vacation 12

vacation 12We awoke together to another day in paradise! What a treasure you are!! What a joy to wake up beside you!! I was torn, I wanted desperately to taste you. I just couldn’t ever get enough of your sweet pussy, but I didn’t want to wake you up either so I just lay there and thought about things.I thought about your lips on mine, or surrounding just the head of my cock while your tongue teased that little slit that my pee and cum come out of. I fantasized about greasing up your tits as I could see just a bit of one nipple from where I lay. I still hadn’t fucked them, but I really wanted to. They are so perfectly formed, just big enough to get my cock between perfectly without losing it. The perfect size for holding, for nuzzling for sucking and for bouncing and swaying so provocatively as you walk along without a bra on. Also just perfect to watch them bounce as I slam into you, stroke after stroke while we fuck.Then there was your pussy. I never even know where to start. It is so perfectly formed. Your pussy lips don’t hide away out of sight but are willing to stand out just enough to be admired. I could just stare at your cunt for hours and hours if you would let me. My problem always is that I never know whether what I crave more is to slip my cock into your well lubed hole and fuck the crap out of you, or bury my face between your legs and spend an entire day drinking every drop that flows from you while I kiss, and suck and lick and probe, and slurp and flick and drink, and play and make you cum and cum and cum.So close to your luscious lips is your asshole that I have also learned to love so well. I love the way it crinkles. I love the way that it pulses on my tongue or my fingers or my cock. I love the way that while I fuck it I get such an awesome view of your pussy, gaping wider with each stroke. I love the way that fucking your ass feels different than fucking your cunt. Your ring grips me so tightly, especially when you squeeze but the rest of my cock just feels warm and wet with no friction whatsoever. Your pussy feels equally marvelous but different as it grips my entire rod and milks it, begging me to spray its pink depths with my cum.Fuck it, I can’t hold out any longer, so I slip under the covers and worm my way between your legs. Unfortunately my motion wakes you right away, but you oblige me by tossing the covers off of us and spreading your legs as wide as you can.I crawl up you to kiss your tender lips, and even though I don’t mean to my cock slides right into you, like it has a mind of its own – well we both know that that is true. Even though that hadn’t been my plan I go with the flow and let my hips rock in time with yours for a few minutes until I slide down your body, leaving a trail of saliva as my tongues trails through your cleavage, down your tummy to eventually lick your juices from your well fucked cunt. You know, as good as you always taste, you taste even better after you have been well fucked.I slid off the end of the bed, kicking the rest of the covers off and destroying ısparta escort it as we so often do. Kneeling on the floor I was able to hold each leg behind your knee, raising and spreading your legs so that I could thrust my tongue more deeply, not just into your pussy, but also into your ass.I wanted to lick you forever, but you were in no mood to be teased. You grabbed my head and held it to your crotch, centering my mouth on your clit. I took the hint and began to rub your love button as hard as I could with my tongue until you came hard, shuddering with pleasure as each wave of pleasure washed over you.I love to feel the spasms of your orgasm on my cock so before you had finished I slid back up and rammed my cock into you and just held it there, savoring each gradually weakening tremor.I raised your legs and put them on my shoulders and began to thrust faster and faster while looking alternatively at your glowing and flushed face, your seductively bouncing tits and your ravishing bald cunt that was swallowing my cock stroke after stroke.As much fun as I was having my balls just didn’t have any cum left in them so we eventually slowed, letting your legs slide down my sides.I glanced over at the clock and saw that it wasn’t even 6:30 yet and an idea struck me. I suggested that we go and check out the hotel gym.We threw on our gym clothes and discovered that we had to ask directions because the gym was pretty small and it was tucked into a very out of the way corner of the property. When we finally found it we saw that there were only two treadmills, one elliptical, one small universal gym and what appeared to be a sauna. One of the check in girls that we had flirted with a couple of times on our way through the lobby was already on one of the treadmills so you picked the other one and I got on to the elliptical that faced you.You were in your tight spandex shorts that you had intentionally snugged up so much that I could see each lip of your pussy. As you began to run I enjoyed watching you. Your breasts bounced a bit but I longed to see them without your constraining sports bra on. My gaze shifted to the other girl. Her tits didn’t bounce at all, but that was because they were very small, not to mention she was wearing a loose Tshirt and baggy shorts. We were both sweating profusely as we got near the end of our workout when the girl obviously finished her run with a sprint. After a quick cool down she sat down on the mat right in front of me and began to stretch. As she moved between stretches I caught a glimpse up one leg of her baggy shorts and could have sworn that I saw a nicely trimmed beaver – yes, I’ll admit that I was looking. I glanced at you and you nodded at her direction, clearly encouraging me to look more, so I did.When I glanced back the clerk was laying on her back pulling one of her legs to her chest. There was no doubt, she wasn’t wearing panties and she did in fact shave all but a little landing strip. She had been stretching with her eyes closed but she opened them when she went to escort ısparta change legs and caught me looking. As she swapped legs she clearly ensured that her shorts would