48 Hours at Keough Hot Spring


48 Hours at Keough Hot SpringWhen I arrived a Keough Hot Springs last Thursday morning the weather was still a bit cold. So when I parked at the large pool down the road I did not get out of my car right away. Instead I listened to the radio while checking out guys on Grindr.A guy in a pickup drove by and then returned a few minutes later. He got out of his truck and walked over to talk to me. It didn’t take him long to ask if I wanted a blow job. When I turned him down by saying I was more into giving he said that was good too. But he wanted to try his luck for giving first and would be back later.Another guy in a pickup drove up and parked. I thought he’d go in the pool but he just sat in his truck. So to encourage him I got naked and went in the water. It was disappointing at first; nothing changed with him.When he started his engine I figured istanbul escort he was leaving. But he simply pulled forward some and shut the engine off. Then he opened his door and turned to face my direction so I could see him jacking off. I watched for awhile hoping he’d join me in the water. When he didn’t I got more aggressive than usual for me and walked over to his truck.He said hello but kept jacking stopping only when I reached over to take wrap my hand around his cock. His cock wasn’t real long but the head was big. Looking that close turned me on a lot and I leaned over to suck.With little more than the head in my mouth I concentrated on using my tongue. As I felt him get harder my sucking included more of the shaft until I had it all inside. At that point avcılar escort he held my head and fucked my mouth until I tasted cum.Later that day from a distance I saw the first guy return to the place where I had been. I drove over, parked and got out of my car. We chatted a bit and he asked how my day had been. I told him about the guy I sucked; he told me he’d sucked two guys at another pool.Walking to the other side of his truck he pulled down his pants and sat in the driver’s seat. We traded off jacking his cock until he finally got hard…very hard. Then I started sucking.Before long he warned me he was getting close. I just kept going and this time I got a big load. It was nice to have that much cum for a change.The next day there were too many people around so I went to the very last pool. şirinevler escort Again I sat in my car looking at Grindr for 20 minutes. Getting bored with Grindr and feeling the need for some warm water I stripped and enter the pool.I was probably there for half an hour and was about to get out when a car parked next to the pool. A man got out and asked me about the water. Then asked if he could get in. Of course I said yes. He walked back to his car and took off this clothes, put a hat on and returned to the poolAs he got in I could see he was half erect and was wearing a cock ring. We talked a little at first but when things got quiet I put my head on a rock letting my arms float out in the water.He moved closer and put his hard cock against my hand. Wrapping my hand around it I sat up. Eventually he stood up so I could take him in my mouth.After going all the way down on him a few times he started thrusting. It wasn’t the first time I’ve been face fucked. But it was the first time my throat got fucked. His cock went in and out of my throat with ease. I really enjoyed it.After that it was time to drive home. I was horny all the way; still horny today thinking about what I did.

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