Subject: Welcome to Gayberry – 88 Welcome to Gayberry � 88 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. This is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 88 David and the warden decided it was dark enough now to bring their prisoners in discretely so they went out and took the prophet and Sheriff Joe from the trunk of the vehicle. Both men wore dark hoods, with their mouths taped shut underneath, as well as having their hands cuffed behind them and spreader bars at their ankles. Both men had trouble moving their limbs after such a long period of immobility but they managed to get them inside with no one apparently taking notice. David led them into the cell beside the one occupied by Mr. Hunt who was watching silently. The left the men, still wearing their hoods into the cell and had them sit side by side on the cot. “Prophet, I really need to speak to you about some important matters” David said in a soft voice. “First of all, I sincerely apologize for the treatment you have received. I am truly very sorry you’ve been treated so badly. I want you to know that your lovely wife is alive and safe and awaits you to fulfill the plans you both had made. She has shown me a truth I had never seen before and I would like to serve the two of you in any way I can. I know that my purpose on this earth is to serve you and I will do whatever it takes to do that.” “Son, you have seen the light and I am glad for you” the prophet said. “I will see to it that you are taken care of and you will replace a disciple who has been less brave. But what is going on here? All I know is that my wife, Sheriff Joe, and I were boarding out plane to leave after Felton refused to turn over my wife’s son. I remember following them onto the plane, then things went dark. The next thing I knew, I woke in complete darkness, submerged in what felt like icy water, although it was obvious not freezing or I wouldn’t be here. I’m not even sure how long we were there. I was able to hear very little as people appeared to talk in hushed tones and I wasn’t able to make out anything they were saying. Then today, we were snatched out of the water and roughly moved into what I assume was the trunk of an automobile and brought here. I’ve had nothing to eat except a few crackers and barely enough water to drink to stay alive. I even had to resort to drinking some of the foul-tasting water in which we submerged. I just kept talking to the lord and he told me I would be delivered and reunited with my precious wife. We are nothing if we lose our faith, son.” “I understand that now, prophet” David said as he removed the handcuffs and allowed Warren to move his aching arms. “Oh my holy dear God!” the prophet exclaimed. “It’s absolutely excruciating to simply move my arm but I will survive and triumph. The whole time we were submerged in that water, I kept thinking of how Daniel survived being thrown to the lions. I drew strength from that. I knew my faith was as strong as that of Daniel and I knew I could survive as he did.” “God bless and save you always, prophet” David said, bowing his head. “Let me help you with gently moving your arms as soon as I get this bag off your head. Take it slowly, we have plenty of time.” “No, we don’t” the prophet said. “As soon as I can get my limbs moving and Sheriff Joe can do the same, we need to leave this place. Get us out of here and I can call the governor of Arizona. He will send a plane and we can all fly to safety. He’s a bit of a wussy, but his attorney general is neatly tucked in my back pocket.” “I’m afraid that isn’t possible” David said. “The governor of North Carolina and his man, Abe Levine, have taken a great interest here and they have snipers on the roofs around the jail here. We would all be dead within seconds of walking out of here. I will effect a transfer tomorrow for you and the sheriff to another place where this red neck jerk of a sheriff is holding other political prisoners. That is where your precious wife is and once there, we can effect an escape. From there, we can phone the governor of your state and get you out of here.” “I’m surprised this is such a state of nigger-lovers” the prophet said. “Who’s that dimwit you’ve got here with you? I thought I heard them call him the warden. Surely he isn’t…” “Oh no, no, no, sir” David said with a chuckle. “He’s the janitor here at the jail. It is only in a joking sense they refer to him as the warden. He is a real dimwit but he is quite strong and he will do anything I instruct him to do. He is feeble-minded but useful.” “We will use him effectively then” the prophet said. “Of course I can’t make him a disciple or promise him anything in the next life because of his color. There will be none of his kind in our perfect kingdom to come but we can at least make his time here in this life a little bit better if he is willing to help us out by serving our needs.” “For that he will be very grateful, prophet” David said, unable to look at the warden who had heard the entire conversation and was clearly amused. The hoods were now removed from the heads of the prophet and Sheriff Joe. Both men were blinking and squinting, having trouble adjusting to the bright lights after so long in total darkness. “You are a godsend, my dear boy” the prophet told David, as he helped him with range of motion exercises for his extremities. “Do you know anything of the three disciples I had brought into the area to look after our interests?” “I’m afraid I do, sir” David said. “One of them, Matthew, I believe, was shot and killed. I don’t have any details on how that occurred but I do know that two others were captured. I believe they are called Mark and Luke. They are, I believe, being held in the same location with your wife and I hope they can be counted on to help with getting you out of there tomorrow.” “Of course they can be counted on!” Sheriff Joe said angrily. “Why the hell would you even say that? Sheriff Joe and I recruited every single one of those disciples and I know they can be counted on. They have all taken sacred vows of loyalty to me and the Lord Jehovah God!” “I’m sorry to tell you this, but Mark and Luke have been telling some tales” David said. “You can’t blame them for doing it. The sheriff here is a real asshole, pardon my language, and he uses some horrible tactics to get people to tell him what he wants to hear.” “That is very disappointing. The disciples have been trained to die before divulging any information. What kind of things are they saying, son” the prophet asks. “I’m really embarrassed to say” David said, shyly, looking at the floor. “They’ve said things using language I just don’t want to use in front of a religious man like yourself.” “Speak up, boy” the prophet ordered. “I am a prophet of God in this world, but I still have feet of clay to walk on this earth. Bad language doesn’t bother me. I’ve heard it all. Hell, I use some pretty expressive words myself from time to time. Nothing will shock me, boy. Tell me what they’ve been saying.” “Well they’ve told some tall tales about how awful you and Sheriff Joe were and about his