gape again, giving me a look at the other side of her cunt.There was no hiding my erection, and you both noticed it. I knew, because you made a point of looking at it and then winking at me, while the girl just stared at it as openly as I was now staring at her crotch.The check-in girl finished her stretches standing up and spreading her legs and then bending over to touch the ground right in front of you. I wondered if you got a look down her top. I know that you looked. I doubt she got anything out of it apart from letting her T shirt ride up a bit and fall away from her body, making sure that we each were able to see her truly tiny little tits.She stood up again and grabbed her towel. As she walked past me to the sauna I said “thank you”. She smiled at me.We were almost at the end of our work out too, and seeing that we had the place to ourselves you pulled your bra up above your tits to let them bounce freely for the last couple of hundred yards of your run. In a gesture of appreciation, I pulled my shorts down far enough to let my fully erect cock spring out.We cut our cool down because it was obvious that there was an invitation to take a sauna just waiting for us so we got our towels and walked into the sauna. It was a dry sauna with two fairly small, two tiered cedar benches facing each other.Our new friend was sitting in the middle of one of the top tiers, wrapped in her towel, with her shorts and T shirt neatly folded beside her.We sat in the empty seats facing her and she slowly, but deliberately allowed her legs to part, giving both of us a good look her sweaty cunt. Seeing that we were both staring at her visual offering, and clearly approving of it she threw caution to the winds and spread her legs wide. The motion caused her towel to come undone and fall off her also exposing her tiny tits. She hadn’t expected that, but didn’t seem to mind.It only seemed fair to return her favor so I shucked out of my clothes. As soon as you saw me undressing you did too and in moments we were all showing of our hot and sweaty bodies.None of us wanted to break the erotic spell by moving, so none of us did, at least for a while.Somehow I wasn’t surprised when after looking us both over appreciatively her gaze finally came to rest on your cleanly shaven pussy. I wanted to see her lick the beads of sweat from your slit, I wanted to watch your face as this attractive young girl probed your cunt with her tongue but instead of moving towards you the girl started to play with herself, clearly as much for our benefit as for her own.She moved to her knees, with her chest resting on her towel on her top tier. She stuck her bottom out so that her ass cheeks spread wide as she reached between her legs to furiously pump two fingers in and out of her cunt.We slid down to the lower tier on our side and I reached between your legs to rub your clit as ısparta escort bayan the stranger came closer and closer to orgasm less than two feet from us. Our hands bumped as you were reaching for my twitching cock to pump it. The girl came loudly and then turned over and began to lick her juicy fingers.I was wondering what would come next when we heard the sound of the gym door opening, so we all scrambled to get dressed.I asked the girl if she had time to come back to our room for a bit but she said that she was already late for work, but she suggested that maybe if we would be going for a run again the next day she might see us again.We went back to our room all hot, very sweaty and extremely bothered.As we walked into our room you were saying “did you see how the sweat was dripping down into her cunt while she was frigging herself – it looked so good I could hardly stop myself from licking her from top to bottom!”We went straight to the bathroom as I pulled your top over your head. It hit the floor as I started to tug your shorts over your perfectly formed and perky little bottom. All the sweat from both the workout and the sauna was making them cling even more than usual.I almost tripped you getting them off your ankles because you were concentrating on getting me naked too.We stepped into the tub and you reached for the faucet, but there was no way I was letting you rinse off without tasting you first.“Remember how tasty you thought the clerk looked” I asked.You nodded. “Well” I continued “you look twice as tasty”.With that I dropped to my knees and began to eat you for the second time in as many hours. If anything you were even wetter than the last time. Partly because of the sweat, partly from watching the girl masturbate for us and partly because of the tonguing I was giving you.You leaned up against the wall of the shower and climbed up on the rim of the tub. Then you held on to the curtain rod with one hand and you lifted one leg to rest your foot on my shoulder while I buried my face in your soaking cunt.To my surprise and intense delight your taste changed almost right away as your pussy got even wetter when you dribbled some of your special nectar into my mouth. I moved my attention from your clit to your slit and you relaxed and filled my mouth with your pee. I let some of it spill down my chest while I drank deeply of you, treasuring this gift just as you crave the mouthfuls that I give you as often as I can.You came for me almost as soon I shifted my attention back to your clit. At least I think that is what pushed you over, but it might have been the finger that I slipped up your sweaty, lubed bottom too. I know how much you enjoy both activities!We traded place right after that but I quickly found that my knees kept getting weak so we settled for me sitting on the end of the tub with you kneeling in front of me. I really didn’t think that I had had enough time to regenerate another load, but between the amazing love-making earlier that morning, seeing your tits bounce while you ran, watching the clerk girl play with herself and then my special shower, not to mention your mind blowing blowjob it wasn’t long before I repaid you in my own way by spraying a surprisingly huge amount of cream into your longing mouth.What a way to start a day!

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