Three in the Morning


This is the sequel to “One of Those Days”.

Sleep was something I had been seriously lacking over the past week or so. Since the semester was nearing its end, everyone, including me, was going insane with the amount of work they had to do. I just wasn’t able to manage my time well enough to get my eight hours of pillow time every night, and that sucked.

However, I still forced myself out of bed when my alarm rang at two fifty in the middle of the night, sleepily brushing through my hair and throwing on a t-shirt and shorts. I left my room, making sure I had the key in my pocket, and slouched off towards the stairwell while still blinking rapidly and rubbing my eyes. I knew fully well that I was probably going to feel like I’d been hit by a brick tomorrow morning, but hopefully, it would all be worth it.


My destination was the floor above me, which was a guys’ floor. Girls weren’t supposed to be on that floor after midnight, but I didn’t have anything to worry about. The only person on that floor who could technically kick me out was the resident assistant, who would hopefully be too preoccupied with fucking my brains out to consider such a thing.

The floor was quieter than I had ever seen it, but I also hadn’t been up here after one in the morning before. One or two rooms were still a bit loud, but most of the guys actually seemed asleep by this time. It surprised me a bit, but I figured that they also needed a minimum amount of sleep. I was slightly jealous that they were in their beds and I wasn’t at the moment, but then again, I also had a dripping wet pussy and was horny as hell. Smiling at that, I made my way towards the far end of the hallway, where the showers were.

Keith was waiting for me there, leaning against the wall right by the open door. He was wearing only boxers and gave me a smile that seemed somewhat sadistic. His lean, strong body looked delicious even in the hard neon lighting, and I wanted to start licking him right then. Instead, I yawned again.

“Oh, you’re here. Pity, I was looking forward to kicking you out of bed.”

He laughed shortly. “I bet you were. Get your ass in here.”

I walked past him, and he let the door fall closed. Walking up behind me, he grabbed my shoulders and spun me around, kissing me. His crotch pressed into me, and I shivered in anticipation. I was trying not to appear too excited, but I just couldn’t wait to have him back inside me. Damn him.

He pulled me a few steps to the side, never breaking the kiss, and stretched out one arm. A shower started to run. When he pulled away and took off his boxers, I started to pull my shirt over my head, but he was faster than me. I could only squeak indignantly when he half dragged, half carried me under the shower. My clothes were soaked within seconds and I glared up at him, giving him my best pissed-off look.

He only grinned. “Sorry. Couldn’t resist. güvenilir bahis That’s been a fantasy of mine for a while.”

“I’ll give you fantasy,” I growled and reached for his cock, but he stopped me by catching my hand.

“Not tonight Lizzie. This is your reward for the dare, so I’m not letting you do a damn thing.”

“But I want to…”

“Shut up,” he told me and sunk down on his knees, pulling down my shorts as he went. They were wet and clung to my thighs, but he roughly ripped them down. I braced myself for the feeling to come, but still couldn’t help moaning when he leaned forward and his tongue attacked my clit. I grasped as much of his short hair as I could, breathing hard already and feeling my knees weaken. He gave me a few laps of his tongue over the general area of my pussy before poking the tip of his tongue at my opening. He wiggled it around for a while and both of his hands grasped my ass, holding me close to his mouth. Finally, he moved away again just to take my clit in between his teeth, which caused me to hold my breath. He didn’t hurt me, but I knew he could easily. Then, without letting go, he flicked his tongue across it rapidly.

“Oh,” I said. And then “Oh God!” when three of his fingers were suddenly plunging into my pussy, stretching me out quite exquisitly. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his talented tongue that was making my clit swell up at an alarming rate. The fingers of his right hand were digging into the flesh of my ass, and it hurt a bit. Not that I cared. It all felt way too good. My hips were moving forward and grinding against his face, and I whimpered when he pulled back. Completely.

“Please,” I said, eyes still closed, when he still hadn’t touched me again after a few seconds. I felt his warm breath on my face right before he gave me a short kiss on the mouth.

“Patience, you silly girl,” was all he said, and then I felt two of his fingers spread my pussy lips apart as something slid inside me. I bit my lip and spread my legs, welcoming the sensation that I figured must be a waterproof vibrator or dildo of some sort. It was a good deal smaller than Keith’s cock, but it felt damn good nonetheless. He made sure to press it inside me as far as it would go before withdrawing it again until only the tip touched me at all. For a good two minutes, I just stood there with my eyes closed, enjoying the droplets of water hitting my body monotonously and Keith sliding the thing in and out of me just as monotonously. He wasn’t trying to bring me to orgasm, just to make me feel good, ad it worked just fine. My pussy was clenching around that thing, and a low, content moan escaped my lips just before he left my pussy empty once again.

