Why Not Watch


For some reason I’d wandered into my bedroom at about ten o’clock one night. I’d flicked on the light as I went it and it flashed and promptly went out again. Blown globe. Not bothering to get a fresh globe straight away I strolled over to turn on the bedside lamp. Before I reached the lamp I had to pass in front of the window and some movement outside caught my eye, so I naturally turned my head to look.

The house next to mine was painted white, so the young lad who appeared to be dressed in black showed up quite distinctly. If that house was similar to mine, and it was, then the lad was peeping through a bedroom window. This supposition was emphasized by the fact that the lights were on and there was a strip of light about a foot high showing at the bottom of the window. Someone had been a little careless in pulling down the shades. From a distance it wouldn’t matter. With your nose pressed up against the window that was another matter entirely.

I quietly strolled over to the house next door, considering what I knew of the inhabitants as I did so. They were Denise and Rob, a young married couple, who were newcomers to the area. They were both in their early twenties, Denise being a couple of years younger than Rob by my guess. Him I hadn’t particularly noticed. Her, I had. She was blonde and I’m quite sure her hair would reach down to her waist if she let it loose. A lovely figure and a face to match. Not someone that I would kick out of my bed if I found her there for any reason. Not that that was likely to happen.

“Whatcha lookin’ at, kid?” I asked, my hand closing around the back of his neck as I did so. He wasn’t going anywhere until I released him. He let out a rather girlish squeak that surprised me and froze. Me, I bent my head to see what he found so fascinating and for the life of me I couldn’t fault his taste. Denise was standing there, starkers, facing a full length mirror, while she brushed her hair. Hair which did reach down to her waist, as I had estimated. The way she was standing I had both a full frontal and a rear view, everything on display at the same time. To improve the view her lovely breasts would do an enticing bounce each time she wielded that brush. Absolutely lovely, but I forced myself to tear my eyes away.

“So, kid, want me to rap on the window and fetch Denise over?” I asked.

“Oh, god, no, you wouldn’t. Please don’t,” she pleaded.

It seemed I’d caught a female peeper, not a male one.

“Ah, then maybe you’d rather I knocked on the door and spoke to Rob?”

That suggestion seemed to be just as bad.

“This is just a guess, but would I be right in saying you don’t want me to take you home and speak to your mother?”

There was enough light to let me see the look of absolute horror that crossed her face.

“That’s what I thought. In that case you can come home with me, young lady, and explain exactly what you thought you were playing at.”

“What, now?”

“Yes, Megan, now. Trust me, I’m probably your best choice to explaining yourself. Now move it.”

I turned and headed back home, Megan dutifully trotting alongside. I won’t say she was happy about it but I guess she knew the alternatives could be worse.

I was, quite frankly, a little puzzled. It was behaviour that didn’t seem anything like her. She’d always struck me as a rather quiet type so what had pushed her to peeping?

As soon as we were inside she turned to me.

“It wasn’t my idea,” She said. “Denise suggested it.”

The first I could well believe. The second was a bit harder.

“Denise suggested that you play peeping Tom at her window?” I asked, my disbelief evident.

“Yes,” she insisted, practically bouncing on the spot and flapping her hands about. “She did. Honestly.”

She took a deep breath that did some interesting things to her bust line. It suddenly registered with me that young Megan wasn’t all that young anymore and had developed quite nicely.

“I suppose I’d better explain from the beginning,” she muttered. “You know I turned eighteen a few weeks ago?”

“I didn’t, but happy birthday, and what does that have to do with things?”

“Sex, of course,” she said in a tone that suggested that this should be obvious. “My boyfriend is pushing for me to have sex with him but I don’t really know much about the practicalities of it. The sex education you get at school is clinical and useless. You know my mother. If I try to discuss this sort of thing with her she’d have a heart attack and lock me in my room until she found me a husband.”

I was prepared to admit that she had a point about her mother.

“Even so,” I said, “peeping?”

“I’m getting to that,” she insisted. “I know Denise. I’ve known her for a while, even before they moved here. I thought that as she’s married she could give me some advice. The trouble is she’s a little scatter-brained at times and what she was saying was just confusing me. She saw that and she suddenly said, ‘Why not watch and see how it’s done?'”

