Bad Luck over the Summer


Part 1

Suzie hung up the phone, having finished ordering some room service. It would be awhile until it was done though. She sat down on her bed, kicking her feet, thinking of what to do next.

She had saved up some money so she could go somewhere fun for the weekend. It being summer break between colleges classes meant it was time for relaxation. Just her luck though, it was storming out that night, meaning she had to stay indoors. She had dressed down to some shorts and a tank top and was ready to relax the day away. The clothing was old, but she thought they were comfortable and good nightwear. She also had socks on to keep her feet warm.

Suzie noticed that she was low on ice, and figured she might as well fill it up. She got up and grabbed the bucket and headed out the door.

Suzie didn’t mind too much that she was walking through the hall in her night clothes. She wouldn’t have hit the town like that, but she figured it was Ok since it was just a hotel and not many people were around. She did giggle a little at the trough of being out in the hall with only socks on her feet though.

When she got to the ice machine down the hall though, she saw the ‘out of service’ sign on it. She sighed and mumbled, “Just my luck.”

She wasn’t about to give up of course. She figured if she went a floor up she could find a working machine. She entered the nearest stairwell, and headed up a floor. She exited it, and she soon found herself another ice machine, a working one this time.

Humming to herself, she made her way back to the stairwell, happy to have completed her mission. She had both hands on her bucket of ice, so she turned her back to the door and proceeded to push it open with her rear end to get back into the stairwell. Suzie didn’t notice though a loose screw on the door and it had snaked its way into a gap in the seam on her shorts.

As she pushed her way through the doorway and began to turn and walk away from the door, Suzie felt a tug at her shorts. It didn’t register what was going on, she just felt resistance. She naturally just tried to pull away from it, but since the heavy door wasn’t about to sway with her, her shorts were quickly torn down their entire seam!

In a moment Suzie was left in just her tank top and bright red panties. She had enough foresight to keep her screech quiet as she crouched as if to hide. She looked down and saw just how bare her legs were now with only her panties and socks below her waist.

Suzie held the ice bucket in front of the front of her panties as she slowly stood straight up. She looked around and was thankful that she was alone.

Suzie wasn’t too surprised something like this would happen; it was typical of her luck to land her in situations like this. She felt she was lucky enough though that she was still relatively dressed and her room wasn’t far. She hadn’t seen anyone on the way to the ice machine, and hopefully wouldn’t on the way back.

Suzie quickly walked down the stairs, not planning to show her panties off to anyone. She could see and feel her legs were completely bare, and the cold stair well reminded her of that as she head down to her floor.

She stood in front of the door leading to her hallway, and she set the ice bucket down. She tried tugging at her tank top, but the tight material couldn’t be stretched nearly far enough to cover anything. With her shorts gone, she regretted not having a bra on either. Even though the shorts were really only a small bit of fabric, and she was showing only a few extra inches of skin, she felt almost naked.

She took a deep breath and opened the door. She took a long look down the hall. She didn’t see any other guests, so she picked up her ice bucket and left the stairwell. Now as she passed door after door, she knew she wouldn’t be able to hide and anyone could walk out and discover her.

She tried to not stare at the doors and think about anyone catching her. Too many times in her life she had been seen undressed, and although no one at the hotel would know her, she hardly wanted to be the subject of anyone’s’ “what happened over summer vacation” stories.

Suzie was lucky to get to her room undetected. She set her ice down and quickly tried to get into her room. Yet as she pulled at her door handle, nothing happened. She tried and tried again, but the door refused to open. It didn’t hit her right away, but she realized that it of course wouldn’t open, she didn’t have a key!

She didn’t know why, but she somehow forgot her key. She had managed to lock herself out of her room, and with her awful luck, she wound up without her shorts on top of it.

She stood, trying to quickly think of something, anything to do. She didn’t want to admit it in the end, but it seemed like she was out of options. She would have to somehow make it down to the front desk and get a new key for her room.

She felt vulnerable standing in the middle of the hall though, so she made a dash back for the stairwell to try and think it over again. She hated the fact she had to run Maltepe Escort away from her room, panties out on show, but she reasoned it would be safer in the stairwell.