“Turn around,” he commanded, and I obliged eagerly, but not before glancing down to see what he held in his hand. It was a slim, pink vibrator, textured with little bubbles around the shaft. Wondering where he might türkçe bahis have gotten it from, I faced the wall, propping my forearms against it. I felt one of his fingers stroke my clit again and arched my back, good and ready to be fucked in earnest. Instead, I felt him kissing my neck and then his fingers spreading and sliding in between my ass cheeks. One digit penetrated my tight anus, not very far, but enough to make me throw my head back and gasp. Keith withdrew it again right away, but just to replace it with the tip of the pink vibrator. My knees went weak.

“Oh God!” I gasped when he pushed in the first inch, careful enough not to hurt me, but still not as slowly as I might have wished. It stretched me out quite a bit, but I still liked it. A lot, judging by how flushed and hot my face felt and how fast I was breathing.

I felt myself push back eagerly to impale my ass on his toy, and he let me, not pulling back even a bit. Soon, the vibrator was all the way inside me and he withdrew it again, the bubbled texture creating the most exquisite friction. I was so wet by this time, I didn’t care how he fucked me, but I did want him badly.

“Please,” I begged once more, causing him to grab my hair and pull back my head. I groaned when he shoved the vibrator into my ass again and his lips kissed my ear. Then, he turned on the vibrator, and I just about screamed in ecstasy.

“I knew you’d love it,” he whispered triumphantly, his hands letting go of the vibrator and my hair to grab my hips. I could finally feel the head of his cock right on my pussy, slick and swollen. I was glad that he decided not to tease me longer, but once he had found my opening, slid in smoothly. By this time, I could only whimper in pleasure and simply closed my eyes again to enjoy the feeling of his hardness pumping in and out of me. He took me fast and hard and left me almost breathless. My pussy was clenching around him as if to keep him there forever, and I whimpered every time he slammed inside me, his abdomen pushing the vibrator deeper into my ass with each thrust. When he increased his pace, my vision went dark and I started to come.

I moaned and thrashed, pressing my forehead against the wall as the heat seemed to explode inside me, and trying to hold on to something, anything, with my hands. One buried itself in the shower curtain, from which Keith gently detached me, the other went back and around to Keith’s hip in an attempt to pull him even closer and deeper inside me. My orgasm went on for a while, mostly because Keith refused to stop fucking me and continued to thrust hard into my pussy. Finally though, it started to hurt, and I wedged my hand in between my ass and his belly and managed to push him back slightly. He got the hint and stopped, pulling out the vibrator along with his cock. It left me empty, but relieved and spent.

I turned around to find him staring at me, his eyes dark with güvenilir bahis siteleri lust and his brow wrinkled in a frustrated sort of way. For once, I reflected grinning, he was the one to beg. I decided to play fair though, and grasped his cock with my hand. I pushed him back against the opposite wall so I would have room to kneel and proceeded to do exactly that. As soon as my lips touched his cock, he grasped my hair and was back in control, forcing me down onto his pole. Two powerful thrusts inside my mouth was all it took for him to shoot his load into my throat. I swallowed the salty fluid obediently, glancing up to find him with his eyes closed and lips parted. He took a few deep breaths, and I used the time to pull back and clean up his cock as well as I could.

By the time I straightened up, he had composed himself again. I ran my hands through my wet hair to straighten it a bit, and Keith rinsed his cock under the warm water before turning it off. The sudden silence, only interrupted by the occasional drop of water falling from the showerhead, was a bit unsettling. It was strange, I reflected, how much more intense our fucking had seemed this time around. We stood there for a few seconds, not quite sure what to say or do, before Keith finally whipped the shower curtain aside and stepped out. I followed him.

I only now noticed my wet shirt sticking uncomfortably to my torso. My shorts were still laying in the shower and I went and grabbed them while Keith pulled his boxers back on. I plucked at my soaking shirt and gave him an accusatory look. He just smiled tiredly when he caught it and moved towards the door.

“Wait here, I’ll be back in a minute,” he told me, and added with an eyeroll: “I promise,” when I gave him a sceptical look. I let him go and spent about two minutes contemplating if Keith was an evil enough bastard to just leave me alone here for the rest of the night, but after that time he was already back. He tossed me a small bundle of clothes, one of his own shorts and t-shirts, I noticed when I unrolled it. I gave him a thankful look and pulled off my wet shirt. He was leaning against the wall again, watching as I got dressed. I didn’t mind.

“Do you have any time tomorrow?” he asked me when I had pulled his warm, dry shirt over my head. “So I can finally take your picture?”

I looked up at him and shook my head. “I have a final the day after tomorrow, I’ll need some time to study.”

“What about right after that final?”

I shrugged. “That’s fine. I’ll just come over.” I walked up to him and stretched one hand out for the door, I was ready to get to bed.

“Great.” He smiled quite sincerely and took my face into his hands, kissing me deeply. I let out a surprised, undignified squeak but relaxed against him at once. One of his hands made its way down to my breasts and pinched my nipples as his tongue duelled with mine, and when he finally let go, we were both a bit breathless.

“Don’t forget to dress up,” he said and held open the door for me. I couldn’t help smiling as I slipped out, wet clothes under one arm, and hoped that I wouldn’t meet anyone who would ask questions.

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