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what friends are forI watched Elizabeth as she slowly dropped her khaki shorts to the kitchen floor next to her yellow top. My stomach was doing flips as I rubbed my palms on the smooth wood of the straight back chair I just sat upon. I’d never spanked another woman before. But here was my next door neighbor standing before me in her bra and panties waiting my next order.Although 10 years younger than me and married, Elizabeth and I often discussed our sex lives and desires. At 27, she was an athletic woman with a “Lara Croft” physique who spent most of her time alone waiting for her older corporate lawyer husband to return from business trips. Last week over lunch we were reading our mail together when I accidentally opened a plain brown envelope addressed to her containing a fetish magazine. Embarrassed, Elizabeth tearfully admitted that she had an overwhelming desire to be spanked, but was afraid to approach her stodgy husband about it. Taking a long sip of wine, I volunteered to drop by and help her out. “After all,” I said with a grin. “What are friends for?”The silky material of her panties snapped delicately against her back after I pulled on the waistband and told her to strip totally nude. A spanking wasn’t a spanking in my house if it wasn’t given on the bare bottom. Reluctantly, she lowered her bikini panties and stepped out of them. I watched the thin white material slip over her firm muscular hips, hard thighs and supple calf muscles. I glanced at the thin patch of hair disappearing in the space between her legs as she straightened up.Then she unhooked her bra, letting it slide off her arms and onto the floor. Her breasts bounced slightly with each movement. Soft, and round, they were a sharp contrast to her hard sculpted abdomen and arms. As Elizabeth pulled her shoulder-length auburn hair away from her face, her canlı bahis şirketaleri breasts once again lifted and fell deliciously in the kitchen sunlight. Wearing only her wire-rimmed granny glasses, she looked like a little girl for a moment. Elizabeth stood there nude, her arms crossed, then let her hands fall to her sides. She took a deep breath and looked at me with anticipation.Inhaling deeply myself, I tried to settle my own nervousness by motioning her forward with a pat on my lap. She came toward me, awkwardly grabbing the back of the chair I was sitting on. Slowly Elizabeth d****d her athletic body over me. I felt her hard nipples graze against my bare left thigh as she balanced herself on her toes and fingertips. Her skin was warm and smooth against mine. Her bottom was directly over my right leg and I felt the softness of her pubic hair against my thigh as I lifted it higher.Tentatively, I laid my right hand on her bottom. Her teardrop-shaped cheeks were firm and quivered with each movement. I began rubbing her bottom, separating each cheek and holding their warm fullness in my hands. I put my left arm around her narrow waist holding her lightly in place. Without saying a word, I raised my right palm and brought it down quickly.The slap echoed loudly throughout the kitchen I slapped her opposite cheek. She jumped slightly but did not react. Elizabeth just laid there, her face looking straight ahead as her fingers balanced her on the floor. Smack… Smack… Smack… I placed hard spanks across both cheeks slowly turning them a light pink. With each slap she took short -quick breaths and arched her bottom up toward me, beads of sweat appearing in the small of her back. I paused.I let my hand move lightly over the curve of her left cheek feeling its heat. Smack… Smack… Smack… I watched as her bottom flattened canlı kaçak iddaa and bounced with each slap. Smack… Smack… Smack… Smack… I aimed a series of spanks at the underside of her cheeks. Her bottom jiggled with every swat. Smack… Smack… Smack… Smack… I began to spank all over her bottom in random patterns. Increasing the strength and speed of the slaps by flattening and cupping my hand.She began to wriggle over my lap, clenching her cheeks together, raising her hips, moving her bottom from side to side as she pushed up on her toes. Smack… Smack… Smack… Smack… After a particularly hard swat, she moaned, “Ohhhh…” softly and ground her pelvis into my leg. As I continued to spank, her pink bottom began to redden. I paused again. My hand was beginning to sting and burn too. I wiped my fingers on the fabric of my miniskirt for a moment before reaching over to the kitchen table and taking an old wooden hairbrush out of my purse.Elizabeth raised herself up on her fingertips, twisting backward to see what I was doing. Her eyes widened as I raised the brush over my head. Crack… “Ow!” she yelped, biting down on her lower lip. Crack…Whack… Snap… Slap…”Oh, God!” she whispered, burying her face under the chair. Her hair billowed and snapped up with each slap. Crack… Crack… Crack…. I spanked her quickly, deliberately. She jumped each time the brush slapped against her tender skin. Elizabeth was wriggling her bottom and kicking her legs. I had to stop and renew my grip on her waist to keep her from sliding off my lapHer feet were flailing and she was whimpering and crying. SLAP… SLAP… SLAP… I increased the strength of the spanks causing her to howl and thrash her legs. I raised my arm over my head and snapped the wooden brush like a whip across both cheeks. The unexpected impact sent her granny glasses sk**ding across the white canlı kaçak bahis ceramic floor. Elizabeth turned toward me, her tear-filled eyes closed, biting her upper lip again. Her hands pounded the legs of the chair and floor as a soft, steady moan rose from her. I slowed my tempo, concentrating on the areas that weren’t as red as the rest of her bottom. Soon both her cheeks had a uniform scarlet glow. With a final ten hard swats to the tender underside of her cheeks, I stopped the spanking.Slowly, her muffled sobs quieted and she turned her head to the side. Her face was streaked with tears as she cried softly. I rubbed her burning bottom gently, letting my hand move down between her legs. She spread her thighs, raising her hips as she continued to sniffle. Then I went for broke. I moved my hand further down into her wet, hot pussy. I had never touched another woman like this before.My fingers explored all the familiar spots. I quickly found her clit causing an unexpected gasp. As I stroked her slowly, Elizabeth raised her hips even higher allowing me to slip my fingers inside her. She rocked forward, pressing her lips against my hand. I began stroking and rubbing her clit in quick circular motions. Moaning and grinding against my hand, I let my thumb slide in and out of her while I continued to stroke her clit with my two fingers.Elizabeth moaned breathlessly thrusting down on my thighs and hand. Her gasps quickened, her body stiffened and then shuddered as she pushed violently against my fingers. Her moaning raised to a sharp wail and then she suddenly stopped and all her muscles relaxed. Elizabeth let her head fall and closed her eyes, her sweaty breasts rising and falling against me. I left my fingers inside her for several moments before withdrawing them.As I sat feeling the weight and heat from her body on my lap, I looked down at her glowing bottom with a smile and patted each cheek once more. Opening her eyes, she jumped off my lap and gazed at me with a evil smirk. “You’re next you know,” she proclaimed. “Well,” I replied, unbuttoning my blouse. “What are friends for?”

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