Wrestling with Mom


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.


I couldn’t provide all the consumerist things to my son Josh during his childhood. I did the best I could while raising him, working two jobs to be able to provide a roof over our heads. I wish I could have spent more time with him or could have provided more for him.

His father decided while I was pregnant, he didn’t want the responsibility of a child. My family then disowned me because I got knocked up at twenty, wasn’t married, and had to drop out of college to find work to support us. Josh and I have been on our own for all his nineteen years.

Josh never complained about anything, never expected anything more than I could provide for him. His obsession growing up was watching professional wrestling. I would watch it with him all the time just to experience his happiness. There was a period during his early teens where he stopped watching it live on TV because hanging with his friends was more important. During this period, I would be home alone, doing my best not to drink myself to sleep.

Josh works a full-time job now while attending a local community college. He is starting to realize how tough being an adult can be. He has gotten back into his love of professional wrestling. It’s fun watching how excited he gets when watching it. I tend to sit there and “yes” him to death. I find it entertaining, but if we are being honest, I like witnessing him hoot and hollering with excitement, which is what I enjoy.

A week ago, Josh had picked up extra hours because they were short at work, and he wanted to help. Josh had asked me, “Please don’t delete my shows on the DVR. I’m going to watch them on Friday. I’ve been busy and have avoided watching them.”

I asked, “That’s how you’re going to spend your Friday night?” I realize he liked this male soap-opera shit, but I liked to relax on the couch on Fridays. Just me, a bottle of wine, and the TV; also, I wanted to know what he needed all the extra money for, so I asked, “By the way…Why do you need all this extra money, and what are doing with it?”

“Mom, I’ve been avoiding telling you this. I’ve been going to a school where they train you to become a professional wrestler.”

I was annoyed that he wouldn’t have shared this with me. “Josh, I wish you would feel comfortable discussing these types of things with me. I don’t understand any of this pro wrestling shit or your obsession with it. We are going to have to talk about all of this.”

“I know mom. I got to go. I probably won’t see you until, Friday though. I have a lot to do this week.” Then he ran out the door.

For the next few days, I continued to get more agitated. Thinking, why would Josh want to do something so stupid. These people weren’t real athletes; Josh has never even been athletic. I was planning on having a long talk with him on Friday.

Friday came, and Josh finally got home at ten o’clock. Immediately I started in on him, “It’s about time you showed up! I thought we were going to talk tonight?” As I approached him, I could smell liquor on him. “Have you been drinking?”, I asked.

“Yeah, Mom. A few of the other students and I had some drinks after class tonight. Sorry for getting home so late. We can talk tomorrow if you want?”

There was no way we were putting this talk off any longer. “Josh, I have been trying to understand all of this shit. I don’t though, so you are going to help me understand. Show me what you are learning from these people.” Josh wasn’t the only one who had a few drinks tonight. I have been sitting here fuming for four hours, waiting for him to come home and talk to me.

Josh looked at me and said, “You want me to show you? I’m tired, mom. Can’t we do this tomorrow?”

I don’t know if it was my day-to-day life frustration, the fact that Josh was making adult decisions without my input, or the buzz from the wine, but I was angry tonight. Josh was right; we should have postponed our talk. I felt like I needed to regain control, and everything would be fine. “Yes, Josh, show me why you are so obsessed with this stupid shit. I’m fucking tired too, but you want to do whatever you want, and I’ve been sitting here waiting for you to come home!”

“OK! OK! MOM!” Josh yelled. “What do you want me to show you?”

I could tell Josh was frustrated, and he did look exhausted. I told him, “Put your show on, and when I see something interesting, we can try it. Is that OK with you? There’s no need for us to yell at each other.”

Josh seemed to calm down, “OK, yeah, you’re right. We don’t need to yell at each other. I am going to change into some shorts and a t-shirt. I’ll be right back”

I asked, “Should I change into something else, or is this OK?” I was wearing some loose-fitting shorts that went to my upper thigh, with a tank top and no bra.

Josh looked me up and down while telling me, “If you want to wear something else, go ahead. Wresters basically wear underwear, so you are probably dressed kaynarca escort appropriately.”

We put the wrestling show on, and when I saw something interesting, I’d ask him to do the move on me. There were basic moves he would show me. Then I saw a move where one person got picked up in what looked like a hug, then dropped down, with the other guy landing on him. Next, he put a hold on him while laying on top of him. I asked, “Can you do that move to me? That looked really cool.”