As she got close to the door to the stairwell, Suzie’s heart nearly burst from her chest. She heard the elevator’s chime and heard what sounded like its doors opening. No more than a few feet away, someone was going to get out of the elevator, and see her. She would have normally taken the time to check the stair well, but panic set in and she just opened the door and rushed in.

On the other side, Suzie was lucky to be alone. She let the door close and she took a few steps down the stairs and sat down.

She rubbed her hands up and down her legs. She couldn’t believe something like this was happening to her again. She couldn’t imagine a situation where she could get out of this without being seen.

She tried remembering the lobby. She thought about ways to sneak up to the counter, but she wouldn’t be able to hide from anyone on her side of the counter. She stood and felt out the back of her panties. She knew anyone would be able to see her pantied butt if she did this. Yet there were no other options she concluded.

She gathered up all the courage she could, and began her descent down the stairs. She had an agonizing five flights to think about what she was about to do. She told herself to not stop though, that she had to get it over with. She spent the last flight telling herself to not even stop at the door, to just walk out of it and enter the lobby and get up to the counter as fast as she could.

Her resolve wasn’t nearly strong enough though, and as she opened the door and felt the air from the room flow through the doorway and across her bare skin, she let go of the door and quickly scurried away from it. She tried to collect herself, waiting wasn’t going to help she convinced herself.

On her second attempt, Suzie didn’t run away. She made it out the door and was in a small alcove attached to the lobby. Two elevators sat on each side of her, and around the corner she knew was the front desk. She could hug the wall and hope the counter was high enough to hide her panties, but she knew that the front doors and the entire lobby would have view of her. This also depended on there being no one at the desk too. She didn’t want to risk peeking around any corners either, that way she didn’t raise suspicion.

“Maybe if anyone sees, they’ll just think it’s a swimsuit,” she consoled herself. She subconsciously adjusted her panties, to make sure they were at least well adjusted.

Before someone could come across her standing in the elevator alcove, Suzie began to walk out, right into the lobby.

The lobby was very well lit; in no way would anything be hidden by shadows. Suzie turned right away so not to walk into the middle of the room at least. She sighed in relief seeing no one standing in the lobby. She also was happy to see the counter was indeed high enough to hide her lower half.

“How may I help?” the girl behind the counter asked Suzie as she walked up. Suzie didn’t know what to say, she wasn’t quite prepared to actually talk to anyone.

“Oh, um… I was uh locked out of my room!” she said as she looked around. She knew she was looking suspicious, but at any time someone could enter the room and see her.

“Ok, do you have you ID on hand?” The lady asked. Suzie almost wanted to comment on her lack of pockets to put anything in, but she wasn’t about to flash her panties to the desk lady.

“I um don’t…” she meekly said.

“Oh well you can probably guess I can’t just give you a key to a room with nothing to prove who you are,” The desk lady explained. Suzie wasn’t sure what she was doing, but out of the corner of her eye she saw someone walking into the room. It was two girls just a year or two younger than her probably. Both stopped and looked Suzie up and down. Before they could even react, Suzie looked back at the desk lady, not wanting to know what they thought.

“Please, I need to get back in my room. Isn’t there something I can do to prove it? Like the card I used to pay for the room ends in 1234, and I’ve been here only two days now, and I just ordered some room service!” Suzie said in panic, wanting to get out of there.

The lady at the desk started to type on her keyboard some. “Ok, I suppose that will do. Just give me a moment.” Suzie was left waiting there as the desk lady did some more work on the computer. Suzie dared to look behind her. The two girls were gone, but a man in a business suit was doing a double take as he came through the door.

Suzie quickly turned away from him, not wanting to make eye contact. She began to blush, knowing her red panties weren’t hidden from that man’s view. She subconsciously raised her right foot and rubbed it against the back of her left calf. The soft cotton of her socks reminded her how bare her skin was. “Hurry up, hurry up,” she pleaded in her mind.

“Ok, so long as you’re ok with the slight charge we’ll add Kartal Escort to your room’s bill, you’ll be all set,” the desk lady explained as she handed the key out. Suzie quickly grabbed it.