“I’m etlik escort like, oh yeah, I’m going to watch porn at my place. My computer and TV would both be confiscated and I’d be grounded for years.”

“Well, Denise just laughed and said not porn. Porn is too artificial. You need to watch a real couple having sex. That’s probably the best way to learn. I’m like, are you crazy? She says don’t worry it’ll be easy to arrange. Rob jumps me every night. We’ll go to bed about ten o’clock tonight. I’ll leave the bedroom lights on and I won’t quite close the shades. You can stand outside and you’ll be able to see everything.”

Did she say Denise was a bit scatter-brained? Idiot, grade one, was my classification for her.

“She’s an idiot and you’re an idiot for listening to her,” I snapped.

“I didn’t at first but she kept on about it. She said it would be fun. That she’d get a kick out of knowing I was watching. Eventually I said OK, because it would help me learn what I needed to know, after all.”

I took a big breath.

“Did you stop to think of the possible consequences?” I asked. “Apparently not or I wouldn’t have caught you.”

“How did you catch me, anyway? How did you know I was there?”

“Dressed in black standing against a white background in bright moonlight,” I said sardonically. “A bit hard to miss seeing you. A casual glance through my window and there you were, large as life and twice as stupid.”

She bridled a bit at the stupid comment but I didn’t give her a chance to complain. I started in on her.

“What would you have done if Denise had tipped of Rob that you were watching? Instead of putting on a performance he might have run outside and dragged you in and given you a personal demonstration of his sexual abilities.”

“She wouldn’t,” protested Megan.

“So you’re saying she’s not a bit scatter-brained at times? She might have found it amusing. Even if she didn’t tell him how do you know he wouldn’t have seen your cute little nose pressed up against the window and gone out to investigate, with the same outcome?”

Megan didn’t have an answer to that and just stood there looking mutinous.

“Did it occur to you that someone passing by might have spotted you and yelled out? Oh, wait, someone did. I just chose not to yell.

Oh, here’s a goody. The cops patrol down this road every so often. Do you think they might have been interested in catching a peeper? Just think, you might be at the station right now explaining yourself to a disbelieving copper. Wouldn’t that have been fun?”

From the look on her face that possibility had never occurred to her. She’d probably have nightmares over it now.

“The question now, I suppose, is what do I do with you? I don’t think you’ll do anything that silly again but you are a teenager. You’ll probably find something else silly to do in an attempt to study sex. I suppose I’ll have to give you a hand. Take off your clothes.”


“Take off your clothes. You know, undress. Display yourself au natural along the lines of what Denise was doing for your edification.”

“Are you saying Denise was deliberately brushing her hair like that because she knew I was watching?” She sounded shocked.

“Probably, but you’re changing the subject.”

“Why do I need to take off my clothes?”

“Because I’m going to give you a bit of a practical lesson. Don’t worry,” I added before she could protest too loudly, “I’m not going to toss you on a bed and fuck you. We’re in the living room, not my bedroom, with not a bed in sight, just a tatty old couch.”

“But, but,” she stammered.

“All I’m going to do is touch you up a bit so you know what it’s like to be naked in front of a man and to be touched intimately by him. You’ll even have a chance to touch me intimately and see how a man reacts to your touch.”

“But how do I know you won’t, ah, you won’t. . .”

“Jump you? Not tonight. I won’t unless you invite me to,” I assured her. “And if you do invite me to I’ll give you a chance to change your mind, so it won’t be tonight. Now, your clothes.”

“What if I refuse?”

“I’ll ask your mother to explain the facts of life to you,” I said matter-of-factly.

She dithered for a few moments, chewing on her lip, but she was going to do as she was told. I sat down on the couch and waited.

She took a deep breath and started undoing her shirt.

“How does it feel?” I asked.


“How does it feel to be getting undressed in front of a man, knowing that he’s going to be looking at you? Are you wondering if he’ll like what he sees? Are you feeling a little nervous? A little excited? You don’t have to answer. Just think about it.”

She may have been feeling frustrated and angry a few moments ago but now she was feeling both nervous and excited. She was going to be naked and I’d be looking at her. Scary stuff at that age.

