Wife drinking to much

Wife drinking to muchIn my early thirties one of my friends invites me out for a cpl drinks ,my my stayed home with the k**s. I called her around ten and the k**s were asleep but the more I talked to the more I realized she was drunk. She gets really horny then so I start telling her how I’m going to fuck her and she s moaning in the phone,very hot. I told my friend how drunk she was and he says we should leave now. 45 minutes later we get home , I put the car away and he goes inside. What he told me later was she greeted him with just a short top on,no panties. He says she stayed like that for thirty seconds when she realized she should put a robe on. He stood behind her to help but decided to go for it and just started kissing her neck . She just leaned her head back as he felt her up and managed to slide a finger in her when they heard me coming and she came to her senses covering up. We went downstairs and turn the music on had a cpl more drinks and she staggered to the bathroom to pee. That’s when he told eryaman escort me what happened,now I’m hard as a rock thinking about it. SHe came back to the room and fell and I picked her up and put her on the couch. My friend says omg she s out cold! He says man I thought we were going to have some fun with her too and started laughing. What I did next I’m not proud of,maybe the alcohol had something to do with it but I said help me put her in her bed. As we pick her up her just opens and on display is this 28 yr old 110 lb 5’6″ 34 b chest with a trimmed pussy! He opligized for staring but I told him I understand and up the stairs we went and when we get to the bed he held her I pulled the blanket back. We laid her on the bed and my friends says how lucky I am and says good night he has to get going. Joking he says he has to re leave himself before he explodes . Again the alcohol ,I told him we could play with her if you can keep your mouth shut. He looked at me ,looked at her ,I look at his cock and escort eryaman it’s hard. I convinced him she won’t wake by shaking her then I said look and took my pants off and put my cock in her face. The next thing I know he is licking that trimmed pussy and just kept thanking me. He looked up and asks if he can fuck her,I said yes and he bent her legs up and slowly guided his cock in her. The fool only last ten seconds and came inside her too.! He thanked me again and just got up and left. I said well talk in the morning. Now I’m alone with my wife and although I’m not gay I always wanted to taste cum from another man and started licking her pussy clean then I rolled her overon her tummy and stuck my tongue in her ass which is always clean, no hair either back there. I love eating out her ass and so does she but she won’t do anal. Ok you know where this is going. With all those juices flowing I decided I’d go for it. First I went to slide my finger in and realized her ass was pretty relaxed and it eryaman escort bayan slid right in. ( I’m thinking my friend had already been there lol) after that I climbed on top with my cock rubbin against her ass.( she has such a fine tiny little ass too) I found her little hole and started pushing and in it goes . I’m balls deep and I stop to calm down cause I’ll end up like my friend . Now her ass is more comfortable with my cock and I’m sliding in and out for fifteen minutes and think I missed my window and can’t cum,fuck! So I slid her to the side of the bed ,her ass is now up high in the air and start to piston fuck her hard,my balls are slapping against her pussy,I’m sweating but I m not stopping this time and then I feel it,you know the one that comes from your toes. I just erupt and again and again. Now that I came I brain starts working and I’m thinking wtf I let my friend fuck my passed out wife ,wtf. I cleaned her up put her to bed next time I talk to her is when she wakes me to take the boys to baseball. She’s all showered looking good and I kiss and hug her. She then says you sure had a good time last night ,I was clean cum out me for and hour this morning. I just kissed her again and said,can you reach me a cup of coffee?Reply

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