What I did on My Vacations Pt. 02 – The End


I’m sure we have all been asked by a teacher to write an essay entitled ‘What I did on my Vacation’. It’s a habit I have felt the need to maintain.

Reading Part 1 first will increase your understanding and enjoyment of this story.

Warning: All characters described in the events in this story, whether current or remembered, are over eighteen. If you are uncomfortable with descriptions of explicit sex and episodes of incest, suspected or intended, read no further.

Chapter Three

On Tuesday morning I looked out of my hotel window to find it was pouring with rain and the few trees I could see were bending in the wind. I had finished breakfast was just checking out when my brother Brad entered the lobby. I recognized him immediately, but he did a double take before fixing on me. I guess I’d grown up a little since he last saw me. As I said I had not seen him in a while, and he had matured in a good way.

It continued to come down in torrents as we drove home. We stopped once to pick up a Starbucks before we left the city. It may have been he needed a pee more than the coffee. I did not really need another coffee as I was full of breakfast, but he had already been driving for close to three hours and had not taken advantage of the washrooms in the hotel. We shared the conversation finding out about what each other had been doing in the last two or three years.

When we got home, I found Chantal had also just arrived. We hugged and I told her that her family had looked after me well. I said how sorry I was about the weather and she assured me that up until today her stay in Canada had been blessed with glorious weather.

I could tell Brad liked Chantal the moment they met, liked her looks anyway. I won’t say he was drooling, but he did look a little goofy. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t as sure about her reaction to him. She was pleasant but reserved as she shook his hand.

I shouldn’t have worried.

As soon as we were alone, she said, “You did not tell me your brother was so hot.”

I wasn’t going to argue with her, he may be my brother but that did not stop me marvelling at how he had developed, well his appearance anyway. I hoped his current awkward, gawky behaviour was just temporary.

“I haven’t seen him in at least two years, probably more. Then I just thought of him as my arrogant elder brother.”

We all made polite conversation over lunch, talking as I recall about absolutely nothing of substance. Then Brad and my Mum drove off to do some shopping and Chantal and I sat down to catch up. She told me all about her time with her relatives in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, a town about which I knew nothing. It seems they entertained her very well and she had a good time but did not have any chance to have any adventures of the kind we both enjoyed.

I told her again how well her family had looked after me and told her about the ‘friends’ I met up with on the beach. I’m sure I covered Gonzalo and I doing it in the sea, but I might have omitted Marti and my weekend with Paul. I wonder if her parents will tell her that I went off with him for a weekend. If they do, I’m sure she’ll guess why I did not mention it, but if I had I would have had to tell her all the details and I did not want to make her jealous.

The rain died off towards dusk and we went for a brief walk towards the lake, but the mosquitos came out in force and drove us indoors again.

Did I mention we live on a small property a good two and a half hours drive east, and a bit north, of Toronto? It’s surrounded by farms and scattered rural communities. The property runs from the main road about a kilometer to the lake. Our house is not a cottage, it sits back about a hundred metres from the main road. There is no road access to the lake and the lake itself, although several kilometers in length, is not part of any larger river system. There’s a little stretch of sandy beach about eight hundred and fifty metres behind our house, where we have always kept a couple of kayaks and a boat with a powerful outboard motor tied up to a floating dock. It’s where Brad and I learned to water ski. On the far side of the lake there are some cottages, but they are a couple of klicks away and we are in a sort of cove that is quite private.

We awoke to glorious sunshine, no sign of yesterday’s rain. Not a cloud in the brilliant blue sky. After breakfast, Brad said he had to go into town and asked if we’d like to come, but Chantal and I had already decided to go hang by the lake. He headed off and we packed bikinis, towels and sunscreen, water and trashy magazines and walked down the track to the beach. There’s a small growth of deciduous trees around the beach that provides a windbreak when the weather is blustery. It can be kind of buggy in the late spring what with blackflies and mosquitos. The mosquitos can often be worse around now, but not on a glorious day like today.

When we got to the beach, I checked there weren’t any boats in sight, we canlı bahis şirketleri do get the occasional folks out fishing. No one. I stripped off, put my clothes in a neat pile and looked at Chantal.