wife and your wife. They’ve told tales about how you like to rape little girls and they even said the prophetess would hold the girls down while you put your hard cock inside them. They accused you of killing the former owners of the ranch and taking it over without paying a cent. And the really bad one, Luke is his name, I believe, said that all of the disciples except him had been guilty of fornicating with your wife, the prophetess, and the sheriff’s wife. They told a tale about how Sheriff Joe’s wife had worked as a stripper and a prostitute and how she loved having sex with anything that could get an erection. I am so grieved to say these things but I heard those men saying them. I know they aren’t true but the sheriff was threatening the disciples with awful things if they didn’t talk. Those men had no choice but to make up horrible things to tell the sheriff and the governor’s men.” “I can’t imagine my men saying such things” Sheriff Joe said. “There is no threat which should have caused our boys to say such awful, disgusting lies. They should have gone to their deaths before saying these things.” “Sir, the sheriff is ruthless and so is Mr. Levin” David said softly. “He threatened the boys with castration and then decided to band them. He put tiny rubber bands around their ball sacs so their testicles will fall off in a few days like cattle. He also took a scalpel and cut part of Mark’s penis off. That’s one of the things the sheriff uses to threaten men who won’t tell him things. And that man, Dale, that used to live on the ranch has said some pretty awful things about Luke. He said Dale came and made him suck him off all the time and threatened to murder his son and the prophet’s wife’s son. He also said that Luke liked having some perverted stuff done to him.” “What kind of stuff?” Sheriff Joe asked. “Well, this is really embarrassing, but that Dale guy said that Luke liked having fingers inside his hole while he had his penis in someone’s mouth” David answered. “I can’t hardly say these nasty things but that’s what they’ve been saying. Please forgive me for being the one to have to use these words. ” “I absolutely can’t believe that!” the prophet said. “In the first place, if that sheriff really did cut my disciple Mark, the boy will have to go. He should have fought to the death to keep that from happening. Only an infidel can have a circumcision. One is better off having his throat slit than his foreskin removed. That was one of my beloved wife’s first revelations from the spirit. She was raised in a religion that required it. She said the religion was made up of the most godless men on the planet and the lord revealed to her that those men should be eliminated from the earth. I’m sorry, Joe, but if this is true, Mark will have to be eliminated.” “What does that mean when you say eliminated?” David asked. “Son, it may sound harsh, but we have had it revealed that none of those people can be allowed to live” the prophet said. “It was revealed to my beloved wife by the Lord Jehovah that all men with circumcisions must be wiped off the face of the earth. Eventually, we will also be eliminating all those dark-skinned people, but that will take time. We will make sure your little friend they call the warden is taken care of in the time he has left.” “I understand, prophet” David said. “I am a believer and your word is the law. You are incapable of doing wrong. The prophetess told me how you purified her body in preparation for putting your heir into her. It is a miracle but I saw with my own eyes that she is ready to have your heir put inside her.” “What do you mean you saw her?” the prophet asked angrily. “No one is to look upon my wife’s nakedness. What the fuck are you saying?” “It was unavoidable, sir” David said. “The sheriff had her stripped naked and tied to a table, exposing all of her body. I promise you I intervened as quickly as I could to provide her with covers to shield her nakedness. But I couldn’t help seeing as I assisted her. I am proud to say that I have never lain with any woman, but I am college educated and I know that what I saw was not usual. I saw that that her body is ready for her beloved husband to impregnate her with his holy sperm.” “Thank you for looking after her as you could, son” the prophet said. “I am quick to anger and for that I do apologize. I realize you couldn’t avoid seeing her. I now grant you absolution for that. Can you assure me that no one else has known her sexually?” “I can assure you of that, sir” David said. “She is in a very large building with other men but they are all chained and cannot get within several feet of the prophetess. I really don’t think the sheriff and his buddies have any interest in putting their hands on females, if you know what I mean.” “I think I understand what you are saying and, while it disgusts me, it is a relief in this case” the prophet said. “I plan to eliminate faggots even before the cut-dicked infidels and the darker people. They are the most disgusting of all. The Lord has revealed to me that anything other than male-female penis to vagina sex is an abomination and any who practice it must be put to death.” “The prophetess explained that to me and I absolutely agree” David said. “Any man who would lie with another man doesn’t deserve to breathe the same oxygen we breathe. And that goes for perverts who put their organs into places God never intended them to go.” “Son, you are obviously a very fast learner” the prophet said. “I believe you can be of great value to me. If you’ll kneel down, I will give you a blessing.” “Of course, sir” David said meekly, kneeling before the prophet who slowly stood and placed both his hands on David’s shoulders as the handsome young man knelt before him. “I bless you, son and rename you for my fallen disciple, Matthew” the prophet said. “It will be known only to us for now but you will assume your new identity when we return to our blessed holy land to partake of our holy manna. You will be richly blessed for protecting my wife and helping us to ensure an heir.” “Prophet, should you bestow this on someone I haven’t been able to check out?” Sheriff Joe asked. “We really don’t know hardly nothin’ about this boy.” “Silence!” the prophet commanded. “I have looked into this boy’s heart and I see purity within. It will be as I have spoken.” “Yes, sir” Sheriff Joe replied meekly. “I should like to clean my body” the prophet said. “I have never felt so unclean. Can you bring me cloths and water or have the black boy do it? I could also use some food.” “I apologize for not realizing how hungry you might be” David said. “I will send Eamon to the diner down the street for food. We have a shower in the back room if you would like that.” “That would be an answered prayer” the prophet said. “A hot shower would be like a dream to me right now.” “I’m happy to help” David said. “I will send Eamon to the diner for food and I will mersin escort help you to the shower.” “But what will I wear when I’m clean?” the prophet asked. “I can’t put on these damp, smelly undergarments and I have no others. Neither