sour cream pie in her face. The pie engulfs her face in a pie, spraying in her hair. The cream hitting her tight leather jacket. The soft crust sticks to her face completely as her jaw drops.  The crust starts to slip off as Eve starts to pick up another pie so she can take them repetitively.Liz begins to say, “Oh my God.”Eve asks, “Are you ready for another?”Liz says, “Yes!”This time, it’s the lemon meringue pie as Eve lifts her hand launches it into Elizabeth’s face. Lemon pie cream escort izmir otele gelen goes straight into her hair filling her face up with cream. The pie crust sticks to her face as it falls slowly to her lap and onto her legs. Liz sitting there with a face full of lemon meringue pie causes me to get randy.Eve says, “Again.”Liz says, “Oh my God, Eve!”Splat!Eve says, “You’re loving this.””Yes, I am, again.”Eve hits Elizabeth with the whipped cream chocolate cream pie right in the face. More pie cream goes into her black hair on top.  The pie engulfing her face and cream spraying behind her head. This time some of the pie even gets me. The crust starts to slip off her face slowly, landing on her lap. Eve picks up the other sour cream pie and hits Elizabeth straight in the face with it. Splat!Liz begins to say, “Oh my God.”The thick pie hits her face and covers her face, with crust falling slowly.  Her pretty face is full of sour cream cheese pie. Some goes past her head and splatters on me.  Again, Eve launches the fifth pie into her face harder than before.  The deep whipped cream chocolate cream pie covers her face completely as the whipped cream goes into her hair as crust slips off her face in pieces.  The crust falls eventually as she sits in the chair pied-out.Liz begins to say, “Oh my God.”I begin to get even more randy as I see Elizabeth taking pies repetitively to her pretty face. One after another she’s taking them repetitively. I begin to get a hard-on in my pants. The crust falls from her face and on her lap and on to her legs and jean shorts. Liz begins wiping her face with her hand.Jane returns with a pie and saying, “Eve?”Splat!Jane hits Eve right in the face with a sour cream pie. Pie cream goes into her hair on top. The pie covers her face with pie and crust sticking to it completely.  Eve stands there as if she can’t believe Jane has just pied her. Liz starts to clear her face with her hands. She uses the table napkins to wipe herself off. It looks like she’s enjoying it too. She licks some of the creams off of her fingers.Eve says, “Oh my God, look what you did to my glasses!”Jane remarks, “Go cry me a river, who cares.”Just when Eve took off her glasses to see. Splat! Jane smashes another sour cream cheese pie in her face. Pie covers even more of her face as it covers some of her hair. As she tries to wipe her face off, Jane nails her again with another sour cream pie in the face before even clearing the one before. Eve is even more stunned, taking three pies in a row to the face.Splat!Jane says, “Your glasses? Look what I did to you, period.”Jane smashes a fourth sour cream pie into Eve’s face makes her a mess. Her face is full of pie and crust sticks to her face. Even more goes into her hair and cream drops on her beautiful chest. Jane takes a fifth sour cream cheese pie and smashes it in Eve’s face hard. The cream flies all over as the crust breaks into pieces. Jane suddenly dips somewhere else in the back for now and hides. Eve begins to wipe the pies from her face. I help her as I hand Eve some napkins. Eve says, “Jane, I’m going to get you for this.””Eve, it got all over your big chest.””What are you looking at my tits?”Slowly cream falls on her legs and nice bodysuit-covered chest. Eve begins to wipe her face of the pie and uses napkins off the table. She begins wiping off her red bodysuit. Jane leaves and vanishes before Eve wipes her face completely.  Eve manages to wipe her glasses off with her hands and puts them back on. She goes to get napkins as wipes them thoroughly.A little while goes by now as we’re sipping our Margaritas and Elizabeth wipes the pie cream off her face with napkins thoroughly.  