She undressed slowly, hesitating right at the end before removing her bra and gaziosmanpaşa escort panties a touch defiantly, although I don’t think the defiance was aimed at me. She was blushing now, arms crossed in front of her, trying to hide behind them. I wasn’t having that.

“No,” I told her. “Put your hands behind you back. I want to see you properly.”

Now her blush was a lot fiercer but she did as she was told. I sat back, enjoying the view.

“You have a marvellous body,” I told her. “Do you realise that your nipples are aware of me? See how they’re standing out, asking to be touched.”

She gave a startled glance down at her erect nipples then looked away.

“Come here,” I ordered her and she edged closer.

I pulled her down onto my lap.

“Now all I’m going to do is touch you a little,” I said. “All you have to do is let me and try to determine how it feels. Do you like the touches or not? Just relax and let it happen.”

My hands glided over her breasts. I could practically feel them swelling under my touch. Megan started moving a little restlessly, her breathing getting a bit deeper. After a while I bent my head and started lightly kissing her breasts, my lips moving over them. She gasped when I closed my mouth on her nipple, sucking lightly, but there was zero resistance when I moved over to the other one. Her head was tilted back slightly as she just let it happen.

A hand on her leg, stroking it. Slipping between her legs, stroking the soft inner thigh, my hand moving up towards her mound. Her legs closed firmly, trapping my hand. I just waited, holding my hand there. After a short while her legs relaxed. I’d shown I wasn’t forcing the issue so she was going to let me proceed.

I didn’t grab for the prize. My hand deviated towards one side, my knuckles brushing against her pudenda, but my hand sliding past and then back across, rubbing across her mons, fingers tangling in the curls she had there. I started rubbing her mons, letting her feel the pressure sinking deep into her.

She didn’t close her legs again and when my hand moved down the next time it rubbed across her pudenda, first just enclosing it and feeling its natural heat, then rubbing against it, encouraging that heat to build. She was moving restlessly under my touch, breathing harder. I suspect that she’d reached that point where she wanted me to stop but was afraid to say so in case I did.

I stopped massaging her mound, letting my mouth play with her breasts once more. It wasn’t long before I could feel some pressure against my hand as she pushed her groin more firmly against me, silently suggesting that I was neglecting my duties. I started back up with the massage.

A funny sound escaped her when a couple of fingers slipped between her lips and started exploring inside. I paused what I was doing for a moment.

“Sorry, did you say something?” I asked.

Her face was flushed and her eyes opened wide. She kept her mouth shut and just gave a quick shake of the head. My fingers started moving again.

“If you think I’m going too far just say so,” I said softly, hand creeping towards a point that was going to flatten her.

I reached that point, just a shade to close to her clitoris, and she gave a small shriek.

“Ah, don’t do this, I take it,” I said, touching the same spot again, getting another shriek and a rapidly shaken head.

“Maybe this will be better,” I said.

I tilted her so her back was flat on the couch, spreading her legs wide. Head down my tongue took over from what my fingers had started. She gave another shocked scream, her fingers tangling in my hair, but didn’t try to stop me. I deliberately set out to give her a climax, my tongue working over-time. She was already hot and aroused. I didn’t think it was going to take long.

A couple of minutes later, after my tongue probed her clitoris once too often she screamed, loudly, her whole body shaking as she climaxed. I lifted my head and sat up, unzipping while I did so. As she relaxed down from her climax I eased her back into a sitting position, capturing her hand and wrapping it around my cock. Her hand clutched it spasmodically, holding tightly to it.

“Just get a general feel for it,” I told her. “It’s not going anywhere so you don’t need to choke it into submission.”

She giggled and turned her attention to exploring me, her fingers dancing over my cock in sweet torture.

After she’d played for a short while it seemed to register just what she was playing with and what I might want to do with it. Her playing slowed and stopped, and she just sat there, hand wrapped around me.

“You know what I want to do now, don’t you,” I murmured and she nodded hesitantly.

“And are you going to let me?”

She nodded again, slower and even more hesitantly.

“What a pity I said you could have a chance to think that decision over,” I mourned. “If you’re of the same opinion tomorrow night, come around and see me and we’ll see ankara escort about giving you your next lesson.”

Now she was indignantly relieved.

“You’re not going to do it now?”

