Will and the Mystery Woman Ch. 03


When Will woke up next morning, he was glad to see the mystery woman had not left but was sleeping next to him. He thought of their sex act on the bike the previous night and rubbed his early morning erection against her round ass making her stir gently.

“Horny horse, good morning,” she said as he continued spooning. She reached behind and stroked his proud dick and he cupped her lovely, ample breast and smelled her hair, neck and kissed.

“This is your third day here and I am glad you didn’t leave,” he said.

“Oh! Do you take every spoken word seriously? I did say I won’t stay in a place for more than two days. But I can always make an exception, can’t I?” she asked vehemently but with no trace of anger.

“Of course, you can,” he said wondering if he had said something unsavory.

“Then go and make breakfast for us and make me feel at home,” she giggled.

He turned her over and mounted her and they kissed deeply. Then Will went to the kitchen to make breakfast and soon called her to the table. When they were finishing breakfast, the door bell rang. Will opened the door to find a short woman wearing thick glasses standing outside with a smile.

“Hi, I am Agatha, your neighbor,” she said and extended her hand.

“Hi, please come in,” he said and shook her hand.

She came in and smiled at Will’s friend and sat on the couch where Will joined her. Will’s sex partner preferred to stand and appeared fidgety and was sizing up the neighbor.

“I come here to our house once in a while and haven’t had the opportunity to meet you. Sometimes my husband accompanies me,” she paused and continued. “I don’t know how to begin. To put it bluntly, I saw you in the garage last night.”

She hesitated waiting for their reaction.

“I don’t know if that is proper…,” Will said demurely.

“I was not eavesdropping, you see. I didn’t go snooping around, looking into windows. You were in the open and when I looked out of my window I saw you two nude and indulging in carnal celebration, lost to the world as it were. It was highly erotic, by the way,” she gesticulated.

Will and his friend did not know what to say, as they felt the woman was correct.

“My husband dropped me here around 5 in the evening and went back to the city. I was tired and slept and when I woke up it was dark. Hearing voices, I looked out of the window and saw you,” she explicated.

That explained why they did not see a car outside and why there were no lights next door.

“I think you are wondering why I have come here; you saw a sight and that is it! Wait for it to happen the next time, why do you come and tell us. Is that what you want to ask me?”

Will nodded rather dumbly as he had no clue where this conversation was going.

“Well, I am 45 and frigid, you know, cold in the sex department. I rarely get aroused or indulge in sex. Since my husband traveled a lot, I got to exploring the internet and found a site where I could post stories. I found many friends, and guess what? Sex is the hot topic of all. Literature, music etc take a back seat there. No takers! Hence I started writing imaginary or real sex stories. I acquired friends in hordes and they flirted with me and I got addicted to the feeling of making men and women aroused. I felt wanted in that world I created and found an effective way to fight loneliness and coming to terms with etlik escort frigidity. I hope it makes sense to you,” she paused and added, “Can I have water, please?”

Will’s friend went to fetch water. The neighbor waited for her to return with a glass of water and gulped a mouthful.

“It is simple from here. I want to post what I saw, that is, your bold sex act. If I did not tell you but went ahead and put it up on a website, you would never know. But I want to share it with you and want you to see how people react to that story. It would be a different experience and arousal for you two,” she beamed and held her hands together in her lap as if she had made a great business proposition.

Will and his friend looked at each other totally confused and, sensing this, the neighbor took leave of them, saying she would come in the evening to know what they thought.

After she left, they sat quiet for some moments and the woman was the first to speak.

“I don’t see any harm in her writing about us without names or photos. What do we lose?”

Will agreed: “No loss to us. But let’s not be too enthusiastic in front of her. There is no scope for blackmail also. I mean we have to think of all aspects of the situation.”

“Basically, I don’t trust any person. But as long as we don’t have anything to lose, we don’t have to worry. But tell me, why the hell did she tell us this?”

“Ya. I too don’t get it. Maybe there is much more to this than meets the eye.”

“Didn’t think much about this. Come here, I hate to see you worried,” she extended her hand. They kissed and fondled but he was still thinking of what transpired. Just then Will’s cellphone rang and he listened for a few seconds and said ‘okay’ a few times.

“I gotta go and see a friend. I’ll be back for lunch,” he kissed her and left.

It was 12 when he returned and immediately they began eating lunch.

“I wanna ask you something. What do I call you, how do I introduce you? I was wondering how to introduce you to that woman. Good thing she didn’t ask your name?”

“Call me Cinderella, because I may disappear soon,” she laughed.

“Cindy it is then.”

“I would like to make a few things clear. Since I find you are a nice guy, I have no plans of leaving soon. Tell me how did you like these three days?”

“The best I had in recent times. I must thank you for that.”

“Oh! You can kiss my pussy and ass daily by way of thanking me,” she laughed and he joined in.

“When people try to control each other there is no happiness. We were happy because we did not try to control each other. Thoughts of insecurity and possessiveness create tension and make us try to control each other and we end up losing what we have. Imagine if we could live our entire lives like these three days. That would be fine, right? Expectation leads to disappointment,” she said.

“My girlfriend left because she wanted me to leave this place and I couldn’t. I have been living alone ever since and when you came I felt glad there is someone…”

“Oh! And when I leave you will weep? That is the problem. You are becoming possessive. Stop it. Just enjoy?”

“Okay. I won’t think that you will leave. Maybe that will help.”

“And, you have not seen your friends ever since I came here. Please meet them as you used to do. If you change yourself for me, you might gaziosmanpaşa escort dislike me soon. Get drunk and do what you used to do.”

“They will understand. They know you are here and have left us alone. I will meet them after some days,” he smiled.