She looked at me, shrugged and started to strip saying, “You told me you did not have nude beaches.”

“We don’t, well not anywhere around here, but I figure this is private enough.”

She had apparently already put on a bikini but had no problem shedding it, as she continued undressing, while I went and tested the water. It wasn’t too bad, so long as you swam around a bit. Chantal gave a shiver as she came in but dived forward and swam over to me.

“It’s cold, I’m cold,” she whispered.

I pulled her to me breast to breast and found myself running my hands over her bum. I felt her hands on my shoulders as she pulled me closer, crushing out tits together and then she kissed me. I felt her tongue on my lips and when I parted them, she went straight for my tonsils. French kiss indeed. We explored each other’s mouths for a moment and then she let me go. I must confess I felt a certain tingle deep in my lady parts.

“I have wanted to do that for ever, Jen,” she said, “I think all women are bi.”

“I don’t think so,” I said.

“Well maybe not the hard core ‘lezzers’, you say ‘lezzers’?”

I was shocked as I considered that very inappropriate, but I let it go with only a frown and a shake of the head.

“I also think there are some pretty straight straights.” I said, and until three minutes ago, I thought I had been one of them, so maybe despite her questionable language she had a point. I’d always found her attractive, and hadn’t I just initiated it? I was trying to understand my own reactions, as we swam back to the shore.

I remembered with a jolt that back at Christmas, when we were taking turns fucking the twins, she had suggested they might enjoy watching the two of us make out, but we hadn’t, and I had not taken her suggestion seriously. Now I was almost certain it had been a veiled invitation. Who know what might have happened? I don’t think the twins would have had any objections.

When I lay down on my towel, she lay beside me and I felt her run her fingers lightly over my breasts. She circled the nipple and I felt both my nipples harden and that tingle in my groin began again. I just lay there and then she moved, and I felt her tongue caress my other nipple as her fingers continued to play. Her hand moved and her fingers walked lightly over my abs to my pelvis and on to my mons. I held my breath as she pulled gently on my pubic hair. There was no escaping the fact that my body was very turned on.

She began to suck on my nipple and then a finger brushed my clit and returned to stroke it. I felt myself beginning to feel little spasms running through my pelvis. Just one finger slipped into my wet vagina and that’s all it took. My whole body lifted and shook as an orgasm consumed me. The finger slid in and out; it was joined by two more and I could not stop coming. I had never come as hard and as fast before. Was it because doing it with a girl was so taboo in my experience? I don’t know. I wasn’t even questioning as I came back to earth. The fingers were gone, and she was kissing me gently without any tongue.

She lay back and seemed happy. There was no intimation that she wished me to respond in kind and I don’t know whether I would have or could have; it was so far outside my comfort zone. We lay in the sun in silence and after a while she picked up a magazine and began to read.

I think I might have dozed off for the next thing I knew Brad came through the trees saying, “Oh, there you are! I thought I might find you here, although I did not guess you’d be skinny dipping.”

I was thinking we needed to grab our suits, but Chantal just laughed and gave him a little wave.

“Join us,” she said in her cutest French accent, and low and behold my big brother stripped off and went into the water.

Chantal jumped up and said “Visca!”, “Come on” in Catalan.

I followed her into the water. We swam a bit and then laughed and splashed each other before coming back to the shore. Brad did not have a towel and we just stood there naked drying in the sun.

He did not seem at all phased by it and said, “I used to go to a nude beach in California, but I didn’t think I’d be doing that here.”

My big brother had grown up and perhaps was still growing. I couldn’t help noticing that his penis, that had seemed somewhat shrunken when he came out of the water, was recovering its proper length and girth. There I go again, how did I know what its proper length and girth was.

Chantal bent over moving our towels together. As she faced directly away from him, I knew she was mischievously exhibiting her freshly shaved vagina to him. I saw she currently had a neatly trimmed bush an inch above her clit and was clean shaven below. She straightened up and turned to face him with a little grin. She canlı kaçak iddaa lay down on one side of her towel her legs parted slightly as she did so, affording a view of her puffy labia.