Josh looked at me strangely, “Mom, I could. I wouldn’t want to slam you on the floor. Plus, the second hold would smother you.”

I don’t know if it was the adrenaline, being buzzed, or both, but I challenged Josh, “One, we could do it on my bed it’s like a wrestling ring. Two, I could get out of that hold. You should not underestimate me.”

Josh laughed at my challenge. “Mom, you are out of your mind. There is NO WAY you would be capable of getting out of that hold if I place it on you.”

I looked at Josh, stating emphatically, “WE WILL SEE! Challenge accepted.” As I walked into my bedroom, holding my glass of wine, I said, “Don’t be scared, pussy.”

Josh was walking right behind me, “We’ll see who the pussy is in a minute. Don’t start crying when you can’t get up, and I have you pinned.”

“HAHA! No way I am getting pinned tonight.” I started to feel like we were the wrestlers getting ready to have a match, the way we were talking shit back and forth to each other. I sucked my wine down and jumped on the bed, asking, “You ready to be embarrassed?”

Josh was standing on the bed, laughing, “Bring it bitch.” I charged at him, and when I did, he scooped me up and flung me down on the bed. He looked down at me while laughing, “Is that all you got? I thought I was scared?”

All I could think was, thank God I have a king-size bed, and I did not realize Josh was that strong. I jumped back up and went after him again. Because he wasn’t expecting me to be back on my feet so quick, I knocked him back. Laughing, I said, “Who’s the bi…” I could not finish the sentence because Josh had me up in the air, bringing me crashing down to the bed, pinning me. I was startled by the way he had me pinned. My legs were over his shoulders, while his hands were on my shoulders. He counted to three, continuing to hold me down in this position. I felt flush and frozen at the same time confusion was running through my head. I told him, “REMATCH! YOU CHEATED!”

Looking down at me while I was vulnerable, Josh said, “You should quit while you can. I got to use the bathroom before our rematch. Do you want me to get you anything on my way back?”

I sat up once Josh released me from my pinning predicament. I was flustered. I wasn’t used to being manhandled like that, “Yes, bring me the bottle of wine from the kitchen, please.” When Josh left the room, I had noticed my tank top and shorts were stretched out a little bit from all the horsing around we were doing. I contemplated changing but thought, “What’s the big deal? He is my son.”

Josh returned, teasingly holding out my bottle of wine and pulling it back. Then, shockingly, he put the bottle to his lips and started drinking my wine. I jumped up, yelling, “HEY! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!? YOU ARE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BE DRINKING!”

Josh handed me the bottle with a smirk on his face, stating, “What are you going to do? Beat me up? That hasn’t worked out for you so far tonight.”

I have never seen this side of Josh; he was confident and brash. “You better slow down before I beat your ass for real, young man,” I told him before I started downing more wine, myself.

Josh’s comebacks were quick, “So, you just got pinned because it was fake? If you want that rematch, you should try and give me that ‘real’ ass beating. Otherwise, this time I won’t pin you, I’ll make you quit.” Josh then burst out laughing at me.

I decided to sneak attack Josh again. I jumped on his back, wrapping my arms around his waist, attempting to pick him up, or at least, know him down. Josh was laughing hysterically, which was making me more and more pissed that I was powerless. “Why does it look so easy for you, and I can’t do anything?” I asked. Suddenly, Josh got out of my grip, reversed our spots, and was now behind me with his arms wrapped around me. I felt him gripping me tightly, with his crotch was pressed right against my ass. I was trying to squirm and fight my way out of his grip, bearhug. Again, I realized I was powerless when Josh picked me up, slamming me down face-first into the bed, holding me down while he was still on top of me. I asked him, “What now? You can’t pin me this way.” I was nervous. I could feel his cock digging into my ass.

“I guess I’ll let you up. You are right; I can’t win pinning you this way.” Josh said in my ear. Before he let me up, he pushed into me. I could feel his cock between my ass cheeks. I felt the blood rushing through me like a jolt as I gasped.

Flustered and scared that we were getting carried away with orhanlı escort our little game. I told Josh, “OK, last round. I’m getting tired. Make it worth it. I want you to know I am going to PIN YOU!” I was hoping I could back up what I was saying. Josh was making me nervous when he had me down. I could tell he was aroused, and he was drunk. I know he is my son, but tonight he made me aware that he is also a man. My experiences have been, drunk men don’t make good memories.

