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White PussyBoy PT4 Blacken GayIt was three days later when my phone rang. When I answered it, Jay’svoice sent a thrill of excitement through my body. “Yo, whiteboy. I gotme a new piece of furniture. I need some help getting into my place.Figured, you know, since you’re the landlord and all, you could help memove it in.””Um, well, sure Jay. When do you need me?””In about thirty minutes whiteboy. Get your ass over here.”I was working on my books, so I set them aside and grabbed my carkeys. It was across town to Jay’s place, so I got under way. In aboutfifteen minutes, I had pulled up in front of his apartment. There was apickup truck parked in front with a long, low chest of drawers sitting nextto a large mirror in the back. I walked up to Jay’s place and knocked onthe door. He answered, shirtless. I felt my body reacting on its own, mycock starting to stiffen in my jeans.”Hey, whiteboy. Let’s get downstairs and haul that mother up here.It should be easy between the two of us.” Jay put a hand on the center ofmy chest and pushed past me. It felt like an electric shock through myt-shirt where he touched me and I turned, following him down the hall andthe steps. I admired the broad shoulders which tapered down to his tightwaist and the muscles which flexed in his back as he walked. His ebonyskin shone in the sunlight as we stepped outside. He untied the strapsholding the chest in place and grabbed one end. He pulled it towards him,backing up as he did so. I admired his bunched biceps and the cords whichstood out in his neck as he took up the weight of the piece. When theother end of the long chest slid to the end of the tailgate, I grabbed itand together we hauled it up the steps and into Jay’s bedroom. We set itdown with the drawers against the bed and returned to the truck for themirror which attached to the back of it. Back in the bedroom, I helped Jaysecure the long mirror to the chest of drawers. The whole piece was aboutsix feet long and three feet high. The mirror added another three feet orso. When it was assembled, I moved to one end and lifted it, ready to helphim push it away from the bed and up against the wall. Jay stopped me.”Leave it where it is, whiteboy. For now at least.” I was confused,but used to obeying Jay’s commands so I let the end of the dresser backdown to the floor. “You look pretty good with your muscles all pumped uplike that, whiteboy.” I noticed then that the outline of his cock wasclearly visible in the sweats he was wearing. Jay saw where my gaze hadsettled and let his right hand drop to his crotch, massaging his hard cockthrough the cotton material. “It’s obvious what you need, boy. Why don’tyou just strip while I go close the front door.” He turned and walked outof the bedroom.I seemed to obey without even considering what he had told me to do oreven really thinking about it. My shirt went first, then I kicked off myshoes and socks. My jeans and boxers hit the floor and I stepped out ofthem. I heard the door click shut from the other room and waited, naked,for him to return. Jay stepped into the bedroom and grinned when he saw menaked and hard.”You are learning, whiteboy. You’re doing better at following ordersand I like that.” As he talked, he began to strip off his sweatpants. Hewas wearing jockeys underneath and the white material bulged from thepressure of his hard cock trying to get free. My eyes traveled up and downhis body, taking in his toned, muscular form and his sexy grin. I realizedthat I was incredibly turned on by the sight of his nearly naked, very darkbody. Turned on almost as much as the bodies of the girls I had fuckedover the years. Of course, there was no comparison. Jay’s body was hardan muscular where the girls were soft and yielding. Jay turned to closethe bedroom door and I saw him in profile. The curve his back from hisbroad shoulders, down to the small of his back before the outward curve ofhis muscled butt had my cock throbbing. The bulge of his biceps and theslabs of muscle on his chest and abs were also very sexy. That, combinedwith his dark chocolate skin made him a sight of potent masculine virility.Then Jay stripped off his shorts and my eyes went straight to his longblack cock which güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri snapped up against the muscles in his tight abdomen. Iwas seeing it from the side and it looked big – too big to ever take in mymouth or ass, but I knew better from experience. I felt my mouth water asI stared at it, remembering all the things that Jay had done to me withthat throbbing piece of his body. As he turned to me, I could see a shinyspot on the head where some lube was already forming. I knew what thattasted like, but wanted to taste it again. I had little doubt that soon Iwould be.Jay stepped up to me, surprising me. Normally, he had me get on myknees and crawl to him. He further surprised me by grabbing me by the hairon the back of my head. With his strong grip he pulled my head to the backand to the right so that my face was at an angle. His mouth covered mineand I felt his tongue trace along my lips. I meekly let them open and histongue slid inside my mouth in the way I had kissed so many girls in thepast. I let his tongue probe in my mouth, exploring it the way his cockhad done previously, though not nearly so deeply. Jay’s other hand movedalong my abs, running lightly over them. His fingers tickled the hairsthat ran in a line down from my navel to my pubes. Jay’s hand moved uphigher until his fingers found my right nipple. He squeezed it gently atfirst and I moaned into his mouth.The black stud’s fingers traveled to my left nipple and squeezed