Tommy Pt. 1


Tommy Pt. 1I had been out of Uncle Sam’s Air Force about three months. I had a job, making a little money. Had an apartment, and a rattle-trap Ford to get me around. This particular Saturday morning I was ready to do some shopping but the Ford wouldn’t cooperate. The battery was dead, I hadn’t left the lights on so I knew it was just flat dead. I was sitting there wondering what to do when a Ford pickup pulled in behind me and a large (fat) guy got out and asked if I had a problem. ‘Yeah, dead batt.’ I said.‘Load it into the back, We’ll go up and get a new one. Saw you from down the street. Thought you might need help. Oh, by the way, my name’s Tommy.’‘Thanks, you look heaven-sent to me. I’m called Jerry’ I replied. In about twenty minutes I had a new battery from a cut rate shop installed in my Ford. I couldn’t believe my luck.All Tommy said was ‘We Ford owners gotta stick together.’‘How would you like a cold beer?’, I asked.‘Don’t have to twist my arm.’ , was his reply.So Tommy was sitting on my sway-back sofa after I opened a beer for him. He was thumbing thru a cheap girly magazine on the table in front of him when he exclaimed ‘Hey, I got bigger boobs than her.’Something I’ve got to say about Tommy. He was more than slightly over-weight. Someday he’d make a good Santa Claus. But I doubted his statement.‘What do ya mean you’ve got bigger boobs than her?’ I asked.He turned sultanbeyli escort the mag around to me pointed to a sweet young topless thing, then pulled up his sweatshirt and said proudly, ‘See!’I had to admit, to myself anyway, that he had a good point. Or two really. Then to emphasize his point he shook his shoulders back and forth and his boobs did a fair job of flopping around to the motion. Impressive. But I had to string him along a little.‘I don’t know Tommy, they’re pretty big, but, I don’t know. There’s only one way to tell for sure.’ I opined.‘Ha, what’s that?’ He replied.At this, I slid off my chair and leaped between his legs, planted my lips over his right boob and sucked nearly all of it into my mouth. At the same time I grabbed his other boob and flopped it around passionately. I applied all the suction I could to his prize possession for about ten seconds and then changed sides. He was making little squealing sounds as I did this but otherwise he didn’t seem to object. When I was done with his left boob I pulled back and admired my work. Both his boobs were bright red and swollen to twice their normal size, my slobber dripped onto his belly. I grabbed the magazine and held the picture of the girl up to Tommy’s chest and said ‘By golly, you’re right, yours are bigger!’At this time Tommy made his fatal statement: ‘I wish I had more küçükyalı escort for you to suck on.’‘Well,’ said I, ‘maybe you do.’ I stuck my tongue between his boobs and started slowly licking a line down and over his bulging belly. Soon I was at his belly button and as I licked down below it he stammered out ‘Where, where you g..g.. going?’I hooked my hands into the back of his pants. They were stretchy and pulled down easily. As they came down I spotted the object of my desire. It was floppy and wrinkly but I got my lips over the rounded head and sucked it up like a noodle. Tommy gasped and made every effort to rip his pants off. One shoe went flying and he pushed his pant leg down over his foot, then spread his legs to an amazing angle. I easily settled in between his legs and gave his cock my undivided attention.I could feel it growing thicker and longer as my head bobbed up and down over it. My tongue massaged the softer underside while my lips gave the sides and head full stimulation. Tommy for his part was huffing and puffing like a steam engine and would occasionally wheeze out something like ‘Oh my God’ or ‘Don’t stop, don’t stop’. Like I had any notion to.About this time I took his balls in my left hand and gently squeezed them and tugged on his scrotum. I had hidden a tube of hand cream under the sofa just for such an emergency and smeared sancaktepe escort some on my fingers of the right hand. Properly lubbed, I slid my middle finger up Tommy’s asshole as far as it would go. A second finger soon followed.All this while the sucking went on. Tommy had been lifting his butt off the sofa occasionally, but now he raised himself up and held it. I could tell the cum was coming. His cock head was swollen up like a balloon and he let out a loud moan. I was concentrating my efforts on his cock head when I felt his first spurt hit the back of my throat. Simultaneously his asshole was squeezing my fingers as hard as they could. I gave his cock head as couple more lip caresses and knowing how sensitive it gets when climaxing lowered my mouth farther down onto his shaft. I slowly pulled my fingers out of his ass, let the last of his cum load ooze into my mouth, then looked up to his sweat dotted face. He looked at me with wide opened eyes and I opened my mouth and swirled his cum with my tongue for a few seconds and swallowed it in one gulp.‘Oh Jerry. Nobody ever did that to me before.’ He gasped.‘Why not?’ I replied.‘All the guys ever did was fuck my ass. I like that a lot too. Would you like to stick it up there yourself?’ He brightly asked.‘You don’t have to ask twice’ I said and grabbed the tube of hand cream. After applying a thick blob onto my semi-hard cock I spread his ass cheeks and aimed my cock head right at his generous pucker-hole. As it slid into his guts Little Jerry responded as it had been trained to. One minute later my cum finished the lubricating process of his intestines and I slowly took my mouth off Tommy’s swollen boobs.

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