“Thank you!” Suzie said as she immediately headed back for the stairs. She made the mistake of looking to her side to see that the man in the suit was still watching her. She almost screamed as she picked up her pace.

Suzie was about to turn and enter the alcove to get to the stairs, but when she saw a group of people getting off the elevators, she wasn’t about to stay. She panicked and didn’t think to turn back. She went for the first cover she could see, and that was the hallway that was in front of her. She walked past the elevator alcove and was now in a hallway.

Suzie wanted to stop and wait, but she wasn’t sure if the people would follow her. She looked down the hall to try and find a solution, and that’s when she got an idea.

The door to the hotel’s indoor pool was not far from her. She did before hope that her panties looked like a swimsuit. She could hide in there and get a towel or something and then be able to sneak to her room more safely.

Suzie made her dash for the room. She opened the door and was just about ready to relax, but she saw that someone was actually in the pool already.

The man swimming turned his attention to Suzie. He must have not thought anything was up, because he went back to concentrating on his swimming.

Suzie hadn’t convinced herself well enough her panties could pass as swimsuit bottoms. She knew too well she was standing in front of this man in her underwear. She also didn’t want to just grab a towel and leave; he would know something was up. A normal person she thought would probably be at the pool in a swimsuit to swim. She looked at the water in front of her.

“Don’t worry, water’s not too cold,” the man said, trying to welcome Suzie into the pool. He could tell something was making her hesitant, but he didn’t know the real reason.

Suzie was thinking of jumping in, but she still had her tank top on. She cursed herself for not having a bra, then it would be more believable she had a bikini on. It would be silly to jump in with her tank top on.

Suzie didn’t see much choice though. She had to pretend she was there just for a regular swim, that she wasn’t running around the hotel in her underwear. She took a deep breath and walked over to the pool edge. She sat down and let her feet soak. The water wasn’t freezing, but it was colder than she thought. She knew though she looked stupid sitting there like that so she scooted forward off the edge and into the water.

That area of the pool was deep enough to fully submerge. She was shivering as she came back up from the sudden cold. She saw the man had a weird look on his face, probably because she was still wearing her tank top. She had to come up with some excuse

“The water looked just inviting, I couldn’t wait to completely change,” Suzie said, hoping the man thought she had her bikini top underneath. The man seemed content with the answer as he went back to his swimming.


Part 2

Suzie wasn’t sure what to do; she hadn’t really planned on swimming. She couldn’t get out right away though, and figured she might as well also get some exercise and do some laps of her own while stuck there.

After a few minutes, Suzie was becoming worried she’d have to keep going for quite some time. Not once did it seem the other man was slowing down. It didn’t help her either that she was a little winded from all the fear and adrenaline.

Suzie’s luck changed soon enough though when the man got out of the pool. He began to towel off and Suzie knew she was close to being free.

She noticed as the man was getting packed up to leave, he kept looking at her. Suzie was happy to see him leave, but the smile he had as he looked back one last time told Suzie something was definitely up.

Mere moments after he left, Suzie realized why he had been staring. Looking down, Suzie noticed that her tank top was too light of a color. The light faded pink color became quite transparent. Although not every detail could be seen, she could see two darker circles with pointed nubs at the tip of each breast. The man had been able to essentially see she was braless under the tank top and could see her areola! Suzie wasn’t able to hold back a screech as she crossed her arms over them, even though she was alone.

Suzie refused to stay out in the open, essentially topless. She pulled herself out of the pool so she could find somewhere to hide. She had to tug her panties up though, the water was pulling them down. She would have mooned the guy had he still been there probably.

Suzie saw that there were some changing stalls nearby and quickly took refuge in one. With a mirror now facing her, she was able to see exactly what the other guy probably saw. She knew exactly why the man had been grinning. Suzie was essentially flashing him her boobs the whole time.

Suzie Kurtköy Escort peeled the shirt right off her body. She knew she couldn’t go around in it like that, it had to dry. She placed it on top of the door of the changing stall as she slipped her panties down and off. She noticed a hook on the door and let them sit there.