it,eliciting another moan. As Jay’s hand worked over my chest, his hard cockslapped against mine in some kind of erotic sword play. The contact of ourbodies and my submission to his kissing was almost enough to make me cum.Jay must have realized this because his gentle fingers suddenly clampeddown hard on my nipple, pinching it painfully. I groaned in pain, but itwas mixed with pleasure. Jay broke the kiss and watched my face intentlyas he twisted my nipple roughly. It was clear that he was enjoying theexpressions of pain and pleasure that he was creating on my face. Hegrinned at me and then pushed my head down. I licked at his neck and thenat the ridge of his collars bone before my mouth was on his chest. As Jaycontinued to twist and pinch my left nipple, my lips found his dark nippleon the top of his thick slab of muscle and I began to lick and suck on it.I felt it grow hard under my lips. Jay dragged my mouth across his chest,burying my face in the valley between his pecs for a minute. My tonguelapped up the beads of sweat that had formed from the exertion of movingthe furniture and the sexual excitement and teased a few hairs that grewthere.Jay dragged my face further until I was sucking on his right nipple.Soon it was hard too. Being bent over by this dominant black stud hadseparated our cocks but we were both still rock hard. Slowly, almostgently, Jay pushed on the back of my head. I let him put me on my knees,mouth now level with his thick black cock. I looked up at him. He wasstaring down, watching me. I opened my lips, our eyes still lockedtogether, and let him slide his manhood into my mouth. Jay’s eyesfluttered closed and he sighed in pleasure. I watched as his chest filledand expanded as he took a deep breath, admiring the muscles which stood outin relief as he filled his lungs. Without any urging or force from Jay, Ipushed my head forward, letting his cock stretch open my throat and plungedeep into me.Somewhere in my mind I noted that I was now taking this black buck’scock more than willingly, but when he moaned with pleasure, I forgot abouteverything except making him feel good. I moved my head forward and back,taking the length of his cock into my throat, then pulling back until Icould use my tongue on his cockhead. His salty lube covered my tongue as Ilapped it up. Briefly again I thought of myself on my knees letting thisyoung black man fuck my face as my own hard cock throbbed between my legs.Jay seemed to grow bored with my mouth action and grabbed my head with bothhands. Holding me tightly in place, he jackhammered his cock into mymouth. His balls only bounced against my chin for a few thrusts. Igrabbed my cock and stroked it in time with his thrusts. Soon, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his ballsdrew up and soon Jay’s body twitched and shuddered as he pumped his cumdown my throat with a long, low moan. As he came, I shot my own load ontothe floor between his spread legs, moaning around his cock as I did it.Jay pulled out of my mouth and stepped back. His cock glistened withmy spit. He looked down at me with a smirk on his face. His eyes droppedto the puddle of my cum on the floor then raised back up to my eyes.”Guess you got off on being my cocksucker again, huh, whiteboy.”I felt myself blush in embarrassment and humiliation. Even though Ihad sucked Jay before and been fucked by him, in the moments after shootingmy own load, the reality of what I was doing and what Jay was doing to mesank into my mind. I had just let this muscled black stud shoot his spermdown my throat! My cock wilted some from my own orgasm and theembarrassment. Jay gave me no chance to think or react. He grabbed my bythe hair and pulled me up onto the bed. He arranged me on my hands andknees, looking at the mirror we had just put on the dresser. It was only afew feet from the edge of the bed where my head was as the dresser wasstill pushed up against the bed.”I want you to be able to watch yourself when I mount you like a dogand fuck your brains out, whiteboy. I want you to see yourself in themirror on your hands and knees and see me behind you, on top of you, insideyou – using your hole, cumming up your tight little ass. I want you towatch me fuck you like a dog whether you want me to or not!” Jay climbedonto the bed behind me. In the mirror, he seemed enormous, looming over mefrom behind. His black skin glistened with sweat, making his chest shine.Jay wasted no time. I felt the thick, blunt head of his cock againstmy hole. I watched as Jay ran his hands possessively over my body, feelingalong my sides then sliding under to pinch my nipples again. I realizedthat my cock was rock hard again.”Look at me, whiteboy!” I had dropped my head to stare at the sheetbeneath me on the bed, but raised my eyes until they met his in the mirror.As our gaze met, Jay slid his cock into me in a brutal thrust, knocking mybreath out of me with the sudden penetration. I could feel my eyes widenalong with my hole as Jay took me again as his pussyboy. I glanced intothe mirror and could see my wide eyes staring back at me. My face was amix of pain and pleasure and something else. I couldn’t identify it untilI looked at Jay’s face again. On it was the look of a conqueror, adominant male taking what he wanted. A look of superiority as he fuckedanother male up the ass to satisfy his sexual desires.Jay’s dark face shone with sweat, determination and dominance. Myface reflected a defeated submission and acceptance of my role as the whitepussyboy to be used for the satisfaction of his sexual desires. I was amale. I had fucked women. But I had been put on my hands and knees andwas being roughly fucked up the ass by this dominant