Sheriff Joe nor I have any.” “We have a washing machine in the back of the jail” David said. “I can wash your undergarments. I have none of your special ones, but I have several pairs of my own white boxer shorts you might wear while yours are being washed. I can help you to the back room now and get you into the shower.” Eamon left to get food and David assisted the prophet who was still having difficulty walking due to the extreme stiffness in his joints. Sheriff Joe was in even worse shape so David knew neither man could attempt an escape. “Put an arm around my shoulder and I can help you” David said. “It is unseemly for men to touch one another other than a warm handshake” the prophet said “but I will make an exception for now. Thank you for your help. There can be no doubt that you are a gift sent to me by the ever-gracious Lord God Jehovah.” They moved slowly to the back room, the prophet with his arm around the muscle boy’s shoulder. “I can feel strength coming back into my legs gradually” the prophet said. “I had no idea how quickly we would lose use of our extremities.” “It can happen very quickly” David said as they entered the room in the back of the jail which contained the shower and a king-sized bed. “I can help you get undressed.” “It is unseemly for a prophet to be seen naked by any other man but I suppose this merits and exception to that rule. I can grant that” the prophet said. “David, you have proven a gift to me and to my wife. I can promise that you will be rewarded beyond belief when we get out of this place. There are special privileges I alone can bestow on servants who serve well. You said you have never lain with a woman. I can give you all the pleasures this world has to offer. The Lord has told me I am to enjoy the pleasures this world has to offer in return for my service. I can also choose to bestow these gifts onto others as I see fit. There are many delights on this earth. I know that a good looking lad like you must have been tempted. I am proud that you have chosen o remain pure but it will no longer be necessary. Have you ever pleasured yourself?” “Yes, sir, I must shamefully admit that I have but I do it as rarely as possible and only when I am certain I am alone and when temptation proves too great.” “That is all right” the prophet said. “Don’t feel shame. I absolve you of any shame for that and know that it will no longer be necessary once we return home. You will have all the pleasure you could imagine. Even things that are forbidden to others. I can assure you there is nothing like inserting your hard cock into a young virgin cunt. The younger the better. It gives them and their parents pleasure too to know they are being deflowered by the prophet and those appointed by the prophet for such a purpose. The parents are richly rewarded for their child’s sacrifice. That is how we keep things from becoming scandals. ” “Does the prophetess not mind that sort of thing, sir?” David asked. “Is she not jealous?” “She understands that the sexual drive of a prophet requires more than any one woman or girl could ever provide” Warren answered. “She derives pleasure in seeing me deflower girls and understands that while they may experience some mild, temporary pain, it is all in service to their prophet. She enjoys those occasions actually. The truth is that any woman I have intercourse with has a powerful orgasm unequaled by any orgasm with any other man. ” “That is truly remarkable and I would expect nothing less with a prophet of our true Jehovah!” David said. “David, I think it best if you leave the room as I undress” the prophet said. “I never allow other men to see my nakedness.” “But surely you know you are not yet steady, prophet” David said. “A serious fall could result in a severe medical problem. There is no reputable physician within miles of this place. We will need you and Sheriff Joe ambulatory tomorrow if we are to escape this place.” “Of course, son, and I certainly trust you not to speak of this” the prophet said. “I am having trouble raising my arms. If you could help me with this undershirt.” “Of course, sir” David said as he lifted the nasty, damp shirt up and over the prophet’s head, then gently removed his arms from the short sleeves. The prophet was slightly built with rather thin arms. When his arms were raised, David saw a very thick patch of coarse black hair which matched that on his head. He had a rather thin chest with large brown nipples and a thin patch of black hair which had begun to gray on his chest. “I can’t believe I’ve lost all this muscle tone in such a short time” the prophet said. “You certainly appear to keep in shape. Perhaps we might start some kind of exercise routine together when we get home to Arizona. I have always stressed the importance of my disciples being fit and in tiptop physical condition.” “That would be delightful, sir” David said. “I hope this is not too embarrassing for you. I’m averting my eyes as much as possible. I just couldn’t bear to see you fall and sustain an injury. I could never, ever forgive myself if I let any harm come to you, my dear prophet.” “I understand completely” the prophet said. “I’ll try to relax about this and you should do the same. I have nothing to be ashamed of in the equipment department and I know we have the same thing in our pants. I’m sure you would have mentioned this earlier when we were talking but Sheriff Joe insists on an inspection of all disciples to make sure their penises are untouched by a knife or a scalpel.” “I assure you I am uncut, sir” David said. “You or the sheriff may inspect me any time you like.” “I trust you but the Sheriff may want to do so just for his peace of mind. I’m much more concerned about the dark people overrunning our land than about the infidels with their butchered cocks. Sheriff Joe feels a bit differently. I think they had the right idea in Germany but they were just too cocky to get the job done.” David felt sick to his stomach at hearing this man’s vile words but maintained his composure. “One of my business associates, actually several of them, said we would be in a much better place if the Germans had won the war” the prophet said. “He is quite sure they would have taken out the Japs and we’d be well on our way to a completely cleansed society. It would likely have all turned out much differently had the King of England not decided to abdicated for that piece of cunt he was chasing. That was totally irresponsible and unforgivable. The world would be a very different place today if he hadn’t been so crazy over the scent of Mrs. Simpson’s pussy.” “I am neither political nor a student of history” David said, feeling nauseous, “but there is, I believe, a business associate of yours being held captive in the place where your wife is. I believe his name is Sligh. His son in law is a very, very good friend of our idiot sheriff.” “Oh yes, fucking P.T.” the prophet said. “That is who I was talking about. He and I have transacted any number of profitable deals. He almost got in hot water trying to smuggle infidels out of Europe to use as slave labor here and