Josh informed me, “Mom, you couldn’t pin me for a three count if I laid down and let you. Want me to prove it?”

I was having a hard time with this version of Josh. The confidence was starting to feel like nothing mattered to him and he was going to do anything he wanted. I needed to end all of this quickly. I decided to take him up on his offer to let me pin him. How hard could it be to pin him for three seconds, right? “You are ON! I will pin you, count to three, then off to bed you go.” I was the one with all the confidence, now.

Josh laid down in the center of my bed as he was laughing at my confidence. I got on top of him, straddling over his waist, attempting to push his shoulders down. When I tried to push down on his shoulders, Josh would push his pelvis up, causing me to struggle more and lose my concentration. I did not realize that during my struggling he could see right down my shirt; while my tits were swaying. Again, I felt a jolt run through my body. Josh grabbed me by my hips, attempting to push my body down closer to his cock. I was struggling; to keep myself above his waist, even if it meant he had a clear view of my tits. I felt my nipples harden when a jolt hit me. I was losing my energy and didn’t know how much longer I could keep this struggle going. When Josh said, “told you. My turn.” Then Josh lifted me off his body, flipped me onto my back, and positioned himself between my legs. I could feel his cock resting on top of my mound while he was laying on top of me.

Both of us were still, no movement, no talking, just laying in the bed with him on top of me. Josh’s face was close to my neck. I could feel his hot and heavy breathing. Suddenly, I felt what I thought was a light kiss on my neck, then a tongue licking in a circle, with more light kissing. I was panicking as Josh started moving his body down more, the light kissing and licking moving down with him. Licking and kissing down my neck, moving to my shoulder, kissing right above my breast. I was so focused on the kissing of my body; I did not realize Josh had slid his hand under my shirt and was rubbing my tits. This snapped me out of the trance I was in, “WHOA! WHOA! JOSH, HONEY! STOP, THIS IS NOT OK!”

Josh seemed legitimately taken aback by his behavior, “FUCK! MOM, I’M SOOOO SORRY! I’M JUST DRUNK! I’M SORRY, MOM! I’m going to go to bed.” Josh got up and ran out of my room.

I was shocked at what had just happened. I thought it was an accident. We got carried away while buzzed. I knew I was not going to be able to sleep.

It took a few weeks before; Josh and I seemed to be back on track with each other. Neither of us mentioned what had happened. Although we didn’t speak about it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was freaked out that my son was ready to fuck me. When we came to our senses, I was all worked up, but I couldn’t let that happen, even though I was sexually excited at the moment.

I noticed that on Fridays, Josh was coming home intoxicated. I asked him, “How’s the wrestling classes going?”

“They are going well, mom. They keep telling me I need to practice more, but I don’t have anyone to practice with me. They told me I have to get used to wearing wrestling trunks in front of people too. I don’t know if it’s going to work out.”

I felt bad. I could tell it was bothering Josh, so I asked, “I’m sorry, sweety. When we wrestled, did it help you?” I was trying to see if it helped, and at some point, we had to talk about what happened that night.

“Um, yeah, it helped me. I don’t remember everything because I was drunk when I got home. I remember that wrestling with you helped me. Once I drank your wine, I don’t really remember anything after that. Why? Do you want to wrestle again? You know, to help me out.”

I wasn’t convinced; that he did not recall what he attempted to do to me. It is possible, as he is not a frequent drinker. I wanted to give him, the benefit of the doubt. Josh had never acted that way before. “Yes. I’ll help you practice again. Let me know when you need me, and I’ll make sure I can help.” I felt relieved there was a possibility that he didn’t recollect what he attempted to accomplish.

The following Friday, I was doing my usual thing; Relaxing, drinking wine, waiting for Josh to get home. It was particularly hot this evening, and the more I drank, the hotter I would feel. Seeing as I was home alone, I ditched the sweatpants, plus the t-shirt I was wearing was down to my knees.

I ended up dozing off at some point when I heard a door open. I quickly opened my eyes and jumped tepeören escort up, looking at the clock, fuck, it’s one in the morning. Josh came to my doorway, “Hey, mom. Are you going to help me practice?”

Still feeling the effects of drinking almost a whole bottle of wine, I answered, “Josh, do you really need to practice tonight? It’s late.”