She lay back resting on her elbows, patting the space where the towels joined in invitation. Brad promptly sat on the towel beside her. I think he welcomed the invitation as to his apparent embarrassment her recent displays were causing his cock to thicken and rise. Sitting with bended knees he could somewhat hide his condition although clearly both Chantal and I were fully aware if it. I lay down on his other side and began talking across him to Chantal about things we might do in the afternoon.

After a while Chantal asked Brad what he would recommend and after being tongue-tied for a moment, he said why not go for a ride in the boat if we had not had too much sun. It was a shame to waste a beautiful day going somewhere in the car. His phone rang and he looked at it and announced it was lunchtime. We all stood up and although Brad’s penis had barely softened, it appeared he was not going to let it embarrass him any longer. We proceeded to dress and head back to the house.

Mum had already laid out some cold meats and mixed a salad with lettuce and tomatoes from our garden. She was clearly thrilled to have us all there.

“What are you going to do this afternoon on such a glorious day?” she asked.

“Probably go out on the lake,” said Brad.

“You could get out the kayaks and go to the island,” she suggested.

“No, I think, if there’s gas, we’ll take the boat,” Brad said.

“Oh, that’s right. You have your licence,” Mum said, “It will be good for the boat to be driven. It’s only been out twice since the winter. Would you mind if I joined you?”

Not exactly what I had had in mind, but we all said, “Of course.”

I always enjoyed it when Dad used to take us out on the lake whether it was to waterski or go fishing or just ride around. So many happy childhood memories That was until he got arrested for being drunk while driving a watercraft. Mum knew how to drive but we rarely used it after that. But she had been a stickler for making sure it was properly serviced and safely stored each winter.

It was nice to be out in the water again on such a glorious day. Often there is a cooling breeze once you get out on the open water but today was still and the water had scarcely a ripple. There was a canopy that provided some shade, but with an air temperature of 34ºC, it was really hot. As we got near to the island Chantal asked of anyone lived there.

“Not now,” said Mum, “There was a shack that a hermit lived in when I was a kid. I think he was probably indigenous, but I’m not sure. We only ever saw him at a distance and of course we kids made up all kinds of scary stories about him.”

I had forgotten that the location of the house had originally been the site of my mother’s family’s summer cottage. The present house had replaced it when we were kids. My dad was a sales rep for a large company and mostly on the road, so it was a good base for him between Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. He could come home mostly escaping rush hour in the cities.

“Would it be all right if I swam over there?” asked Chantal, “I’m very hot.”

“Of course,” said my mother, and Brad and I gave each other a look as Chantal began to strip off.

She stripped down to a very sexy bra and a high cut thong and I thought, for just a second, she might stop. But no, they were added to the pile of her clothes and she was over the side and swimming for the island.

I looked at my mother to see her reaction, but after a moment to process what she’d seen, she just said, “So French!” and laughed.

My mother never ceased to surprise me.

“Would you like to join her and make sure she is all right?”

I did not need asking twice it really was hot sitting on the boat. I did essentially the same strip that Chantal had done, although the underwear I had on was nowhere near as sexy. I balanced for a moment on the side and dived after her. She was already halfway to the island. We reached a little patch of sand and stood there drying in the sun.

Brad brought the boat closer while Mum kept a watch for any large rocks of other obstacles that might foul or damage our propeller. He threw me a line and I tied it off to a birch tree. Then both he and Mum climbed out and waded ashore. They sat on a rock in the shade close by.

“Here you better reapply some of this,” Mum said, handing me the sunscreen, which, ever practical, she had brought with her.

Chantal and I did each other’s backs and then each looked after our own body.

We both sat on towels naked on the journey back and I know Brad would have loved to join us, but he stuck to his task of driving the boat. Mum, bless her, carried on a conversation as if our nakedness were part of her everyday routine. What she was thinking I do not know!