in South America. He got caught and it really angered Herr Hitler. But he was rich enough to pay everybody off who needed to be paid off. I had heard he disappeared after putting out hits on his son in law and two grandsons. I assumed he was dead.” “No, sir, he is alive and you will probably see him tomorrow” David said. “Do you think he can be counted on to assist with our plans?” “P.T. can’t be counted on for anything except something which will save his own skin or put a shitload of dollars in his own pockets” the prophet said. “He can’t be trusted but if it’s to his advantage to help, he will help. Otherwise he’ll put a knife in our backs.” The prophet was having trouble lowering his underpants and tripped, almost falling but for David catching him. “Careful here” David said. “We can’t have you hitting your head. Your wife is counting on you to rescue her and then to breed your heir into her.” “I can be a bit stubborn, David. “I will accept any further assistance you think necessary and I will attempt to show gratitude.” “Yes, sir” he replied. “You just stand there and I’ll get those nasty underpants off you. I can’t believe those evil sons of bitches left you submerged in cold water for that length of time. They should all be taken out and hanged or shot.” David knelt in front of the prophet and took the waistband of the underwear in his hands, slowly lowering them and then assisting Warren in stepping out of them. The prophet had a penis of average length which was extremely thin except for a very large cockhead which caused his foreskin to puff out. The cockhead appeared to be more than twice the circumference of his penis shaft. He had a very thick, wild black bush which was beginning to gray, as was the trail of hair from just above his navel which merged with his pubic thatch. His legs were also covered in black hair and his thighs were very furry. If not for his abhorrent personality and beliefs, David realized he could have found the prophet sexually appealing. As it was, he had to fight the urge to vomit as he offered to wash his back. “Yes of course” Warren said, stepping under the hot water. “This feels truly amazing. “You see I have what I call my cherrybuster” the prophet chuckled, pointing to his own penis. “Some men have penises that are tapered. Thin at the tip and getting fatter as they reach the pubes. Mine is just the opposite. My girth is in the cockhead. It does make cherrybusting a little harder and more painful but the sounds of sex are exquisite. You should hear a young bitch scream when my fat cockhead gets plunged inside her little virgin cunt. ” “I don’t know about men’s sex organs like I don’t know much about politics or history” David said. “I played some sports but I was always a shy boy and hated locker rooms. I would always try to wait until everyone else had left before I undressed.” Warren’s penis had begun to thicken and elongate as he stood under the hot water. David felt himself becoming erect, something he desperately wanted to hide from the prophet. “You’ll have to overlook what’s going on here” the prophet said as he hardened and his cockhead expanded, popping out of his foreskin. “Back home I usually fuck at least once a day. I feel it’s my duty to do that. It’s been several days now and just the thought of seeing my beautiful wife again has me getting quite aroused, not to mention our talk about busting young virgin puss. Aren’t you getting wet? I could excuse you removing your clothes if you don’t have any others to change into.” “I don’t have any others except underwear but I would find it disrespectful and most uncomfortable to be revealed in front of you, especially after seeing your generous endowment. I’m afraid it puts my own to shame.” “You’re going to get your shirt soaked” the prophet said. “You can at least take it off, given that you’re being of so much help to me.” “Yes, sir” David, said, removing his shirt and revealing his smooth, muscled chest and biceps. “There, that’s better” the prophet said. “I do think it will be nice to have someone to work out with when we get back home. Unfortunately Sheriff Joe has let himself go completely. But he’s had a lot of power in that state. I suppose I’ll have to begin looking for a replacement for him sooner rather than later. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fat fuck had a heart attack and just dropped dead in the floor. David, I think you could be the person to replace Sheriff Joe. I am thinking Jehovah sent you to me for exactly that purpose.” “I couldn’t even imagine such an honor, sir” David said. “I couldn’t even imagine that.” “I like your humility, boy” Warren said. “Now if you’ll get that washcloth all soapy and wash my bum I think I may be able to leave this wonderful shower. I already feel like a new person.” David took the cloth, got it soapy and washed the prophet’s hairy hole. He couldn’t resist dropping the cloth and inserting just the tip of his little finger into the soapy, hairy hole. “What the fuck are you doing boy?” the prophet asked angrily, jumping back and almost falling. “Were you trying to put a finger inside me? No one has ever touched my hole and no one will as long as I have breath in my body.” “No, sir, I mean, I’m so sorry, sir” David said. “I just dropped the cloth and didn’t realize it. I’m so very sorry, sir and I certainly didn’t mean any disrespect.” “It’s all right, boy” the prophet said. “I just know that’s something all those fucking perverts like to do. I hear they stick fingers and carrots and cucumbers and all manner of things in their private places and I can’t for the life of me imagine how they could feel pleasure from such nasty endeavors.” “Nor can I, sir.” David said, suppressing a chuckle at the prophet’s reaction. “I find even the thoughts of such perverted acts nauseating.” He assisted the prophet out of the shower after rinsing him thoroughly and proceeded to dry him off. He then assisted him into the clean white boxer shorts he had laid out. They heard a tap on the door and Eamon stuck his head in announcing he had the food there for them. “Get out of here nig!” the prophet shouted. “I am unclothed and you have no business in here. Get out!” “Sorry, sir” Eamon said as he closed the door. “I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to let Eamon assist Sheriff Joe with his shower. “He’s stronger and taller than I and could perhaps help prevent a fall. There’s also the fact that, according to the founders of this country, he’s only three fifths human so, would it really matter whether he saw a white man naked?” “You make a very good point, son” the prophet said. “It don’t really matter if those nonhumans see us unclothed. I apologize to you for not having figured that out. I could have saved you this ordeal although I shudder at the thought of that animal even touching me.” “I understand, sir” David said. “My concern is escort mersin making sure we are all in the best shape possible when it comes time to get out of here.” “Good thinking, son” the prophet said. “I’m just not going to worry about being immodest. There’s only Sheriff