Josh wined, “Sorry for asking. I guess not.”

I shouted, “Don’t be an asshole. Give me a few minutes.” I sat on the edge of my bed, finishing a tall glass of wine that I didn’t remember pouring. “Josh, Let’s do this!” As he walked into my bedroom, I could see that he was dressed in wrestling underwear and a tank top. I had never noticed how muscular he was. “Ok. This time smartass, I am going to pin you.” Then, I stood up on the bed, antagonizing, “C’mon pussy, come get your as kicked.”

As Josh tried to get on the bed, I attacked him, attempting to turn him over for a pin. Josh was laughing at me, saying, “You realize that you can’t get me down unless I let you?”

I was on his back, with my arms wrapped around his neck, when he flipped me over his shoulder. When Josh did this, I was upside down, and my shirt flipped, exposing my entire body. When I landed on my back, my tits and panties were in full view. Josh quickly climbed between my legs, holding my hands down to the mattress. I wanted to free my hands, so I could pull my shirt down and cover myself. Josh continued to wrestle with me to keep control of me, not understanding why I really wanted to get my hands loose. I was using all my strength to try and free myself. I felt the energy abandoning me. I pushed my pelvis up, hoping this would distract him, causing Josh to loosen his grip. All it accomplished was me slamming my mound off my son’s cock. I was spent and had no energy. I stopped squirming and fighting to get loose. Josh lowered his body on top of me, lying flat on top of me, with the only barrier being my panties and his wrestling underwear.

Again, no movement except both of us breathing heavily. Josh was breathing on my neck while I was breathing on his shoulder. Josh let my wrists go during this time, I felt his pelvis lift off me, and his hand brushed my mound in a quick brief motion. He then placed both of his hands under my shoulders as he lowered his head onto one of my shoulders. I was felly extremely uncomfortable but did not say anything. I was hopeful that his exhaustion and intoxication would cause him to pass out.

A few minutes later, Josh started moving. I felt him pushing forward with his cock, feeling that it was rock hard. Then he started kissing my neck and sucking on it. I did not move and was scared by how exposed I was. I thought if I didn’t move, he would stop without me having to mention anything to him. Josh kept his pushing motion with his cock, and it was going back and forth over my panty-clad clit. Every time his cock brushed my clit. It felt like a lightning bolt hit me. I was lost in thought while; Josh was pushing his cock over my pussy mound, sucking all open spots on my neck. Then I felt his hand was back down between our crotches. My brain was not functioning until I felt his fingers pulling the part of my panties that contained my pussy, to the side.

I was scared. I whispered, “Hey, hey…move your hand.” I was hoping he would repeat what happened last time I told him to stop doing something like this. Josh did not say anything, but he did remove his hand from my pussy area. Josh placed his hand on my hip, gripping it tightly, continuing with his pushing motion. My son was making my body feel like it was on fire. This terrified me.

I was watching him as he positioned himself on his left arm while his right hand was still gripping my hip, as he continued with his forward pushing. He stopped kissing and sucking on my neck, and he was looking down at my exposed body. I thought, “maybe he is going to realize what he is doing and stop.”

Then I felt something splitting my pussy lips. Fear ran through my body when I realized; Josh’s cock was right there at my entrance, attempting to open my pussy. I turned to face my son, whispering again, “Hey, hey…” that was all that came out of my mouth.

Josh whispered back, “Relax, mom. it’s not like I’m in you. Relax. It’s OK.” Then he lowered his face to my tit and started sucking on my nipple, leaving his cock right at my pussy, with the tip slightly inside me.

I couldn’t comprehend what I should do. I was scared to move because the slightest movement could cause his cock to slide in me. I was hoping he was intelligent enough to stop soon. I was keeping my body as still as possible and my breathing low.

I felt Josh’s grip tighten on my hip as he bit down on my nipple, causing my body to jerk. When this happened, my hips jerked down, and the head of Josh’s cock entered my pussy. I clenched down on Josh’s head while a moan escaped my lips, “Ooohhhh. Fuck, Josh. Why are you in mommy?” I did not want Josh in me like this. Then I felt him pushing further into my pussy. Again, I attempted to bring him back to reality, “Sweety, please, take it out. You shouldn’t be inside my pussy. Please take it out of me.” Josh moved his face from my tits, positioning himself above me. All I could think was, “Thank God, he’s going to stop.”

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