Suzie remembered she had yet to get a towel. She wanted to dry off, and wasn’t interested in squeezing back into the wet clothing she just got off.

Slowly, Suzie opened her door and looked out. She made sure the door covered her body, but she wanted to see if a towel was at least nearby. Unfortunately for Suzie, the only towel she could see was on the other side of the room. Taking about two steps out the doorway, Suzie thought she maybe could run to it. She wasn’t so sure if her luck could hold out long enough though.

Suzie’s attention was drawn away from her towel though when she finally noticed something about the room. The wall that separated it from the hall was almost completely glass! Suzie at that very moment was revealed to the hall, and would be for quite some time if she did try to get that towel! Suzie was also lucky to notice that out in the hall a cleaning lady was wheeling her cart to the door to the pool. The lady hadn’t seen Suzie yet, so Suzie was able to quickly get back into the stall and slam the door shut.

Suzie held her breath as she heard the cart’s wheels squeak around the pool area. Suzie didn’t have much reason to be worried, it wasn’t all that odd to be naked in a changing stall, assuming she was actually changing. Suzie though felt like she was doing something wrong, and was still worried of being caught.

She heard the cleaning lady mumble something, real close to the changing stall. Suzie wasn’t sure what it was about, but felt relieved when she heard the lady start to leave.

Suzie gasped as she looked at the door to her stall however. She noticed that her tank top that had been resting on the door was gone!

Suzie instantly realized it had to have fallen off when she panicked before and slammed the door shut. It must have been on the floor. Suzie slowly opened the door again to take a look out. She could see the cleaning lady was leaving, but she didn’t see her shirt anywhere nearby. Suzie began to think that the mutter before from the cleaning lady was actually about her tank top! The cleaning lady must have taken it and didn’t realize Suzie was there. Suzie’s attempt to stay quiet and hidden was coming back to bite her on her bare tush.

Suzie was thinking of calling the cleaning lady back, but Suzie didn’t have anything on. Even though it would help her stay covered on her way back, she was too embarrassed to purposely expose herself to her. The cleaning lady left, and Suzie was left with only her wet pair of panties.

Suzie took a moment to come up with a plan. She still had to get the towel, and all she had were the panties. She took them off the hook and tried to wring them out, but they were still pretty wet. She slowly pulled them up her legs. Again she stuck her head out of the changing stall. The towel she planned on getting was still on the other side of the room.

She knew that she’d have to run through the entire pool room, topless in front of the hallway windows. She didn’t know what else she could do though, so after making sure she didn’t see anyone in the hall, she took off.

Suzie kept her arms crossed over her breast. She felt very naked now that she only had on a pair of panties. She glanced to her side and flinched. She could clearly see into the hallway, and even saw her reflection on the glass. She knew she looked very naked, and she had no way of hiding now.

Suzie got to the towel and quickly picked it up off the chair it had been resting on. She started to try and wrap it around herself, but she couldn’t figure out how. She was starting to worry that the towel wouldn’t fit.

Walking through that door at the time was a younger couple. They took one glance at Suzie and wondered what was going on. All they saw was a girl wearing nothing but bikini bottoms trying to get a towel around herself.

Suzie was surprised by them suddenly entering. She still hadn’t gotten the towel on right, so the two got an unobstructed showing of her bare chest. She was lost for an answer to the situation, so Suzie just took off as fast as she could past the two people and out into the hall, towel loosely held in front of her bare chest.

Suzie ran towards the lobby without thinking at first. She wanted to get out of the couple’s sight, but soon realized she had nowhere to really go. Ahead of her she would be out in the open lobby again where even more people could see her. She stopped dead in her tracks between the pool entrance and the lobby.

She knew she had to cover herself somehow. She looked back behind her and saw that the couple was standing in the pool room’s doorway, craning their heads into the hall to watch her. Both seemed amused by her nearly naked state. Did they know she was a victim of a couple of wardrobe malfunctions, or did they think she was some type of exhibitionist? Suzie didn’t have time to think about it. The more she stood and thought about it, the more time they could stare at her ass, only covered by her wet, red panties.

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