Joe, the monkey and that woman prisoner who will see me in the other room and I have my underwear to cover my genitals. Or perhaps I should sleep in this room. This bed does look more comfortable.” “I would agree, sir, but what if that sheriff decided to sneak in here to check up on me?” David asked. “Sometimes I think he might not trust me completely and I wouldn’t put anything past him. It could destroy our plan if he even knew I didn’t keep you cuffed at all times. He could throw a wrench in all our plans.” “Of course you’re right, son” the prophet said. “You really are a smart boy. Just the type I need by my side. I know I haven’t known you very long but I feel in my heart we are kindred spirits. I will tell you something few other people know. I don’t completely trust that little pantywaist of a governor we have out there. The attorney general is a hundred percent behind me but the governor is wobbly. I plan to run and replace the governor next year and Sheriff Joe and I have built a network of city and county officials who will make sure we’re elected. They’ve all taken an oath of loyalty to me and even agree to get the `P” brand that all my disciples have. We will kick that little pussyboy out of the governor’s mansion and I will take over with my beautiful first lady and my heir. Within four years, we will secede from the US and become our own country where we can set an example of ethnic purity for all the world to see.” David could barely believe the craziness he was hearing but he held his tongue as he took the prophet’s arm and led him back to the cell where Sheriff Joe was eating his dinner. “Sheriff, we’re gonna let the black monkey help you with your shower” the prophet said. “You need to be careful. You’re going to find you’re not as able as you may think you are when you stand up and start walking. I almost had a nasty fall if it hadn’t been for young David. I’m beginning to think if it had been David submerged in that goddamned cold water with me, we might have actually found a way to escape. As it was, your sniveling and crying were really getting on my nerves. You need to man up. You’ve gotten way too soft and I can’t have that. I wonder if this whole episode might have been prevented if I’d had David on security on that landing strip instead of your fat ass.” Sheriff Joe clouded up and it looked as if he might start crying but the prophet told him to suck it up and get his fat ass in the shower. Eamon came into the cell and assisted Sheriff Joe to a standing position. He almost fell as he stood too quickly but Eamon grabbed him and prevented the fall. “Take your time, sheriff” Eamon said in his soft low voice. “We don’t you to fall and crack your head.” “Shut the fuck up, porch monkey!” the sheriff spat. “You need to learn to speak only if you’re spoken to or if you’re asked a question. These North Carolina folks do a piss poor job training their monkeys.” “Watch your mouth, Joe” the prophet said. “You don’t need to be a bad influence or set a bad example for this young deputy. He’s twice the man you are at this point.” Sheriff Joe scowled at David as Eamon helped him up and to the back room. “Eamon, you might want to get undressed to help the sheriff with his shower” David said. “I got pretty wet and we don’t have a change of clothes.” “He will not be getting naked in a room with me!” the sheriff said angrily. “That wouldn’t be fitting at all for a man of my rank and stature.” “It’s okay, Joe” the prophet said. “Young David pointed out that he’s only three fifths human so it isn’t like another real human will be naked around you. It’s okay if he gets naked as long as he keeps your fat ass from hitting the goddamned floor.” “Well, I don’t like the idea but if you say so, I know you’re always the boss, sir” Sheriff Joe said. “I feel I should apologize to the lady in the cell next to us for my immodesty” the prophet said. “I certainly hope I have not offended her by not being fully dressed in her presence.” Mr. Hunt looked much better than earlier with the makeup redone, the wig combed out and her earrings on. David realized that, once put together, he could pass for female with ease. “She’s no lady” David said. “I looked at her file and she’s a prostitute. She’s seen plenty. She was picked up at the Butter Cup Motel in a room with four construction workers, drunk as can be. “Then I won’t worry about it” the prophet. “Sluts like that aren’t deserving of respect or consideration of any kind. It isn’t every woman who can be as virtuous as my beautiful wife. She’s a saint who would never even consider letting another man touch her sacred body. I have no doubt she would fight to the death to keep that from happening. She is my rock and I am hers. Ours is a match ordained by Jehovah himself.” “You’re a very lucky man, prophet” David said. “I’ll always be grateful to the prophetess for opening my eyes to your truths. “If you’d be more comfortable, I can hang a sheet between the cells, prophet.” “I don’t think that will be necessary” the prophet said, “I didn’t realize she was just a cheap whore. That type doesn’t matter at all. That’s another group we’ll eliminate when I’m in charge along with all the faggots and the animals and the infidels. It will be a beautiful and brave new world for us, David. A world we can take pride in.” “I can hardly wait, sir” David said. “Now I’m going to get the food that Eamon brought for you and for Miss Hunt. I find that I’m not really hungry right now so I think I’ll wait a bit.” It had taken some time for the sheriff to ambulate to the shower as he was extremely stiff and was having difficulty moving his rotund body. “I thought for sure I was going to drown in that fucking lake” the sheriff said. “They had us balancing on a cinder block and if we fell off, we’d drown. There was nobody around to help us and the water was up to my chin. They used a shorter block for the prophet because he’s taller, but the water was up to his chin too. I tell you we’d both have drowned if we’d fell off those blocks. But I don’t know why I’m bothering to tell a goddamned monkey anything.” Eamon removed the sheriff’s undershirt, revealing a flabby, pink body with no muscle tone at all. He was very obsess and had a repulsive pinkness to his body. There was not a hair in sight on his upper body except a few very blonde hairs in his pits. His chest and nipples were devoid of any hair, as was his belly which jutted out over the top of his dingy underpants. Finding the sheriff’s out of shape, flabby body a real turnoff, the warden grasped the waistband of his underpants and pulled them down quickly, allowing him to step out of them. Sheriff Joe stumbled, but caught himself on the wall before falling. The sheriff had a cock that couldn’t even be seen at first, hidden in his white-blonde bush. His little uncut pecker was less than an inch long but very thick. The sheriff seemed proud of his diminutive member. He stood there fingering his stub, looking as proud as a peacock. “What are you waiting for, you goddamned monkey?” the sheriff asked abrasively. “Strip down and get in here and was