In the evening, there were sitting on the couch and chatting when the neighbor came with a laptop and showed them the story she had posted on the website.

“It has got 50 views and many people have commented on it. Most of them said it was erotic and great and three said it was possible for only lithe and athletic persons to do what you did. See.” she said.

Will and Cindy sat side by side and saw the post titled ‘Al fresco erotica’ and read the comments too. Reading the post, they felt aroused and excited.

Cindy offered Agatha a drink and suddenly they felt quiet at ease with the woman.

“I will be here for sometime as my husband will be away. Since I found you, I am inspired. Can you tell me some other erotic and new experience you had before this, I mean if you don’t mind.”

“No, this is the first time we had sex,” Will said becoming alert about Agatha’s interest in their sex life.

“I would like to write more and hence in case you have such lovely encounters, please let me know. And why don’t you sign in to this website, you can read my posts and comment on them, too. That would be fun,” she said and left.

“Do you want to join the website. That woman is beginning to control us, don’t you think so?’ Cindy asked.

“You are obsessed with people trying to control you. She just suggested and we can join or not join, it is our decision and we are still in control of the situation,” Will said.

“Now I see why she wanted to show what she wrote. She expects us to provide us more sex stuff. Hey! what if she becomes hot, I mean she loses her frigidity and joins you in bed?” Cindy asked.

Will laughed at the idea.

“Don’t worry, she is 45.. and she is not my type .. er.. maybe she would like you in bed. ” Will winked .

“Go to hell. I don’t fuck women, ” she smiled and gently hiked up her skirt, revealing her thighs and Will fondled her pussy. He stood up and let his erection out of his boxers and she mouthed him, and further pulled down his boxers, till he was nude.

She spread her thighs invitingly for him and he buried his face between her thighs and slurped noisily and groaned at the taste.

“You lovely cunt, you taste like strawberry. I can eat you all night and in the morning too,” he said and his tongue twirled around her asshole.

“Hmm you horny boy, how does my rearhole taste?”

“Like a crushed rosebud,” he said and continued his anal exploration.

Both of them were in no hurry and went on mutually licking and sucking till she said she wanted to be licked from behind. She got up from the couch and bent down in front of him, offering her holes for his warm tongue. His fingers expanded her tight rear entrance while his tongue spread and bit and sucked her pussy petals. Hugging her hips, he asked her to raise her legs vertically and balance herself entirely on her hands. Still sitting on the couch, he continued slurping her cunt for a few minutes in that position. He pulled her back and let her sit on his thighs

“Mmm that was awfully great. Never been licked in that gymnastic pose. Why don’t ankara escort you stand on your hands?’ she asked gleefully.

Will bent down and she pulled his cock between his legs and milked it. Balancing himself on his hands he lifted himself up with help from Cindy who hugged his thighs. She sucked his cock and bit his balls for a while till his hands allowed him to carry his weight.

“Fuck me like that, wheelbarrow style,” she asked and he nodded.

She sat on his lap facing away from him and he inserted his erection inside her and slowly stood up. She placed her hands firmly on the floor and slipped her legs around both side of his hips. Holding her hips he rode her slowly at first and then with lusty spikes. She could take only five lunges, when she asked him to stop. Then she turned around and, facing him, raised her legs which he pulled up high till her head was on the floor. He plunged into her cupped up pussy and pounded her as she stroked her clitoris, moaning and cursing.

“Lift me up, you horny horse,’ she cried and he bent down and pulled her up with his dick still couched inside her cunt. Her legs dangling on both sides of his hips and hands around his neck she bobbed up and down on the pole while he fingered and inserted a finger in her asshole as they kissed deeply.

“I am so horny, won’t stop even after you cum,” she gasped. She continued sliding his cock in and out as he walked slowly and placed her on the table. He withdrew his till and tongued her pussy which was open and twitching and again invaded her smooth pink hole. Pinning her down by holding her arms, he vigorously ploughed her.

“I want to puncture your pussy, you horny cunt and cream you all night, you… cunt baby.”

“Oh I love your dirty talk, you bull, rock my cunt, oooh!” she almost screamed.

With one hand he teased her clitoris and with the other he prised open her asshole. The triple assault on her erogenous areas, triggered a massive orgasm and she screamed out that she was coming. Her paraoxysmic, passionate body twitches, brought on his climax, and he splashed his lust into her and fell on her and kissed her mouth. With his meat till transfixed inside her, they kissed till he became limp and slipped out. He kissed her boobs and went down to her belly button and then to her cunt which was overflowing with his semen and slurped away.

“I want you to come again, you hot cunt whore,” he said and spread her wide and licked her creamed pussy while fingering her clitoris. She pushed her mound into his mouth holding and grabbing his hair. The sight of him hungrily lapping up his own cum and his tongue searching for pleasure inside her, pushed her slowly and steadily to her orgasm. His cum flowed down over her asshole and his tongue followed the trail and slurped away at her rear hole too and she arched her ass and let out a scream signalling her yet another internal explosion. He went on licking her throbbing asshole for some time till she went limp and lay still.

After a few minutes of silence after their lusty action, Will and Cindy went to the bedroom and kissing each other lazily.

“I think we should register ourselves on the site, so that we can read our own performance,” Will said.

“And Will, did you notice our window was open…?” Cindy asked.

“Hmmm… yes. I purposefully left it open. The frigid cunt would have got an eyeful,” Will laughed.

“You horny, naughty prick…” she said slapping his arm.

“Oh, then why didn’t you close the window yourself?” Will asked.

“Ah! Let her see us and write. I hope she saw it all. Will, I am beginning to enjoy this,” she said and kissed him and was soon asleep.

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