Chapter Four

Once canlı kaçak bahis again it was raining when we got up the following morning, but it was forecast to clear up by eleven. We accepted Brad’s offer to take us into town. By town I mean Kingston. It is the nearest city of any size. With a population of appreciably over one hundred thousand it is in the top fifteen cities in Ontario. More importantly in 1841 it was, for three years, the first capital of a united Canada. It has a famous University and the Royal Military College and a lot more history going for it.

I took pleasure in showing it of to Chantal; it’s a pretty town with its waterfront and its fine nineteenth century limestone buildings. However, when you have visited Paris and many other cities of Europe with impressive building going back to the twelve-hundreds and even earlier you are never sure how impressed visitors will be with the early awakenings of the new world. Chantal seemed happy enough as the rain quickly petered out and we felt the warmth of a strong sun. I only gave her ‘history light’, while Brad did a couple of errands and rejoined us for an early pub lunch. Over lunch Chantal and I decided we would spend the afternoon at the beach. Although he did not say so I was sure Brad would not be long in joining us there.

When we got back Mum told me an old girlfriend of mine had called and she had promised I would call her back. When I called, she said she had heard I was home and hoped we could get together. I knew it would not be a quick chat, so I put my hand over the phone and said to Chantal “You go ahead.” Chantal popped upstairs and came down minutes later in a summer dress and a light jacket. I was not sure where Brad had wandered off to. Chantal waited a minute or two before giving me a wave and heading out the door.

A few minutes later Brad came back and said, “Where’s Chantal?”

“She’s gone ahead, you just missed her. I’ll be on the phone for a few more minutes.”

He picked up his bag and headed out.

I really did not want to keep talking, so I arranged a date we might get together after Chantal would have flown home. I gathered my beach stuff, looked in on Mum who was watching a soap on TV. She never used to, but it seemed it helped pass the time since Dad died. He often drank too much and was given to alcoholic bursts of temper, but as far as I know he never hurt her, and it always appeared they loved each other dearly.

I expected to find Chantal and Brad already at the beach but when I first caught sight of them, I saw that Brad had stopped and was watching her from behind a bush about thirty yards from her. I suppressed a shout as I was intrigued to see he was in the process of stripping where he was. I silently crept closer. He had put his folded clothes into his bag. I had expected him to move but instead he was obviously moving his hand on his penis while still watching Chantal from behind his bush. I was now only ten feet behind him.

I moved closer not quite knowing what I would do and whispered, “Boo!” in his ear.

He gave a start, and his hand came off his cock. I don’t know what possessed me, but I put mine there instead and started to stroke him. We were now both watching Chantal naked doing some very revealing yoga poses on the beach. I continued my rhythmic stroking and could feel him tensing as his fully erect penis strained within my grasp. His was a large, firm cock that instantly brought back memories of Paul and the beautiful cock I had played with only days before. I felt a tingle in my vag and a tightening in my groin.

“You like?” I whispered to my brother.

He gave a silent nod and then tensed more, and I could feel his strong ejaculation pumping out of the penis in my grasp. The first spurt must have gone five feet or more. There were four or fives more strong spurts as I kept pumping before the flow subsided.

I let go, sucked some of his cum off my hand, and whispered, “You’re welcome!” before walking past him towards the beach.

It did not feel incestuous, just guilt-free fun.

As I approached Chantal broke from her latest pose and looked at me with a grin.

“You knew he was there watching?”

“Of course, it was rather exciting. He cannot move quietly like you. Don’t tell him I knew, or he will know I was doing those sexy poses on purpose.”

We laughed as I stripped and put my folded clothes in my own bag. We spread our towels and sat down.

It was a few minutes before a naked Brad came by us and headed straight into the water. Neither of us made reference to the little favour I had done him, and he had no idea Chantal knew.

“Je le trouve attrayante, même beau. Il me rappelle un peu mon oncle, Paul,” she was whispering in French.

As Brad was quite a distance off, I doubt he could hear anyway. Neither of us had any idea if he knew any French. I knew so little about my brother now, but she was right he did look a bit like Paul. I had been trying to work out who Paul reminded me of and now I knew.

My earlier intervention had clearly confused him, possibly embarrassed him, because when he finished swimming, he did not immediately join us but stood off to one side drying himself.

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