me and make it fast.” “Yes, sir” Eamon said. “I be movin’ just as fast as I can move, sir!” The warden quickly took off his shirt, his undershirt, his socks and his pants. He was several inches taller than the obese sheriff and in absolutely tiptop shape physically. He made sure the sheriff was watching as he slowly removed his boxer shorts, revealing his thick, long, uncut meat which was swinging side to side as he moved. “Oh goddamn!” the sheriff exclaimed upon seeing the warden’s meat. It was thick and uncut, hanging at least eight inches while soft. It was not quite as big around as a beer can but close. It was a beautiful example of the male organ and the sheriff seemed unable to look away. “Can you even stuff that ugly thing in a pussy?” Sheriff Joe asked, unable to take his eyes off the thick dark meat. “I bet it would hurt. I’d love to hear a tiny little virgin scream when you bust her open with that fucker. Don’t get that damned thing near me, monkey!” the sheriff spat, pushing him away. “Put them goddamned drawers back on. That ain’t human. You ain’t human. That ugly thing ought to be hanging on a fucking horse.” The warden reached for his underwear to put them back on. “Oh fuck it!” the sheriff said. “Never mind. Just get your black ass in here and get me clean. This hot water feels better than I could ever have imagined. Those worthless bastards! Who’s going to put a man in water up to his chin for two fucking days? Only an idiot would do that. Can you even stuff that fat fuckstick in a pussy? I bet it would hurt. I’d love to hear a tiny little virgin scream when you tore her open with that fucker.” In the front of the jail, the prophet was having his food which had been brought from the diner and he asked David to come into the cell and sit with him. “David, while they’re in the back, I’d like to talk with you” the prophet began. “I haven’t known you very long, but I am a man of great discernment and I do hear the voice of Jehovah in my head. I’ll be perfectly honest with you in that before we came on this trip, I had asked Matthew to replace Sheriff Joe when we get back to Arizona. Joe has worked hard for us but he’s gotten fat and soft and slow. It will be difficult to have the conversation with Joe, but I’m certain he will listen to reason when I ask him to resign his position and endorse the appointment of someone else. As I said, that was going to be Matthew but he is unfortunately no longer with us. All the other disciples think of Peter as their leader among him but the boy is too power hungry and I’m not certain I can trust someone that ambitious. The voice in my head and my heart tells me you are the man to replace Sheriff Joe. Apparently you have taken excellent care of my beloved wife and you have certainly proven protective of me. Would you accept the position if it were offered to you?” “Why, prophet, I am speechless” David answered. “I too feel a strange kinship with you. It’s as though I’ve known you and the prophetess all my life and possibly even before I was born. I have never been so honored in my life and I would accept your offer enthusiastically.” “Then it is done” the prophet pronounced. “I’ll break the news to Joe later tonight. It won’t make him happy but he’ll accept any decision I make. I am confident of that. David, you will have the best life imaginable in front of you. I will see to it that you have all the virgins you want. You can have them as young as you like and we can eventually find you a beautiful, pure wife. Hell, once I complete my takeover of the state, you can have all the wives you goddamn want. I’m going to institute plural marriage for my priests. There’ll be more pussy than you could ever have imagined and you’ll be my top man, looking after me, my beautiful wife and my heir. It was a happy day when Jehovah sent me to you.” Meanwhile, Randy pulled into the circular driveway in front of his beautiful new mansion. He was surprised to find the house completely dark and there was an almost eerie quietness as he walked onto the grand front porch with its soaring white columns. He was concerned at first, but then he assumed the boys and men were out back enjoying the fish fry and they had forgotten to turn on any lights in the front of the house. Nonetheless, he was a bit nervous as he quietly went on the wide front porch and turned the front door key. All was still silent as a mouse until he turned on the light in the foyer. Then the house lit up like a flame with people everywhere shouting “SURPRISE!” at the top of their voices. Randy was in shock until his ginger boy, Dopie jumped into his arms, hugging his arms tightly around the sheriff’s neck and telling him `happy birthday.” It seemed the entire town was there to wish him well as all the lights in the house came up and people began to scatter with their drinks. He saw the dining room table loaded with all kinds of finger foods and everyone seemed to have their beverage of choice. William came up to him and wished him a happy birthday, hugging him tightly. “You sons of bitches!” the sheriff said. “I hadn’t even realized it was my birthday. How in the hell did you guys pull this off with all of you being out of town?” “It’s a new little device called the telephone” the governor of the state said, hugging the sheriff and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “When Dopie told us it was your birthday, we all decided you deserve a party, especially after the last several days. I didn’t know any caterers here but I know plenty about Raleigh. It’s amazing what one can get done on a telephone.” “Happy birthday, old man” a slightly sunburned Arnold said, hugging him tightly. “We really missed you up at the lake. We knew you were here doing the crime busting thing but we also knew you wouldn’t mind us making the most of our time up there with the boys since we weren’t allowed back here until this afternoon. So we made the most of it. And I assure you that your son was not neglected in any way.” “I had no doubt about that” the sheriff said as Billy Paul, Arnold, Pepe House, Kurt, Rafe, Phillip, Scott, Mark and Jimmy all crowded in for hugs. “Where’s the doctor?” Randy asked. “He had to be in on all this yet he was with me all day” the sheriff said. “He’s out in the kitchen making sure the caterers fulfilled his every order. He’s in hog’s heaven giving orders to a swarm of young caterers” William said. They were joined by Dale Mason, who gave the sheriff a bear hug. “Happy birthday, sheriff” the manly man said. “You guys know how to do things right here in Gayberry. “That’s why I’ve decided to stay here. Your doctor has offered me the position of running his ranch and I’ve accepted it. The minute I saw my boy back together with Alex Yates, I knew I couldn’t tear them apart. Those boys are devoted to each other. Felton’s not sure what he’ll mersin escort bayan do job wise, but even if he stays on with the water patrol, the commute to the lake’s not that bad. I can’t believe I finally got to meet Alex’s father and I can see why the boy loves him so much. Felton’s been reunited with a cousin who lives