Although there is still pie cream in her hair.Elizabeth turns and asks, “So did you?”I answer, “Did I what?””Look at her big tits?””I don’t know.””You do too know, now come on tell me.””Okay ok, I did look. They’re just so big.””Ok, thanks for admitting but we know you must be punished now.”She smiles at me sexily with her Elizabeth smile, not telling me what can happen as I feel a hard-on develop in my pants.Eve gets up and goes to the front to start planning buca escort matches for tonight. I watch her tits as she walks away as I see something coming from the left side of my face.Splat!Wham! Elizabeth smashes a sourcream pie in my face. The crust sticks to my face as the cream engulfs my face. Elizabeth takes another sour cream pie and smashes it hard in my face as sourcream scatters. The crust falls on my lap as I’m being annihilated by her with pies. Bam! Another pie hits face as she smushes it in rougher as the tin falls and the crust sticks.  I’m taking a punishment.Again Liz fires a thick pie in my face as she taunts me with laughter.  I feel my hard-on rise as it was busting in my jeans. Liz takes the fifth sourcream pie and smashes my face with it. The crust and cream fly everywhere as it hits other people. Elizabeth smushes my face in the pie with the tin as she smiles with her sexy Elizabeth grin. “That’s for looking at her tits and if it happens again, I will humiliate and embarrass you here in front of everyone.””Where?””Where? In that ring.”Eve has a big surprise for Jane. She books herself up against Liz and I’m in the ring with a newcomer Spanish girl with a big butt called Rosanna.The Ring announcer begins to say, “Okay the first match will begin. Can I have your attention ladies a gentleman? I introduce you, Jane Cortes! “The audience watches the stage in anticipation of who was to compete first. The curtain on the side of the ring opens up. Jane walks out of the curtain. She knows Eve may have got the best of her and put her in this match.”The announcer says and her opponent, Jessica. Or should I say, Big Jessica?”Jessica the Amazon is dressed in her leather studded outfit Jessica didn’t scare Jane, but I don’t know if this is going to go over so well. Jane is in the corner stretching against the ropes. Jessica makes it to the ring and tries to intimidate Jane Cortes by trash talk. It doesn’t work as Jane is kind of fast and annoys her instead.As the bell rings, Jessica tries to move and get a hold of Jane, but she moves in the other direction and Jessica is unable to do so. With Jane being fast, it looks like Jessica will have a hard time. Jessica tries to grab her again but instead Jane bitch slaps her, jabs her again with a closed fist. She moves to the left and smiles and back and slaps her across her big chest several times. Jessica tries again but gets a smack across the chest again by Jane. Jane Cortes is fast with agility and catches her with a closed fist., clobbering her and making her swayback. Jessica begins to show frustration with it and yells at the referee.Jane rolls out of the ring near the table full of pies and grabs a lemon pie. Jessica follows and heads toward Jane but Jane catches her with a pie to the face. Jessica staggers back as Jane quickly grabs another lemon pie and nails, Jessica, in the face. The crust and thick cream blind her as she can’t see. Jane grabs the third pie and hits her in the face with the lemon pie. Jessica loses her balance again as Jane takes advantage and slams another pie to her face.The cream fills her face and goes into her hair. The fifth pie to her face makes her look gunged. Jane nails her as she bends over. Jane tries another move as Jessica’s bent over,  but instead goes over her back getting back body dropped on the mat.  Jane recovers and rolls in the ring.  Jessica gains her composure back and follows.She walks towards again and Jane wallops her again with a crack across the face and tries for a body slam, but this time Jessica catches her and pounds her with her forearm to the back. Jessica then picks her up and body slams her to the mat, hard in frustration. She picks her up again by the crotch, body slamming her hard again. She repeats the body slam one more time, grabbing her crotch hard as Jane squeals. Another big body slam to Jane should do it. Jane taking a body slam four times takes the wind out of her as she lays there motionless.Jane begins to get up but it’s too late.  Jessica bounces off the rope for a big giant elbow smash. Again, she bounces off the ropes for another big giant elbow drop. This may be the beginning of the end. Jessica begins to get up and prepare herself for a big splash.  Jessica stands above her now and drops her big ass on Jane’s chest. The referee counts, “one, two, three,” pinning Jane’s shoulders to the matt. Jessica pinning Jane moves us to our next event. Jessica removes Jane from the ring and they both walk to the back past the curtain.

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