I shook my head.

“It wouldn’t be fair,” I said with a rueful smile. “It’s not because I don’t want you because you can plainly see I do, but I started this with the promise I wasn’t going to go that far. But I will point out that this is the only time you will get such a reprieve from me.”

With that I extracted my little friend from her grasp, flipped her across my knee and dropped a quick spank onto her bottom.

“Up and dressed, little Megan, before I decide you’re big Megan and forget my promises. Move it.”

I suspect she could tell from my tone of voice how close she was to lying on her back, feet in the air, squealing as I descended into her. She scrambled into her clothes a lot faster than she’d shed them. For all her haste, she was facing me as she got dressed, making sure that I saw what I was missing out on.

I escorted her as far as the front gate.

“Run on home,” I told her. “I’ll watch from here until you’re there. You might like to drop a word to Denise about what happened and let her know that I’ll probably have a rude word or two to say to her.”

She giggled and went skipping off down the street, turning to give me a wave when she reached her place.

When I got up the next morning I made a mental note to drop in and have a few words with Denise. I preferred to do it while Rob wasn’t home as I didn’t want to stir up possible dissention between them, but I had to make it clear that I didn’t appreciate her putting a young girl in that sort of position. OK, at eighteen she wasn’t all that young, but it was the principle of the thing.

Later on I noticed that Rob’s car was gone and thought that this would probably be a good time to go across and say rude things. That’s the moment that the door-bell rang. So I’d deal with a salesman and then go over. Stirring up an unwanted salesmen was always fun. I opened the door and there was Denise.

“I heard that you wanted to see me,” she said with a cheeky grin, “so here I am. May I come in?”

I just stood back and let her come in. Before I got a chance to say anything she started talking.

“I know, I know. You’re going to say that I shouldn’t have done it and that I need my bottom smacked for being silly. And you, you big man, will then offer to spank said bottom. Right?”

“Wrong,” I said. She might have been amusing but I was still annoyed. “All I was going to do was point out that if your future children are like you they will all be congenital idiots. Pretty idiots, possibly, but idiots all the same. What could have possessed you to make such a stupid suggestion to an impressionable young woman? Have you any idea of the problems that she might have run into. There was me, for a start. What would your husband have done if he’d caught her peeping? Hauled her inside for a threesome? Or was that your idea. A bit of fun at her expense? Oh, wait. Maybe it would have been more fun to tip of the cops that there was a prowler and see what happened when they pulled in the peeping Tom. Her life would have been ruined, going down in the records as a suspected sex offender.”

“It was nothing like that,” Denise protested indignantly. “Even if Rob had spotted her I’d have stopped him doing anything other than chasing her away. I wouldn’t have hurt her for the worlds.”

“Really? And how would you explain it to the cops if they’d driven by and spotted her? For crying out loud, anyone looking out their window would have seen her. I mean, really, she was dressed all in black and showed up quite plainly against the white house. It wasn’t even a dark night.”

“I didn’t know she’d stand out like that. She should have worn something that blended in better.”

“She probably thought she was doing that,” I said dryly. “She’s a teenager, remember.”

“Anyway, no-one saw her. There were no police. You’re making a fuss over nothing.”

“How quick you forget. I saw her. The reason the cops didn’t see her when cruising past was because she was no longer there. I’m making a fuss, as you call it, because I like Megan and I’d hate to see her in trouble because you’re an idiot. Let her make her own mistakes.”

“Fine,” she said, practically spitting the words at me. “I’ll apologise to her when I see her next and admit that it was a rotten idea. She won’t try it again.”

“I know she won’t,” I said dryly. “I did have a few words with her myself.”

“Well, if it’s all the same to you, your highness, I’ll be going. Message received and understood.”

“And strongly resented,” I added. “Might I point out that not all your ideas are bad?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your suggestion that you should get your bottom smacked. While I hadn’t considered it myself I have to admit that you seem to have the right idea there. If you care to drop your whatever you call those things I’ll be happy to supply that spanking.”

“Cargo pants. They’re called cargo pants. Don’t you know anything?”

She glared at me and then the rest of the sentence seemed to click.

“You want me to what?” she demanded. “Fat chance. You just want to see me naked.”

“Again,” I said.

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