When they came home !!


When they came home !!My girlfriend Sarah and my mates gf jenny went out for a friends birthday so I gave my mate Dave a call and asked if he fancied coming round for a few beers and some video games while the girls were out . He said that he’d love to and i told him that they could stay in our spare room so the girls could share a taxi home . We texted the girls the plan and they thought it was a great idea ! As the night progressed and a few beers later we got round to talking about each others sex lives , you know what he likes and what she likes . Dave told me how Jenny likes to shave his cock and balls for him and that he was only too happy to oblige as it sent her mad for cock ! I confessed that i had only shaved my balls and trimmed my pubes but Sarah liked that and we both agreed that we prefer our girls completely shaven bald ! Dave jokingly said that he hoped to see Sarahs pussy and I remarked back that it was only fair to see jenny’s too . The night comtinued on with a few more beers and and comments about possibly artemisbet yeni giriş hearing each other fucking through the walls and general lads chit chat ! Before we knew it the girls staggered through the door giggling and definately as drunk as we had both hoped ! Jenny and Sarah were groping at each others boobs and arses trying to get a reaction from me and Dave but we kept calm and the girls were not impressed ! It’s going to take more than that dave blurted out , with that the girls began full on snogging ! Me and Dave watched as our girls tongued each others mouths and we both edged closer to the action as Jennys hand slid down my gf’s tight blue jeans , Sarah let out a huge moan as Jennys finger reached her clitoris! Come on girls we want a strip dance I yelled in frustration ! Sarah is 5ft 7 brown hair , brown eyes,slim but with a nice pair of tits and an arse to die for while Jenny is slightly taller , blonde hair ,greenish eyes bigger tits and a great tight arse ! The girls began dancing and artemisbet giriş before long the girls were down to their underwear prancing around my lounge ! Dave and I were now sporting huge bulges in our trousers and the girls knew it ! Their hands were everywhere and Jenny removed Sarahs bra and threw it at Dave then Sarah returned the favour for me ! Sarah then knelt in front of Jenny and slid her lace panties down her smooth legs lifting her leg to remove them . Sarah the crawled towards me panties in hand while Jenny removed Sarah’s from behind and pushed the gusset into my mouth , moments later Dave had my missus panties shoved into his mouth !The girls then ordered us to stand while they undressed us very quickly and slightly roughly ! My 6 inch cock sprung out as the girls whipped my boxers down then Daves slightly longer but thinner cock burst from it’s cotton shackles ! The girls then stood me and Dave opposite each other and the tips of our cocks met as pre cum oozed out of them ! The girls got either artemisbet güvenilirmi side and began licking along the lenghts of our cocks tasting both of our salty cocks . Jenny grabbed our cocks and began moving our cocks about , our shiny pre cum coated bell ends slid over the other effortlessly while Sarah used her hands to kneed our balls as she tried to lick our cocks as Jenny moved them about !The girls then took a cock each and began to suck for all they were worth , Dave groaned as Jenny throated him and not to be outdone Sarah did the same nearly sending me over the edge ! The girls then swapped over ! Jennys technique different to Sarahs but just as nice , her tongue swirling around my bell end as she wanked me . Dave then grabbed at both the girls heads and pulled out of Sarah’s mouth as a huge jet of thick white cum erupted over her face before aiming the rest at Jenny’s while my cock was still inside her mouth !A small jet of cum landed on my cock and this sent me over and I sent my first load of cum into Jenn’s mouth before pulling out aiming the second on her face then the third and fourth over Sarah’s ! The girls then cleaned our cocks of cum before licking it off each others faces ! We all sat down and had a beer before all making a move for the bedroom together !Thats another story !

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