here after a long separation caused by their wives. Those two are pretty much inseparable. But I do wish you a happy birthday and just know that Kevin and I are thrilled to be living here with so many good folks.” As he walked away, Abe Levine walked up to the sheriff. “Sorry to inform you but it seems there are some party crashers here” Abe said quietly. “There’s a little group at the bar out by the pool that seems to be imbibing a bit too much. I checked with the doctor and none of them were invited but you know how word gets out in a town like this when there’s free food and beverages. It’s the mayor and his fianc�, along with that lady druggist and Dopie’s teacher. Thank goodness they’re outside and most people are in here but I can get some of our people to handle this if you’d like. I just thought you should know.” “Thank you, Abe” the sheriff said. “I’d like to handle this without a scene but if you’d keep your guys close just in case. I’ll see if I can get them to leave quietly. It’s too nice a party for a big, ugly scene to ruin it.” Abe escorted Randy out onto the large veranda and down the steps to the tiki bar beside the pool. Randy could hear Dopie’s teacher unloading on the sheriff for not investigating the disappearance of her friend, Will Barrow, as he approached, so he knew they had all been discussing on him. Randy had taken Miss Frump out a number of times when she first arrived in Gayberry and there had been speculation the two would become engaged and marry. The sheriff had originally thought of the attractive brunette teacher as a potential mate until one day they had attended a town picnic at the lake just outside of town. They had gone off alone to explore a cave when there was a rockslide, trapping them inside. Both escaped and went to Miss Frump’s home to clean themselves up. When they arrived, Randy waited in the parlor while Helen showered. He was reading a newspaper when the teacher walked back into the parlor totally nude and began to play with her pussy. Randy was shocked as he was not accustomed to women behaving in that manner. He told her she should return to her room and get dressed but she was not agreeable to that. She made it very clear she thought it was time for the handsome sheriff to fuck her. Randy left, slamming the door and leaving her naked in her parlor. Their relationship had never recovered once the sheriff realized she was not a woman with any morals and he could never have such a woman as a step mother for his precious son. When Miss Frump looked up to see the sheriff and Abe standing near them, she and the others went silent for a few seconds. Then she flashed a toothy, fake smile at the sheriff and grabbed his arm, linking it with her own. “Why, sheriff, looks like you did finally make it to your own party” she said. “We were just trying to imagine what could have kept you too busy to attend a lovely soiree thrown by your own son and your very dearest friends.” “Too goddamned dear if you ask me” the mayor said bitterly. “I think they’re all a bunch of fag…”‘ “Darling, don’t you want another cocktail” his fianc�, Patty Hunt, interrupted mid �sentence. “No, my glass is fucking full and I don’t need another motherfucking cocktail” the mayor said as he guzzled half his drink in one swallow. “Randy, I was hoping we might set things right between us tonight” Helen said. “I think you’ve misunderstood some things. You know I had always hoped that we might get serious about our relationship. That boy of yours needs a mother desperately, especially since you’ve chosen to take his dear, dear aunt out of his life. A boy needs a loving female influence.” “And you need to shut the fuck up and get your hands off me, you two-faced sow!” the sheriff said quietly, jerking his arm away from her grasp. “Do you really think I don’t know about how you’ve been accusing me of not investigating Mr. Barrow’s disappearance? Do you really think I don’t know about all you secret visits over to see Mrs. Bedford and that cunty aunt of mine as well as your dear, dear sorority sister, the knocked up wife of our dear mayor here. The same pregnant wife he wanted out of their home so he could move his new whore Mrs. Hunt, who was, incidentally, still married to a prisoner in my jail and who has been receiving information from him on where to dig up hidden money � illegal money, from her estranged husband.” “Shut the fuck up, sheriff!” Patty Hunt said. “You have no proof of that.” “You’re wrong, bitch” the sheriff spat. “And it’s all over. Your ex hubby or whatever he is took us there today and we dug up every cent of that cash and a lot more including very illegal photo evidence which you also knew about. He has signed an affidavit stating you knew about it all so you can expect to be arrested any time.” “Shut the fuck up, sheriff!” the mayor said, taking a swing at the sheriff but missing and falling to the ground. “Don’t you say a word about my goddamned wife or my fianc�.” “You mean the same wife you paid another man to impregnate because you couldn’t get the job done, Mr. Mayor?” the sheriff asked. “That would be the same wife who is now under arrest and sitting in what used to be my house waiting to have the baby of a traveling salesman you paid to knock up because you wanted a son. The same wife my buddy and I heard talking about your stubby little cock that she hadn’t allowed to touch her since your youngest daughter was born? The same daughters you sent to live with their grandparents because you and your new wife couldn’t be bothered to raise? Don’t forget that my friend, William and I watched the Colonel fuck your wife in a bedroom in my old house with her begging him not to stop. She was begging him to fuck her harder and deeper and as soon as he came, she was beggin’ him to fuck her some more. I heard that shit with my own ears and I can get William out here to tell the same story. The same wife who kicked you out of her bed and her bedroom after the last daughter was born. I’ve also seen you care nothing about someone you fuck, just getting your own thirty second nut then leaving them alone. You need to realize that Mrs. Hunt sure doesn’t want you for anything you do in the bedroom. She just wants to be somebody, whether it’s the wife of the mayor or the wife of the governor. But she won’t get either. That bitch has also told Mr. Hunt about how you’re embezzling money from the town treasury and all of that will be frozen in the morning. If you think you’re going to be governor, you better think again.” “Sheriff, I’m gratified to learn that you’ve seen through all these people” Nellie Walker, the lady pharmacist said, stepping up and taking the sheriff’s big hand in her own. “You and I always had something special. You are the most handsome man in this town and you’re fairly smart. Not nearly as smart as I am, but pretty smart for this shithole of a town. With my family’s money, we can make you governor of this state. I’ve felt that bulge in your pants before, even though you always pushed my hand away. I know you have something extra and I know how to make you happy. Even