young black stud. Thesight I saw in the mirror was almost obscene. I was mounted by this blackstud, full of his cock, but I could see my own cock, rock hard, bouncingbeneath me as Jay began to hump me. I groaned in pleasure as his thickshaft brutally rammed against my prostate and moved deeper into me.Jay hauled his cock back out of me, making me moan with the sensationof his cock leaving me empty and the friction as my hole tried to keep himinside. I let out a yelp when he immediately rammed back in until I couldfeel his pubes scratching my ass. Jay fucked me like that for a fewminutes, running his cock in and out of me with brutal force and I heardmyself whimper a few times when stuffed full of his throbbing, blackmanhood.. Then he slid his hands forward and reached back under my chest,pulling me upright onto my knees, his cock still buried up inside me. Iwatched his forearms cross over my chest and his fingers pinch my nipplesagain. I saw in the mirror as my whole body jerked upward and forward witheach thrust of his cock into me.”That’s it whiteboy. Take my big black dick up your tight littlehole. Look at yourself! Look at you in the mirror, mounted güvenilir bahis şirketleri by anotherman, taking cock up the ass and your own cock leaking lube like you werethe one doing the fucking! You are nothing but a total cock whore,whiteboy. You got off on sucking the cum outta my balls and you get off onmy fucking your tight little white boypussy. You fucking love it! Yousuck loads of my cum down your throat and then let me ram my cock where noself respecting real man would ever allow.” He emphasized this with aparticularly rough thrust forward. Jay pushed me forward until I was backon my hands and knees. I watched in the mirror as he lowered himself ontomy back, his chest on my back and his cheek next to mine. I could feel hisbeard stubble rub against my face.”Yeah, whiteboy,” he whispered into my ear. I watched his mouth movein the mirror as he spoke. “Give it up to me. Give me your hole. Oh,fuck yeah, take my fat black cock, pussyboy. Take it up your hot littlehole. Squeeze it, pussyboy! Clamp down on my cock!” I obeyed, milkinghis cock with the muscles of my abused ass as he humped me. In the mirror,I watched him watching me and could also see, past our heads, where his assrose and fell with each thrust into me. Our bodies rocked forward eachtime he hammered his cock deep up inside me.”Look at yourself, pussyboy. Look at you taking big black dick up theass. You got a black man laying on your back and fucking your brains out.Fucking hot sight, isn’t it? Little white pussyboy taking the big cock ofa real man. A real black man who knows what to do with a man’s cock.Yeah, bitch. Take it. Take it hard!” His thrusting was brutal and my armswere straining to hold us both up under the onslaught and our combinedweight as he let himself settle fully onto my back. I watched the musclesin my own arms bunching and flexing as I worked to support us as he humpedme. I could see the veins in my forearms standing out under the skin as Ibore our weight and worked to steady us. It felt like his cock, lubed onlywith my spit was pulling my guts out each time he withdrew and I watchedpain and pleasure alternate on my face again and again. Of course, thelook of conquest remained on Jay’s face and the look of submission remainedon my own through it all.Jay was clearly enjoying watching me as I watched myself get fucked.The mixed emotions on my face, the sight of my body moving in time withhis, seemed to be heightening his pleasure. Jay’s thrusts had pushed meforward, until my hands were now on the dresser rather than the bed. Thebed was squeaking in time with Jay’s fucking and now the mirror began toshake as well. I watched as Jay threw his head back and let out a roar ofpure bliss. He rammed deep inside me and held his cock there. All of themuscles in his body flexed as his cum spurted from his cock to fill me.Jay’s head fell forward and I felt his teeth clamp onto the back of my neckas he growled out his orgasm. Even though I knew it would leave a mark, Ididn’t protest, simply accepting this further evidence of this black man’sdominance over me.I watched as Jay’s body relaxed slowly on mine. I could feel hissweat dripping onto me as his breathing slowly returned to normal. Jay’scock was still up inside me but only softened part way. Still I watched ashe raised his head and looked at me in the mirror. He flashed me a grin ofsuperiority and flexed some muscles, making his cock twitch inside me. Hesmirked as I moaned from the stimulation. Finally, he slowly pulled out ofme. Jay grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me to the side, flipping meonto my back on the bed. I watched as he climbed up my body, straddling mychest with his knees. He aimed his cock between my lips and I obedientlytook his thick black head and shaft into me again. As I sucked him clean,he leaned over to the side and picked up the phone. I kept sucking as hedialed.”Yo, man, it’s Jay. Come on over. Yeah. In the bedroom. Just comeon in. Front door’s not locked. You bet he is. He’d say hi, but he’s gothis mouth full.” Jay laughed. I stared up at him in shock, but unable toprotest his inviting someone over while my mouth was full of his cock. Iwondered if it was that guy, Bobby, who had been on the phone the otherday. The thought of another young black stud making me service his cockwas exciting. But then I realized it could just as easily be anyone, evenTodd. Jay just kept his cock in my mouth as he hung up the phone. Helooked down at me.”I decided I should be nice and share my toys,” he said.

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