though your deputy raped me, I know we can be happy. We can put that behind us and I can get rid of this baby in a motherfucking heartbeat. Or if you want to, we can raise it together. People will forget that it’s your deputy’s. He’s even your cousin so you’ll share some blood with the little bastard. But that’s not the important thing. Together we can do anything we want, Sheriff Randy Gaylor. I can get a divorce and we can be married in a flash. What do you say to that, sheriff?” “I say you’re out of your goddamned fucking mind” he said, slapping her hand away from him. “Just your touch gives me the fuckin’ heebie jeebies. You know as well as I do that my deputy didn’t rape you, although his confession made it impossible for him to stay on in the department. A lab report came back today saying that was cat blood on them sheets and on my deputy’s little cock. I know he never raped you. Why, that boy is still a virgin. He’s so embarrassed about that little green bean sized dick of his that barely ever even gets hard. He likes the thought that he could ever have stuck it in someone with the education, the family and the social standing you have. We all know you fucked the Colonel, a traveling salesman who is now married to your former best friend in the world, standing in a shower in the high school dressing room after that pageant rehearsal. Even Arney knows but he’ll never admit it to himself. The colonel told me how you sneaked in that shower and used your hand to get him hard and half out of his mind. He says he tried to talk you down, but his hard cock got the better of him and he stuck it in you and shot a load of his powerful spunk. He regrets it and he admitted all of it to his wife. Velma Sue forgave him and now they’re happily married and expecting twins. But you used him for his gism just like you’ve used everybody your whole goddamned life. And I intend to go to your uncle tomorrow and tell him ever’ bit of this story. Even though the colonel is a gentleman, I know he’ll join me if necessary to convince your uncle so you can’t do more damage in this town.” “You won’t talk to my uncle because you don’t have the balls to make that move” Nellie said. “As for getting’ rid of the baby, that was a lie. If you knew anything about me you’d know my family’s Catholic and I’d never do that. I’m not above telling you I got rid of the baby until it was too late but I’d never really do that. Please, sheriff, just think about it. We could be so good together.” “I want ever’ one of you sons of bitches off my property now and if you don’t leave quietly through the back gate with Abe’s men, I will have you physically removed. Don’t make me do that, please.” “You arrogant motherfucker!” Helen said in a louder voice. “And you’re raising an arrogant little bastard who’ll turn out to be just like you! That little asshole thinks he’s hot shit because his old man is the sheriff of this shithole fucking town! I’ll see that he gets taken down a notch or two before I’m done!” “Let me tell you one goddamned think, Miss Frump” Randy said, grabbing the woman by her throat and lifting her to her tiptoes. “You can do anything and say anything about me that you want to. But I am giving you fair fucking warning that if you ever do anything to damage or hurt my son in any way, it will be a move you will regret for the rest of your motherfucking life. You can take that to the bank! Now get the fuck out of my goddamned house, you sorry bitch and never set foot here again!” There was so much noise from the group inside that no one outside their group could’ve heard it but Abe began to lead her toward the gate. “You’re an arrogant prick and your little asshole son is growing up to be just like you” the teacher said angrily. “A real chip off the fucking block And I bet he’ll grow up to be a junior g man faggot just like his old man. He’s probably already sucking off all his buddies in the boy’s room at school. I better give the principal a heads up and we better put some monitors in there to keep the sheriff’s boy from sucking all his buddy’s cocks.” “Yeah, Helen, you’re right” Nellie said. “Looks like all the Gayberry men are fags except our mayor who is going to be the next governor. He’s the only man in this town who doesn’t like eating dick and all the others hate him for it. You see whose getting thrown out of the party, don’t you?” The mayor was sobbing and his wife was stonily silent. Randy thought she’d heard some really bad news about the fact the cash had dried up from the preacher’s secret funds and her husband’s run at the governor’s seat might be severely damaged. She also knew that everything the sheriff had said about the mayor’s sexual prowess was true as he was the most clumsy, incompetent sex partner in the world, especially after having been with her first husband who had been a world-class pussy lapper. She also knew that her fianc� was sticking his dick in his daughter and her little teen friend, which she accepted because it meant less time with the mayor slobbering nastily over her. But she was determined to be the first lady of the state and she wouldn’t shoot the horse until she was absolutely certain it was dead. She knew her fianc� still had some strong support from other towns so she was determined not to give up. They had almost reached the back gate when one of the governor’s men in black urged them to hold up. He came into the light, escorting two very naked, very young girls who were soaked to the bone. It was the mayor’s daughter, Jenny, and her little friend Sarah, daughter of Preacher Smith, and both appeared drunk. The doctor was with the governor’s man who was escorting the drunk teens. “Rolando came to me in the kitchen” the doctor said. “He said he didn’t like being a snitch but he told me the two girls who had gotten Mark and Jimmy and Robert and Tyler in trouble had been naked in the pool and trying to grab his penis. Rolando’s English is far from perfect, but he understands that the actions of these girls has ended up putting several of his new friends in cock cages indefinitely. He managed to tell me that Jenny had grabbed his willy and he immediately came to report the incident to me. I thanked the young man and he returned to the group inside. No one else is aware. Both girls tried to corner the young boy and take his clothes off but he managed to get away from them.” “Thank you so much doctor” the sheriff said as the man returned to the kitchen. “Take your cunts with you, Mr. Mayor” the sheriff said. “All of them. You’ve raised a slut and now she’s infected her friend. You might want to remember that neither one of these girls is legal now so you might want to think really hard about where you’re putting your own little stubby daddy dick. These two will fuck you and then laugh about what a lousy fuck you were. But as long as you’re buying things, they’ll both keep fuckin’ you. Now get the fuck off my property and stay the fuck off my property.” They all left, mostly stumbling, as they made their way down the dark alley to the mayor’s house.

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